Cardinals not planning around having Daryl Washington


The Cardinals were able to advance to the playoffs this season despite the absence of several key players from the lineup.

Most of those absences were due to injuries, but they were also missing linebacker Daryl Washington because of a one-year suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. Washington is eligible to be reinstated by the league in May, but that may just be the preamble to another suspension.

Washington pleaded guilty to aggravated assault last March after being arrested for pushing the mother of his daughter hard enough that she fell and broke her collarbone. The league has not handed down any discipline for that case, but it seems likely and president Michael Bidwill said that the Cardinals aren’t planning around Washington’s presence as a result.

“He’ll be facing the issue with the domestic violence and there has been no determination of what happens there,” Bidwill said, via the team’s website. “He was only suspended for the drug issue, so we want to make sure we understand what that (other punishment) is. Last year, we learned about his suspension after free agency. This year we are going to plan to make sure we address all the issues not knowing whether Daryl will be back for part of next season or all of next season. ‘Next man up’ is real but we have to make sure we’ve gone into free agency and addressed that situation.”

Larry Foote, who started 15 games at inside linebacker, is set to be a free agent this offseason so it’s a spot that they’ll need to address regardless of Washington’s situation.

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  1. I had forgotten about this one given all that’s happened. With the dust up over Rice and the bad pub the NFL got, I would expect him to be suspended again for a good amount. He may have played his last down of football.

  2. the suspension thing was done on purpose. bias against the cards. now it’s been over a year and still nothing on the next one. bet it’s right after draft day.

  3. “bias against the cards”

    “Everyone is against my team.”

    … said every fan in history.

  4. Hope the Cards bring back Foote for one more year. Hopefully he would play less snaps, but his knowledge and experience were invaluable in ’14 when the LB corps was in shambles. Would be great to have his presence as a situational player this year.

  5. Ok this was plead down to a misdemeanor and happened before the new rules the stupid Ray Rice fiasco led to. The guy actually tried to be a dad and took his kid to Dairy Queen, and the baby momma flipped out. Yes he pushed her, after she yelled at him, threw a potted plant off a balcony at him, and then ran down after him and was trying to get in his vehicle as he was trying to leave. I guess if a guy throws a pot he’s a domestic abuser that celebs and NFL players have to cry about on a TV ad but a woman not letting a father see his kid and throwing a pot is just fine.

    DWash is no angel. He admitted exactly what went down and did the community service the judge handed down. There aren’t many angel LBs. But can anyone explain why the first suspension was handed down so late, or why the NFL hasn’t moved on this misdemeanor when Rice, Peterson, etc are now behind us?

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