Jed York: We’ve got to put Colin Kaepernick in position to make plays

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Some 49ers fans may not be confident that the team is headed in the right direction based on the changes to the coaching staff that they’ve made since the end of the regular season, but CEO Jed York thinks that they’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the results on offense in 2015.

During an interview with NFL Network, York said that he doesn’t believe that quarterback Colin Kaepernick needs to be fixed. Instead, it’s a matter of putting him in the right position to make plays that take advantage of his particular set of skills and York’s confident that offensive coordinator Geep Chryst and quarterbacks coach Steve Logan are the right men to do it.

“But with Kap you got a guy in Geep Chryst who knows him better than anybody else,” York said. “You have a great guy in Steve Logan that’s coming in that’s going to work with him on fundamentals and to put a system that’s going to put Kap in the best position to make plays. How many quarterbacks in this league can run 90 yards for a touchdown? I can’t think of many, but you have to put Kap in position where he can make those plays and put Kap in position where we can run the ball. We can throw the ball in ways that allows him to be successful and let him be the absolute stud that he can be on the field, and that’s what you’re going to see from us next year. Defenses are not going to want to play against us because you’re not going to know where we’re going to hit you.”

Kaepernick ran for 639 yards during the regular season, but designed runs made up less than half of his carries. York suggests that will be different the next time around and that’s not likely to be the only change for the 49ers after the shakeup at the top of their coaching staff. Few of the other ones are likely to have as much to do with the success or failure of that shakeup, however.

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  1. Wow. What is happening to that team…first they let one of the better coaches in the league go and now their CEO is deciding how to fix the offense? Smells like disaster

  2. So what they are saying is he can’t play QB so they’ll use him like a RB.

    Ok then….that solves that problem. Too bad Harbaugh couldn’t figure that out or he’d still be there.

    Whatever, Jed.

  3. Kaepernick is a laughable gimmick that uses his legs first, arm second, and brain last. Good thing Jim Fraudbaugh deemed this clown better than Alex Smith, who actually knew how to read a defense, check down for first downs, and keep backbreaking drives alive. With Santa Clara’s defense and a competent QB like Smith they would have made the playoffs.

  4. berniethedog. Your name is appropriate. What an idiotic statement! Kap is 3-0 vs. Rodgers (MVP), threw 4 TDs in a win against Brady AT NE. (only 2 others ever did that …Manning and Brady; ran for 181 yds setting an all-time NFL record; threw for over 300 yds in the Super Bowl; has 4 playoff victories… and he stinks???

    Get therapy!

  5. Jed will be crapping in his Levi’s next year when he starts realizing the colossal blunders he’s made

  6. If I were running that team I would be looking at keeping the Defense in position to continue to win games.

    Here is the problem with that. The media hyped Kaapernick into an elite quarterback when he is no where near that. Kaepernick got a huge contract, which makes retaining good to great talent nearly impossible.

    The 49ers have a problem and it is not fixing Kaepernick. It is that they refuse to see that Kaepernick really isn’t very good.

    Seahawks fans should watch and learn. That is precisely what the Seahawks are going to look like very shortly. Seattle has one decent year left, then it will be a bunch of management looking around wondering how their cap got so bad and why they decided to pay an average quarterback elite money.

  7. First of all, the kid dresses up nice. He should do it more often. Secondly, he has all the requisite skill to be a great QB.

    Thirdly, he seriously needs individual coaching to reach his potential. I can’t say if he’s putting the time or if the right, scheme, staff & QB coach just hasn’t been there.

    That said, his record is alot better than most at his age and without Russell Wilson, we may be talking about his success, more.

  8. coachwolf49 says:
    Feb 1, 2015 8:10 AM

    berniethedog. Your name is appropriate. What an idiotic statement! Kap is 3-0 vs. Rodgers (MVP), threw 4 TDs in a win against Brady AT NE. (only 2 others ever did that …Manning and Brady; ran for 181 yds setting an all-time NFL record; threw for over 300 yds in the Super Bowl; has 4 playoff victories… and he stinks???

    Get therapy!

    I agree with the theme of this. The guy has talent, he just needs to be utilized properly. The keyboard warriors here slamming him just like kicking a guy when he’s down.

