Junior Seau leads a strong eight-man class into the Hall of Fame


The Pro Football Hall of Fame cleared the decks of a number of finalists who had been debated for years, as they ushered in an eight-man class to Canton Saturday night.

First-year eligible linebacker Junior Seau was elected to the Hall of Fame, along with running back Jerome Bettis, defensive end Charles Haley, guard Will Shields and wide receiver Tim Brown.

They’ll be joined this summer by seniors nominee Mick Tingelhoff and contributor candidates Bill Polian and Ron Wolf, who were chosen in separate up-down votes which required at least 80 percent to be elected.

Brown, the longtime Raiders receiver/return man, was in his sixth year as a finalist, as he was stuck in previous years behind Hall of Famers Cris Carter and Andre Reed.

Likewise, Haley was in his sixth trip as a finalist, as he was finally recognized his contributions to five Super Bowl Champions in San Francisco and Dallas.

Bettis was in his fifth year in the final 15, and Shields was making his fourth trip that far.

Seau, however, didn’t need that much time, as the late Chargers, Dolphins and Patriots linebacker needed the shortest discussion of any of the 18 candidates discussed.

Those five modern era finalists emerged from a strong group of finalists, which were debated in a nearly nine-hour meeting Saturday.

The players who filled slots six through 10, and stand a solid shot at the Hall next year include linebacker Kevin Greene, quarterback Kurt Warner, tackle Orlando Pace, wide receiver Marvin Harrison and coach Tony Dungy.

The first five players eliminated from the original list of 15 modern era finalists were coaches Don Coryell and Jimmy Johnson, kicker Morten Andersen, running back Terrell Davis and safety John Lynch.

Those remaining players will be eligible again next year, along with a crop of first-year eligible players which includes quarterback Brett Favre, wide receiver Terrell Owens and guard Alan Faneca.

171 responses to “Junior Seau leads a strong eight-man class into the Hall of Fame

  1. That is gonna be a long ceremony. I advise anyone going to not drink anything.

    But boy, inducting Seau is going to be painful. And fraught for the league, since how his life ended is bound to come up. Often. As it should.

  2. Finally! About time Haley and Brown got in along with Bettis. I am amazed at the voters this year for actually giving Bettis, Haley and Brown their due.

    Too bad about Warner not going in first ballot since he deserved it. Hopefully he makes it next year.

  3. Happy Brown and Haley finally get in. Greene and his 160 sacks not getting in over Bettis’ 3.9 career carry average is an embarrassment.

  4. Bill Polian, Hall of Famer? Yeesh. Other than having Peyton Manning fall in his lap, what else did he do? Couldn’t build a defense to save his life.

  5. “… and safety Darren Sharper.”

    I don’t think Sharper is going into the Hall in this lifetime. Billy Gramatica has a better shot than Sharper.

  6. Warner is not a hall of famer. Good player, great story, but where is the body of work?
    Seau is a no brainier.

  7. How did Bettis and/or Brown get in over Orlando Pace? Dude was the best at his position for the better part of a decade. Brown and Bettis were the best at their position for exactly zero seasons, combined

  8. Congrats to Haley and Tim Brown. Both were heavily overdue to be selected into the HOF. I would have put Kurt Warner in over Bettis in all honesty. He took 2 dead franchises to the SB!

  9. Outside of Seau, a pretty mediocre player class. I watched all those guys throughout their careers and never did I think they were the best of the best.

    Polian and Wolf before George Young makes no sense.

  10. Lol once again Terrell Davis gets robbed. I can’t believe Jerome Bettis got in over TD. EAST COAST BIAS. I mean didn’t the NFL already gift him and the steelers that super bowl in 2005. It was the Seahawks vs. the Steelers & Refs in that fix. The NFL did everything it could to ensure the steelers would make it to and win that game. On what team would Jerome Bettis EVER start over Terrell Davis………….NONE.

  11. About time for Mick Tingelhoff .Never missing a game for 17 years at center unheard of . Now Jim Marshal needs to get in there next

  12. Jerome Bettis in the Hall of Fame! You’ve got to be joking! I’m 52 years old and it have to say this is the first time I have stated that a player being inducted into the Pro Football HOF in my lifetime had absolutely no business going in. Bettis just wasn’t that good! He obviously was elected more on his nickname and likable personality than his talent.

