Marshawn Lynch to reporters: I ain’t got nothing for you all


Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch made his final media appearance of Super Bowl week, and it was the strangest one yet.

Lynch turned the tables on a few reporters who gathered around his podium, asking them why they felt the need to continue peppering him with questions when he had already made it clear he wasn’t going to answer.

“All week I done told you all what’s up. And for some reason you all come back and do what you did,” Lynch told the assembled media. “I don’t know what image you all are trying to portray me, but it don’t matter what you all think, what you all say about me. Because when I go home at night, the people I look in the face, my family, that I love, that’s all that matters to me. So you all can go make up whatever you’re going to make up”

Lynch indicated that it angers him that reporters won’t respect his privacy.

“I come to you all’s event, you all shove cameras and microphones down my throat,” Lynch said. “I ain’t got nothing for you all. . . You all will sit here doing the same thing. I’m here preparing for a game.”

Lynch set a timer on his table and sat there for only five minutes. At about the two-minute mark, he indicated that his patience was already wearing out.

“I’m not about to say nothing. So for the remainder of my — what’s that, three minutes? — because I’m here, I’m available for you all. All my requirements are fulfilled. So now for the next three minutes I’ll just be looking at you all like you’re looking at me.”

Lynch did answer one question directly: When a reporter asked him where to buy Beast Mode gear, Lynch answered, “”

And then his five minutes were up, and he left. He won’t have to face reporters again until after the Super Bowl.

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  1. It amazes me how there are some out there who support and revere this clown and his antics while at the same time they will complain about Belichick and his handling of the media.

  2. Funny how all the reporters are saying how Lynch is “childish” etc. when they, grown men, are running around media day in super heroe costums, asking a dude 27 questions when he clearly won’t answer them.

  3. I understand guys not wanting to answer personal questions, or questions that can be used as a “gotcha” later on, but sometimes this is just overboard.

  4. i love this.

    Was it the fines that sparked his discontent or was it something he said that was misconstrued ??

    There had to be something.

  5. Cant wait to read how the Pats haters somehow turn this into Belichick’s fault, and come up with a way to force Bill to have to pay Marshawn’s fines

  6. As a Seahawks season ticket holder, (15 years) I can say that those in Seattle don’t give a rats behind that he doesn’t talk to the media. Time to move along …

  7. I would have just one question for Lynch.

    Do you know that the media days before the Super Bowl help promote the game and they have helped increase the world wide exposure of the Super Bowl and revenue from the Super Bowl and that increased revenue and league exposure has translated into higher player salaries across the board?

  8. It’s easy. Fine him $1,000,000. That would get his attention and remind him he works for a union that collectively bargained his responsibilities on his behalf and is the reason he’s a multimillionare. Nobody but the most desperate Seahawks homer would objectively have any sympathy for this guy, who’s only silent when he’s not doing ads for Progressive Auto Insurance or pluggin his website. People who say he’s shy, quiet and his “rights” should be respected are living on a delusional planet and aren’t even understanding that he’s using you to sell merchandise.

  9. I think a reporter might have set him up. How will the greedy NFL respond to a player plugging a product that the league does not profit from?

  10. This really isn’t funny (nor defensible) any longer. The thing is that no one really understands whatever point he is trying to make. He doesn’t like talking to the media. But the problem is that’s part of his job. His job is not only to perform on the field, but to be accessible to the media at certain times. You know how I know that? Because the NFL specifically REQUIRES him to do it.

    At this point it’s clear that while he may be complying with the letter of the law, he’s not complying with its spirit. The NFL should fine him $100,000 and another $250,000 for the BeastMode hat.

    Oh, and he’s a jack$$

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  12. I know its his job but to the people that aren’t on television at all, do you understand that if he did answer a question, it would be a PC answer and you’ll shrug or ignore him?

  13. Please come home to the 510 ‘Shawn and put on that silver & black! Raiders need you!

  14. ialto85 says:Jan 29, 2015 1:08 PM

    Pro Athletes have the toughest job in the world, get no respect and are under compensated.

    Wait… I think you have “Pro Athletes” confused with “Soldiers.”

  15. I support him. The sports media are made up of a bunch of nerds anyway, who have taken our beloved sport and turned it into a bunch of gossip about he-said, he-said…instead of it being about what actually matters – The action on the field.

