Eagles promote Ed Marynowitz as Chip Kelly’s personnel executive

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The Eagles have had a hard time finding someone from the outside to take a job as a personnel executive under Chip Kelly in the team’s reshuffled personnel department so they’ll be sticking with someone already in the organization.

As PFT reported on Thursday morning, the Eagles promoted Ed Marynowitz to the role of vice president of player personnel. Marynowitz was the assistant director of player personnel in an Eagles front office that will have a new look this season with Kelly taking over all personnel decisions and former General Manager Howie Roseman pushed into a role with different responsibilities.

“Ed is someone who has really impressed me going back to my interview process with the Eagles two years ago,” Kelly said in a statement. “He’s very bright, detailed, organized and his vision was aligned with what we want to accomplish. I spoke with a lot of people outside of our organization over the past few weeks and in the end, Ed was the most impressive. I can’t tell you how well thought of Ed is in the scouting business. What many people in the football community told me matched exactly what I thought of him from Day One. When you work with him and meet with him regularly – which I have done over the last two years – you appreciate how smart and thoughtful he is,” added Kelly. “I’m excited to continue working hand-in-hand with him for the next several years.”

The Eagles identified a handful of other candidates for the job, but several of them opted to stay in their current jobs rather than jump to the Eagles for a position without decision-making power on the roster.

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  1. If Marynowitz had declined the job, the next move would have been to promote the Gatorade guy. “He has … uh … a lot of experience with logistics.”

    Not a long list of people who seemed to want this job.

  2. I will reserve judgement til I see how the roster is formed and how contracts(re-signing, release, extensions) are done. Just because he wasn’t the top choice doesn’t mean he isn’t the right one.

  3. Awwwe… Isn’t that just precious. Does everyone remember when Philly was headed to the Super Bowl after they beat Dallas on Thanksgiving?? LOL!!

  4. Ed’s a brilliant young, rising star. Great hire by the Eagles. Leave it to the idiots to make snide comments because they were deliberate before hiring him.

  5. This position is not just Chip Kelly’s yes man. Listen to the beginning of Joe DeCamara and Adam Caplan’s podcast from 97.5 yesterday. Adam lays out exactly what the position entails and actually talks about how he’s heard from people around the league about how great of a candidate Ed is and if he isn’t promoted soon another team was going to eventually offer him a better position.

  6. eagles fan here, and i am confused

    what’s the difference between his former role:
    assistant director of player personnel

    and his new role:
    vice president of player personnel

    if chip has all the say over the roster now anyway, isnt this just a change in title?

  7. Appears that their is more to Chip that we don’t know. I have been a die hard Eagle for sixty years. I have serious questions about Chip Kelly’s ability to take us the the Super Bowl.

  8. This is probably who Chip wanted from the very beginning but Lurie made him go through the motions. The best thing about ManO is that he gets along well with Chip AND Howie and will be an effective bridge that an outsider could not have done as well. It’s all on Chip regardless of the hire.

  9. Roseman should have been fired. This is like getting a divorce but letting your ex live in the guest room. It’s weird and noone is going to want to move in.

  10. No one has a clue whether this whole thing is good, bad or indifferent until the completion of this upcoming off-season, but skepticism has seemed to replace the optimism I was feeling about the Eagles this time last year.

  11. Roseman should have been fired. This is like getting a divorce but letting your ex live in the guest room. It’s weird and noone is going to want to move in.

    Howie lost the power struggle and NEVER should have fired Tom Gamble who is a legitimate “football man” where as Howie is not. Hopefully Chip wont cut any pro bowl players and fail to make the play offs again.The Hoodie” had to win 2 Lombardi Trophy’s before getting the kind of power Chip has now,I think its too much too soon but time will tell as we sit back and see how far Chip goes with this “Gimmick” of a offense

  12. haleyistheman00 says:
    Jan 29, 2015 10:13 AM
    If he was the right choice he would of been promoted right away. This team is lost.

    As somebody who has been involved in lots of hiring searches, I can tell you, when the in-house guy gets the job, it doesn’t always mean that the people doing the hiring “settled.”

    It often means that they know the in-house guy’s right for the job, and they are using him as benchmark while reviewing *all options* before pulling the trigger.

    If the Eagles had simply promoted this guy without exploring options, they would have justifiably been subject to even harsher criticism.

    And by no means does this hire mean that the Eagles are “lost.” Were they “found” when they were 4-12 in Andy Reid’s last year? And are they now “lost” after going 10-6 twice and streamlining their front office? Of course not.

  13. If you check my track record of comments over the years I almost always disclose I am an Eagles fan of many decades.
    This young man is very good. He is a lot more then a “yes man”.
    This off season will be telling. Free agency will give everyone an idea where the Eagles are headed. The Eagles have very good front 7 on defense & 2 player Jenkins & Boykin in the secondary. The Eagles were #1 in the league on special teams and it was one of the best in the league in quite awhile.
    The Eagles still finshed 4th in scoring while their offensive line was injury riddled with 14 different players & guys that never started a game playing multiple games or even the season. The Eagles still ended up 10 & 6.
    Foles got hurt which really put a damper on their season. When Foles got hurt they were 6 & 2.
    This team is very close to the elite and with the right moves should be #1 or 2 in the league next season. All power rankings had them at 4 0r 5 most of the season until the collapse from a 9 & 3 record. The QB injury was a killer.

  14. sjoyner59 says:
    Jan 29, 2015 1:02 PM
    Roseman should have been fired. This is like getting a divorce but letting your ex live in the guest room. It’s weird and noone is going to want to move in.

    Howie lost the power struggle and NEVER should have fired Tom Gamble who is a legitimate “football man”…..

    and where is that great ‘football man” tom gamble employed now may i ask ?

  15. if he had been promoted immediately people would say Chip didn’t do his due diligence. so Chip did his due diligence and people use it as proof that they made a bad hire.

  16. ok now hit the offseason.. go pick up a vet cb like maxwell or even cromartie.. and a vet saftey preferably mccourty.. then let chip have his way with that draft as long as he doesnt sell the future for moriata. no problem with him trading up for him if he fall out of the top 7-8 cuz then it it possible to trade up without destroying future drafts

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