    As far as therapy: “Some people, you just can’t reach”

  9. For anybody paying attention, it’s well known Seahawks management has signed its core talent and will continue by signing Wilson and Wagner to deals this off-season. Any comparison to Santa Clara is plain ignorant. The Seahawks are already positioned to keep their talent in place for years to come. If nothing else, forty-whiners might learn some things from Seahawks management.

  10. The top three guys in the 9ers act and sound like Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

    It’s going to be a long, long time before that franchise gets in the playoffs again.

  11. 49ers fans pay no Attention to Jed York. He’s kind of “special”. His thought process is less than remedial.

    Check it out. He says it’s all about putting Kap in position to make plays. Yet his actions say something different.

    He hires Steve Logan as Kap’s QB coach who’s been out of football since 2011 and who has never developed a QB in the NFL. People say Josh Freeman, but that was Greg Olson who Freeman had success under not this dude.

    He hires Geep Chryst as OC who has never had an offense rank hire than 28th in the NFL, and who was in charge of developing Ryan Leaf. We all know how that turned out.

    He hires Chris Foerster as his O Line coach. This is a coach who got RGIII sacked 33 times in 7 games…Colt McCoy sacked 17 times in 4 games. Foerster is probably the worst O Line coach in the NFL.

    So while Jed York’s says that he wants Kap to be in position to make plays, his actions says he’s going on the cheap and Kap will likely end up being like Ryan Leaf or RGIII. He hired their former coaches. How are they going optimize Kap’s talents. They don’t have a history of optimizing QB Talent in the NFL.

    Plus I never heard anybody say we gotta put our QB in position to make plays. You generally put LBs and DBs in position to make plays.. A QB is in position to make a play as soon as he lines up under-Center.

    John Edward York AKA Jed is a pure unadulterated idiot. If I were a beat writer for the 49ers I would have to research Jed’s educational background. I would have to know how he got into Notre Dame and what kind of honors he graduated with to be a CEO. He’s doesnt have the Mental Capacity of a CEO…gotta be the most dim witted CEO I’ve ever witnessed.

  12. Big arm. Fast legs. Wooden head. The classic recipie for a Rex Grossman/Tim Tebow coach-killer QB.

    In fact, the guy was a far worse college QB than Tim Tebow and Grossman who both better against tougher competition. Here’s Kaepernick’s senior ‘highlights’ against GOOD teams:

    5 TDs with 6 INTs in 5 games against D-1 teams with a winning record; 58.6% against D-1 teams with a winning record; a TD pass for every 29.0 passes against the D-1 winning record teams

    And the crappy Div II teams:

    16 TDs with just 2 INTs vs. losing record/D-II teams; a 69.1% passer against the lesser opponents
    ; a TD pass for every 13.4 Pass Attempts against lesser opponents

    The NFL caught up to his street-ball, run-around game. And now the 49ers are screwed until they man up and replace Tim Tebow II.

  13. Boys and Girls stats don’t lie!. Kaepernick was 17th in the league in passing this year , he completed 60% of his passes with only 5 completions over 40 yards and was ranked 27th in passing offense as a team.We were almost last in the red zone from 2o yards in. we had 52 sacks against our offense in which our so called good qb could not get back to the line of scrimmage or throw it out of bounds and we were one of the worst teams in delay of the game calls. When we needed a key victory against the raiders we got spanked. how does an ex all-pro tight end go games with 0 completions . OH yes we were towards the bottom of three and outs which put to much pressure on our defense. Play-off facts first and goal at 5 yard line against Ravens we score and win 4 plays 1 yard and yes we lost. Sea-hawks last year 1st down at 12 yard line with 59 seconds left and interception we loose.YES KAEPERNICK STINKS………….

  14. There’s one thing 49er fans will be screaming this year when the offense is on the field; Chryst! What are they doing?