    Lynch is a pro football running back, he gets paid to carry the ball and help his team win, and he does it at the highest level of anyone on the planet. THAT is what fans pay to see, not his “personality” or “the storylines” or “ooooh, the drama of Pete Carroll coaching against the team that once fired him, oooohhh what drama” etc etc.

  16. I wonder what will happen if he has a tremendous game Sunday, will any of these reporters vote him for MVP to win the car?? I certainly hope not!

  17. Did you guys even watch the interview? He wasn’t there to promote anything. He got baited a reporter. The reporter asked, “where can we buy that hat?” and got ignored. Then that same reporter asked what the web address was for his website. The reporter was just trying to get him fined and probably succeeded and that’s exactly why he won’t talk to the media.

  18. isn’t this actually more refreshing than the alternative? Which is, Lynch provides canned answers and cliches that have been used for eons and eons by players for the last 30 years and say nothing of value anyway. That’s what you prefer? Seriously?

  19. I don’t get this all. What the hell is so personal about asking him questions regarding the game?? This guy is a jerk just to be jerk. Does he even realize how lucky he is to be where he is? I’m not saying it’s easy or that he hasn’t worked hard to get where he is, but to just be so ungrateful and always looking to make issues is beyond weird.

    Take away all of the money and put him in a minimum wage job and lets see how he feels after that.

  20. Marshawn not answering questions has sure generated a lot of press. Probably more press than had he actually answered questions. So the media certainly isn’t hurting for stuff to write about him.

  21. A number of players sell personalized gear on their websites. Maybe the person assigned by the NFL to fine Lynch should go after them, too. *sarcasm*

    Super glad today is the last day of “why won’t Lynch talk to us?” – articles going forward will have to be about the game being played sunday. Should be a great one!

  22. A couple of things why does the media even waste their time shoving mics in his face, secondly he doesnt have to be a tool about it tho. If i were a reporter, i wouldnt even bother going to his podium.

  23. At least he is putting that degree from Cal to good use, I’m sure all his professors are beaming with pride after hearing him speak…

  24. I’m a Pats fan and I love this guy. Does all his talking on the field as it should be, and knows the media as the vicious, disloyal scorpion that it is. The timer is also a nice touch, he’s put some thought into this.

  25. Pro athletes like Marshawn have it so rough……paid millions of dollars to play a game.

    Dude, if you couldn’t play football, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING IN YOUR LIFE????

    These athletes don’t have clue how good they have it.

    Usually they figure it out about 5 years after retirement, because they are BROKE.

    Gee, microphones and cameras in my face during Super Bowl,because you are the star RB……handle it dude, handle it!!

  26. This clown does not seem intelligent, courteous or mentally stable. It is a shame people respect or admire this crap. It seems he would rather play the role of a monkey in a zoo than to have any form of interaction with the media or his fans. His fears are bogus. He is not shying from attention, he is seeking it. His fear of being smeared is BS, too. His answers to any questions would be heard by several reporters in a public forum. It’s not like a 1-on-1 interview behind closed doors that turns into a he said/he said deal. Lynch is great on the field but he is quite the self-serving jerk off of it. I get that he is no mensa candidate and his answers to any thought provoking questions would be akin to a beauty pageant contestant’s plan for world peace. But, the questions he would face would be anecdotal, not earth-shattering. Yes, press members may have done him wrong in the past but is that guy the one asking the questions this week? If an ex screwed you over do you forever scorn all women/men? Marshawn Lynch is a good football player but he is not much of a professional.

  27. ““I’m not about to say nothing.” I agree with zerocool62’s comment. Double negative, if I was a reporter now I would be more focused on Lynch than ever. If he is not about to say nothing, that means he’s going to say something. That something could be important! Better stay tuned.

    …..Really though, guy played the media like a violin this week. My local radio station was talking about the Beastmode hat and they were criticizing him saying that if he was really smart he would have just talked about his product the whole time and paid the fine…. except for the fact that nobody would care about some schmuck talking up their endorsement. But Lynch has been the most covered part of this week from the Seahawks camp. His Beastmode stuff is selling out and he’s making out amazingly for this act. This is a crash course in marketing, or going viral, whatever.

