Joe Montana thinks Tom Brady ordered footballs to be deflated

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Tom Brady has said many times this week that Joe Montana was his childhood hero. Brady probably won’t be thrilled with his favorite player’s thoughts about Deflategate.

“If I ever want a ball a certain way, I don’t do it myself,” Montana said, via the Boston Globe. “So, somebody did it for him. But I don’t know why everybody is making a big deal out of trying to figure out who did it. It’s pretty simple. If it was done, it was done for a reason.”

Montana doesn’t seem to think deflated footballs are a big deal, but he also doesn’t think the Patriots’ footballs would have become deflated in the AFC Championship Game for any reason other than Brady wanting someone to do it.

“I mean, it’s easy to figure out who did it,” Montana said. “Did Tom do it? No, but Tom likes the balls that way, obviously, or you wouldn’t have 11 of them that way without him complaining, because as a quarterback, you know how you like the ball. If it doesn’t feel like that, something is wrong. It’s a stupid thing to even be talking about because they shouldn’t have the rule anyway. If you want to see the game played at the best, everybody has a different grip, everybody likes a different feel.”

If the Patriots win on Sunday, Brady will join Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the only starting quarterbacks to earn four Super Bowl rings.

223 responses to “Joe Montana thinks Tom Brady ordered footballs to be deflated

  1. once again it is the legends of the NFL vs. a team that who cheats, and thinks they are legends.

    I am with Montana, Rice, Madden, and Aikman on this one.

  2. Who cares man.. The refs and the NFL messed up. The did not write down before the game what PSI they had in the footballs.. Don’t know what the point is with a investigation if you don’t have proof and there is a chance the refs did not check the footballs either.

  3. Yeah, because we know they were deflated. After all the PSI was….wait, you mean nobody bothered to check them and write down the number? LOL. The NFL is a joke. Let’s move on to bigger things like making fun of Peyton’s losing record in the playoffs.

  4. That’s a perfect example of common sense from Montana. With today’s developments, it looks like the NFL isn’t going to be able to prove anything. But that doesn’t change the common sense of Montana’s comments. As he said, the footballs wouldn’t be deflated for any other reason than Brady wanting someone to do it. Common sense.

  5. Well Joe Montana is an old guy who’s trying to knock down Brady because Brady is the BEST QB to ever play the game. Haters gon Hate.

  6. This is nauseating. I’m a dyed in the wool Patriots fan, and I love Joe Montana. He’s the greatest ever, in my opinion. I just can’t believe this is a story. Those that hate The Patriots always will. Again, in the second half of the AFC Championship game The Patriots outscored The Colts 28-0 with properly inflated balls. At halftime the score was 17-7. Even Dwayne Allen said this was ridiculous and that The Patriots destroyed them. He said it didn’t matter if Brady was “throwing a wet bar of soap.” D’Qwell Jackson agreed, too. I’m done.

    42-17 New England

  7. Learn physics Joe. It’s real and it’s not going anywhere. Also, your Papa Johns commercial makes you look like an befuddled senior citizen on social security, fire your agent immediately.

  8. It’s not just about the QBs and how they like the grip. An under inflated football is also easier for a running back too hold. I think it’s a slippery slope to just allow each QB to have whatever he wants. I think the current range is best, but from now on take the responsibility away from the home team, and have the league check them, mark it down on a ledger, keep the footballs in their control,until game time, re weigh them at the half, and then again at the end of the game. But do not allow each QB to have it any weight he wants. Golf balls, basketballs, baseballs, hockey pucks, almost all equipment is held to a standard, the football should be no different. I’m ok with the range limit as it stands, just better control of who has access to the footballs.

  9. These former players are coming off as really stupid/obnoxious/petty/jealous.

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just keep their idiotic, ill-informed opinions to themselves.

  10. So how much does Tom tip the ball boy for his service and taking the fall?

    I think Joe has it right, but rules are rules. Brady and Belichick know rules are made to be broken.

  11. Joe was only half the player Teddy Bridgewater will be. Just give us the next ten Super Bowls and save yourself all the pain of the beat downs that will be inflicted by the greatest team in the history of the world – the MinnesotaVikings!

  12. Welcome to the party Joe. Sure Tom said “I didn’t do it “. Of course, he hasn’t been questioned and we all know he would never cheat by directly touching anything himself. I guess all those people in prison for hiring a hit man should be released immediately. Joe knows …..

  13. translation: Montana is frightened that Brady’s about to pass him on the list of best QBs to ever play the game

  14. Pretty obvious that Tom wanted his balls (sigh) lighter and the equipment guy was getting it done.

    Take into account that the Colts had already alerted the league that they believed the footballs were being underinflated and dang if they didn’t show up that way in the AFC game.

    No way the Colts footballs were within regulation and the Pats were not due to weather or anything else. They will be found guilty……..

  15. Why say only 11, when one ball was handed to a fan in the stands after a TD. And then again, it’s not what you know, but what you can prove. Except in the court of public opinion that is.

  16. Not a pats fan but honestly who cares about 2 psi other than haters! The real story here is that pizza commercial Joe did with Manning. Has anyone seen anything more disturbing than the way Joe is eating that pizza and talking?

  17. Montana is wrong about the advantage deflated footballs provide. They have a causal relationship with fewer fumbles. This is an unfair edge the team using correctly pressurized footballs does not share.

  18. The quarterback who is known as the best cold-weather quarterback of all time has been found to be playing with advantageous footballs that would be beneficial in cold weather. And this is not an unfair advantage according to Joe Montana?

  19. The headline should be: Joe Montana doesn’t deny playing with underinflated footballs while with the 49ers.

  20. If Brady just said I go by feel and not by PSI, I’m buying it and it’s time to move on. Brady being dishonest and saying I don’t know anything really tarnishes all his accomplishments, most likely ill gotten.

  21. Of course he wanted the ball deflated were not stupid like you Joe. Yes the ball boy did it. So fine them. Hey the pressure diff will not put 40 points on the board.
    It probably makes no difference.

  22. Everything is so obvious. At some point common sense has to sink in for Patriot fans.

    It’s not even a debate. He had them deflated to give himself an edge.

    I don’t mind Patriot fans arguing that other QB’s do it, or it doesn’t give them much an edge. But Joe Montana is right, and he’s not even going out on a limb by stating the obvious.

  23. I don’t understand all the confusion!!!

    NE Cheaters had 11 out of 12 ball under inflated. I have not seen any report that says Colts ball underflated. Botton line, they cheated, whether it affected outcome or not.

    So, what are folks confused about. NE Cheaters caught with goods, but they are saying they did nothing wrong. This is like catching a bank robber, with a bag of money leaving the bank after a hold up.