  13. I’m sorry but Orlando Pace is the best LT I’ve seen play in nearly 40 years of football that wasn’t named Munoz. Not electing him is ridiculous. The only saving grace is finally putting Charles Haley in.

  14. About Sharper, a couple of points: (1) He is currently guilty of nothing. (2) If/when he is found guilty of a crime, that should have no bearing on the issue of whether or not he had a HOF career. Exhibit “A” is O. J. Simpson.

  15. How does Terrell Davis not get in? Oh I forgot, east coast bias must keep Bronco player down to just 4 HOFers. It’s like the Broncos are not one of the NFL’s most successful franchises in their minds. Idiots!

  16. Charles Haley played for high profile teams and I’m sure glad he made it in. He’s had a rough road and was a total rebel but this is well deserved. His Super Bowl wins didn’t hurt either. Congratulations to Charles Haley,skoal !!

  17. Bettis before TD? What a joke! TD is a two time SB champ, 2000+yd season, NFL MVP, and a SB MVP. Yeah Bettis deserves to be in the Hall before TD. East Coast bias at it best. Shameful!

  18. I’ve argued the HOF needs a side wing for the very good. Bettis was VG. Terrell Davis VG. Too many VG players to ignore but not HOF worthy

  19. Terrell Davis got ROBBED. Jerome Bettis getting in is a total joke. Dude got in because of his nick name, personality and playing in the east coast time zone.

    Terrell Davis deserves to be in

    1. He appeared in eight postseason games and surpassed 100 yards rushing in each of the final seven. The only other player to achieve seven 100-yard rushing performances in the postseason is Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith of the Cowboys, and he needed 17 games to do it, nine more than Davis. The only time Davis didn’t reach triple digits was in his first career playoff game, when he finished with 91 yards on only 14 attempts.

    2. On the list of the 20 top rushing performances in postseason history, Davis’ name appears three times. No one else’s name appears more than once.

    3. Davis averaged 142.5 yards rushing a game in his playoff career, far exceeding anyone else who has appeared in at least five games. The second-highest average belongs to John Riggins at 110.7, then Eric Dickerson at 103.4. Smith, the league’s all-time leading rusher, averaged 93.3 a game.

  20. How in the world does Orlando Pace not make it in? The HOF is about the best of the best, Pace at worst was the third best LT of the decade. Bettis wasn’t even a top 5 RB of his era.

  21. On one hand, it’s about time Haley made it. On the other hand…… that dude has issues. Serious issues.

  22. Really happy Seau got in, but that was a no brainer. Coryell though not getting in yet again is a disappointment. Yeah, the man didn’t win a ring, but his fingerprints are all over the modern NFL passing offense. Damn shame.

  23. Good class. Can’t argue with any of these picks. Inductees into the Hall of Fame need to be chosen based on what they meant to the game when they were playing–not how their stats from several years ago stack up against stats from today. It’s a game of heart, not just stats. With that criteria in mind, no rational fan could object to Bettis’s inclusion.

    My heart breaks for Seau’s family, teammates, and fans. He was one of the best, and it’s tragic the game that gave him so much also took so much.

  24. Morten Andersen belongs in the hall – he still holds the lifetime record for most points scored for a single player – 2544. He is 110 points ahead of the nearest player Gary Anderson. Adam Vinateri would need to put up 398 more points to equal him. 542 points ahead of George Blanda and 845 over Jan Stenerud who are both in the HOF

  25. Jimmy Johnson and Terrell Davis are in the same boat – likely shoe in HOFers if they coached/played longer.

  26. My 2015 Finalists were Seau, Pace, Haley, Greene, Shields, Polian, Tinglehoff.

    But I am actually happy that Tim Brown got in. People do not think that Tim Brown is not a Hall of Famer, but I personally felt that he was a better wide receiver than Michael Irvin was.

    Irvin’s rings got him in.

    That being said, Terrell Owens should be in next year. Why? His behavior can be used against him and he was a great player and could beat almost every defensive back he faced.

