Julian Edelman won’t say whether he had concussion tests

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Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman scored the game-winning touchdown.

Whether he’ll remember it or not is another question.

Edelman took a nasty helmet-to-helmet shot from Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor near midfield earlier in the fourth quarter, but stayed in the game. He wobbled significantly then, and took a few extra moments to get up after knee-walking near the goal line following a later catch.

Asked after the game if he was tested for a concussion, Edelman said he wasn’t allowed to talk about injuries.

Of course, players in the concussion protocol aren’t allowed to talk at all, so that either means he’s OK or was never checked.

At one point in his post-game interview, he referred to Seattle as St. Louis, but corrected himself. That’s not necessarily a sign of anything, but it’s not a good look for a league that has boasted about its work to protect players from head injuries.

Earlier this week, the league announced that concussions were down 25 percent from the year before.

We’ll find out later if Edelman is a statistic.

119 responses to “Julian Edelman won’t say whether he had concussion tests

  1. Like Russell Wilson in the game before this one. The rules are never enforced in the playoffs. Great SB though. Wasn’t rooting for either team.

  2. Congrats pats. Hawks blew it on most important call. Enjoy your trophy. I pray for a rematch

  3. Worst one this year was Heath Miller. Helmet to helmet hit… he went limp and fell face first to the ground (fumbling the ball since he was unconscious) . The refs sent him off, refusing to let him play. He went to the sidelines and the Steelers sent him back out after 2 plays. This was nothing compared to that.

  4. I guess deflategate really is good and dead. Concussgate here we come!

    In any event, I’ll be wearing a Jacuzzi suit and watching Pete Carroll’s postgame press conference in slow motion.

  5. What’s the explanation from the refs how they missed the tackling on Lockette after beating the DB. Worst missed called but then it is the Patriots.

  6. Concussions are no big deal IMO. So he got his bell rung – it’s not like he isn’t getting paid.

    The real issue here is the war on the 1st amendment being waged by the fascist media. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

    Dan Snyder is 2.5% Navajo. People forget that.

  7. You guys just can’t stop, can you?

    You will look for any excuse what so ever to trash this team.

    It’s disgusting.

    Whether Edelman was concussed or not, he wouldn’t be the first player in a Super Bowl to want to stay in the game.

    It must kill you guys that the Patriots snatched this Super Bowl from the throat of Defeat…… why can’t you just admire a comeback as impressive as the one against the Ravens?

  8. raideralex99 says:
    Feb 1, 2015 11:38 PM
    What’s the explanation from the refs how they missed the tackling on Lockette after beating the DB. Worst missed called but then it is the Patriots.


    The same could be said about the first Pats punt when they took out his plant leg, which is normally an automatic 15, but they gave the 5, which meant still 4th down.

    But yea, when Butler (i think) straight up tripped him with his hand because he fell down? When I saw it in normal speed, I thought they both just tripped, so that’s why the the refs missed it.

    It was the slow motion replay that showed the obvious reach out to trip the Hawks WR.

  9. Can’t think of someone who has made a more horrible play than Darrell Bevell did in the biggest game of the year.

    Scott Norwood maybe? It was from nearly 50 yards. Can’t really blame him there.

    Rodney Harrison?

    Peyton Manning to Tracy Porter?

    Yeah, I think Bevell wins this one.

  10. he played great. Lane’s injury was a real blow to the Hawks, primarily b/c it left Simon to cover Edelman and he wasn’t good enough to do it.

    still can’t believe we lost this one . . .

  11. Of course if it was helmet to helmet why wasn’t there a penalty???? BECAUSE IT WASN’T. It’s called football goodell you idiot. Collisions happen. Hitting happens. Although I know you’d be happy to legislate that out of the game.

  12. Unquestionably the greatest run in NFL history. 4 SB wins, 6 conference championships and….13 division championships? All in 15 years. Yeah.

    Greatest run ever.