    The Cheaters main tactic is to use a smoke screen of contridictory comments to confuse search for truth.
    Bottom line. Balls are required to be inflated to specific PSI. NE Cheaters did not comply. Colts did. End of BS!!

  24. Probably the last person Brady wants to slander him. He looks up to Joe and was a fan of his growing up. The hate is real. First Shula and now Joe.

    Of course Patriot fans will keep saying “hate on” and be cheering for the best team next year.

  25. Montana is right, this isnt a big deal. Jerry Rice admitted to using stickum after it was made illegal in 1981. Look it up in the video regarding the evolution of gloves. Guess we should take the 49ers rings away too. Both rules broken to enhance grip.

  26. So are we now getting a headline every time some retired NFL quarterback has something to say on this issue? So Montana has an opinion, and it encourages the trolls, big deal, I don’t care. Besides, Brady will have reversed his role with Montana by the time he retires, as Montana will have to envy Brady’s records.

  27. I hope Boston gets Boston strong again. An this time i hope the whole state gets wiped i would actually celebrate that as if it was my country winning the fifa world cup

  28. Jerry Rice used stickum illegally when Montana was throwing to him. He didnt need it but he used it. Yet both are (for obvious reasons) the best of all time at their positions. No disrespect to either of them of course.

    You cant have it both ways Montana.

  29. It has been eye opening to hear Pat-fans whine about their team Cheating—-anything for a win! I am glad my team does not put winning above being WRONG! Sounds like the team has the right fans—classless—I am a little surprised-are their no Pat fans to stand against their team being know for cheating–they are to good for this crap!

  30. Joe Montana tampered with the balls. He did it so Brady must have done it also. What if Brady really did not do it? Brady must be disillusioned to know that his idol is a cheat.

  31. It’s not clear from the quoted comments whether Montana is saying that Brady in fact told someone to deflate the footballs or merely that “if it was done” Brady had someone else do it. However, it’s irrelevant in either case. Carnegie Mellon scientists have conducted a test in which they subjected 12 footballs to the cold and wet conditions that existed during the game and found an average deflation of 1.8 PSI for each ball. The Patriots balls deflated because they obeyed the laws of physics. Case closed. Unless it comforts you to believe the Patriots cheated, go to youtube and search for “Carnegie Mellon deflate-gate” and see the video yourself.

  32. So how do all the haters reconcile the NYTimes article quoting experts from Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and University of Nebraska saying that the weather conditions at Foxboro could have caused a 2 lbs psi loss of pressure? Oh yeah, they have Bill Nye the Science Guy on their side.

    When do the apologies start rolling in?

  33. Do all teams offensive lines hold do all teams get called for pass interference have all teams had players busted for peds or other banned substances. Technically these are all cheating. So all fans need to get off your high horses. Every team cheats not every team gets caught. The NFL wants parity at any cost. Honestly if this was Oakland or Minnesota would anyone care.

  34. The NFL doesn’t want to do or say anything until after the Super Bowl. But the stuff is going to hit the fan and it’s going to be big. Tom Brady cheated. This is the biggest scandal in the history of pro sports. He’ll never get into the Hall of Fame

  35. It is a physical fact that lower temps drop pressure. Since the refs never measured the psi before the half there’s absolutely nothing to see here.

  36. “It’s a stupid thing to even be talking about because they shouldn’t have the rule anyway. If you want to see the game played at the best, everybody has a different grip, everybody likes a different feel.”

    That’s exactly what I’ve been saying, Joe. Glad to be in such good company.

  37. Of course he did.
    ..and everybody outside Boston knows it, including old ladies and little kids. Everybody.
    Just like everybody knows Goodell is in collusion with Kraft to cover it up.

  38. Montana played when one owner could just spend more than another owner and create an all-star team. Was he a good QB? Sure. Is he the best ever? No – that would be Tom Brady.

  39. Sounds like someone is a little concerned about their legacy, right Joe? Going to soon be dropping to number 2 all time.

  40. Love watching these New England “football fans” turn on one of the greatest qb’s ever. Nothing to do with actual football knowledge. Just a giant clustersqueel. You go girls! Instant Karma gonna get you!!

  41. Meanwhile ESPN and MortReport should get some sore of special award for triggering trillions of words based on a single tweet that contained bad info.

  42. Montana you can’t handle the truth! I ordered the Code Red on the Footballs to save the NFL from a boring Colts vs. Seattle Super Bowl!

  43. Peyton Manning’s reign as the NFL’s golden boy of marketing have come to a close. Any chance to capitalize on Brady has a window that is closing. They cashed in on Ray Lewis in his last Superbowl year. Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson all have plenty of time left. If Brady wins, expect the “Is he the greatest of all time?” stories to be carried on ad nauseum. right through next season and possibly beyond. Even his fans will be sick of it eventually. Peyton is passe.

  44. There isn’t a QB in the NFL that doesn’t know the difference between 2 psi when they are gripping a football. Not one now. Not one in the past. To think that Brady did not know those balls were under inflated is foolish.

    At that point the question becomes whether you believe anybody in the Pats organization would do this, WITHOUT the starting QB’s orders or not.

    I have a hard time believing they wouldn’t.

    At the same time, I’m so ready for this story to go by the wayside, and for Sunday to arrive, cause I simply can’t wait for my Hawks to THRASH the Pats.

  45. What Montana had to say was no different than what every former QB has said. I do believe it doesn’t make much difference, Pats would have won if they were playing with Grapefruits.

    Technically it is illegal, something is shady. According to NFL rules it is a $25k fine. Which is half the fine of not speaking with the media after a game. SMH

  46. Before a playoff game in the 1980s, Bill Walsh scripted plays in advance and then cut the cord on his headset in an attempt to leave his opponent with no headset and no good way to call plays. This was all explained in a documentary on the NFL network.

    Since Walsh cheated, Montana’s titles are all tainted.

  47. I’m curious that all these, scientists and experts did all these tests and have “proven” that New England didn’t intentionally deflate any footballs, why were ALL 12 OF Indianapolis footballs within the legal parameters?! Riddle me this Batman…

  48. Even as a Steeler fan, I think it’s a joke that Bradshaw is compared on a level with Montana. Bradshaw had 5 entire seasons with a completion percentage under 50%, only was above 60% completions once out of 14 years, and threw 2 more TD’s than INT’s in his career. Bradshaw was surrounded by Hall of Famers at almost every position on offense and defense. Those 4 Super Bowls had very little to do with him, other than the fact he could throw the ball a long way and Swann and Stallworth were good enough to track enough of them down. Montana probably would have won 6 straight on that team.

