NFLPA president Eric Winston takes a shot at Roger Goodell


Apparently, not everyone was moved by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s press conference.

And the president of the NFL Players Association was quick to take a shot at management.

Hey, even the worst bartender at Spring Break does pretty well,” Winston said, via Tom Curran of CSNNE. “Think about it, a 2-year-old could [be NFL Commissioner] and still make money.”

So, tell us how you really feel, Eric.

Goodell admitted that the last year had been a difficult one for him, and was asked Friday during the press conference if he ever considered resigning or whether he deserved a pay cut.

Not surprisingly, he didn’t volunteer for either. Apparently that new bottle opener isn’t going to pay for itself.

43 responses to “NFLPA president Eric Winston takes a shot at Roger Goodell

  1. You have to wonder about the maturity level when you hear this stuff. Such an abject lack of professionalism. Pretty scary.

  2. Eric Winston underestimates the average 2 year old’s ability to make a mess out of anything and everything.

  3. “Think about it, a 2-year-old could [be NFL Commissioner] and still make money.”


    Never heard of him before. But I like him.

  4. When will the media start hammering the owners in regards to Goodell? ultimately, they are the one’s who make the decision on commissioner.
    He’s a PR nightmare… but yet continues in his extremely well paid job. oh, and the public can’t stand him.

  5. Hey Eric, maybe you should just shut your big mouth and try doing the job before criticizing someone, ok? I’m sure Goodell could be a turnstile at RT like you were later in your career.

  6. johnny1979 is clearly related to Roger Goodell, no sane person would respond in that manner to the obvious fact that Roger Goodell is horrific at his job!

  7. Vikings get nailed doctoring balls: warning letter

    Rodgers admits to screwing with balls: Nothing

    Patriots only get accused of screwing with balls: 12 days of leaked rumors, 12 days of more leaked rumors contradicting other rumors, statements about integrity, videos, 40 interviews of everyone other than who should have been interviewed. Hiring outside investigators cause he cant find anything.

    Come on, I cant be the only one to see the problem with this? This guy has to go, he’s in waaaaay over his head.

  8. Goodell is a dead man walking if he stuffs up the DeflateGate issue and he is in a near can’t win position. If he is soft on the Patriots he will annoy many owners (the smart ones who avoid the headlines) and fans. If he comes down hard on the Patriots, he will incur the wrath of his biggest supporter, Mr Kraft and all of New England.

  9. All I heard from Roger was “the fans” “the fans”…..Well Roger you’ve made it impossible for the fans who have supported the game year in and year out to go to the Super Bowl. You are a JOKE

  10. Agreed, the NFL was already ascending before Goodell ever became commissioner. They could have put in a donkey as commish and still could have made money, maybe even more. Goodell has done nothing, but hurt the NFL and tick off fans.

  11. “Hey, even the worst bartender at spring break does pretty well.”


    Isn’t that the truth.

  12. When will tagliabue come back and fix the league back to it’s former glory? Ever since goodell took over everything has been a joke and more like a wwf show than a professional football league. We’re 2 days from the super bowl and you get dumb stories like this. Speaking of, you can’t even say the damn words “super bowl” on the radio anymore!

  13. Proof Winston is right: The money is coming in so fast and easy for the NFL right now the only way to derail the train would be something monumentally dumb like scandals over botched investigations or ill-conceived expansion plans. And Goodell averages a scandal a week and would put a team in London tomorrow if could.

  14. Goodell is a joke of a commissioner and everyone knows it. He gets booed at every NFL draft and since his head is shoved so far up his arse he mistakes those boos for cheers. Sorry Roger but the fans, players, and even the NFLPA have spoken it’s time for you to go home. (His torch gets put out by Jeff Probst and everyone claps in excitement)

  15. With guys like this at the helm, it’s no wonder Goodell and the owners shove the union around so easily. The players cause huge problems for the league and they blame Goodell. He needs to move the wife and child beaters out of his glass house before he throws anymore stones.

  16. i remember when we never heard from NFLPA leadership or the commissioner, the game was better and it was better for players. i wish they would all retreat to the background and let the current players have the spotlight.

  17. Goodell is a grotesquely overpaid PR flack for the owners. That is his basic job. He and his staff try figure out ways to squeeze more earnings for greedy owners out of the most underpaid and overworked group of pro athletes in America. He wants rather desperately to expand the season and expand the playoffs, though the season is arguably too long already and–outside of pure greed–there is absolutely no reason to expand either it or the playoffs. Goodell is also in charge of enforcing the NFL’s various rules–and he has made a complete hash of that. He’s another shining example of America’s scandalous executive compensation system–crony capitalism at its worst.

  18. I agree with followme2boston

    I don’t want to hear from goodell EVER
    I don’t want to see Goodell EVER

    I’m not crazy about unions, but I have less of a problem with them when it comes to the NFL.

    Why? Because goodell is a liar and the owners support and ignore his lies.

    So I hope the union rakes the owners over the coals.

  19. greghill7494 says:
    Jan 30, 2015 8:14 PM
    Y’all patriots fans talking trash better hush so they will keep goodell so you can keep winning
    never quite seen someone get something so backwards

  20. While Goodell isn’t the cream off of the crop, the players and it’s union should look at themselves in a mirror once in a while as well.

    Both sides are in a bit of a mess.

  21. Firing Greedell will not matter because he is simply the henchman for 32 owners. The lack of integrity in ownership is has become a real problem as the old founders have died off and either sold the team or handed it down to next generation family. Either way, the owners running the league now care solely about money, that’s why they love Greedell. Don’t blame Greedell, blame the ALL of the owners as it seems apparent there is not a decent one left.

  22. The NFL would make boatloads of money with no commissioner at all. It’s a goldmine that even a horrible manager like Goodell can’t ruin.

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