Bruce Irvin ejected with seconds to play in Super Bowl


The Super Bowl has seen its first ever ejection.

With 18 seconds left to play in the Super Bowl and the Patriots running out the clock on one of the unlikeliest and strangest Super Bowls in memory, post-play pushing and shoving boiled over into a brief fight between the two teams. Several players were involved by the time it ended, but the officials identified Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin as the instigator and ejected him from the game.

It’s the first time that a player has been disqualified from a Super Bowl and a bad look at the end of a thrilling game between the two teams.

Irvin will become the answer to a trivia question, but he’ll be a footnote to Julian Edelman’s touchdown and Malcolm Butler’s interception when all is said and done. That’s as it should be because the scrap at the end was merely one ugly moment in a night filled with far more memorable ones on the way to a Patriots title.

132 responses to “Bruce Irvin ejected with seconds to play in Super Bowl

  1. I thought Richard Sherman was the only Seahawk with zero class. Turns out they’re all a bunch of babies.

  2. Sherman, lynch, this goof…. lmao…. the guy who pretended to take a dump… LMAO…. WHAT A JOKE OF AN ORGANIZATION AND TEAM!

    And I won’t even get started on the fan base… I don’t want to kick someone when they are down.

  3. I don’t want to hear one word from that defense for 12 months. Gave up 14 points and the lead in the fourth. #walkthewalk #shortestdynastyever #oneanddone

  4. I hate teams that can’t lose with class.

    Say what you want about the Pats “gates” but when they’ve lost Super Bowls or Conference Championships the walk off. They don’t start fights this team has more class than any team in the NFL.

  5. Blowing up the V in that situation is obviously understandable, but the pushing and punching Seattle started was disgraceful. Truly classless. Loved seeing Sherman’s face, too!

  6. Irvin was way out of line no doubt, but about 10 guys were giving as well as they were getting in that brawl. Basically they threw him out because he threw the first punch. Not the way the rule reads.

    Should have been off setting penalties.

  7. He’s just mad because he isn’t good anymore. 8th best player on the Super Bowl losing defense

  8. It is funny to see all of the worthles Patriot fans come out and knoch Seattle. They are as classless as the team, needless to say are a bunch of cheats.

  9. I just gotta rub this in every sportscaster, or commentators face… All of the Glazers, Collinsworths, and Bucks of the world…

    Everyone makes such a big deal about Wilson being a 3rd round pick…

    Umm… Brady was what? a 6th? Wasn’t he the backup at Michigan?

    I think being the 6th, and having 4 rings trumps that whole 3rd round stuff, and having one…

    37 of 50…. tonight, most td’s in super bowls… 4 rings… That’s a pretty good resume if you ask me….

    Plus, his wife is pretty hot!

  10. Classless organization, team and fan base. Sherman was looking for the camera on the sideline and flashing 24 with his fingers after they went up ten. That offense handed the defense a ten point lead in the fourth quarter. Sherman, Irvin, Wagner and the rest of you losers……enjoy that crow. You got beat by a slow, 38 year old QB!!!

  11. SEA showing exactly who they are…a bunch of classless, egocentric children…not giving it to Lynch on the 3 yd line…hahaha…where’s the cry baby blubbering Wilson now???

  12. I know it won’t happen…

    But Irvin should be suspended the first game of next year for that ridiculous display of stupidity,

    The NFL and it’s fans had a BRUTAL year of bad storyline the entire season, starting with Ray Rice, them Adrian Peterson, Deflate gate…

    Only to be finally treated with a thrilling Super Bowl…

    And this clown has to show up with 18 seconds left and put yet ANOTHER black mark on the 2014 season.

  13. Thank God I’m not a Seahawks fan. That looked painful. Losing like that must have been soul crushing. I bet knowing that you were repeat champions and then losing to the stupidest call in NFL history is going to sting for awhile…The Seattle just got #deflated

    So much for that dynasty….you were literally this | | close. LOL

    As far as the Patriots are concern: *

  14. Gronk wasn’t penalized for throwing the blow to the head that set it off. Nor was the Pats DB that tripped the Seattle WR in what was clearly PI.