  28. Funny how times change…..not that long ago he would have been considered the strong, silent type that let his actions do the talking…now, although he is a world class running back, gives back hugely to his community and family and takes care of his business, we revile him because he chooses to not talk to reporters….maybe it is because the media has become a bunch of lying jackasses …A favorite supercross rider of mine, Jeremy Mc Grath’s manager once implored him…”don’t tell me how fast you are… me how fast you are!” Actions speak louder than words. When words are not better than silence, it is better to remain silent.

  29. In the hypothetical scenario that Lynch wins Super Bowl MVP, I take it he’ll decline to be interviewed then as well?

  30. Ricky Williams had social phobia and he still spoke to the media,albeit while wearing his helmet and face shield. But-he did it. This guy’s act is old.

  31. They didn’t break him. He shut them up…most likely for good this time. Maybe the idiots like Hubbach can try protesting to get the next CBA rewritten so players will answer questions they way they want them answered for their stories, but that’s still 6 years away.

  32. Leave him alone.

    I’d rather him take a stand than give the standard, “Work hard, study hard, play hard” response that every other person who takes that podium spews.

    Those who have a problem with Marshawn have a problem with THEMSELVES.

    Time to look in the mirror.

  33. You know what, “Beast Mode”? If you don’t want to fulfill your obligations to the media, then go play in a semipro league. What makes this guy so much better than everyone else? I hope he fumbles five times and rushes for negative yardage.

  34. It’s all about Marshawn. Forget about acting like an adult, muchless a professional. If you don’t crack down on these clowns, it just messes things up for the future generations of athletes/players who actually accept responsibility that goes along with the privilege to play this game and get paid to do what they do.

  35. LOL at all the idiots who get upset with the image of Lynch that’s been presented to them. Maybe when you learn to think for yourselves, we can discuss this another time. Until then, suck it up, buttercup.

  36. I’m failing to see where he is wrong. He did what he had to do and then left. Good for him!

  37. I think Marshawn is one of those athletes who the media has “lost.” What I mean by that is the media basically gave him a hard time while he was in Buffalo. His bad experience there has given him a complex if you will of not trusting the media. So he will never answer questions for media guys he doesn’t trust.

  38. And…who in the hell are we, that we DEMAND another man to dance on our string? This IS about modern society and their feeling of being ultimately entitled…that man owes you NOTHING! Take care of your own business as you see fit and allow the other man to do the same!

  39. To add to my last post, it kind of reminds me of the late Sean Taylor and his distrust for the media. He clearly takes his job seriously and loves playing football. He just doesn’t like the nonsense that goes with it (i.e. media)

  40. A few years from now, Lynch will be waiting on Pro Football Hall of Voting results and some reporter will say “I ain’t got nothing for you.”

  41. What is it reporters really want to know?? He is the best RB in the league. He will display that on Sunday. He did a very nice job marketing his product without saying a damn thing ! People call him stupid . I think not. Play ball Marshawn! That’s what you came to do. You have satisfied your time requirements mandated by our most honest NFL.
    Who says he has no class …

  42. That reporter set him up and Marshawn was dumb enough to take the bait. How much do you think it will cost him?

    I’d really like to find out who that reporter was to give him props. He must have had the biggest grin on his face afterwards.

  43. It all boils down to one thing, and one thing only. He’s an NFLPA member who’s made millions *because* the media and the fans help generate billions in TV revenue. How much do you think he’d make without the TV, the media and the fans covering Seahawks games? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! According to the collectively bargained agreement that the Seattle Seahawks NFLPA Union Rep agreed to, it’s every player’s obligation to speak to the media and NOT promote other brands. Just fine him exactly $1 million and watch the curtain come down on this clown show in a heartbeat. End of story. No rational rebuttal possible.

  44. Almost as much as watching ‘Shawn ball, I enjoy how he is so easily makes clowns go nuts.

    These guys are little Kim Jung Uns…strong underlying totalitarian streak. Guys stand up to “the rules” and “the power” make em crazy.

  45. cheeseisfattening says:
    Jan 29, 2015 1:15 PM
    I would have just one question for Lynch.

