Goodell can’t ever envision himself resigning

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NFL controversies, particularly the botched handling of the Ray Rice case, have led to calls in some quarters for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign. He says that will never happen.

Asked at his “State of the League” press conference whether there’s any set of circumstances that would result in his resignation, Goodell said he can’t imagine that happening.

“No, I can’t. Does that surprise you?” Goodell said.

Goodell did acknowledge that even though the NFL’s popularity has never been greater, he hasn’t had the best of years.

“It’s been a tough year on me personally,” Goodell said. “It’s been a year of what I would say is humility and learning. We, obviously as an organization, have gone through adversity. More importantly, it’s been adversity for me. We take that seriously. It’s an opportunity for us to get better. It’s an opportunity for us, for our organization, to get better. We’ve all done a lot of soul searching, starting with yours truly.”

That soul searching has apparently not included ever asking himself whether he’s the right person for the job. In Goodell’s mind, he absolutely is — and that won’t change.

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  1. Hes going have to go out kicking and screaming and after that all the fans will get 15 yard penalties for excessive celebrations.

  2. Start calling out the owner of your local team. The 32 owners are the guys behind the curtain, fully supporting and embracing a league commissioner that cares about money and nothing else. Don’t fool youself into believing some owners have honesty and integrity, if they did, Greedell would have been reprimanded by now. Drag your owners name in the mud where it belongs.

  3. I’m sick of his crap too, but let’s be honest. There’s no reason for him to resign. He has the support of the owners and that’s all that matters. Let’s hope he angers them to the point of not voting him back in.

  4. His contract likely includes a 7 figure golden parachute for when he’s terminated. It will be for cause and subject to legal action. Until it’s settled for half a billion dollars. Why would he resign? The man is not an idiot.

  5. The homeless guy in Cleveland could do a better job then godell. A monkey with a laser pointer could do a better job.

    Let’s face it he’s terrible. The league would have reached these same heights and possibly even higher without him. The league has been steadily gaining in popularity for the last what 20 years. Godell has done nothing to aid in its growth.

    He can’t see himself resigning because he would miss out on that huge severance package he will get in 3 weeks when jones and Kraft put a boot up his…….

  6. Can he envision himself getting fired?Because that’s what should happen and it couldn’t happen quick enough.

  7. Step Down Voluntarily ! You have to be kidding ! Very few jobs exist that pay as much as he is making and he is not going to give u the gravy train easy.The Owners are going to have to uproot him and, they have every reason to do so.He has done nothing to improve the Game and a great many things to disrupt same ! Past Time to unload him !

  8. To the Arron Rodgers apologists on here, riddle me this. When he slips those over inflated balls past the officials does he use them? With all this talk of insuring the integrity of the game, once he takes a snap with that fat ball he is guilty as the day is long. His intent is to get illegal balls into the game, thus giving his team a competitive advantage. When the cheating occurred, prior to or after inspection, is irrelevant. His intent is to cheat. You condoning his behavior makes you a hypocrite. He should be fined and suspended. Anyone who helped him cheat should be disciplined. He has admitted to cheating. As such, his legacy is tarnished! Place an asterisk by his single Super Bowl win!

  9. Another millionaire, living without consequence or reprocussion, no matter how inept and horrible he is at his job. The new American dream everyone..

  10. We football fan all over the world especially here in NYC await Ya resignation for moving the long tradition of the nfl draft too despot Chicago with even worse weather in April-May then NYC

  11. So what if he were to leave the NFL? The owners would only replace him with the more of the same. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

  12. He answers to 31 owners and the Green Bay Executive Board…when they don’t like his performance he will lose his job…not because the media wants him to…the same media who also botched the Ray Rice episode…like it really took a video to have the media figure out Rice punched his then fiancé out…tell me media…have you considered resigning?

  13. He will probably change is mind when the owners gt tired of the police state he’s created. Unless he’s fining people for goofy football stuff he’s terrible.

  14. Is it because he knows he will be fired before he can quit?

    I mean tell me one success this office has had this year? Jim Irsay, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Deflate-gate, it goes on and on…
    And weather you think the Patriots cheated or not, it tarnished the marquee event of the year. Everything his office touches becomes a joke.

  15. Not at $ 44 mil a year !

    Your head would have to deflated to do that, or you would probably have to assault your spouse/girlfriend and be fired by the league for that to happen !

    It that happened, he would have more time to play with his dogs.

  16. One easy way is to stop watching. After tomorrows game as long as Goodell is the Commish and they have these idiotic policies towards the players, i refuse to support this clown show. I love how the simpletons think that Goodell has anything to do with footballs popularity. He has zero, let me repeat ZERO to do with ratings.

    The game is awful to watch anymore. Penalties, commercials, 10 min replays, when the call is clear watching the replay the first time.

    Stop watching if you want him gone. I am

  17. Oh, no problem, let me help you Roger.

    Dear NFL Owners:

    I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my position as Commission of the National Football League.

    I have enjoyed collecting $44MM per year while adding nothing but a high level of incompetence.

    If I can be of any help during this transition, please let me know.


    Roger Goodell

  18. Please.

    As if the author, or anyone posting here, could ever see themselves resigning from a $44MM job.