  49. Tom Brady ordered the footballs the way he has ordered his footballs since he came into the league in 2001. He likes them a little deflated. And Aaron Rodgers likes them a little inflated. But they’re not illegal footballs. Brady’s footballs have been APPROVED by the refs in EVERY game since 2001. So what changed in the Colts game? Did he suddenly decide to cheat? If anyone believes that, I’ve got some swampland in Kansas to sell you.

    The Ravens had their feelings hurt in the Patriots loss, especially since Brady told them to ‘study the playbook’ and they decided to whine to their buddy Chuck Pagano and the Colts to be on the watch for deflated footballs. Then Pagano decided to whine to the NFL, because he can’t lose gracefully and now the Colts, Ravens and the NFL look very bad.

    The Patriots did nothing wrong. They didn’t deflate footballs. They like them a little deflated and they handed them to the refs that way. If the refs think the footballs are too deflated, it’s their JOB to put more air in them. Clearly they thought the footballs were fine since they approved them for game play. When is the NFL going to admit there is no basis for the Colts and Ravens claim and apologize to the Patriots?

  50. Brady said he like the game balls to be inflated to 12.5 PSI. That’s a pretty specific measure and, not coincidentally, the very lowest legal measurement. Then he also contends he couldn’t tell that the game balls they confiscated during halftime were up to 2 pounds underinflated. Any pro QB could tell the difference the minute he gripped the ball. He’s lying, he’s a cheater, and he’s a liar.

  51. I’m with Montana and John Madden on this one, but regardless of all else, you still have to play on the gridiron and win — and the Patriots did, albeit with more squeezable balls. Big Bro Manning should retire, I mean, he’s going to the Hall of Fame. So what if lil’ bro Manning (Eli(te)) has two SB rings and Peyton doesn’t.

  52. Conspiracies are great! It’s the ultimate whodunit!

    I haven’t searched that much, heck not at all, but does anyone have actual pictures of Joe’s back surgery? You know the one where people thought he was in rehab?

  53. Like all the other retired HOF QB’s or Players who are envious of Brady’s (Patriots) success, they don’t like being pushed down a notch when a 6th round pick pass them by. Not only will Brady finish his career as the Best QB to ever play the Position, he will also pass everyone for being the most Humble of them all with his success. That’s what ultimately will separate him from all HOF players in any Sport. There is a saying that “no one remembers who finished 2nd”. The pass 11 days proves that. I’m Disappointed in Joe Montana, I thought he had more class than that.

  54. These Patriot crybabies just can’t admit Brady cheated…. Refs weighed the footballs before the game….. They checked those pressures in 36 footballs and only 12 had air taken out,…. Just happens to be the 12 the Patcheats thought they’re be using…. The backup balls and Indy balls lost no air because they weren’t tampered with….. Only the 12 that Patriots thought they’re be using were tampered with…. That’s just fact…. That’s just cheating!

  55. He doesn’t think the Patriots’ footballs would have become deflated in the AFC Championship Game for any reason other than Brady wanting someone to do it,

    but by now all of us should KNOW that

    the Patriots’ footballs would have become deflated in the AFC Championship Game for the reason that, as a guy named Amonton described in about 1702, any sealed vessel containing a gas (hint: this includes a FOOTBALL) loses absolute pressure in proportion to its drop in absolute temperature.

  56. Funny that Montana doesn’t want any cheat looking up to him!! He actually calls Brady a lying cheat knowing that Brady thought Montana was his hero….. I guess Montana wants him to know he’s better off to just come clean…. It’s not like there’s a idiot left who thinks he wasn’t responsible for cheating

  57. I guess people will take things however they want. But to me, that hardly sounded like a scathing indictment of Tom Brady.

    It sounded to me like Montana wanted to say basically what Jeff Blake said- that every QB make sure the ball feels exactly the way they want it to feel, but he didn’t have the guts to risk the blowback.

    I hate the Patriots, but I am soooo tired of this story. In the grand scheme of things, this is a scuffed baseball.

  58. “mrtomlarson says:

    Refs weighed the footballs before the game”

    A. You don’t weigh a football to check air pressure, lol. You use a gauge, not a scale.

    B. Today Dean Blandino said that referee Walt Anderson did not log or have a witness to his claim that he checked the air pressure in the footballs. HUGE problem.

    C. Tell me your favorite team, and I will tell you a ‘cheating scandal’ in their past.

  59. caseyanthonymunoz says:
    Jan 29, 2015 9:06 PM
    Yeah, because we know they were deflated. After all the PSI was….wait, you mean nobody bothered to check them and write down the number? LOL. The NFL is a joke. Let’s move on to bigger things like making fun of Peyton’s losing record in the playoffs.

    Along with Brady’s being the same in that timeframe since Spygate, yes, let’s…

  60. How is this not helping QB gain a grip they like but also not cheating at the same time.

    How is adjusting a football because you have a weaker grip, smaller hands or want to be artificially stronger while gripping a football not cheating?

    Why do larger handed, stronger gripped QB’s lose their advantage to an artificial larger hand and stronger grip?

    Sounds a lot like HGH and steroid use to gain an edge because you do not have the physical attributes to compete with others.

  61. No measurements were taken. For all we know, the balls started at 12.5 and at halftime were 12.4 and that was enough to set the sting in motion.

    I love Montana, but at this point, he and all of the other retired greats should stay out of this for their own sakes.

  62. espnsux says:
    Jan 29, 2015 10:18 PM
    Sounds like someone is a little concerned about their legacy, right Joe? Going to soon be dropping to number 2 all time.

    Last I checked, Joe has no asterisks next to Super Bowl wins. All of Brady’s have asterisk.

  63. If it were true that the Colts were tipped off by the Ravens, then it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they should have asked the refs to have the air pressures of both team’s footballs documented and verified by an independent witness. So I guess the Colts are stupid, or the ref messed up.

    Bottomline is you haters have zero proof based on Dean Blandino’s comments today.

  64. Maybe Joe is getting as airheaded as the Papa John’s commercial makes him out to be. Hey Joe,, in case you weren’t paying attention, there is ZERO evidence and the stories initially reported are turning out to be BS. I used to respect you, but after Tom wins this Sunday, you take a back seat.

  65. An underlying message is that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady vehemently denied doing something they actually did do. That’s what’s known as lying. Repeatedly.

    Then, they got defiant and arrogant about it, and their owner started publicly throwing his weight around sending thinly veiled messages behind the messages, and demanding an apology from the NFL.

    Why would the Patriots lie if it wasn’t against the rules?

    Answer: for the same reason they’ve lied the other times they surreptitiously violate the rules.