    Do you know that the media days before the Super Bowl help promote the game and they have helped increase the world wide exposure of the Super Bowl and revenue from the Super Bowl and that increased revenue and league exposure has translated into higher player salaries across the board?


    Yes, he knows that, and he is doing his part. Lynch NOT talking to reporters has been a huge boon to those reporter with nothing to report except the fact that he won’t talk. We all clicked on this article. Those clicks matter to the ESPNs of the world. And that is exactly what you’re talking about. The NFL and the media MAKE MONEY whether Lynch talks or not. This is a polarizing topic and that means strong support for both sides. And that means advertising dollars are still coming in.

  46. In the age of the “look at me” athlete, Marshawn is actually the opposite. It’s a real twist of logic to say he’s doing it for self promotion when, if they respected his wishes, he wouldn’t be getting any pub at all.

  47. It wasn’t Buffalo. Somewhere in 2012, some “reporter” decided to use him for their own story. You know the deal, where the “reporter” already knows how the story’s going to go and just wants to use some quotes as verification. After that, Lynch stopped bothering with media in the main. They don’t like that – mainly because they think their the do-all, be-all and end-all, so everyone must kowtow to them. He doesn’t do that.

  48. I think he made his position quite clear and he’s working within the rules of the NFL, so leave him alone. He does his talking on the football field. Any one of you people hating on him right now would LOVE to have him on your team and you know it! Go find something else to hate on already! Go Hawks!!!

  49. Everyone wins here.

    The media wins, because talking about Marshawn not talking has become the biggest story of the week.

    Marshawn wins, because if you go to his site, you’ll see that hats are on backorder, and t-shirts are sold out (or only still available in sizes that don’t fit most humans). It also would not surprise me if his agent hasn’t fielded calls for multiple new sponsorship opportunities.

    The NFL wins, because everyone’s talking about this.

  50. As long as he doesn’t cry about not being able to get a job in broadcasting later, I have no issue with it.

  51. You all are saying do your job. He did his job and talked to the media. Hence the “quotes”. You just don’t like what he had to say. The NFL and NFLPA arranged this marriage with the media and he got fined when he stood them up. Now he’s showing up but he’s under no obligation to show them a good time and whisper sweet nothings in their ear.

  52. Don’t know what Lynch’s problem is and don’t care. My issue is with the media. It’s a reporter’s job to find a story–prefereably not the same story everyone else is reporting. That’s tough to do when you’re standing beside every other reporter in front of a podium listening to a a guy say “No comment” day after day. Is that the best these sports “reporters” can do? Even if he answered every question, the information wouldn’t be unique or headline-worthy. He wouldn’t say anything we haven’t heard a thousand times from a thousand other players.

    These reporters need to get away from the mic stands and start doing some actual reporting.

  53. All of you who continue to use the term “clown” are certainly not Seahawk fans. And in regard to Marshawn, the only people who should be offended by his actions are Seahawk fans…and believe me, we don’t care so please focus on your own team.

  54. i don’t care about the seahawks one tiny bit, but i respect and support beastmode. it takes a decent set to sit there and stand up for yourself in the face of criticism and threats. if the press doesn’t like it, they can blame themselves for treating everything like a “gotcha” moment. as for the people who are offended by him, i guess i’d ask why it upsets you so much? his critics seem like the kind of people that would mistreat a worker and then complain about their “attitude.” i know, i know: combative interviews are really more acceptable for rich old guys.

  55. I don’t think we can debate his intelligence, without knowing him personally, neither question his freedom of (not) speech. However, if there is a rule, breaking it should result in adequate fines that prevent these situations from happening again. I don’t think that monetary fines have worked with him. Suspend him for a game and see if this changes. Otherwise the NFL and their rules are just a joke.

  56. Comparing his salary to us normal folk, his $50,000 fines are like $50.

    It’s his damn money, why anyone cares how he wastes/spends it is beyond me.

  57. He can be a beastmmode gas-pumper or a beastmode burger flipper. Then they’ll leave him alone. In a few years when that is exactly what he is doing, they will.