  27. Bettis was the best “big back” in a generation. I don’t know what the detractors are smoking. Well deserved Bus!

  28. Next year’s class should be:

    Orlando Pace
    Brett Favre
    Terrell Owens
    Kurt Warner
    Kevin Greene
    Marvin Harrison

    It would also be a good marketing one inadvertently because there are interesting former teammates reunions.

    Favre-Warner (yes, even then-packers QB coach Steve Mariucci said that Kurt Warner could not play).

  29. The Hall of Very Good continues adding record numbers yearly! Only Wolf, Tingelhoff, Haley and Shields are actual HoFers. Pace should get in as well.

    But, if you’re going to let cris carter in, then you pretty much have to put Tim Brown in. carter’s bust should have been a full-size Randy Moss cradling a tiny cris carter and showing him off to Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon.

  30. Junior induction into the HOF will be a bitter sweet day for football fans everywhere. It’s great to see him getting the ultimate recognition for his on the field exploits but it’s sad knowing he isn’t here to be a part of it.

    RIP Buddy!

    By the way, good to see Haley finally get it. Long over due.

  31. This class is distinguished only by its complete lack of truly great players. Agree with Ron Wolf’s election. Not much enthusiasm for any of the rest.

    Orlando Pace not in? Warner not in–especially with one SB ring and one more stolen by the officials against the Stealers?

    How does Jimmy Johnson not get elected? JJ built three Super Bowl Championship winners for the Cowboys–not two. The players in Dallas have always said the 1995 Cowboys won their Super Bowl in spite of Barry Switzer, not because of him. That was JJ’s team as well.

    How does Dungy almost get elected? He made the Bucs better and then they faded to 9-7 before Gruden came in and installed some offense, discipline and accountability. Tom Moore ran the Colts offense. Dungy’s job was to walk around like he was running for office and not make a mess out of things.

    Apparently, the fix is in for PC, not talent.

    Full disclosure: I could not care less about the Cowboys.

  32. Bettis belongs in the hall of very good. Under no scenario would anyone take Bettis over Harrison in real life. Just highlights how broken the HOF voting process is.

  33. No one is saying terrel Davis doesn’t deserve to be in the HOF. He will get in, however Bettis was a top 15 finalist 5 years straight, so the committe obviously disagrees with you. Stop comparing Davis and bettis. Two completely different backs. Compare bettis to earl Campbell, Christian okoye, John Riggins, and Larry Csonka, but not Davis. The same meat heads saying bettis doesn’t belong, will probably say Tom Brady doesn’t belong when he gets inducted. .Look I get it, we are all fans of one team or another, and we all have our favorites, we all have teams we can’t stand and regardless of how good that other team is, or how good that teams player is, some people feel the need to always bad mouth them. I will excuse the younger generation who posts on here, as you can only really comment on what you currently see on TV. But you have to remember the NFL wasn’t always geared to the offense. Teams used to require a stout defense, and a battering ram running back who could fight for those tough yards, and grind it out in the 4th quarter keeping drives alive and running out the clock. For those of you who want to point to stats, he was top 5 ALL time when he retired. And none, and I mean none of those yards were from ripping off 50-75 yards bursts. Bettis wasn’t gifted with great speed, but he had amazing foot work, and punished linebackers. When Bettis ran, the entire defense usually knew he was getting the ball, the box was filled with 8-9 defenders. People who claim he compiled stats due to longevity, forget that his last few years in the league he was strictly a short yardage, run out the clock back. Teams knew when he came in on 3rd down he was getting the ball, and yet he still powered ahead for that 1st down. Not every HOF player is the fastest, the strongest or the most athletic. A lot of HOF players are the ones who while not having the most talent, grinded it out, got the most of their talent. Not every receiver is a gazelle, not every RB is a sprinter. To imagine the punishment he received, and dished out, and to realize he lasted so many years. Despite that punishment he racked up the yardage. Stop being homers, stop being trolls, and just for once, show that you understand the game. No one is saying Terrell Davis doesn’t belong, his time will come. So will Warner’s and others. Bettis was a top 15 finalist 5 years straight. Google bettis and players like brooks, and Marcus Allen, and other ex NFL defenders are all saying he belongs. I’ll take their word for it over yours.