  13. It looked pretty clear that Edelman was suffering knee and hip issues, which he had coming into the game. Notice how badly he twisted his leg on that play and how he limped ahead after they weren’t sure if his knee was down. For the rest of the game, he could run perfect routes but he would wait after every play for his teammates to come help him up. That points to leg issues.

  14. What tarnishes fair play more? 2 psi… or 6 of your starters jacked on PEDs. Thank you Pats for ending this “dynasty” before it began.

  15. Not a Pats fan… But Julian was definitely rocked and he sucked it up and played through what was clearly a concussion. That is a grown man right there!

  16. Funny, yea we won and some how we managed to cheat our way to another win, (right guys) Keep hating haters…. see you next year

  17. And for all the whiners about the refs… I was sure the fix was in after the missed call on the roughing the punter. Plant leg. Hit. 15 yards. Pretty simple. And ONE person one the field watching nothing BUT that play call and he missed it. I was sure the fix was in. But greatness will beat corruptness (new word) any day.

  18. (1) I thought at first he was woozy but then thought it may have been his hip bothering him. Did he take a blow to the head?

    (2). Did the independent doctors buzz down to have him evaluated? If so, what is the protocol? Can the team overrule?

    (3) Even if helmet to helmet might not be a penalty if defender did not lead with head. Sometimes guys duck into each other. Need slo-mo replay to know for sure.

    (4). How stupid was Darrell Bevell on that play call? How can he overcome this one, I can’t imagine him being a head coaching candidate again.

  19. Avail was made to leave but not Edelman?unfair. Will be the same treatment regarding the deflated footballs.

  20. If it were any other team, the player would have been pulled from the game. But because it’s the Patriots, the player is allowed to play and once again circumvent the rules that applies to everyone else but them.

  21. Cheap helmet to helmet shot by Chancellor but that bum does it all the time and he got away with it again tonight Good to see Edelman get the winning score and send Searoidle back to rain city. At least there’s the NBA season still going….. oh wait

  22. That was just an incidental collision I don’t blame the Seahawks for putting the boom to Edelman. I also highly doubt that he’s the only one that’s played through a concussion Ben Roethlisberger in the playoff game against the Ravens anybody?

  23. @ seatownballers: appreciate the good sportsmanship. You guys played a hell of a game and it was an all time great Super Bowl. You guys have a bright future ahead of you. Keep your head up; you should be proud of your team

  24. Where you at haters???? Your tears taste like sweet syrup on my pancakes!!!! Pats are WORLD CHAMPIONS AGAIN!!!! Greatest Dynasty of ALL-TIME!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


    #embracethehate #youhateuscuzyouain’tus #WORLDCHAMPS #4RINGS


  25. Worst one this year was Heath Miller. Helmet to helmet hit…
    Didn’t that happen with Rothlisberger? He went off for concussion protocol, his backup drove the field, and then RB threw a pick at the five or something.

  26. Ok trivia buffs.. Let’s play Jeopardy. Name the coach..

    What coach has won a NCCA football title, has won a Super Bowl for his team, has won a Super Bowl for his opponent.

    Who is…..

  27. I appreciate greatness and i try to be as objective as i can in my analysis since i dont support any team, nothing pissed me of all two weeks with this deflategate nonsense, glad the Pats won. I screamed when Butler made the pick, deflate that as they say haters..

  28. I don’t recall an article like this after JR Sweezy was knocked unconscious in a game earlier this year but was allowed to return to the game.

  29. Love that THIS is the headline of the site. Stay salty PFTNation!!! We’re champs again!! HAHAHAHA!!!

  30. Edelman had a heck of a game….what a baller!

    The Hawks defensive tackle, 72, Michael Bennett had his best game as a pro…Patriots couldn’t block him.

    Hats off to NE for another SB Championship.

    Fire OC Bevell before the plane touches down in Seattle!!

  31. how can he have a concussion when he got up and ran with the ball? duh dur dur dur….

  32. He was rocked, at least that’s for sure. ALL OF US saw his wobble when he recovered while running on his third step. He knee damn near buckled.

