A.J. Green on Andy Dalton: You can’t blame one person for playoff losses


The Bengals lost their playoff opener for the fourth straight season, leading to a renewed wave of opinions that quarterback Andy Dalton isn’t the right player to lead the team where they want to go.

Wide receiver A.J. Green took issue with that view during an appearance on PFT Live on Thursday. Green told Mike Florio that the Bengals have lost those games in all three phases of the game.

“In those big games, we haven’t played well as a football team. I think you can’t blame one guy for us losing those games,” Green said.

You wouldn’t expect Green to say that Dalton’s the only reason the team has lost and he certainly doesn’t sound like he’s in a hurry to find a new place to play. He told Florio that he hopes to reach agreement on an extension to remain in Cincinnati this offseason. To see what else Green shared, including his love of juggling, check out the video below.

31 responses to “A.J. Green on Andy Dalton: You can’t blame one person for playoff losses

  1. I’ve never understood why it’s so hard for the wise guys in media to understand it’s a team game. They always blame the QB. Why? Probably because it’s easy & they’re clueless about how important Line play and special teams are.

  2. He’s right. However, Dalton did nothing to help his team in those situations either. With and without his weapons, he choked big time. A good QB finds ways to help his team. Andy looks lost out there and makes very bad decisions. He’s just not that good. He got beat by T.J. Yates one year in the playoffs. Yes, T.J. Yates. Let that sink in for a minute.

  3. The Bengals problem is they are just a “high end” average team that plays very consistently in an overall weak AFC. This allows them to win enough to make the playoffs but they still don’t have the QB or coaching to beat the better teams consistently.

    Individually, their QB and coaching isn’t costing them games but it’s not single-handedly winning them any either.

    While they have good talent their backups are below average. By the end of the year this team is always much weaker due to injuries because they have low end replacement filling in.

  4. Why isn’t marvin Lewis ever blamed for these playoff losses? 12 years and 0-6 in the post season. Players come and go but he’s the common denominator

  5. I guess since the Pats have not won the SB for ten years that Brady is not the one to lead them. Twenty teams in the league wish they had even made the playoffs in the last four years.

  6. Spoken like someone who’s ok with mediocrity there WILLYCENTS. I have a feeling that if ANY other team made the playoffs four years in a row and absolutely choked the first round of the playoffs ALL FOUR YEARS, the fans would be upset too. Tired of the whole argument saying “a lot of other teams would love to have the Bengals’ success right now”. Yeah you’re right. Only because those teams are bad. Once you make it to the playoffs four years in a row, you sorta expect a win at some point and the way this team plays in the post-season, they aren’t getting a win any time soon.

  7. Except if he hadn’t played horrible, they would have won at least a couple of those games. But it is a combination of vanilla coaching and QB play. As a Texans fan, I see the exact thing that held us back before we canned Kubiak/Schaub. I would blame the organization in general for not making a change after seeing over and over that this combo doesn’t work. Oh well

  8. If it’s good enough for Peyton Manning it should be good enough for Andy Dalton. Writers and fans often go for the low hanging fruit. To do otherwise would require a little effort. It is much easier to praise or blame the QB.

  9. Sanu filled in for green and played horrible. I remember him dropping some balls he coulda caught. They lost before the game started.

  10. Not that the Pro Bowl isn’t completely bogus, but how in hell did Andy Dalton make the team? There must have been like 7 or 8 quarterbacks who opted out before him.

  11. I’m about done until Marvin is gone. When he talks all I hear is blah, blah, blah. It’s the samething every offseason, every year.

  12. I support Andy Dalton 100%. I know that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you should expect different results. We just need to give it more time… I mean, we only have 4 complete years of subpar play to judge from people! I say we give him another 4-5 years to see how he handles it… If he continues to struggle then maybe sign him again and see if he can improve before he announces his retirement .
    PS I love it when people compare him to Tom Brady and the Patriots not winning a super bowl recently… those people always sound so smart.

  13. When your a 4 year starting QB for a team that is stocked with playoff caliber talent around you and you throw 19td/17 int’s and consistently choke in the playoffs…you are the problem.

    Still can’t believe they let him go to the pro bowl instead of Derek Carr..check the numbers.

  14. Andy Dalton is Mr Choke or Mr Irrelavant. He can have a decont game or two and then two horrid games.

    I cannot see him as a team leader. He looks to lack passion. IMHO he is above average QB who will never take his team to the big dance. Never. Doesn’t have that kind of talent. May be the one holding this team back actually. They got the players.

  15. Dalton is a good QB but he isn’t a great one. Great ones make everyone around them better. But Andy can’t do that. Everyone around him has to play better for the team to win. Yes including the kicker/punter

  16. Dalton isn’t quite Alex Smith bad, but only because he actually has a pair.

    He’s definitely not growing as the years go by. Decent, not great, and likely never will be.

  17. Dalton is definitely the weak link. This team would be scary good with a top 8 QB. Andy is little different from another Bengal QB; JoN Kitna. They are/were too good to be a backup, but not good enough to be a starter.

    How much longer before AJ starts to wonder what his stats would be if a real QB was slinging the rock his way.

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