  58. gencoimports says:
    Jan 29, 2015 1:44 PM
    A few years from now, Lynch will be waiting on Pro Football Hall of Voting results and some reporter will say “I ain’t got nothing for you.”
    That’s exactly why a lot of people can’t stand writers. If you honestly believe Lynch doesn’t belong in the HOF that’s fine. But to use your vote as a form of punishment because your feelings were hurt by Lynch speaks way more about the reporter than Lynch’s current behavior. I’m not even sure he would care that much but it definitely would mean something to Seahawk fans.

  59. It would all depend on the context but I wonder if the reporter asking where to buy beastmode was trying to ensure Marshawn was fined for rep’ing his brand.

  60. I agree with what was said on yesterday’s First Take. Punishing the media because he doesn’t want to talk is ultimately saying that he wants to control how limited his exposure to fans is. The media can control the story without your involvement. If you participate, it shapes the story more in your favor. To leave it out denies the fans access to their teams’ RB. So in essence, he doesn’t care about the fans. He’s happy to play the game and go home. Which is fine if you play in a rec league.

    But you make millions of dollars because of us, the fans, and you signed a contract stating that you would share with the fans, through the media, your experience of the events so that we could all learn more about you and have something interesting to read about when the action isn’t occurring on the field. We want to like you. We’re hoping to know you better to pull that much more for your team. To deny the media is to deny the fans. That check you love so much comes from us. Get a clue.

    Look, nobody loves the media. They shape and distort and guess and lie and do everything they can to break a story. That understanding SHOULD help you navigate. Should tell you to be careful, but honest. But when you’re forced to be on camera, you can at least show the fans how much you appreciate them by telling us how its going. Many of us love our teams, and if we’re ‘Hawks fans, we want to know how this has been going for you. Now, all we’re getting is a blanket of speculation and you being a jerk to us.

    Don’t make this complex. Football is a team sport, and not only are we learning less about you, but your teammates now have to answer questions about you. In essence, you’re taking us away from them also because they have to do the talking that you won’t do. That’s rude and not fair to them.

    ‘Hawks fans deserve to know these things and it’s mandated by your contract to talk for a limited amount of time. If you think this makes you look anything but bad, you’re a fool.

    And as far as I’m concerned, you’re someone to root against. Players that don’t realize who butters their bread are not someone I’ll ever pull for. If you hate fans, we can certainly hate you back. If you lose fan support going into a contract year, you’ll realize long after you’re done with the game, that money dries up quick, and we’ll do our part to shun the guy that treated us like we didn’t exist. Especially if you don’t get a contract with Seattle. Your new team might not love you and your antics as much as the Seattle does. It’s your legacy man. Be smart about this.

  61. It used to be the only conduit sports leagues had to create buzz and excitement for their product was through the coverage provided by major newspapers and television broadcasters.

    As such, leagues fostered cozy relationships with these entities, rewarding those who covered them to free premium seating at games, free air travel with the team, generous buffets and drink tabs, and most importantly EXCLUSIVE access to players. And all this was built on the notion that the sports media was the gatekeeper for how fans got news about their favorite teams.

    Technology has made this an outdated, irrelevant model. Anyone with an opinion and an internet connection has numerous ways to express their opinions for everyone to see, even the players themselves.

    Sports media like PFT don’t like that, but it won’t be long before fans realize that sports reporter are little different than anyone else with opinions, and their soapbox is getting smaller and smaller every day.

  62. When he’s done playing in the NFL, I hope he sues the hell out of them for harassment.

  63. Marshawn Lynch is always willing to answer questions about his foundation. He has even done it multiple times this week to various news sources.

    If the media were really interested in hearing him open up, they would have picked up on that and asked him about it.

    But they are more interested in whining about how Lynch won’t talk to them.

  64. I’ve heard more of Beastmode saying nothing the last few days than actual interviews. That should tell the media all they need to know about how much we care about their pointless interviews. The Superbowl doesn’t need any more ‘promotion’. Get over yourselves. I’m not a Seahawks fan but to me, although I wouldn’t handle my business that way personally, it’s hilarious.

  65. “tory707 says:
    Jan 29, 2015 1:59 PM

    Has this clown ever won a rushing title yet?”

    Not sure why that’s relevant. He came in 4th this year and DeMarco Murray, who DID win the rushing title, is done for the year. He IS however, the rushing leader in the postseason though, so there’s that. He really doesn’t need to win a rushing title to prove how great he is.

