Joe Haden: Johnny Manziel is definitely not a joke


Last week, a report from on Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel’s rookie season painted Manziel in a negative light.

Several unnamed members of the team slammed Manziel on various fronts, including one anonymous teammate who called his first NFL year a “100 percent joke.” Cornerback Joe Haden was willing to put a name on a different view.

Haden said that Manziel is “definitely not a joke” and named Phil Taylor and Travis Benjamin as two other teammates who feel that way. Haden said criticisms of Manziel’s work ethic, preparation and practice performance were overblown for a player that Haden suggested was held to an unfair standard.

“Johnny takes too much bashing for nothing and the thing is that being a quarterback in the NFL is so much harder,” Haden said, via “They can’t do anything. If Johnny is to do anything that shows him having fun instead of being in the meeting room, they blow him up.”

Linebacker Karlos Dansby has also chosen to avoid the cloak of anonymity to discuss his teammate. Dansby publicly called for Manziel to dedicate himself to the game in the past, but also said Wednesday that criticism of Manziel’s practice work was incorrect. He said Manziel made the defense “better every day” and that he thinks Manziel will do what it takes to improve heading into his second season.


71 responses to “Joe Haden: Johnny Manziel is definitely not a joke

  1. I wanted the vikings to get this kid last year. But am happy as hell we got teddy. That being said. The 2nd year will tell what this kid is about. The game of the life that the game gives you.
    It won’t be easy especially when the owner is saying their looking for another qb in the draft. But if he puts his head down. And study the “new” playbook he could be slecial.

  2. As much fun as it is to bash Johnny, one year does not a QB make. By contrast, Brady sat in total anaonimity his first year. Manziel has brought alot of this on himself, but he’s still a kid. For his sake I hope he takes his teammates coming to his defense as motivation to prove them right.

  3. I like Joe Haden and appreciate his opinion but, in regards to Manziel’s joke like season, it takes more than just doing a good job of running the scout team.

    Manziel earned his title as a joke by the way he conducted himself off season and on the football field.

    In the biggest game of the year, with a shot at the playoffs on the line, Manziel went JOKE MODE.

    It’s going to take more than just a little support from his teammates to overcome what our fans saw on the field against Cinci.

  4. Translation : I don’t want to say anything bad about the guy because I want to get invited to his next party.

  5. What’s he doing now is the question. Is he working on the playbook or being the playboy? He’s already shown he hasn’t the body to take even a few hits and he’s learned nfl linebackers have speed. I’m sorry but he still has bust written all over him.

  6. It’s understandable for a young, inexperienced, rookie QB to need some time to adapt to the NFL game, but it is unacceptable that after OTA’s, minicamp, training camp and a full season of practice, to not even know the plays when you know your going to be starting. Manziel is still partying during the season like a college kid – and trying to play like he did in college – running around and improvising because he didn’t know the script. That ain’t gonna cut it.

  7. Does anyone really believe that Manziel is just going to wake up one day and be responsible and mature?? He is what he is, a spoiled mental-midget with a thirst for the spotlight. He doesn’t have the work ethic OR the talent to make it in the NFL.

  8. I guess all these haters know better than Manziel s teammates .
    They probably believe the chicken sh ones that chooses to speak anonymous. Haha Idiots.

  9. Like most Jokes, not everyone gets it.

    C’mon Joe, your team burned a valuable first rounder on a circus clown.

  10. Maybe he wasn’t a joke Monday – Saturday, but he was quite the comedian on Sundays. Hopefully he gets his head right by next year.

    Go Browns!

  11. Ha-ha-ha-ho-ho! Who remembers that stupid Joker laugh from the late 1970s Batman/Robin cartoon shown on Saturday mornings. Joker Phillips will probably laugh like that once he gets wind of the Browns “joke” at the QB and WR positions. I’m a lifelong Browns fan feeling very dejected at the moment, the Browns are reduced to hiring men named “joker” to coach WR. Maybe this joker will actually help turn around the team but how many times have we thought that before. Not very encouraged…we’ll see.

  12. He made the defense “appear” better, because they played great against him in practice!

    Johnny is a joke. There is plenty of real evidence that already proves he was not dedicated last season. Heck, there are actual photos showing that!

  13. His reputation as a college party boy/rich kid followed him to the NFL. If indeed a coach found him at home drunk out of his skull when he was supposed to be at the team’s facility, then, yes, he IS a joke and it’s going to take a whole lot more than anonymous teammates to whip him into shape.

  14. No one is interested in Johnny football anymore. Deflategate has taken over and Jhonny is a has been article.

    I gonna take my balls and play somewhere else…..

  15. Glad someone has balls to put there name to all this unnamed crap, if he was that big of a joke then as a teammate you should have went to him and help that young guy out.

  16. Quit making excuses for Johnny. He brings all of this on himself and is a distraction to any team. Any managing individual that cannot see this does not belong in a decision making position.