  66. pretty disappointed this article ignores the fact that Montana basically said it shouldnt even be illegal and that he and Aikman laughed and said they wish they had thought of this….not a pats fan….pretty disappointing bit of journalism

  67. One more time.

    All footballs deflate when if they are cooled. Law of science.

    The Patriots cooled because they had been stored in a locker room and then taken outside. As a result, they deflated.

    The Colts footballs did not deflate. Therefore they could not have cooled. They were already cold. They had been stored outside. Only explanation that obeys the science law.

    Neither set of footballs deflated in the second half. All 24 had been outside for 2 plus hours, taken inside briefly at halftime and returned to the outside. They all held pressure.

  68. Add Montana’s comments to Simms, Marino, etc. and it still means nothing to the Patriots diehard fans. They reject his comments out-of-hand.

    Personally the Patriots’ fans who deny every bit of evidence and every statement against their team are the saddest part of this whole ordeal. Thankfully I would never want to be a ‘win at any cost’ fan. It’s not even a win when you become that desperate.

  69. Jerry Rice used stickum illegally when Montana was throwing to him. He didnt need it but he used it. Yet both are (for obvious reasons) the best of all time at their positions. No disrespect to either of them of course.

    You cant have it both ways Montana.

    Both ways? Pretty simple, they BOTH cheated.

    Go Hawks

  70. Perfectionists Belichick/Brady role play fumbling/mumbling Manuel The Spanish Waiter of Fawlty Towers:”señor me no comprende air & football”

  71. Anyone else notice that the only people defending the patriots are former patriot players ( made money off of cheating), patriot fans (drinking the kool aid) and media who have direct links to nfl tv contracts (don’t bite the hand that feeds you). NFL legends like Montana, Rice, Madden, Shula, all think they cheated. And please don’t give me the they are just Jealous BS. They got into the HOF without cheating.

  72. Let’s see…I think we’re up to 175 million who know the Patriots are pathological liars and cheaters…

    Oh, I mean 175 million + a long line of very good to great Pro QB’s …..and lets just throw in the the greatest QB of all time…Joe Montana (go ahead and call him old, jealous and a loser, it just makes our case that much stronger).

    We’re not buying what your trying to sell us, the Brady/Belicheat’s phony “We’re as suprised as anybody”….”We didn’t know anything”….

    We’ll let it go, when they come clean and admit they have been cheating for the last 10+ years…..

    Stayed tuned for continuing episodes of……”loveable BillyB & Tommy “Armstrong” Brady in the mystery…..”Boxed Into a Corner”….

  73. Patriots OC Josh McDaniels in original Belichick SPYGATE gang, caught videotaping again as Denver coach, fined by NFL again, fired by Denver & hired Pats again to be a main participant with the other two liars of DEFLATEGATE. It is the grand old Spygate trio together again in Belichick Wolf’s Lair of Cheats & Rulebook busters.

  74. In addition to the cheating and tampering with balls, Brady is lying to say he wouldn’t know the difference of 2 PSI. It is comical to think that. However, if you are a Patriot fan, it doesn’t matter. They have lived with cheating a long time, why not throw in some lying now and then.

  75. Instead of just yelling when Brady has the ball during the Super Bowl, I suggest yelling cheater, liar, cheater, liar…That is the only way this gets corrected. Brady needs to be publicly humiliated into obeying the rules. Spygate was a slap on the wrist from the NFL, he obviously needs more than that.

  76. At first I really thought this witch hunt. I have changed my opinion on that. If, throughout the course of a season, a softer ball led to one play, and even one extra field goal, which would have won a game for the Patriots, then New England has no business playing in the Super Bowl. I have said all along that Brady is the guy who would know and would be at fault. Belichick rules the team with an iron fist and knows EVERYTHING that goes on. If he says he knows nothing, then he is lying too. When people like Montana and Aikman are saying “Tom Brady”, it is fairly damning. The thing I hate the most is the lying. I guess the Patriots really are cheaters and have been all along.

  77. Patriot fans should continue the charadet, given all their experience playing Tom Brady on their fantasy football leagues, they are sure nobody could tell the difference of 2 psi. Weather affects fantasy football, so it must be the weather that deflated just the Patriots balls.

  78. Hey whats that noise. Oh that’s tom brady getting thrown under the bus by Joe Montana. Check the tires, I heard Bradys tried to deflate 3 out of 4 of them to minimize his body damage.

  79. Way to throw Montana under the bus. He didn’t say Brady was a cheat. Montana simply stated the obvious. Montana said its a dumb rule and the football the football is prepped the way the QB wants it to be.

    IF you consider that cheating, you need to label Aaron Rodgers a cheater as well. GB footballs are often over inflated, because Aaron Rodgers likes it that way.

    People are just being ridiculous. A slightly underinflated football wont turn Trent Dilfer into Joe Montana.

  80. 49ers were great from great coaching and great drafting. They didn’t win super bowls because Eddie D had the team travel in style. I didn’t think I’d ever see anyone bash probably the most humble down to earth regular “Joe” superstar legend in any sport. But then again this is the land of uber ignorant morons that can type. Joe is a fan of Brady, make no mistake. A lot of you claim to hate the pats but secretly would love your team to have their resume. Go SAN FRANCISCO 49ers!!

  81. It’s so funny to see all the Pats fan flock to all these posts to try and defend their golden boy. The bottom line is 90% of the nation thinks he is a cheater and always has been. And nothing anybody says is ever going to change that. From now on whenever someone talks about Brady’s greatness, there will always be someone else quick to point out that he’s a cheater. That’s just the way it is. The same way Bonds and Clemons are forever tainted, so to is Tom Brady.

  82. dickshotdogs says:
    Jan 29, 2015 9:09 PM

    42-17 New England


    Not gonna happen with one of the best defenses of all time. In the last 3 years the Seahawks have only lost one game by more than a touchdown, and that was by 9 points.

  83. Joe is right. Brady had to want the football to feel a certain way. There’s no conclusions to jump to. Tom would have been the first to notice if the footballs were not to his liking. If A, then B. Common sense.

    As to whether it should or shouldn’t be against the rules, that’s up to the league to decide. If it’s against the rules to deflate footballs after the officials get them ready (and the Pats actually did that), then the offending team should be punished.

    I don’t give a damn if Pats fans think it’s fair or not. Screw the fans. Many of them are clearly insane and lack the mental acuity to produce rational thought.

  84. I’m starting to lose respect for all these great QBs who are persecuting Brady before the investigation is compete. We still do not know half of what went on, just a bunch of leaks and heresay so far. With all the misinformation and assumptions, we really have no idea what has really gone down.