  66. @stash918

    First off the NFL players do not have a union, so maybe you think that there is no rational rebuttal possible because you base your nonsensical comment on a false premise or as an argument from ignorance.

    NFL players are have the lowest minimum salaries and lowest average salaries when compared to the MLB, NBA and even NHL. Lynch’s contract can be torn up the team for next season if the team feels like it with no repercussion for a RB approaching 30, while Goodell made $44.2 million in 2013.

    The clowns who purport to represent the players DeMaurice Smith and to a lessor extent George Atallah, get owned by the owners in every negotiation. Nice job, you were able to prevent an 18 game season so that CTE will just have to wait a few more season for RB, DL, LB, OL with of course full denial from the NFL on the issue.

  67. Ya this guy is a joke. I was kinda amused at first. Be he’s just a huge tool. Ya kick the fans and industry that give you such a good life. Can’t just answer stupid silly questions. You got it so rough don’t you. To heck with all the people and organization that make it possible. Marshawn is gonna cry boo hoo. Typical bad attitude Seahawks player. Priveldged and above everyone else.

  68. myeaglescantwin says:Jan 29, 2015 1:11 PM

    i love this.

    Was it the fines that sparked his discontent or was it something he said that was misconstrued ??

    There had to be something.


    Lynch had some trouble with the police in his first couple of years in Buffalo. He was basically hung out to dry by the media there, so I can certainly understand why he has some lingering hostility.

  69. If any of this clowns commercials are scheduled for super bowl,they should cancel them now. This is poison for a company. This guy has. I idea. Just wants the money.

  70. Hey Marshawn, it is really simple…

    You show on the podium… then, you just say “Belichick is the best coach in the game, Brady is the best QB in the game, Gronk is the best TE in the game, I will have to be 100% ready for the biggest challenge in my career against that great team… and by the way, I like kittens”

    That’s all they want to know!

  71. You know, that was great entertainment. Reporters do ask silly/dumb/asinine questions to bail you. Keep scoring dude and don’t cause 15 yards penalties and the rest… just b u.

  72. they should cancel them now.

    LOL. The NFL doesn’t tell its sponsors what to do. The NFL’s sponsors tell them what they’re going to do – and the NFL says “Yessir!” Then the sponsors tell them what they don’t like and the NFL says “We’ll take care of that immediately!!!” Look up Radisson and Vikings.

    Come back when you know how this works.

  73. Its hard to believe I was watching an adult. Seriously, who acts so childish, other than a tamper throwing 6 year old?

  74. Here’s hoping everybody sticks it to this fool Lynch, boycott his sponsors starting with Beast Mode gear, If beast mode does not make money, they will drop this a$$h0le.

  75. I think its something actually wrong with him socially. I remember watching The Mike Rob Report (Michael Robinson) on Youtube and ever episode in the locker room Marshawn would never talk. So no one is exempt unless its for the kids. So I think it has nothing to do with the shield until the fines are brought up.

  76. The more articles like this I read, the more I appreciate Lynch’s position.

    In general, the media certainly benefits pro athletes which is why most go along with it but these stories about Lynch always take on this whiny, self-entitled tone. As if the media people resent him for not wanting to talk to them. Back in the day he’d have been recognized as somebody who doesn’t like reporters and that would have been the end of it other than maybe an occasional reference. But in this age where guys are forced to make appearances the story is CONSTANTLY about how he’s doing exactly what he has been doing. It ain’t news if it ain’t news, you know?

  77. @nyj1979

    they did ask him about his charity work – he said come down to where he does charity and he’ll answer their questions there.

  78. Some people have social anxiety and get sincerely stressed out at the prospect of being forced to talk to crowds of people. I don’t know if Lynch falls in this category or not but it can’t be the worst thing in the world to not want to talk with the media. I have no love for the Seahawks but, come on. He didn’t kill anybody. He just doesn’t want to be talk to all of you. Move along, nothing to see here.

  79. If the NFL had any balls, they’d suspend him for the Super Bowl. This is a terrible look for the NFL. You can’t have one of the most public faces at the Super Bowl acting like this, being so contentious with everyone. And the NFL is instead chasing around deflated footballs? What a joke.

