PFT Live: Derrick Brooks tells Buccaneers to ‘pick Jameis Winston’

NFL Hall of Famer and former Florida State Seminoles linebacker Derrick Brooks admits he’s being a bit of a homer by making this statement, but he firmly believes the Buccaneers need to draft FSU QB Jameis Winston with the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft because “the kid has ‘it.'”

7 responses to “PFT Live: Derrick Brooks tells Buccaneers to ‘pick Jameis Winston’

  1. When Derrick Brooks says something, the Bucs would be wise to listen. Forget the college-kid minor shenanigans. Forget the gold-digger sex assault shakedown. The kid is a leader. Has a Heisman, a national championship, a 20-something-and 1 record as a starter. Plays great from the pocket. Did you see him supporting his teammates after they fumbled, and remaining on the field after the Oregon game in a show of real sportsmanship, when a lot of the Seminoles left without shaking hands? That’s a leader. Not what we had with Josh Freeman. Hope the Bucs take him.

  2. History does not bode well for Heisman winners… It is a far greater chance that this guy proves over rated if he even lasts long enough in the league without getting into trouble… Drafting this guy the Bucs will no longer be worth defending as a fan…

  3. I believe having a coach and GM who are off to a HORRIBLE start and kind of on the hot seat already, and having owners who are tired of the losing and tired of the coaching carousel and never having a franchise quarterback; that they are going to take the “safe” pick of Marcus Mariota and not take any chances.

  4. And drafting Lenard Williams or any other position other than QB at that spot will result in a half empty stadium with no extra tickets being sold, and probably another 4-12 season or worse for the next couple years.

  5. Funny, Derrick Brooks has tried numerous times to mentor Winston, but to no avail. If Winston won’t listen to a NFL HOFer / FSU alum, and Buc legend, I don’t want him!!

  6. @chrispy0515 – I think Winston is the much more ‘safe’ QB. There is way more risk with Mariota turning into a pocket passer on the field than Winston off IMO.

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