  15. Kurt Warner was great. Then Kurt Warner was a bum and couldn’t play anymore, got traded, sat on the bench, got traded again, sat on the bench again. Then Kurt Warner was great again. What in the world happened? All the experts thought he was done? Experts? Yeah, all the guys we hear on TV and radio, and read their stuff. Those experts. Now Kaepernick is on that same rollercoaster. Two different guys with the same problem. Hesitation. Warner relied on pinpoint accuracy and he could thread the needle like none other. He could fit balls into very tight windows, and he threw with confidence, no hesitation. Then he got those injured fingertips and couldn’t grip the ball. He hestitated. He got sacked. He hesitated some more. He got beat up physically. He was finished. Then he surfaced again 100% healthy and could grip the ball again. The confidence to thread the needle returned and when The Cards gave up on Lienhart, Warner got another chance, and he took his second team to the Super Bowl. The problem with Kaepernick is he doesn’t have any WRs who can get open or get separation. He hestitates. He’s forced to throw into very tight windows almost every play. He doesn’t have the pinpoint accuracy consistently that Warner had. He hesitates. Very few QBs have ever had the accuracy of Warner. But Kaepernick obviously didn’t get his team to those title games being a bum. He just needs some WRs. He’s working with Warner this offseason (what a coincidence) and hopefully Warner passes along his experience, as well as some mechanical help. Kaepernick is a Corvette that the 49ers have been driving with cheap retread tired. The “experts” will be shocked if this guy ever gets a good set of tires (WRs). I’m sure the 49ers scouts are out shopping for some high performance tires right now.

  16. 1st off, Whiner fans STOP talking about Russell Wilson and the Seahawks this has nothing to do with them both are better than you and should not be in this conversation about Jed. Jed let the football guys talk. You and your dad crewed up everything your uncle and grandfather built. Let the football guys in Santa Clara do the talking about football. You are successfull and need to stick to what your responsible for. Moving the team out of SF to a new stadium in Santa Clara, pleasing the rich people of Silicon Valley, and alienating most of the true “San Francisco” 49er fans

  17. He’s been drinking whatever Dan Snyder drinks. Le’s a good coach go, and then starts opining on how to run an offense. Good luck with that 49ers fans, and I say that as a long suffering Skins fan.

  18. I laugh when Seahawks fans claim “Seattle has their talent locked up”. Does anyone who thinks that, know how the contract situation in the NFL works? These guys sign contracts that pay them more and more each year. The hope is to restructure the deals down the road. If a guy signs a 5 year contract worth 60 million dollars, the bulk of that money will never be paid. The team structures the deal to get the player some guaranteed money for a couple years or so. A decent signing bonus that can be worked into the cap and then huge amounts of money in years 4 and 5. Years 4 and 5 will never be played out on the contract. The player will either restructure or be released at no cost to the team. Seattle has a lot of talent that already played out year 3 or is heading into year 3. Now, they have to figure out how to pay a few guys while keeping some of that “locked up” talent, all while staying under the cap.

    Understand how it works with that explanation? I can dumb it down some if need be, but it’d be easier for you Seattle fans to understand that the team was built for the right now and the talent that Seattle stumbled upon is going to cost them other talent. If Seattle is lucky they will only suffer a few years of down time during the rebuild.

  19. I just figured out that Jed York’s football experience has come from playing Madden. I think this is how he evaluates his free agents too.

    York: Trent, I think we need to scout some players today
    Baalke: Ok I will turn on the PS3 Jed. You sure you don’t want to get a PS4?
    York: Trent, you don’t get that until we win a Super Bowl

  20. Feb 1, 2015 9:34 AM – MosesZD says: … In fact, [Kaepernick] was a far worse college QB than Tim Tebow …

    Worse college QB than Tebow? Tebow is third in career NCAA passer rating, had a better completion percentage than P Manning and T Brady, and was a three time finalist for the Heisman. What’s your point?

  21. And still, on the day of the Super Bowl, the Seadderall Shehawks bandwagoners have nothing more important to think about than the 49ers! I love you clowns from the Pathetic North West. So desperate to have a rivalry, you cant help yourselves.

    Read this: Until you have 5, you will never be rivals, only wannabes. Good luck tonight, Tom (a 9ers faithful) is gonna nail your a$$. 😉

  22. He’s another Can Newton, great physically but nothing between the ears.

    The 49ers are officially a joke.

  23. So Jed is taking after Jerry now?

    lol, I guess we’ll have another few years of domination in this division…

    Go Hawks!

  24. cornhusker44 says:
    Feb 1, 2015 11:15 AM
    And still, on the day of the Super Bowl, the Seadderall Shehawks bandwagoners have nothing more important to think about than the 49ers! I love you clowns from the Pathetic North West. So desperate to have a rivalry, you cant help yourselves.