    I think everyone needs to keep their mouths shut until the investigation is over… If they are vindicated, a lot of people are going to look stupid as well as owe them an apology.

  85. That seems to be the general consensus of ex-QBs considering Troy Aikman said the same thing. And Brad Johnson admitted that he had a lot of influence over how the Super Bowl balls were configured. Perhaps nobody on any team should have influence over the balls. Shocking idea, I know.

  86. Brady- 88.5 rating in the playoffs
    Joe- 95.6 rating in the playoffs

    Brady- 93.8 rating in Super Bowls, 3-2 record
    Joe- 127.8 rating in Super Bowls, 4-0 record

    Brady will never be as good as Joe, regardless of Sunday’s result. Plus keep in mind that Joe played in an era where it was much harder to pass, and still put up a better passer rating in the big games. Educate yourself, kids.

  87. Well lets just see what the numbers say, from NFL .com
    Tom Brady:
    Year/G/Att/Comp/Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD Rate
    2006: 16/ 516/ 319/ 61.8/32.2/ 3529/ 6.8/ 220.6/ 24/ 87.9

    2007: 16/ 578/ 398/ 68.9/36.1/4806/ 8.3/ 300.4/ 50/117.2

    By the look of these numbers as you can see it certainly wasn’t a performance enhancer was it pat fans….. hahahaha!!!!!!, I agree with chris canty ball manipulation is a performance enhancer and Tom Brady should be punished the same as he was using illegal drugs.

  88. sounds like Montana is saying that the inflation issue is not a big deal and shouldn’t even be a rule. I agree. apparently every QB who speaks on this issue says the same thing. each QB likes the ball a certain way, some hard, some softer, some more or less scuffed. who cares. I want to see Brady, Wilson, Rodgers, Montana, whoever at their best. Was it such a big deal that George Brett’s pine tar went a little too far up the bat? was that cheating? did it make a difference. as someone commented above, apparently the refs have been approving the Patriots and every other team’s balls since forever, but all of a sudden it has become “the worst scandal in the history of sports”??? bucs fan, by the way, no dog in this fight. get over it and let’s get some coverage of 2 great teams preparing for a classic matchup

  89. The 49ers twice cheated the salary cap therefore competed with an illegal roster. in other words, they CHEATED TWICE.

  90. The rule is present for a reason. Teams are much less likely to fumble the football when it is under-inflated. Combine that with Brady’s preference and you understand why the pats cheated.
    It’s not cheating to hand an under-inflated ball to the referee and tell him you want it filled to 12.5 PSI. That’s why the rule book has go give them a pump. If the refs choose not to, IT’S NOT CHEATING. It’s just a ref deciding to play with an under-inflated ball.

  91. NE Cheaters had 11 out of 12 ball under inflated. I have not seen any report that says Colts ball underflated. Botton line, they cheated, whether it affected outcome or not.
    Initial conditions. If you don’t know them, don’t even try to predict final conditions.

  92. I’m curious that all these, scientists and experts did all these tests and have “proven” that New England didn’t intentionally deflate any footballs, why were ALL 12 OF Indianapolis footballs within the legal parameters?! Riddle me this Batman…

    Because you don’t know what IND’s football’s initial conditions were. Since you don’t know that, you can’t predict what they should be. IND’s balls are irrelevant when discussing NEP’s balls. Unless, of course, you want to explain how IND’s balls apparently ignored the ideal gas law? Was someone pumping them up on the sideline to keep them from getting soft due to the cold? That’s tampering, donchaknow?

  93. Pretty obvious that Tom wanted his balls (sigh) lighter and the equipment guy was getting it done.

    Take into account that the Colts had already alerted the league that they believed the footballs were being underinflated and dang if they didn’t show up that way in the AFC game.
    That “equipment guy” is actually a “ball attendant” and he only works games in Foxboro. Note that he was carrying the Colts game balls too.

    How is he going to affect a game in IND where the balls are carried to the field by and IND native? How is a nonexistent clubby going to duck into a non existent bathroom to let the air out of balls he doesn’t have?

    The lack of critical thinking that this episode engenders astounds.

  94. Joe played for one of the best teams money could provide in a time when there was minimal TMZ reporting to elaborate on any little thing at trivial as a footballs PSI…

  95. I like how people are saying that they didn’t write down the PSI like it is a big deal. Or that it was cold weather. They check to make sure that they are within the limits and let them go. What happens after that is on the team. As I have said before on here, it doesn’t matter if everyone is doing it. You were the dumb A++es that were stupid enough to get caught. They deserve to be punished and anyone who says otherwise is ignorant. Deflating a football to outside of league limits is no different than taking a PED. You are modifying a football to give yourself a competitive advantage over another team. Does that mean that the patriots wouldn’t have won with fully inflated footballs? No, of course not. It means that they cheated. What if they did the same thing against the Ravens in that comeback win. Could the ball have made that much of a difference? I think it might have. The same way that a player on PEDs would give himself an edge. If the stars align and the patriots win this super bowl I really hope that I am wrong and it was just “cold weather”, because if they find there was foul play, I will lose a lot of respect for this league and the way that they run things.

  96. So that makes Joe Montana, John Madden, and 100% of the people in the world who have either common sense or the ability to do deductive reasoning.

  97. @spdy34… LOL, you are correct. With that scraggly hair and the way that he’s hunched over gumming that pizza, he looks like a vulture feasting over a piece of road kill.

    Manning’s line: “How come Joe only shows up for pizza during the playoffs?”

    Answer: “It’s all good Peyton. You only show up for pizza during the regular season”.

  98. rudegger69 says:
    Jan 29, 2015 9:04 PM
    once again it is the legends of the NFL vs. a team that who cheats, and thinks they are legends.

    I am with Montana, Rice, Madden, and Aikman on this one.


    Go back and look. The Niners got caught cheating with the salary cap when Steve Young was there.

    And the Broncos caught cheating with the cap when Elway and Terrell Davis were there.

    Both teams were fined and lost draft choices. No one ever brings this up when they call the Patriots cheaters.

  99. As Joe points out, it’s stupid to be even talking about it; but that doesn’t stop the stupid from crying about it.

  100. Joe Montana could care less about Cheater Brady. It seems Aikman, Bradshaw, Montana and many other QB’s are saying the same thing. The only one not believing them are idiot Patriots
    who also said spygate didn’t happen.

  101. I don’t think Tom Brady used any gauges. He just let the staff know what kind of balls he likes based on the feel. Does he care how many PSI it is? I don’t think so. The balls were prepared accordingly.

    Then they gave them to the Refs who just (my presumption) touch them for feel and though they are okay. And that was all.