  34. About time Brown and Haley make it in. Two of the best at thier positions during their day. Especially happy for Brown, congrads Mr. Raider!

  35. rjpats says: Jan 31, 2015 8:59 PM

    How did Bettis and/or Brown get in over Orlando Pace? Dude was the best at his position for the better part of a decade. Brown and Bettis were the best at their position for exactly zero seasons, combined

    for you to lump Tim Brown in with Bettis makes you sound stupid.
    for anyone to say Tim Brown isn’t a HOF’ER is just plain dumb.
    but your Bettis / Pace argument has merit

  36. Good class and congrats to all. For those that say Bettis is not a Hall of Famer…what exactly is a Hall of Famer? What is the criteria and threshold ? Bettis is 6th all time in rushing.. has a ring… and had multiple 1000 yard seasons its not the greatest but most Hall of Famers are not.

  37. Since Charles Haley is FINALLY in let’s look back at his glory years with the Cowboys.

    He was the “last naked Warrior” in Big D.

    He could be the “first naked Warrior” in Canton.

  38. Glad to see mick tinglehoff make it. He played in an era when physical therapy meant getting back on the field to play, at center none the less!!!

  39. steelerswinagain says:
    Jan 31, 2015 9:22 PM
    Bettis was the best “big back” in a generation. I don’t know what the detractors are smoking. Well deserved Bus!

    Which generation??? The one after Noah had to repopulate the earth? Adam and Eve’s boys??? Those are the only generations I could rationalize that statement with. Keep smoking that crack, homie.

    Bettis would have only been a backup to a great number of his peers. For example: Barry Sanders, Thurman Thomas, Emmitt Smith, Terrell Davis, Ricky Watters, Tiki Barber, Curtis Martin, Corey Dillon, Marshall Faulk, Jamal Anderson, Craig Heyward, Shaun Alexander, Priest Holmes… Damn!!! That’s over a third of the league’s RBs. What’s sad is that I’m sure I still missed some. His career was about longevity… THAT’S IT!!!

    I guess that’s what those freakin’ morons who decide this think of when they imagine hall of famers.

  40. On what planet is Bettis backing up Ricky Watters, Tiki Barber, Shaun Alexander, Priest Holmes, etc.?

    And Craig Haward and Thurman Thomas played in a different era, their careers were winding down when Bettis’ was just starting.

    Haha, people seem to be seriously underrating Bettis’ career.

  41. As great of a player terrell davis was(and boy he had 4 GREAT years) he will have a hard time getting in.

    TD only played in 78 regular season games.
    if he gets in the voters are going to make him wait a long time

  42. I’m not sure Bettis did anything HOF worth in his career. If we’re putting fullbacks in, might as well bring in the kicker.

    What a joke.

  43. I just looked up Davis’s stats. He had four truly great years, but that was it. How do you get into the Hall of Fame based on four years? It’s true that running backs don’t have very long careers, but four years is pretty short for a Hall of Fame career. Throw in three more years, he’s a first ballot guy. But with his stats as is, I’d say it’s borderline at best.

  44. If Randy Moss isn’t first ballot when he comes up for vote, they should just disband the HoF.

  45. Jerome Bettis and Charles Haley are not Hall of Fame worthy. If Bettis is in, then Shaun Alexander is a lock. 11,000 yards of offense and 112 TD’s in 9 seasons including five straight seasons of 1,600+ yards and 16+ TD’s and 28 total TD’s in 2005. Yet, when I think of him I kinda shrug my shoulders and say: maybe. As for Haley, read ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ the story of the Dallas Cowboys dynasty and you will get a whole new perspective on Charles Haley.

  46. pats3rings says:
    Jan 31, 2015 9:49 PM
    On what planet is Bettis backing up Ricky Watters, Tiki Barber, Shaun Alexander, Priest Holmes, etc.?

    And Craig Haward and Thurman Thomas played in a different era, their careers were winding down when Bettis’ was just starting.

    Haha, people seem to be seriously underrating Bettis’ career.