  15. Seattle no class but please, please don’t say “atleast the patriots lose with class”. Cause I can recall many games belichek walking off and not shaking hands with the opposing coach. Spare me

  16. I couldn’t stand either of these teams with their senseless, tasteless, bandwagon fans and cheating styles of play.

    Too bad the game wasn’t just cancelled.

  17. With that display of “professionalism”, the “12th man” train just stopped so all the bandwagon fans could get off.

    It was a long train that had been full, but now it’s empty.

    The fans are just as loyal as their players are good sports.

  18. What a bunch of haters, that was a great game, and Seattle choked in the end, they had the game in the their hands, you folks talk it up like Seattle fans and the team are classless. Watch the replay Irwin gets punched in the face and throws the other guy to the ground…all of it was stupid and classless for both teams.

  19. Does it hurt, yep it hurts really bad and will for a long time but to the fans of the other 30 teams that are on here talking trash, what was your team doing tonight?

    Say what you will about Seattle and the team but we’re all we’ve got and we’re all we need and we will be back.

    And as much as it hurts to say, nice win New England.

  20. Not a pats or a Seahawks fan but if you re watch the film, Gronk clearly instigated and started the fight. He also was the first too throw punches and keep swinging…. The real question though is we’re was Blount at in that scrum? Oregon vs boise state game anyone??

  21. It’s to bad that a few arrogant players can bring the opinion on an entire team down. SeAttle has many classy players, but guys like Sherman and Thomas and Irvin spoil it for the rest of the team. Learn to keep your mouths shut and respect the game. If my kids acted like them I’d sit them out. Period.

  22. I. am not a fan of either team. That said I felt that the Seahawks were poor sports when they won last year. Their behavior at the end of this game showed the world who the are. I will also add that the bs that Lynch did on media day showed him having a self centered attitude as part of the me generation that could care less about the fans and only about the money he can make off the fans. Too bad they do not give out a poor sport award we could hand that trophy over to the Seahawks.

  23. billybone — Thanks, your team will be back, as long as no one breaks team unity by sulking and kvetching because of the pass vs. run play at the end.

    Bennett, who was unstoppable much of the game, and who forced Brady to throw in about 1.5 seconds max, was very respectful when interviewed and emphasized that point for his team. I’m surprised at usdcoyotesfan’s comment.

  24. Watch the video. Gronk got pushed, but Gronk threw the first punch. It wasn’t all Seattle being classless and you being a fan of one team or another won’t change the fact that players on both teams were jacked up, one not wanting their victory spoiled and the other trying to reclaim a lost victory.

  25. Bennett is a gentleman and Russel Wilson is classy. A few of their players are too mouthy but the Seahawks are a great team and Carrol is a great coach. Good thing my Pats won.

  26. bowltr says:
    Feb 1, 2015 10:34 PM
    I hate teams that can’t lose with class.


    Me too. But they never learned how to win with class, either. What did we expect?

  27. Leave it to Seattle to have the first player ejected in Super Bowl history- absolutely appropriate for that choke job their “legion of Bums” pulled off. Lol and we won’t have to read the psychotic rantings of the since 2012th man again until the sun comes out again in Seattle- around August. Have a nice long winter Searoidle

  28. The Seahawks are the most undisciplined team in the entire NFL and that is why they are the most penalized team in the league. This reflects unfavorably on the Seahawks coaching staff and its players. Irvin should received a hefty fine from the league office which marred an otherwise splendid Super Bowl.

  29. My team didn’t make the super bowl but seeing the Seahawks lose like this makes all feel right in the world.

  30. Seen it before — “Greatest Show on Turf” – humbled

    “Legion of Boom” — humbled.

    Lesson: Hard to like teams and players who are more concerned with pounding chests and labeling themselves as champions before (and after) business is taken care of. Say what you want about the Patriots organization, but the individuals on their teams NEVER get into any of that crap. Stay quiet and respectful. Learn that life is long–false bravado can make you look stupid in the end (Sherman)

  31. This was actually pretty disappointing. Throughout the whole game, I saw Pats and Hawks players help each other up, give some good jobs around. It seemed pretty mutual respect out there for most of the game.