  33. I’m sure that’s one fine the Pats and Edelman will gladly pay. Dude could retire tomorrow and say he won a NFL championship, concussion and all.

  34. I wouldn’t say anything either.

    No way Im coming out of the Super Bowl.

    Its one thing to come out of a week 9 game, but winning the Super Bowl is what they’ve been playing for since they were 8 years old

  35. Lions lose a heartbreaker to the Cowboys.

    Cowboys lose a heartbreaker to the Packers.

    Packers lose a heartbreaker to the Seahawks.

    Seahawks lose a heartbreaker to the Patriots.

    Kinda crazy.

  36. weepingjebus says:
    Feb 1, 2015 11:38 PM
    I guess deflategate really is good and dead. Concussgate here we come!

    In any event, I’ll be wearing a Jacuzzi suit and watching Pete Carroll’s postgame press conference in slow motion.


    Just when I thought the evening could not get better, I read this! Thank you, sir.

  37. celticsforever says:
    Feb 1, 2015 11:58 PM
    In the end the better team won. Cheaters (PEDs) never prosper.


    Cheaters prospered tonight. And rest assured that Bellichick will find yet another way to cheat.

  38. The Patriots give my Dolphins the usual hammering each year sure we beat them every now and then so my dislike for them is very strong more to do with envy than anything else it must be said. But you have to beleive we are looking at the greatest dynasty in football. Tom Brady the greatest QB ever and the Hoody greatest coach ever. You can kid yourself all you want but it’s the truth.

  39. Ruh roh. Tweets from Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press:

    “Can hear the independent medical doctors in the box radio to the sideline saying Edelman needs to be checked for cocnussion”

    Then this:”Just heard them radio down again that he hasn’t been looked at yet. Never came off field RT @SaenzScott: Why hasn’t he been checked yet?”

  40. I wonder if Brady got concussed in Q1. Ended up with chin strap around his nose, looking cross-eyed on the NBC close-up.

  41. Even with the awful play call, pats still had to make a play to win. And the kid beat Wilson. The pats should have put them behind the 8ball in the first half and blew that, but bradys comeback was tremendous.

    Aaron rogers must be beside himself.

  42. realqc says: Feb 2, 2015 12:00 AM

    Not a Pats fan… But Julian was definitely rocked and he sucked it up and played through what was clearly a concussion. That is a grown man right t!


    Or maybe it was his hips and knee…he was pretty banged up coming in the game

  43. GOAT. Won a superbowl after spy gate. The balls were not deflated. We won. We are champs AGAIN. Now what are people gonna say and type to attempt to break up our beautiful patriot nation?????

  44. By the way, Belichick was asked about the game coming out of the second half, and he said “At this point it is a players game.” Damned if if wasn’t right again. Incredible historian….

  45. Of course he won’t say because we all know the patriot stench of cheating goes from Kraft down to the equipment guy. Worse ending to aSuperBowl EVER with Pete Carroll handing the most undeserving team ever a win. The good thing is history won’t be kind to these cheaters.

  46. I wasn’t worried about a concussion when I saw the play. I was worried that he ruined his leg when he came down and tried to keep his balance.

  47. Looked more like his hip was hurting on that play, rather than his head. Edelman’s a tough dude.

  48. Hey Richard Sherman, go eat some humble pie the rest of the winter!!! SO happy to see the Hawks gag like they did. Nice play call on the 1 foot line. Ha ha ha,

  49. What a freaking awesome game, great playoffs overal really.

    Seattle is a fantastic team, I still cannot believe Brady’s final numbers against that defense, 4TDs fellas, 300+ yds. He and the Pats earned that victory.

    I almost broke my TV when Kearse (I think) caught that juggling, kicked ball with 40 seconds left. I was having flashbacks of 07 with Tyree, threw up in my mouth a bit.

    Just a great game. I can’t stop smiling. How about you PFT?