    Priest Holmes was a dynamic RB who has the same problem as TD. Neither one played long enough to get into the HOF. They were both light years better than Bettis though. He just played much longer.

    And I know it’s hard for a guard to get in, but Shields should have been in earlier than his 4th year. He’s an all-time top 3 player at his position. Ever.

  47. and here comes the haters saying Jerome bettis shouldn’t have made it. 6th all time rushing the best biggest back in the league during his time. Wake up and smell the coffee people, the bus is in and deserves to be.

  48. Years ago Bob Kuechenberg was in the final 15 7-8 years in a row and now can’t get a sniff…..still the only guy I have ever heard of that had a steel rod put in his arm so he could play a playoff game….these guys these days don’t play with a hang nail.

  49. Polian’s greatest achievements are getting rules changed because Peyton couldn’t beat the Patriots. He then still had to orchestrate the pumping in of crowd noise and cranking up the heat in the RCA Dome against a flu ridden Patriots team to beat the Patriots in the 2006 AFC title game.

  50. This is random, but I will always remember that Jerome Bettis had a game in 2004 where he had 3 TD’s but had negative yards until his last rush of the game. He ended the game with 1 yard rushing and 3 TD’s.

  51. Bettis should have been voted in years ago. Best big back in the league, bar none. 6th on the all-time rushing list for yards and until now the only one in the top ten not in the HOF. He was a primary reason that Bill Cowher only lost one game when the Steelers were ahead by 11 or more. He would grind out yards and chew up the clock.

    Surprised that Marvin Harrison was not voted in this year. Haley and Seau definitely deserved it.

    Don’t see why Warner was considered. Because if he was, it opens the door for a lot of other QBs for consideration.

  52. Some of you people are complete idiots. Jerome Bettis grew up in Detroit, went to college at Notre Dame, started his career with the Los Angeles Rams then the St Louis Rams, and moved on to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but there is somehow an “east coast” bias involved???? Do you idiots even own a map?

    Quite frankly I dont really care if Jerome Bettis is in the Hall of fame or not, but newsflash: people from Pittsburgh dont consider themselves from the east coast, and media types in New York, DC, and Boston dont consider Pittsburgh the “east coast”.

  53. Bettis was a warrior. His QB’s where Neil O’Donnell, Mike Tomszac, Kent Graham, Tommy Maddox, Kordell Stewart etc. He faced constant heavy 8th man in the box run D, no air threat at all for about 10 years. 2 years with a legit QB and he had a ring. He’s 6th all time and every eligible player in the top 10 is in. It’s not hard, i think they got it right

  54. eastcoastgambler says:
    Jan 31, 2015 10:30 PM
    Polian’s greatest achievements are getting rules changed because Peyton couldn’t beat the Patriots. He then still had to orchestrate the pumping in of crowd noise and cranking up the heat in the RCA Dome against a flu ridden Patriots team to beat the Patriots in the 2006 AFC title game.


    Other forgotten moments – pinning a Meadowlands employee against the wall because he wasn’t happy about where some speakers were placed near the Colts’ bench. He was loud, obnoxious and arrogant when drinking too much at other team’s stadiums – at least one time in Foxboro anyways.

  55. Bettis earned his yellow jacket. With fullback size he put up great numbers for a long time. Marvin Harrison and Kurt Warner should have been elected. At least the NFL HOF is not a clown show like Cooperstown.

  56. Bettis and polian shouldn’t have made it. Bettis gets in because he was a steeler and for some reason that matters. I’ve never understood why everyone thinks polian is some football genius. He built a mediocre team around Peyton manning for over a decade. He’s lucky they played in the AFC south all those years because it was basically written in stone they would be in the playoffs at the start of every year.

  57. The Bettis detractors never even saw him play. And they definitely never had to tackle him. In fact, they never had to tackle anyone cause they never played football.

  58. Bettis is so much better than Terrell Davis. Anyone thinking otherwise knows little about football.

  59. Terrell Davis’s 2 SB visits were with a team that was found to be in salary cap violation for both those seasons. Should those playoff numbers count?

  60. Seau was fave as of mine as my fellow AFC West fandom goes…and super stoked that another Raider player is in for the HOF for the second year in a row…Touchdown Timmy Brown! My fave Raider during my junior high/high school football days wearing #81.