  80. Monetary fines have obviously not worked. He is required by contract to speak to the Media. Suspend him from the Super Bowl. Likely the only way to get this clowns attention.

  81. Reporter to Lynch: “I am just here to watch a turd floating in a toilet.” What an ass – if you make your money from being a public figure, then quit crying about losing your privacy for 5 minutes a day for 3 days.

  82. Keep up the BS and the NFL is not going to have anything for you either. What an arrogant jerk.

  83. His Beast Mode design looks an awful lot like the Bluetooth symbol. Better be careful or you may be answering questions about something else…

  84. The Media is basically “Trolling” this Guy. No one cares that he doesn’t want to talk except the media. I’m perfectly fine with just appreciating his performance ON THE FIELD which is why he is paid. Stop with this whole “He has an obligation to talk to the media”nonsense. As long as he shows up and does his job on Sunday,that’s all I or any REAL Fan should be concerned about.

  85. My favorite runner in the NFL. I love his old school running style but his act has finally grown old.

  86. I would have just one question for Lynch.

    Do you know that the media days before the Super Bowl help promote the game and they have helped increase the world wide exposure of the Super Bowl and revenue from the Super Bowl and that increased revenue and league exposure has translated into higher player salaries across the board?

    Yeah because God knows no one would know about The Super Bowl without Media Day. However would the cash strapped NFL make money on this under publicized event???

  87. i dont mind this act during the season, but its the Super are watching, some of which im sure look up to Lynch. If he had half a brain he would realize if he just answered a few questions, they WOULD leave him alone! lol but when he keeps up this act, he just encourages them to do it more

  88. I dont understand why people think that it’s okay to force him to talk and answer questions. If he doesn’t want to talk, so be it. Let the man be. He gets paid to play football. And he does a damn good job at it. People talk about the childish antics and “his act has worn thin” – this wouldn’t be an issue if the NFL and reporters let him be. Nobody should be forced to talk about anything if they choose not to. It’s the NFLs antics that have worn thin on me.

  89. Oh, the poor kids…Give me a break about the poor kids who see more violence on TV than any kids in the entire world, yet they should be protected from Marshawn not talking to the press or doing a crotch grab.

    Join the real world already. It’s fun!

  90. zombiepatriot says:
    Jan 29, 2015 1:08 PM

    It amazes me how there are some out there who support and revere this clown and his antics while at the same time they will complain about Belichick and his handling of the media.
    Personally I can care less how Belichick handles the media. What I don’t like is his history of cheating which is proven. As for Lynch, I don’t blame him at all. He has to be there even though he doesn’t want to be. He shows up and that is all the NFL can mandate him to do without fining him. He has the right to remain silent just like any criminal would have the right. I’m not comparing Marshawn to a criminal other than the point of his rights. I would think a non-criminal would have the right without being criticized for it especially when he didn’t do anything wrong.

  91. pinkmist4 says:
    Jan 29, 2015 1:53 PM
    In the age of the “look at me” athlete, Marshawn is actually the opposite. It’s a real twist of logic to say he’s doing it for self promotion when, if they respected his wishes, he wouldn’t be getting any pub at all.

    18 7

    A PART of being a pro athlete in this day and age is talking to the press.

    Where does all the money they make come from? From fans of course. Without fans they don’t make the money they do.

    These kids want to be pro players but they don’t want to do the other things involved with being a pro athlete.

    Uh, Lynch, you do NOT have to be a pro athlete if talking to the press pains you so much…

    Oh, WHY does the NFL make players talk to the press? Hint, it’s NOT to be nice to the press, because they like the sportswriters.

    NOPE. The NFL has them talk to the press for US, the fans. There are many fans who like to hear what they think about things.

    For those of you who have sons who care and follow the NBA, NFL and MLB you know what I mean.

    ALL of us have parts of our jobs we don’t like. Lynch, talking to the press a bit is a PART of your job and it’s to make the fans happy and it’s the fans that make you a millionaire…

    Get over it or find another job Marshawn…

    Do you know how many of us would love to have the ability to play a pro sport and make millions and millions each year?

    How many of you on here, reading this, if you had a chance or if a Genie said I’m going to give you the ability to be a pro player and you’ll make millions each year but you have to talk to sportswriters each day for 5 to 10 minutes each day.