  19. Standing boo ovation at the draft!!!!!!!

    Even when he says are you ready for some football.

    Heck. Chant resign!

  20. But I f he resigns, whom will the media and those similarly afflicted have to blame for everything they don’t like about the NFL?

  21. Goodell’s arrogance and ineptitude is one of several reasons I haven’t watched the playoffs and won’t be watching the Super Bowl. The constant rule changes favoring offense, talk of moving a team to Europe, constant controversy and the smugness of Goodell have me thinking Mark Cuban was right.

    Btw, it’d be nice to see some of this “parity” they always speak of. Fact: Only 4 QB’s have represented the AFC in the SB since 2003. When was the last time a team came out of nowhere to win the SB?

  22. I think terminating his services is a better option anyway. Have armed guards haul him out of his office and toss him out the front door with his personal effects dumped over him in a big pile.

  23. Why does anyone think that he will be fired or resign? Have they seen how long he has been extended till?

    After all, he works for a bunch of people that care more about not admitting a mistake than being smart.

  24. As CRAZY as this may sound, I can actually see NFL fans (and possibly a player or two?) booing Goodell at this year’s Lombardi Trophy presentation.

    Goodell has infuriated Patriot and Seahawk fans alike, not to mention NFL fans of other teams too. Will THAT make the owners re-think Goodell’s role as “the Enforcer” and the face of the shield?

    We ALL know how much Super Bowl ads cost, based on the nearly nationwide viewership. In other words, that’d be a LOT of eyes seeing Goodell getting the bronx cheer on the grandest stage possible.

    Will it happen? I think it’s unprecedented, but we’ll know in less than 36 hours.

  25. “But I f he resigns, whom will the media and those similarly afflicted have to blame for everything they don’t like about the NFL?”

    The next guy. That’s the job.

  26. It’s up to the owners. Whoever replaces Goodell will be more of the same, but he needs to be held accountable. He has faced no consequences for the ineptitude he has shown, other than to have to squirm when a good reporter like Rachel Nichols asks him about integrity, of which he has none.

  27. Goodell seems to thrive on management by conflict and authoritarianism. Those types of managers are typically short-lived, and as the fan base is already weary of his constant conflict style, I’m sure the owners will also develop a sense of fatigue over this sooner than later.

    If next year continues as more of the same, look for him to be gone at the end of next season.

  28. Maybe Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson should consider resigning. They’re the ones that caused all the bad publicity for the NFL. Maybe Goodell should have just given those guys a lifetime ban, and move on. Then the next felon might think twice before acting. Other than that, Goodell have done a great job. It’s almost like asking Russell Wilson if he’d consider resigning. Why would someone resign that’s on top of their game?

  29. Goodell is the perfect embodiment of the NFL owners. Those 32 men are shielded from scrutiny by the fans and media by this one man. He represents their values and presents them to the public. And for that he is paid 42 million dollars annually.

    Make no mistake when criticizing Mr Goodell. You’re criticizing a 32 man cowardly collective. If he leaves, he’s just replaced by another sock puppet. And at that salary, they will line up. Different messenger, same message.

  30. As long as Goodell stays in the owners pockets he’s going nowhere. Who cares about the integrity of the league which he ruined.

  31. What a farce.
    Guys makes $40m. a year and hangs with billionaires.
    the only story would be Goodell saying he envisions himself resigning.

  32. Botched Ray Rice case, botched Bountygate, botched Spygate, botched Deflategate, botched referee lockout, sold tickets to Super Bowl for which there were no seats, changed defenseless receiver rules midseason, rule changes that no one, not even referees, understand, fined teams for exceeding cap in an uncapped season, the parade of horribles goes on and on. A mannequin could run the league better, at least it wouldn’t do any damage.

  33. In one of the greatest novels of all time, Inspector Javert, who Goodell has modeled himself after, leaped to his death when he finally saw his real self. The NFL doesn’t need anything so drastic but we do need the same self reflection by the man who will never have the wisdom of Solomon.

  34. Even though he lost an ally in Kraft guys like Mara, Rooney, and Biscotti love this guy too much because he makes money for the league and will cover up for them whenever they screw up (Ray Rice incident, Richard Rydze incident, and false charges of cheating the salary cap in a non capped year.) This year really demonstrated how incompetent the NFL front office really is. Unless Goodell is caught doing blow off of a hooker in Tijuana or dog fighting there’s no way he’s going to be removed.

  35. I agree that he won’t be resigning. He will be fired and a real CEO type with experience in a combination of media and sports will be brought in from the outside. The clock is ticking for this guy.

    Kraft, Mara, Jones, and Rooney may only each represent 1/32 of ownership, but they will ultimately decide what needs to be done. The biggest decision to be made involves LA. If Goodell on the league try to block Stan Kroenke from moving to his own privately financed stadium, the poop will hit the fan.

  36. That soul searching has apparently not included ever asking himself whether he’s the right person for the job. In Goodell’s mind, he absolutely is — and that won’t change.

    Um…when did he say that he hasn’t asked himself that question?