  61. Quite frankly I dont really care if Jerome Bettis is in the Hall of fame or not, but newsflash: people from Pittsburgh dont consider themselves from the east coast, and media types in New York, DC, and Boston dont consider Pittsburgh the “east coast”.

    Um………Pittsburgh doesn’t consider themselves from the east coast……..I suggest Google map sir.

    Bettis…..HOF…what a joke…..

    Go Hawks

  62. HOF selections don’t mean much to me because the bias is absurd but I respect they are huge to the those who made the NFL a career. Even with the politics, how does Polian get in ahead of Jimmy Johnson, and I am not a Cowboy or Dolphins fan. I know if Belichick had a vote which one of those two would get the nod and I trust his judgment.

  63. The Bettis detractors never even saw him play. And they definitely never had to tackle him. In fact, they never had to tackle anyone cause they never played football.

    Wrong, I watched him play, as well as other backs that played while he did. Shawn Alexander was a good back with impressive numbers, but just like Bettis, he isn’t HOF material.

    Go Hawks

  64. jcbadger34 says: Jan 31, 2015 8:56 PM

    Bill Polian, Hall of Famer? Yeesh. Other than having Peyton Manning fall in his lap, what else did he do? Couldn’t build a defense to save his life.

    See 4 straight Super Bowl appearances as GM of the Bills, and a NFC Championship game as GM of the Panthers in their second year of existence.

    All of that *before* going to Indianapolis.

  65. Jerome Bettis over Roger Craig? I don’t think so.

    Top heavy with east coast voters.

    I’m not a fan of either team, and watched both play in their prime and agree 100%

    Go Hawks

  66. I agree with many of the poster he Pace should be a Hall of Fame but Jerome Bettis getting in the HOF is a sham. Great personality, solid back but not one of the all time greats.

  67. Something people forget … a RB takes a pounding over the years something Bettis did well and Terrell Davis did not. Terrell Davis was great and so was Bo Jackson BUT injuries cut their careers short … that’s life.
    The HOF is for great players with a long good career … maybe RG3 should be in the HOF too … he had a GREAT rookie season.

  68. Hard to believe Coryell didn’t get in. The guy was a football genius. He almost single-handedly created the high scoring, high octane passing offense that is the NFL game of today. It’s a shame.

  69. Junior Seau’s greatest moment came in Pittsburgh at halftime of the 1994 AFC Championship game. Bill Cowher was asked what they needed to do to win the game and he said “Block Junior Seau”. They did not and he recorded 18 tackles and lead a pretty marginal Charger team to the Super Bowl.

    RIP 55, San Diego Loves You.

  70. its turning into the rock and roll hall of fame. Shocker, goodell won’t an opportunity go to make $$ even if it cheapens the hall. The only deserving player is seau. Bettis-good. Brown-good. Haley- good but sound better because of the 5 bowls.

    T.O. And morten andersen are far better candidates.

  71. People crack me up. They say, the steelers only won, because they had a great defense. Yet when members of the steelers defense get inducted into the hall of fame, they will say they don’t deserve it. Someone posted on here, the only reason bettis had those yards were because the steelers had a great offensive line. So when steeler O linemen go into the hall of fame, I’m sure those same people will be on here posting they don’t deserve it. You can’t have it both ways, if ben has won SBs because of a great defense, then some of those members of the defense are going to get in. People say Ben sucks, well then I guess that means the running game carried the team, and that means the bus. Before Ben the steelers had an offense that was run, run, pass punt. Jerome had to run with 8 men in the box, and yet he still crushed defenders, and put up good numbers. In his later years, he was a short yardage only back which hurt his Yards per carry average. But he did what was best for the team. Willy parker, was the featured back, and Jerome came in when the team needed that 1 yard, and more often than not despite 8 defenders, he got that yard.

  72. All you Bettis haters are quite simply foolish…
    6th all-time! 13 seasons of solid reliability and durability. Went out on top. How would you expect 7-season Davis to go in ahead of Bettis??
    Get a hold of yourselves…..damnnnn

  73. Most of this has been covered except for people whining about Polian. Besides “being gifted Manning” do you realize Polian worked in the NFL prior to his time with the Colts. Like as GM of the Bills who built the teams that went to 4 straight Super Bowls.