    Latter when measured they found out it is below the rule. And what happened after it is the ineptitude of the NFL. I don’t think that it took one week to find out what happened, it was the NFL who let it loose out of cowardliness. Shame.

    It just took away one week from the Patriots preparation to the Superbowl. And this is what makes me angry!

  102. I am tired of all this crap. Aaron Rodgers said he walked into the room where the footballs were stored and caught a ref deflating the balls. There is no proof, the balls were fixed during half time, and the Pats still won decisively.

    It is over. Montana should go back to selling Papa John’s pizza.

  103. Terry Bradshaw just went up in my book..but both didn’t play in the era and if Brady wins he passes them all and if Goodell passes that trophy to Kraft you can all suck it

  104. Mountain out of a molehill. ESPN-Hissy-Fit

    Players break rules. That’s why refs have flags in their pockets.

    Give ’em 15 yards and move on. Certainly, no worse than a clothesline, a horsecollar, or a chop block. Not even close. No risk of a crippling injury.

  105. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Jan 29, 2015 11:27 PM
    espnsux says:
    Jan 29, 2015 10:18 PM
    Sounds like someone is a little concerned about their legacy, right Joe? Going to soon be dropping to number 2 all time.

    Last I checked, Joe has no asterisks next to Super Bowl wins. All of Brady’s have asterisk
    MrWright, you’re a known SEA bandwagon fan, but I applaud your enthusiasm.

    In 10 years from now, when BB and Brady are long gone, all these stories will be a non-issue. Also, go to the NFL record books, there are no asterisks, court of public opinion means nothing.

    Speaking of history, Montana’s Rice used stickem after it was illegal and Walsh is known for cutting communication on the opposing team’s side. Both of these are cheating and against the rules.

    Let’s hope for a fun game to watch. I’m a Pats fan, I predict 27-21 SEA, but none of this tarnishes Brady’s legacy.

  106. A lot of people commenting on the ‘crybaby’ Pats fans are basing their statements on nothing but hatred.

    There literrally have been NO facts that have been released in this case….NONE.

    People are using the original 2psi drop as gospel when conflicting reports claim more around 1psi.

    First dqwell noticed ball was deflated after interception and gave to equip mgr to check out, then HE states that was untrue and only wanted a souvenier from his first AFC champ game, didn’t notice anything with ball.

    Now, NFL states they didn’t measure the balls before game….no starting point.

    Seems clear as day the balls were at 12.5, or lower to startrt game, refs didn’t inflate them because they didn’t measure them. (Rodgers says he overinflates and ‘sometimes’ they let air out). The refs did nothing right and worse, they signed off on the balls as ok.

    Regardless, starting at 12.5 or 10, they’re gonna lose air from start to half resulting in illegal balls when psi checked. It’s not on the Pats, it’s on the refs,…and they failed big time.

  107. 11/12 balls underinflated.for pats.

    NONE of Colts balls underinflated.

    Doesn’t take a genius to see the pattern.

    Rice, Aikman, Brunnel, Bettis, Montana all agree.

    Like Montana said,he doesn’t look at this as a big deal, but acknowledges the QB absolutely knows!

  108. PV=nRT

    It is not just a good idea, people,
    it is the law.

    The only valid test of a football for which the 12.5-13.5 psi pressure applies is at room temperature, because of….

    (drum roll)…..


  109. imaduffer says:
    Jan 29, 2015 9:14 PM
    Montana and Bradshaw won their super bowls when there wasn’t a salary cap.
    True, before parity and mediocrity. Current Pats (and others) would struggle against the best and the rules of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

  110. I’m with Montana all the way…..A QB always knows……this is the way Brady wanted to be better than Manning……not even close…….he should be banned from SB.

  111. Someone should have told Joe that the refs didnt properly measure the psi before the game, now he looks like an old fool like everyone else. thats unfortunate.

  112. It doesn’t matter. Even when the Patriots are exonerated these narrow minded and petty people won’t care because they have the Pats. Joe Montana just trying to protect his legacy. How little of him.

  113. Last I checked, Joe has no asterisks next to Super Bowl wins. All of Brady’s have asterisk.

    Twice cheated the salary cap, once cheated by cutting the communication to the headset of opposing team. thats 3*** that we know of.

  114. Google San Francisco 49ers salary cap violations.

    For all the *** fans, put it next to their trophies.

    Fined and lost draft picks

  115. Okay, I’ll admit that I jumped on board with this whole “Deflategate” situation with the NE Patriots, and I was wrong to do so. After doing some research of my own, we are clearly NOT the only team that has faced one or two scandals in the past couple of years. Other teams have cheated, and other players have done some questionable things off of the field. Some have been accused of rape, some have murdered, some have domestic violence charges, etc. With all of these horrible things in mind, are we really worried about deflated balls? The fact of the matter is, the Patriots didn’t need to cheat to beat the Colts. They could have played with a greased up pig and crushed them, it’s obvious. If we win the Super Bowl this Sunday, that win will be forever tarnished because of one insignificant accusation. I have read about a number of different scandals. Earlier this year the Vikings got caught heating their balls on the sideline, which apparently would give them some advantage. Did I hear about that? No. Everyone jumps on a bandwagon to smash the Patriots whenever they can. It seems to me that when something SERIOUS happens, they say a few things about the person and they move on, unless it’s connected with the Patriots. For instance, when Big Ben ran around raping young women, all people cared about was the fact that he didn’t get charged, he’s been back from his suspension, and people who are Steeler’s fans love that he’s back. When Ray Rice beat up his fiancé, that was in and out of the news almost as fast as the so-called “Ebola crisis.” Yet, somehow, this country seems to think deflated balls are a huge deal. Clearly something happened, but it had no influence on the outcome of the game, so what is the big deal? Because it was the Patriots? No one can admit that they are just a good team, and a good team indeed. Sure, they have made stupid decisions here and there, but they are still good; plain and simple. If it was the Steeler’s in the same situation, you would all be so freakin defensive and then magically drop it. So, while you are all sitting here with your thumb up your ass about deflated balls, I’m going to move on with my life and worry about actual problems.


  116. Beyond uninformed speculation, the New York Times todayreports on published, externally reviewed scientific research experiments that show the Pats footballs likely lost air naturally. This kind of analysis should have preceded any accusations or speculation.

  117. Pats fan here.

    Not everyday your idol calls you a cheater.

    When Brady walks into Canton I wonder if he will mention Montana.

    Every interview, Montana, Montana, Montana.

    Goddell has tarnished the shield. He has to go.

  118. Although Joe Montana’s explanation is just good old ‘common sense’, with proper investigation common sense usually turns out to be wrong.