    Losing a SB by a yard can boil over, obviously.

  32. Everyone watching the game knew the Chickenhawks would not respect the protocol of the kneel down play. That’s why drawing the penalty first to get some breathing room was brilliant. As expected, Seattle went mental.

  33. just watched bruce irvin’s post game interview where he throws the coaching staff under the bus for not giving the ball to lynch.

    Bruce Irvin Classless on the field and off
    take a bow Bruce you are a piece of work

  34. I can’t wait to see the melt down and break up of these poor sports. Just wait and see them point fingers at each other for the loss. The cry babies will jump off the band wagons fast it will make heads turn. They are all so self centered they will not be able to handle the loss. You lose the super bowl and all of a sudden your team is dirt. It’s too bad that we live in a all or nothing society. Gee it stinks to be you Seahawks.

  35. Living in Seattle and disliking the Hawks and the 12th man, it’s good to hear others feel as we do. Dirty players and poor sports! It took til the the end, but they showed the world their true colors.

  36. 2014: the NFL’s year of domestic violence and it’s big game, the Super Bowl, ends in a fight. How fitting.

  37. Irvin punched Gronk(check my spelling), but decked Homnawanui. Try and deck Gronk tough guy. You guys lost.

  38. Seattle’s defense is great, and Russel Wilson is a class act.

    The defense’s lack of maturity really hurt them tonight.

    Sherman is a great player but a donkey.

    Im a Patriots fan. I can respect Steelers fans, Redskins fans, Bears fans and many other fan bases. but I have no respect for Seahawks fan base. They were completely irrelevant until 2012. Now they are somehow regarded as a great fan base? I don’t get it.

  39. Two bone head plays on the last two plays, 1) you had the pats near the goal line with 20 seconds to play, why jump offsides to give the Pats the extra Yards? The way Wilson was throwing at the end, Hawks could have score on a miracle play. SS had that Safty….. 2) bone head #2, why fight dummy…. Classless in Seattle.

  40. i hate both teams but hate the pats more well just think they had to cheat to get there and now reports of concussion test thing have the pats won a sb that they haven’t cheated to get into what is there to like about the pats

  41. “folkcrusader says:
    Feb 1, 2015 10:40 PM
    Irvin was way out of line no doubt, but about 10 guys were giving as well as they were getting in that brawl. Basically they threw him out because he threw the first punch. Not the way the rule reads.

    Should have been off setting penalties.

    ———————————————————————-Nope they called it right he not only instigated it but continued to fire away even after the Zebras broke it up. Officials made the right call.

  42. And last I checked Bruce didn’t throw the first punch. In a game with so much emotion, both teams let emotions get the best of them. Poor end to a great game. Let’s put this season behind us. Get em next year boys. Go Hawks!!!

  43. Yeah–Bennett did. Why would the winning team start a fight? They wouldn’t, that’s why. At least Irvin apologized after. I know the heat-of-the-moment stuff happens. Gronkowski wasn’t even mad.

    Seattle has a chance to come back to this game every year for the foreseeable future—looooong way to go before you become a dynasty, though. Tip: try to stay humble in the meantime.

    It’s funny–I’ve witnessed a lot of all the historical, chest-thumping, self-promoting teams who mouthed off as the next “dynasty” over the years (Rams, Steelers, now, Seahawks)….and the actual dynasty is the team that never said one solitary word about ever being one. Weird how that works…

  44. Totally love Gronk having the last word and the Seahacks not being able to take it.

    Icing on the cake? Irving throwing coaches under the bus.

    U Mad Bro? Stay Classy Seattle!


  45. Beastmode5150……. However it started, one never throws a punch at someone wearing a helmet. Too bad Irvin’s swing was throw with a ref watching him.

    I also loved Richard Sherman’s very happy face at the end of the game. I guess I can answer for all the Pats fans and all those anti-Seahawks fans, “Nope, we ain’t mad, we just got even” and thanks for the many Prep Talk you and your teammates gave to the Pats prior to the game. We never gave Peyton grief prior to any of his games.

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