    Bettis deserves it.
    Terrell Davis will never get in.
    Warner wont get in.

  74. Do people forget that Bettis is number six on the top rushers of all time? And of the top twenty career rushers who are eligible, only Corey Dillon isn’t a Hall of Famer?

    He was boring to watch because he was a grinder, so to the uneducated football fan that listened to Jeremy Green when he hosted Football Today (who first called Bettis a member of the “Hall of Very Good” phrase that’s appearing here a lot), I can see how they wouldn’t understand why he’s worthy. But the dude could take over games in the second half. The Steelers were so good for so long before Ben because they’d get a lead and just have Bettis lead these long drives in the 3rd and 4th quarter to end the game.

    The dude deserves to be in the Hall. Lots of other backs are in the running as well, but there’s no way Bettis’ resume and ring aren’t enough. And before people say he didn’t do much in the Super Bowl, sure, that’s very true, but he pounded them into the Super Bowl against the Bears, and has a pretty solid post-season resume.

  75. OK, so Don Coryell didn’t win the biggest prize and he couldn’t build a defense to save his life (or rather Dan Fout’s life to be more accurate), but this man is probably more responsible for the pass happy quarterback driven league we have today than anyone else (except possibly Bill Walsh). If you are talking impact on the game, then he should be in the HOF hands down. First with the Cardiac Cardinals and then with Air Coryell in San Diego, he took offensive football to a whole new level. For him to be one of the first ones eliminated is certainly evidence that the voters are either too young to know who he is, or too ignorant to understand what brought us to the game we have today.

  76. It is about time Mr. Mick Tingelhoff got in!!! 240 Straight Games! Now we need to add Purple People Eater Jim Marshall 21 Years in the League and 282 Consecutive Games for a Defensive Lineman!!! May Never Be Matched! People Hold One Bad Play Against Him! Stupid!

  77. Cannot Believe People Complaining that the Bus Got In! HE DESERVED IT!!! 5th all Time Leading Rusher and Super Bowl Champion + A Great Guy and Personality. The Detractors Should “Try To Tackle Him”! They Would Be RUN OVER!!! CASE CLOSED!!! Congratulations!!!

  78. Former Vikings Jim Marshall, Scott Studwell, Matt Blair, Ed White, Gary Larson, Ron Yary, Fred Cox, Bobby Bryant, Keith Millard, Chuck Foreman, Robert Smith, Sammy White, Ahmad Rashad, Randall Cunningham, Tommy Kramer, Jerry Burns, Randy Moss and others should ALL Be Voted in. There is a Super Bowl Bias against Minnesota Viking Players Getting in. It is not right!!!

  79. How do so many offensive linemen get voted in anyway??? Will Shield’s??? PLEEEEEASE! How the heck is he famous??? 99 out of 100 People on the Street do not know who he is!!! By the way how does Dave Casper make it??? Maybe the most Undeserving Choice EVER!!! Google his Paltry Stats! He makes it and not Jim Marshall or Derrick Thomas? The Voters STINK!.

  80. Ummm….. Shaun Alexander is 32nd in NFL rushing. Bettis is 6th. He accomplished a lot, and that deserves to be recognized. If you want to call him a FB that’s fine. Jim Taylor, Larry Csonka, John Riggins are all FB’s in the HOF. If a player finishes in the top 10 in rushing in his career I don’t think anyone can say he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

    Terrell Davis had a fine career, but he didn’t do enough. Chris Johnson has played the same number of seasons as TD, and he has more rushing yards, a 2000 yard season and almost as many touchdowns. Is Chris Johnson a HOFer? His career was cut short and it was tragic, but if Terrell Davis doesn’t get into the Hall of Fame he will be far from the best player who isn’t in

  81. I am obviously not a fan of either team, but how does Bettis get in so much faster than Brown?

  82. Jerome Bettis, if he isn’t in the Hall of Fame, I don’t know what the Hall of Fame is. Jerome played at a Hall of Fame level, and his numbers speak for themselves. JB is rated on his own level, in my book. He was a physical-style running back. JB, I’m telling you, he is one of the ones who made me appreciate the essence of the game because he was physical, he was physical. You had to have something on your mind to go against JB. I knew if I was going against JB, I was there for a war. JB is what a Hall of Famer plays like, what a Hall of Famer comes to work like.