  17. Then Joe Haden’s an even bigger joke if he doesn’t think this over rated brat isn’t one.

  18. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more evidence under the “Johnny is a spolied d-bag who doesn’t put in the work” umbrella. I’m a diehard Browns fan who was excited when we drafted him, but now… I can’t stand the guy, and want to see him actually accomplish something for us before giving him ANY benefit of the doubt.

  19. Oh my god please get rid of this clown already. Soooooooooooo sick of hearing about him. He is a freaking cancer. Please get him out of here.

    -Diehard Clevelander

  20. Manziel has the ability to become a Hall of Fame QB, and he can put in the work. But what is happening is that he’s purposely trying to get the Browns to trade him to Dallas. He’ll spend Romo’s last couple of seasons learning how to win Super Bowls, then Jerry will give him the keys and get even more championships.

  21. He’s gonna be a winner… or not but last isn’t enough to dismiss him as a joke. I kinda like him and sure he’s an idiot but I’d trade my life for his right now!

  22. Johnny Fratboy is a living example of a future subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 special. It will be about a guy who was great in college but thought he could just walk out there in the NFL and do the same thing without working hard.

  23. I am sure no one in the front office asked him and Carlo Dansby to step up and say this right?

    It was totally unsolicited right?

    And completely accurate right?

  24. Johnny Football is not an NFL QB.. many teams knew this.. He’ll be a career backup… if he even lasts 5 years..

  25. My Johnny, wants to party all the time ………..
    My Johnny ,wants to party all the time……………..

    studying the platy book, studying the in the film room, isn’t for Johnny, and Josh Gordon, that’s only for professional players

  26. Before it’s over all the haters will be eating fried Crow because starting next season the fans are going to see a different Johnny Bo knows football Manziel, he will eventually be compared to Steve Young and Roger Staubach and break every passing record in the NFL. I’m no Browns fan but I have to say this “GO JOHNNY BO GO !”

  27. Guys in the NFL have lives as well, listen to some of the interviews on DP, Rome and others on radio row. These guys are talking about being out all night and partying, Manziel has a brighter spot light on him than most. You’re talking about guys with money in their 20s and 30s…. Most the off the field stuff is way too blown up.

    Actions are louder than words and he’s got a lot to prove this off season, I agree this year is a big make or break for him. His stunt at the end of the year is unacceptable but way too much is made of a lot of his off the field stuff.

    Loved watching him at A&M and hope he is able to bounce back from a tough year and prove a lot of people wrong… His skill set is unique but he’s gotta bring his A game and mature. In a FB sense he’s still young, could be a senior this yr…. I think his bounce back will surprise a lot of people. My bet he’s starting week one. New coordinator and possibly O’Connell as QB coach, they are going to give him a good look.

  28. I’m a Browns fan, and I wasn’t really thrilled when they took him. From what I’ve read, Haslam is the one who “chose” him for the organization at #22. Never mind that they probably could’ve had him with their next pick.

    Having said that, Johnny has a lot to answer to. He needs to man up and do his job. I’m not willing to call him a bust yet, based on what, 1.5 games? He still has a chance to show something. We’ll see.

    But, obviously, the Browns need to re-sign Hoyer. Hoyer’s play varied between great to terrible throughout the season, but he’s a mostly reliable backup if/when Johnny gets hurt or pulled.

    I’d love it if Manziel wasn’t YET ANOTHER 1st round QB bust for the Browns.

  29. He isn’t a joke. It is way to sad to be a joke. There is just bad then good. Guy just isn’t ready to be a pro QB and really doesn’t have the ability either. Haden is trying to be a team leader here and I get it. Fact is it is just best for the whole team if you just move on. His upside doesn’t warrent the work he needs. He isn’t even near ready for the NFL.

  30. Weak arm, inability to go through progressions, inability to anticipate, terrible footwork, struggles under center and the inability to fit the ball in tight NFL windows is what makes the former first round pick…..a joke.

  31. You don’t have to call him Johnny, you don’t has to call him Sonny, Just don’t call him Johnny Manziel or Johnny Football, and don’t call him late for supper, but call him Johnny Bo, because Johnny Bo knows football !

  32. Manziel is a dilletante, pure and simple. If he hasn’t nailed the play book, can’t run his progressions or handle the ball after 13 regular season games he is either stupid or too lazy to breath. It is indicative of his lack of dedication when a practice squad Q is pressed into service and performs at a much higher level. Of course, Connor Shaw was a much better position player in college than Manziel. If you doubt me compare statistics. Shaw had 27 td passes against 1 (yes, 1) int. his senior year and was responsible for 6 more td’s with his feet and receiving ability. The Browns would be well served by trading “party animal” and starting Shaw. Shaw is also better than Hoyer and a true warrior.

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