  119. Unfortunately, common sense doesn’t hold up in court!! I am admittedly a Pats hater, but I don’t see there being enough to prove what happened here. Pats fans, please quit trying to justify why it was okay to do it, and stick with waiting to see when all the facts come out!!

  120. Another idiot talking out of his hat. Explain this, Joe – why did Brady do worse with the deflated balls, and better with the properly inflated balls? And how is it that no one on the field could tell if the balls were underinflated?

  121. Montana later states he liked low pressure footballs too… just kidding.

    Let just take away the 17 points the patriots scored in the first half and go with that result.

    \(*,*\\ …. /(*,*//

  122. From a NY Time article that came out last night:

    “Other evidence is also turning the Patriots’ way. In a usually obscure profession that has received extraordinary attention during the controversy, some academic and research physicists now concede that they made a crucial error in their initial calculations, using an equation called the ideal gas law.

    When that error is corrected, the amount of deflation predicted in moving from room temperature to a 50-degree field is roughly doubled. Healy, a graduate student in mechanical engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, went further: He measured the pressure drop in 12 footballs when they were moved from a room at 75 degrees to one at 50 degrees (the approximate temperature on the field in the Colts game).

    In the experiment, the deflation of the footballs was close to the larger, correctly calculated value. When Healy moistened the balls to mimic the effects of the rainy weather that day, the pressure dropped even further, close to the deflation of 2 pounds per square inch that the N.F.L. is believed to have found.”

  123. CMU study concludes

    “We also should remember that the laws of physics don’t play favorites,” Franklin said. “If the NFL measures the pressure of the balls when they are at room temperature, any team that provides footballs whose pressure falls in the range of 12.5 psi to 13.5 psi as required by the NFL, will end up playing with footballs whose pressure is well below 12.5 psi on cold winter days.”

    Ha ha ha ha

    Why weren’t the Colts’ balls under-inflated when they followed the same path into the bathroom ith the Pats employee?

  124. Hey Joe, first off Brady’s better. Second, now the officials have no idea what the balls were inflated at and ALLOWED the balls to be used we’ll be waiting for your apology. It seems you’ve hit on hard times lately having to do those stupid papa johns commercials so you can be forgiven. By the way, your other compemporary qb jeff blake says all balls were under/overinflated by teams. So get off of this before you look stupider and older than you already do. Now the NFL and you media haters all owe the pats an apology but somehow I don’t think they have the class to do so.

  125. As opposed to picking and choosing the facts we want to use to draw a conclusion (all of which FYI come from the totally reliable mainstream media). Can someone please explain two things:

    1. Why were two balls not “exactly” the way brady wanted them? If this “perfectionist” cheated, you can bet your butt all the balls would be the same size. IF they make a difference, having two wild card balls would obvously mess with a QBs game
    2. What were the weight of the colts balls at halftime – as reported from the NFL. Its not reported anywhere, how is that possible that we know exactly what the pats balls weighed at halftime, but for comparison purposes we have no idea what the colts balls weighed.

    Until there is actual evidence TB did anything. Its amazing that grown men will just take mainstream media for gospel, i guess thats why our country is so pathetic, re: the people on capital hill.

  126. realitycheckbaby says:
    Jan 30, 2015 9:03 AM

    CMU study concludes

    “We also should remember that the laws of physics don’t play favorites,” Franklin said. “If the NFL measures the pressure of the balls when they are at room temperature, any team that provides footballs whose pressure falls in the range of 12.5 psi to 13.5 psi as required by the NFL, will end up playing with footballs whose pressure is well below 12.5 psi on cold winter days.”

    Ha ha ha ha

    Why weren’t the Colts’ balls under-inflated when they followed the same path into the bathroom ith the Pats employee?

    If the were overinflated but not checked with a gauge it is entirely possible that the Colts balls were over inflated when submitted to the league (and because the officials never logged them we have no way of knowing this one way or the other). Also, the Colts footballs got less use in the first half and would not have been nearly as wet as the Patriots footballs, and the CMU study shows moisture has an incremental impact.

  127. So Montana is saying the same thing as every QB – the ones who want a soft ball make sure it’s known. Then it magically happens.

    That could have happened 14 years ago.

    I love the dopes here who say, in effect, “If I hadn’t heard about something occurring more than 3 minutes ago it never existed…unless it’s the Patriots – in which case they should have to give back their 3 Super Bowl rings.”

  128. Montana is right about who ordered the balls to be deflated; but he’s wrong about the deflation not being a big deal.

    Deflation causes less fumbles. And that’s huge in a game that the team that fumbles more, generally loses.

  129. Sounds like an admission from Joe Montana himself. Thanks, Joe.

    I’m surprised he would support a Belichick’ coached team. It was Jim Burt of Belichick’s defense who knocked him out cold in that 49-0 domination of San Fran back in the 80s.

  130. Joe Montana screaming at Tom Brady :DID YOU ORDER A CODE RED ON THOSE FREEKIN FOOTBALLS!”
    Brady “No but I ordered you a pizza from Pappa Johns and its ain’t free, get your wallet out cheapskate”

  131. Its looks more and more like the Colts tampered with their balls and reinflated them during the game. Cheaters.

  132. “Gisele is taking down the Joe Montana poster in their bedroom as we speak.”


    Montana was a helluva football player. But he has about as much sex appeal as Sherlock Holmes.

  133. “Deflation causes less fumbles. And that’s huge in a game that the team that fumbles more, generally loses.”


    You can’t throw a deflated ball as far or as fast either, so there goes your vertical passing game.

  134. Oh I have heard that one about deflated footballs causing less fumbles. The guy who has been running around making a big deal about some statistic showing deflated footballs cause less fumbles by Patriots was slammed by many saying his formula to determine that is flawed. DO YOU NOT GET that every team screws around with footballs. I am not even in New England. I don’t like Bellicheck either. But I respect Bellicheck and the Pats organization for how well they run their organization. Believing footballs slightly deflated has any real competitive advantage in a game to alter the outcome is simply RIDICULOUS. In fact after halftime of that Colts game new balls were used and nobody on Pats fumbled and Brady played better. You people posting that stuff are ATE UP.

  135. I love how everyone on this site is speaking like they have ANY facts on what actually happened.

    We already witnessed the report go from 2psi difference to 1psi difference vis Profootballtalk reporting.

    So if the Pats set them to 12.5, we then know by physics that wet leather stretches, and a 20 degree drop will decrease the psi in the ball. Again, this is science and has been test by Neil DeGRasse Tyson, Carnegie Melon, BC, MIT, and another lab in Pittsburgh.

    None of you have any information about the Colts balls, or any other measurements. We have no facts and the intial “source” from Moretensen turned out to be wrong.

