Falcons plan to name Dan Quinn head coach on Tuesday

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The worst-kept secret in the NFL will no longer be a secret in a few days.

Per multiple sources, the Falcons currently plan to name Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn the new head coach in Atlanta.

Quinn, 44, succeeded Gus Bradley in 2013. He came from the University of Florida, where he’d spent two seasons after two with the Seahawks.

The Salisbury State graduate began his coaching career in 1994, at William & Mary. He spent seven years at the college level before joining the 49ers in 2001. Four seasons in San Francisco were followed by two with the Dolphins (the Nick Saban years) and two with the Jets, under former head coach Eric Mangini.

League rules prevent the Falcons from offering the job to Quinn until his current team’s season ends. It became clear in recent weeks that the Falcons were waiting for Quinn. The first tangible evidence came when the Falcons hired offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan before hiring their head coach.

The expected announcement will fill the final 2015 NFL coaching vacancy. Unless there’s still another change or two coming in the next week or so.

I haven’t heard of any brewing, but in this business who knows?

47 responses to “Falcons plan to name Dan Quinn head coach on Tuesday

  1. Best of luck DC. Bummer to see him go but great to him get the opportunity and Atlanta is going to get a great coach.

  2. What would be really funny is…. If he sits back after the game and says…. You know, we have something pretty darn good here in Seattle.. Maybe I should stay here, and see just how many times we can make a run at the super bowl. Rather than go off on my own.

    What I would like to know… Is these hires the falcons are making, are they making him with Quinn’s approval? Or doing them on their own?

    If they are doing them on their own, if I was Quinn, i’d tell them to stick it! And stay in seattle. He’s built a pretty good defense there. And as long as people don’t cherry pick them to much, and they don’t get caught with anything, they will be contenders year in and out. So why not stay? I think a chance for a ring on every finger would be better bragging rights than going to a team where there are way to many unknowns….

  3. Quinn is walking into the perfect situation with a pro bowl QB. He dosen’t have that much actual coaching experience and he took over for Bradley in 2013 that would scare me a little.

  4. lol, I can’t get over the fact that he went to “Salisbury State”, makin me hungry. Sad to see Quinn go, I’d much rather have Bevell leave, we have been lucky to have two great DC’s back to back. Hopefully we can find a suitable replacement.

  5. “This will unsettle Seattle….”

    No it won’t, we expect out assistants to move up because we hire the best, and they come here knowing Pete will give them every opportunity to shine and reach their full potential, which makes Seattle a very attractive destination for the next wave of talented assistants….

  6. Frazier28/7 says: Jan 31, 2015 2:35 PM

    Umm… Tampering?
    isn’t he still an employee of the seahawks til tomorrow night?


    Seahawks granted permission for interviews and is OK’d by the league since the position is a promotion.

  7. I hate to lose Dan Quinn and I wish he were going to the AFC but the Falcons are getting a very good to possibly all time great defensive coach. I hope they give him the opportunity to show what he can do for their team

  8. So we have to wait till Tuesday to get the announcement? Because it looks like they have named him now.
    Electronic media really changes things.
    Back in the day, we would have read this the next day in the sports pages of a one paragraph blurb buried somewhere in the “Sports Shorts” column.

  9. Wait. First the Falcons had Steve Martin and now they have hired Jesse Ventura as the coach?
    How do they keep on getting these celebs to coach for them?
    (Or at least the winners of the look-a-like contests.)

  10. Dan Quinn doesn’t need much to help the Falcons defense, just a great DT, 2 pass rushers, 1 or 2 top flight linebackers, & a free safety if William Moore the SS is deemed re-signable ‘cos he’s more fragile than a ming vase. Move back to a 4-3 too. Desperation mode hit last year exactly like in Dan Reeves final season jumping on the flavor of the minute bandwagon with Wade Phillips Mr. 3-4 in tow. Deja vu we won’t need to see again.

  11. I don’t get the hype. If you look at all his teams from 2001 through 2011, the records look mediocre to average. UF had a good year in 2012, and then he took over a very talented and well-trained Seattle defense in 2013. He didn’t let the wheels fall off, but maintaining an already great defense for a couple years doesn’t seem to justify great expectations for head coaching.

  12. Shouldn’t affect Seattles D. In the early 90s Dallas went from Wannstedt to Butch Davis to Dave Campo and stayed fairly dominant dropped off a little in the mid 90s but were still good

  13. I have no doubts that Dan Quinn is a fine coach, but I’m just shocked that these guys that coach an already great defense keep getting hired. Look at all of the NE coordinators, all the Baltimore coordinators, and now the Seahawks coordinators getting hired out everywhere. For the most part, they don’t end up being very good.

  14. I wish Dan the best of luck being successful as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons next year. Hopefully owner Arthur Blank will have the patience of a New Orleans Saint if Quinn cannot turn the Falcons into Super Bowl contenders in his first years as head coach.

  15. It is tampering. They can’t offer him the position or even talk about a contract until after his season is over. Sounds like that is already done. Know the rules. Have a great day.

  16. Really some of these comments are you guys on drugs or what
    Sure I’ll stay with the 600K year to turn down a job making 3 to 4,000,000 a year minimum sure that makes a lot of sense

    And why’s everyone whining what
    My team got rid of the Hall of Fame defense coordinator
    Coaches move around things change

    Oh you know what else is going to change the whole demeanor of the organization when doing little whips them tomorrow
    And will see how funny making a mockery of media day is in all the rant and rave

  17. Hiring assistants, like the draft, is a calculated risk.

    Good luck to you DQ, wish you all the best

  18. As a life long falcon fan I can actually say I am excited about this hire. I hope he can change our defense into a nightmare for opposing teams. I feel we have a above average offense already. So hoping than Quinn can bring some magic. I realize it will take him a couple of years to get his type guys in place. Go Falcons and rise up!

  19. Quinn is getting out while the getting out is good. He knows the cap problems that Seattle is heading for after they are forced to Pay Wilson 25 million a year. A few huge contracts and the team has too little cash to pay for talent. Happens all the time in the NFL.

  20. Well, it’s official. Thanks to this hire, the Saints will now have the worst defense in the NFC South. It will be fun to watch the Payton-Quinn chess match when the Saints and Falcons play.

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