    ALL of us with functioning brains would take that deal. We’d sign up to be pro players, make millions and we’d gladly talk to the press.

  92. Everybody just relax….those of you here who count yourselves among the Marshawn haters, now that the three media days are over, can you give me your list of interviews that revealed something you didn’t already know? I didn’t think so. On to the game.

  93. With the mans’ manner of speech and the lack of grammar he demonstrates, why in the world would the NFL want him in front of a microphone? Besides, no one on the planet cares what is or isn’t said on these media days. It’s nothing but fodder to fill the void. I think the Pro Bowl gets more viewers than the media day events.

    That said, I hope he runs all over the Cheatrioits on Sunday.

  94. What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don’t like it any more than you men.


  95. And yet ppl can’t get enough…

    Next time have no reporters show up, but place a hidden cam to film his five minutes. Maybe he’ll complain about where everyone is, that would be hilarious.

  96. Nice to see what a Cal education gets you: “All week I done told you all what’s up. And for some reason you all come back and do what you did,”

  97. These are the 2 most unlikable teams ever to play in a Super Bowl. Good news is, one group of fans will be nowhere to be found on Monday after their team loses.

  98. To the poster who commented about how Lynch may face legal problems due to his Beast Mode symbol looking like the Bluetooth symbol… This seems unlikely.

    If you go to his website he uses the symbol almost exclusively in conjunction with his registered trademark “Beast Mode.”

    Also, the goods he is selling are in a different class than Bluetooth (clothing vs electronics).

  99. I know that I am not the only one who cares nothing about what this guy has to say? He is perhaps one of the ugliest men on the planet and speaks like a mongoloid.
    That being said, I do like to watch the guy play ball.

  100. wizardofgronk says:
    Jan 29, 2015 1:11 PM
    Cant wait to read how the Pats haters somehow turn this into Belichick’s fault, and come up with a way to force Bill to have to pay Marshawn’s fines

    Belichick causes enough problems for himself by being an obsessive cheater – don’t need to look for other things to blame on him….

  101. Hate the Seahawks but I love this guy’s attitude towards the media. The national sports media outlets are vultures that are out to portray people in certain ways even without proof or evidence. Lynch touched on that today. If even he can figure that out he can’t be that stupid. Yeah he got into some trouble but honestly his act is entertaining as hell. Kind of reminds me of Belichick.

  102. Deon is a clown also. How you doing my brother. We gots to get together brother. Who let all the clowns out ? NFL network is a bunch of clowns. Should be called NFLBET. It’s un watchable now. Let’s just play the game already.

  103. Oh, the poor kids…Give me a break about the poor kids who see more violence on TV than any kids in the entire world, yet they should be protected from Marshawn not talking to the press or doing a crotch grab.

    Join the real world already. It’s fun!



  104. When he is the MVP and he donates the car to a poor family and still refuses to talk to the sensationalist, fabricating, so called media!
    Go Hawks!

  105. What’s hilarious is… does THIS make you want to watch the NFL any less?


    Complain about something that actually matters like the horribly written rules that allow for such inconsistency so the officials can call it whatever way they want each week depending on what best suits the NFL’s agenda.

    Complain about how stupid divisions and conferences are. Pkayoffs should be seeded based on regular season record. Any teams can get it. Any two teams can play each other in super bowl. Divisions and conferences ruin that.

  106. You’re all free to stop watching football if you don’t like Marshawn’s behavior.

    Be sure to write to Roger Goodell and tell him how not getting to see Lynch badgered by the media is causing you not to buy a jersey.

    Don’t expect a response, because there are 5 billion other people behind you who are waiting to take your place.

  107. No manners. No class. No simple command of the English language. What a poor excuse for a human being. Whether he likes it or not, admits it or not, he is, as aporfessional athlete, a role model. Unfortunately, this is what kids are exposed to. Hopefully, their parents are telling them this what they DONT’ want to grow up to become.
    I don’t like the mandatory meet the press rule, either. The questions are inance and repetitive and fairly stupid. But, why not be a gentleman, be classy? Have a little fun. Nope. He has to come on rude and stupid. Amazing. If I was still teaching, I would use him as a discussion point about how not to act.

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