  50. I’m quite certain Edelman does not regret stepping out to get his brain checked. He might not have been on the field and the Pats might not have won if he had. I’m sure he will feel fine in a few days, if he doesn’t right now.

    But years down the road is when the consequences of that decision might show. And he doesn’t have the benefit of knowing what will happen years down the road. Which is why the concussion protocol is in place. It’s an effort to cut down on the tragic tales of ex-players. I just hope for the sake of him and his family, he’s not one of those tragic tales. There is a fine line between being a “warrior” and being stupid. We won’t know which side Edelman was on for years.

  51. coacheskid says: Feb 1, 2015 11:34 PM

    Why are you not bring up the helmet to helmet NON-call? Insinuating pats and Julian didn’t follow protocol


    I didn’t get that either. It was clearly a dangerous play, and we’ve all seen far, far less flagged in the last couple of years.

    I agree with letting them play, but that was ridiculous.

  52. cmtobias25 says: Feb 1, 2015 11:38 PM

    Concussions are no big deal IMO. So he got his bell rung – it’s not like he isn’t getting paid.


    I don’t know if you’re just trolling, but that’s incredibly ignorant.

  53. Wow. Let’s talk about how Lynch didn’t get the ball, or if Edelman has a concussion, or Spygate, or Deflategate (Only 1 ball now? hmmmmmm, Glazer added an extra 1 to the facts?). But what an amazing game, for the ages.

  54. I like what Belichick said on the stand about whether he ever thought he would be on the stand accepting another Lombardi…

    What he said was telling. He said after being down 14 to Baltimore he still felt he would be there.

    He was saying “Baltimore was the best team we faced”. If Bill said it, I believe it. No wonder Baltimore was so dispirited that they coerced the Colts into squealing on the about ball pressure, which APPARENTLY, all ACTIVE QB’s adjust to….

    Honestly I think John Harbaugh is a good coach (but as a man, I don’t like him), and I think the winner of the Patriots/Ravens game WAS definitely the Super Bowl winner….they were the two toughest and most flexible teams, sans Green bay, and a weird Seattle team….but what do you expect from the grunge capital of the world? That’s so 90’s….

  55. Another thing……The Patriots have one of the youngest rosters in the NFL. They were the 11th youngest to start the season. Seattle may be a bit younger at 7th….but hey…you just LOST a championship…maybe we see you next year. But I doubt it. I think the Patriots have the team mentality to repeat. But it is way too soon….or is it?

  56. Dear Patriot haters,









    Love and kisses,
    Patriots Nation.

  57. Cam unloaded on him. And Edelman popped right up. That was a nasty shot. Clean, hard and a hit like that is termed slobberknocker!

    Cam is a great player but no matter how much he loves Sean Taylor, he is not Sean Taylor. Had Sean Taylor taken that angle, Edleman does not get up period.

    Edelman is one tough sob. He could have easily been MVP, juking that greatest defense of all time at will.

  58. I would be surprised if he remebers much about the second half. He was rubber legging it after that hit. Concussions are one of those things that teams can ignore when they need the player in the game unless it is so obvious that they have to do the protocol.

  59. snoqualmieterry says:
    Feb 2, 2015 12:13 AM
    Avail was made to leave but not Edelman?unfair. Will be the same treatment regarding the deflated footballs.


    Difference was that Avril didn’t get up. The doctors had to come on the field to get him.

  60. First off congrats to the Pats. Now why is it Lance Armstrong is stripped of his titles but the Pats continue to cheat. Not supposedly cheat but, they have been caught and allowed to continue. This is a disgrace. I’m a Saints fan and agree 100% what they did was wrong and deserved the punishment. This is about continuing to have a credible game. If every time you win there is evidence you cheated doesn’t that question your success? Regardless if you like the Pats or not they did cheat, it’s a fact not rumor,suspicion or conspiracy. Let’s see how Krafts buddy Goodell handles this!

  61. Pats never cared for any player injury. Wins to them is more important & even to Pats fans it is the same.

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