    Get over yourselves, sit back and watch the game.

  136. Kaffee: *Brady, did you order the Code Red?

    Brady: You want answers?

    Kaffee: I think I’m entitled to.

    Brady: *You want answers?*

    Kaffee: *I want the truth!*

    Brady: *You can’t handle the truth!*

  137. LOL at the blind Pats homers who are bashing physicists and hall of famers who are calling out the Pats for their blatant lies and denials. One thing the homers have COMPLETELY ignored in their blind rage is that none of these critics have said it was a big deal. They’re just calling BS on Brady, Belichik, and Kraft for their misunderstanding of science and aggressive denials (see Lance Armstrong, Dick Sherman, Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemens, etc).

    No one really thinks the deflated balls changed the outcome of the game, but just STOP trying to insult our intelligence.

  138. Your header is a fabrication and, when added to much of the other reporting by PFT, would, in my opinion, support a finding that PFT intentionally defamed Tom Brady.

  139. “It is so weird to me that people don’t understand that Joe Montana wasn’t slamming Brady at all.”

    That’s becuase they really just read the misleading header.

  140. bencoates57 says: Jan 30, 2015 10:10 AM

    “Gisele is taking down the Joe Montana poster in their bedroom as we speak.”


    And . . . Joe Montana is taking down the Gisele Bundschen poster from his bedroom as we speak!” . . .

  141. Aww…poor Joe making himself look silly. Heres the thing. Hes played many, many, many games with balls that had a larger pressure differential than the pats balls. Its just science. If he ever played a game in sub 40 degree weather, laws of physics dictate that the ball was significantly less pressurized than pre game. Add water and the pressure goes down even more (likely due to relaxing of the leather) yet he says he’d notice. Well, he never did before and unless the laws of nature have changed in that time….hes just flapping his lips. Regarding the Colts balls….if they were still within range that only means that they were likely at the upper edge of the pressure window So when they necessarily lost pressure due to the temp change they still remained within the range. BUT if they were exactly the same as pregame…unless they were allowed to warm up for a few hours…then they must have tampered with their own balls because it would be impossible to have zero deflation

  142. We don’t know what the PSI of the Patriots balls were when referees approved them. We don’t know the PSI they measured at halftime. (We don’t know for the Colts balls either) And the refs didn’t record the PSI measurements, so it’s likely we will never know.

    We also don’t know how the PSI footballs fluctuates in the conditions of other NFL games. This is never measured. And why should it be; it doesn’t matter.

    The incompetence of the league office is on full display though.

  143. Having a QB tell the Refs via Equipment manager to inflate the minimum standards knowing that in the cold, wet and rain that they will become underinflated remains WITHIN the rules. No team, unless the Refs order it, are responsible to re-inflate them to the lowest standard. EVERY test anyone has done in the last 1.5 weeks shows the balls becoming deflated in the same conditions from 1 to 2 psi.

    That means nothing to Patriot haters.

  144. Way too many Pats fans ignoring facts. VP of officiating Anderson tested all 24 balls that were in play, 12 each. They are weighed, taped(measured) and guaged for psi 2 hours and 15 minutes before Game time. All balls psi levels were at 13 psi to allow for weather hot/cold. The Colt’s 12 balls were ALL w/in a few tenths of 13 still at half time after checking all 24 twice with 2 different gauges for accuracy Pats balls showed 11/12 were 2 psi or more below 12.5 !! They were already going to check at half time because of 4 earlier reports of Pats using underenflated balls. Most recently by Ravens. Who also lost due to illegal substitutions, by the way. The sting was set up, and they got CAUGHT ! The End !

  145. Jimmyhands….YOU are ignoring facts. the balls were closer to 1 psi down on average. If the Colts balls were within 10th as you say….thats a miracle because it’s impossible unless they filled the balls outdoors. Now….got to the website for Headsmart Labs and click “in the news” and learn something. If you take away the team names and put aside your hatred for the Pats….the evidence actually shows that the only way tampering could have happened is if the balls stayed the same. Its actually impossible for them not to lose air. So why didn’t we know that years ago? Because it’s never been tested.

  146. kanolee says:
    Jan 31, 2015 4:39 AM
    nothing less than banishment is the appropriate punishment and a ban from the HOF

    Another Einstein checking in.

  147. Talk about exaggerating! It has been proven that the 1 – 2 pound difference in weight is not significant enough to affect the game. The end. What else is there to talk about? NFL rules and regulations are definitely making a (bigger)fool out of themselves and insulting the players’ skills and love for the game.

  148. well CC on TV and hall of famer said you have to be a blooming idiot not to know that loss of air… also if you take a ball outside you will only lose 0.5 psi not 2.0 psi … also now after they find him guiltry New England will have to forfeit the game AFC Championship ,,then if that is the case they will have to forfeit the Super Bowl.. when you cheat you will eventually lose

  149. Joe SHAME on you!
    Back When you were accused of Drug use etc. you didn’t like it! Now without all the facts you make accusations?

  150. Hey KANOLEE get up to date, 3 days ago the latest report is most all the balls were not 2 psi under inflated only slightly under fitting your .5 psi, how about waiting for all the REAL facts not rumors!

  151. I think people are misunderstanding Joe. Joe is saying that there shouldn’t be a rule for inflation in the first place and that Brady wasn’t wrong.

  152. Thanks to Chris Carter to tell it like it is …Carter: if they find information those balls were deliberately taken air out of, yes, it will affect his legacy. because this is a game about integrity and this is a game about rules. it’s not about everybody else breaking them. you got caught. if that’s what the jury says that will change the legacy because that changes if you are playing with the knowledge of a smaller ball. especially in inclement weather, especially in inclement weather a smaller ball helps you.
    Dilfer: i think that’s subjective. i agree this league’s based on rules and it doesn’t matter if other people bending them as well. as me and you both know they are. If they get caught –
    Carter: i don’t know that other people are bending the rules

  153. Montana was defending Brady. He was talking for Brady. Montana believes that if the quarterback wants balls that way he should be allowed to have them that way. Anyone who thinks this is an attack on Brady is an idiot. Montana was merely softening the blow when the truth is finally established, i.e. that Brady controlled the balls and had them altered to his satisfaction.

    Does anyone seriously think that opposing teams were not doing the same thing?

    Brady was using balls maintained to regulation air pressure in the Super Bowl and won the MVP by running the offense that beat what many people feel is the best team in football.

    There will be more sturm and drang on this but the melodrama is over.

  154. Uh-oh, I hear the Montana posters coming down at Brady’s locker room. If this was so important why not let the refs in charge of the balls? End of story.

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