    Read this: Until you have 5, you will never be rivals, only wannabes. Good luck tonight, Tom (a 9ers faithful) is gonna nail your a$$.


    SEATTLE Seahawks champions- 1
    SANTA CLARA 49ers championships-0

    San Francisco would not step up and build a new stadium for the niners, so Jed York moved the team to Santa Clara.

  25. Chryst couldn’t get Kaep to play well in two years, but all of a sudden he will? The Yorks don’t have a clue.

    Bring back Eddie… or at least take his advice.

  26. I don’t get the animus between Hawk and 9er fans on the eve of the Superbowl. The NFC West is arguably the strongest division in the NFL. When one of its teams get to the Superbowl, the rest should support it. Every year, one team from this division will likely make the trip, and it continues to bring glory to the NFC West division. The Hawks represent the NFC in the Superbowl, and at the end of the day, all that is remembered is the AFC-NFC rivalry.

  27. I’m a Hawks fan and I think he’s right.

    I didn’t understand why Whiners under Harbaugh didn’t adapt the read option a’ la the Hawks (unless Krap is too dumb to master it).

    He’s not Russell Wilson so why make him try to be? Use his skill set and try to win while you have him.

    He’s a great runner and athlete and a mediocre QB.

    Work with it.

  28. “Defenses are not going to want to play against us because you’re not going to know where we’re going to hit you.”

    When your owner starts talking like a fanboy, good things rarely happen

  29. Lil’ Jed needs to be put in a position where he’s never allowed to make a decision concerning the 49ers franchise again, except who to sell it to. The York family continues to dismantle and destroy a once-proud organization. DUMP YORK!!!

  30. JSpicoli says:
    Feb 1, 2015 11:29 AM
    When Jed feels down he just looks at his stadium. He’s already won. Bring on the clowns.
    It’ll probably be the last thing he wins in a long loong time. The only reason he won that is because he was very fortunate and lucky that he had a once in a few generations head coaching talent right in his backyard who strangely didn’t care about money or personnel control so Harbaugh signed a deal for the 49ers that was far less than his market value…and Jed almost screwed that up. Any other coaching prospect would have taken that 8-9 million per from Stephen Ross. At the clip that Harbaugh won games in the NFL anybody would have built the 49ers a new stadium.

    I doubt that kind of good luck and good fortune revisits York anytime soon. He’ll be exposed as the meddling, cheap, and un-qualified buffoon that he is, And the revenue stream of a new stadium won’t be able to shield him from the unrelenting critism that is coming his way.

    Honor, Integrity, reputation, and legacy is worth more than diamonds. If his new stadium came at the expense of that…then he really lost.

  31. In exchange for getting the superbowl, they had to promise not to field a winning team. It’s not allowed these days for a home team to be in the superbowl and have home field advantage. After plenty of thought, I’m quite certain this is what happened. I dare you to give me a thumbs down!

  32. York is too inexperienced but now, because of a little bit of success, he’s got an inflated head, thinks he’s an expert, and is now in the process of making a bunch of bad decisions that will seriously damage the team.
    Kapernick will now take this proclamation by York to mean that he’s “special” and that him running around with the ball….IS….the 49ers offense. It’ll mean it’s OK for him to be mentally lazy and undisciplined in QB preparation because well….he can simply pull out and run with ball if his 1st read isn’t open. It was the same thing with Micheal Vick. Mentally undisciplined…mentally lazy……’because I can just break out and run with it’. The running around with the ball thing is an ADDED dimension for the QB. It’s not THE basis by which a QB is successful. He must be a mentally disciplined, prepared reader of defenses. As such, he will have the mental agility to make quick decisions and PASS the ball with success consistently.
    York is now telegraphing to Kapernick that he doesn’t need to worry about any of that stuff because he’s “special”.
    Big mistake.

  33. “How many quarterbacks in this league can run 90 yards for a touchdown?”

    None if the opposing defense executes a situation-appropriate scheme correctly with at least marginally adequate personnel.

    It’s great to have a quarterback that can win broken plays. It’s terrible to have a quarterback that wins only broken plays.

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