  37. crappygovernment says:
    Jan 31, 2015 12:28 PM
    Goodell = Netanyahu
    Hm interesting comparison with the general populace hating both and the few loving them and keeping them in power. Good analogy.

  38. I don’t get the hate for Goodell. I see a lot of media programming of people to hate Goodell. Maybe one of you people with all the hate for Goodell can explain why you hate him so much? In your own words? Not reasons that have you have been programmed with.

    Personally, I have nothing against Goodell. He has never done anything to me. I do not care that he makes a lot of money. I do not care how his office handles disciplinary actions against a bunch of spoiled kids who have never been told “No” in their lives. I do not like his expansion to European countries ideas. Do I hate him for that? No. I might hate him if I was so enamored with some sports writers that I felt I had to think as they though, but I can think for myself.

    Anyway, I just want everyone to know it is alright to have your own opinions about anything you want. You don’t need to wait and see how the media wants you to think about things before you decide how you should think. Individual freedom of expression, thought and everything else is what you have earned for being an American. Don’t give those things up because of some experiment the media has been doing.

  39. I can’t picture him ever resigning, either. Why would he want to resign?
    They are paying him over 30 million dollars a year and he can screw up with no repercussions.

    Sounds to me like he has the best job in the world.

  40. So Goodell can’t ever envision himself resigning. How interesting. There are millions of people around the country who envision that for him every day.

  41. Unfortunately, he will destroy the game before he leaves.
    Oh, we’ll tolerate the botched investigations and minor rule changes. We love the sport, and our teams, too much to stop watching and providing that income.
    But when there are 20 teams in the playoffs, outscoring arena league games because they can’t tackle, a complete absence of personality, and kickers attempting to land the football into a kiddie pool on the other side of a 6 foot wide goalpost, will we still cheer the Chrysler Lions against the Coca-Cola Falcons?

  42. He’s a clown and a disaster. But because he’s in solid with the billionaire owners good-old-boys network, he’ll never be held accountable for his terrible performance. At worst he’ll have a friendly ‘parting by mutual agreement’ wit a $100 million platinum parachute.

  43. They’re eventually going to fire him. If one thing has become clear in the last year, it’s that things aren’t going to improve. From Ray Rice right through the latest Deflategate fiasco, Goodell’s NFL is a mess. Shoddy investigations, terrible PR, and a continuing disconnect. He stumbles from one mess into another because he’s tone deaf and not paying attention. He’s clearly great at schmoozing the owners and making them money but he’s horrible at the other half of his job which is governing the league and that has caught up to him.

  44. If anyone ever needs a portrait of an incompetent executive, look no further.

    And for you doubters, just name one issue that has been handled correctly. Just one…

    I have a very nice, well paying job but I needed two different degrees to make about 1/400th of the salary that Goodall receives.

  46. patsfan1820 says:
    Jan 31, 2015 12:36 PM
    crappygovernment says:
    Jan 31, 2015 12:28 PM
    Goodell = Netanyahu
    Hm interesting comparison with the general populace hating both and the few loving them and keeping them in power. Good analogy.
    Netanyahu is actually elected in democratic vote. You may hate Israel, but they are a sovereign state and the “general populace”, as you refer to them, have every right to keep him in office.

  47. Replace him with a commish who will scrap the plans for a London team and have a zero tolerance policy for players who beat their wife, kids, and dogs off the field. They do it, they get cut and no questions asked.

  48. I still find it very curios that hardly anything happened to Ray Rice until AFTER the video went public.

  49. Is the root of the hatred toward Goodell the fact that his is a 1%er? For whatever reason, rich people bring out the worse in liberals. Why? Because one of the liberal sheep herders told them to be angry at people who make a lot of money.

  50. Michael Scott: “It will take a SWAT team to remove me from this office and maybe not even that … That’s how devoted I am to this job!”

  51. I’ll probably be taken to task for this but I don’t care. In my experience with extremely wealthy people — and I have plenty — there is one characteristic among the vast majority of them that stands out — they generally lack any semblance of a conscience.

  52. It’s as popular in the states as it’s been for quite a long time…that’s all that matters.

    Not Canada. Not London. Certainly not Mexico.

    He’s ruining Tagliabue’s legacy…he’s a clown.

  53. One of the main reasons I’ve drifted away from baseball was because of their owner-puppet, Bud Selig. Ueberroth, Giamatti and Vincent knew when to crack the whip. Clearly, the owners did not like that kind of governorship.
    I guess the NFL owners were impressed with their baseball owner brethren, though they didn’t choose one of their own. But boy, they got a winner!!!

  54. Don’t want to resign? Ok, then take 2 weeks off and quit.

    If it were up to a football fan vote, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  55. Is the root of the hatred toward Goodell the fact that his is a 1%er? For whatever reason, rich people bring out the worse in liberals. Why? Because one of the liberal sheep herders told them to be angry at people who make a lot of money.

    The problem isn’t that he’s well-paid for the job he does. The problem is that he’s so bad at the job for which he’s so well paid. Goodell is incompetent and killing the game. Please stop dragging politics into something that isn’t political.

  56. You can still see the owners mouths move whenever Goodell-bot speaks. Goodell-bot has no soul.

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