    -Future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis, who faced Bettis twice yearly for 10 seasons

    Bettis’ stats:

    -6th leading rusher in NFL history with 13,622 yards
    -3rd lowest fumble percentage of HOF running backs
    -10th in rushing touchdowns with 91
    -5th in 100-yard rushing games with 61
    -5th in 1000-yard rushing seasons with 8
    -3rd most games played by a running back with 192
    -4th most carries by a running back with 3,479

    All the boneheads on here who are ripping Bettis’ election need to stop making a public spectacle of their ignorance.

  83. If we are going to keep pushing NFL Network Hosts for the NFL like Terrell Davis and Kurt Warner then I think that the one that should be looked at and go first is Sterling Sharpe. He came out in the Draft the same year as Tim Brown and Michael Irvin. He career ended with injury but compare his seven years with those two’s first seven years. It is not even close. If you remember the only wide receiver that was mentioned ahead of him at the time was Jerry Rice and even Rice was not as good in some of those years. If anyone with a shortened career should get in he best compares to the shortened career of Gayle Sayers. Before arguing compare him.

  84. I loved watching Bettis play, but this cheapens the HOF, not good enough.

    Terrell Davis didn’t play long enough, does Bo Jackson get in too then?

    Tim Brown is way overdue.

    As for Jr Seau, no one that commits suicide should make it to the HOF.

  85. LOL @ “Strong Eight Men Class”. Junior Seau certainly is a no brainer first ballot HOFer. The rest of the class is nothing to gush over which is largely why they were not first ballot HOFers. All certainly above average at their football jobs, and all questionable HOFers.

  86. Congrats to the Bus, 5th most rushing yards when he retired a power back with that many yards was a thing of beauty to watch. We bought our tickets 5:30 this morning, see you in Canton Bettis.

  87. Happy to see Charle Haley, Tim Brown and especially Will Shields in this HOF class.

    We can debate who is/isn’t worthy all day, but the one omission that continues to baffle me is Don Coryell.

    He was a true innovator who revolutionized the way offense was played in the NFL. His concepts are an integral part of the evolution of the NFL and thus a part of league history. How does someone who made that kind of an impact on the game not merit entrance into the Hall of Fame? Instead folks are arguing the merits of more modern day coaches like Johnson and Dungy. The voters need a serious perspective check.

  88. joetoronto says:
    Feb 1, 2015 6:43 AM

    “….As for Jr Seau, no one that commits suicide should make it to the HOF.”


    That about sums up all one needs to know about you.

  89. Good class. Finally got Tim Brown in there. I have no problem with Bettis getting in either. People are under rating him. He was a force for a long time.
    Warner will probably get in but he was definitely not a first ballot guy. I have no problem with Pace waiting a year as well. He’s almost sure to go in next year.
    Next year’s class:
    – Favre
    – Owens
    – Pace
    – Greene
    – Harrison
    – Warner?

  90. All the animosity over Bettis getting in. You think people would at least know to google information about the guy before running their mouths with idiotic remarks about how he’d be backup to Priest Holmes or how Bo Jackson should also be in.

  91. rajbais says: Jan 31, 2015 9:25 PM

    Next year’s class should be:

    Orlando Pace
    Brett Favre
    Terrell Owens
    Kurt Warner
    Kevin Greene
    Marvin Harrison
    Five is the limit for modern players. Who are you cutting?

  92. I’ll never forget Bettis running over – just flattening – Brian Erlacher in the snow in Pittsburgh. It was a beautiful thing.

  93. raiderapologist

    It seems that the number will keep increasing.

    If I were to cut one, I’d cut Warner because his year-to-year consistency is the worst out the of 6.

    Yes the marketing plan would be ruined, but you know how dominant one is when you look at the year-to-year resumes.

    Warner is the least dominant based on the 5-year hole in his career from 2002-2006.

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