New NFL Media report on #DeflateGate raises plenty of questions

As the NFL continues to process the events of two Sundays ago regarding the inflation of certain footballs, the media company owned by the NFL has tried to advance the ball from a news standpoint.

The end result creates plenty of questions — questions that undoubtedly will be answered, one way or the other.

Much of Ian Rapoport’s new report isn’t new.  He confirmed without crediting reports from FOX and PFT regarding the surveillance video that shows Patriots employee taking 12 Patriots balls and 12 Colts balls into a restroom.  The new information:  Rapoport describes the man as “elderly,” and Rapoport says the man was in the restroom for 98 seconds.  (PFT previously reported that the man was in the restroom for approximately 90 seconds.)  Rapoport also confirmed without crediting the PFT report that the Patriots turned the video over to the NFL early in the process.

Here’s where it gets interesting.  Chris Mortensen of ESPN initially reported that 11 of the 12 balls were two pounds under the 12.5 PSI minimum.  PFT later reported that 10 of the balls were closer to one pound under the minimum than two.  Now, the media company owned by the NFL reports that “[m]any of [the footballs] were just a few ticks under the minimum.”

So how many are “many”?  And how much is “just a few ticks”?

Making the NFL media report even more confusing is the fact that, when Rapoport discussed the issue on the air, he specifically said that “a couple, three or four were about a pound under and three or four more were right at the line but a little bit under.”

As one league source with knowledge of the situation told PFT in response to the NFL Media report, “Ian’s wrong.”  Apart from the inherent conflict between the written assertion that “many” were “just a few ticks under” and only “three or four” were “right at the line but a little bit under,” it’s possible that both versions are incorrect.

Either way, the truth eventually will be known.  As a different source told PFT on Sunday morning, the NFL logged all PSI readings for the Patriots and Colts footballs at halftime of the AFC title game.  Assuming that this information makes its way into Ted Wells’ report (and surely it will), the hard numbers eventually will become public.

In the end, it will be more than a little awkward, to say the least, if the official NFL investigation report conflicts with the latest NFL Media report on the investigation.

54 responses to “New NFL Media report on #DeflateGate raises plenty of questions

  1. the only fact seems to be that the only ball 2 psi under was the one the colts have… Smells fishy

  2. We are simply surrounded by millions of haters. We laugh at you. You will all be forced to watch us hoist yet another Lombardi. We are better and it kills you. When the game is out of hand by the end of the 1st quarter, there will be crickets.

    Preordered Champs gear: ✓
    Stacked trophy case: ✓
    Other fans watching in awe, bitterness: ✓
    Us laughing at you: ✓

  3. having the psi at halftime is worthless unless you have a 1-1 connection to the psi of all balls by both teams.
    Pregame halftime
    NE Ball 1 12.5 12.3
    IND Ball 1 13.5 13.2

    anything else and the data is worthless

  4. Best QB of all-time: ✓
    Best coach of all-time: ✓
    Yet another Lombardi: ✓
    A bucket for your tears: WAH!


  5. D’Qwell Jackson is on record the week before last as saying there was nothing wrong with the ball he caught for the INT…

    If that’s the case then the Colts had to have tampered with it on their sideline while it was in their possession. END OF STORY!

    Now investigate the Colts for cheating again.

  6. a different source told PFT on Sunday morning, the NFL logged all PSI readings for the Patriots and Colts footballs at halftime of the AFC title game
    Wait a minute, wait minute, wait a minute …….

    the league just said, two days ago, that records of those balls were NOT kept!!!!!

    I didn’t dream that up, I read it right HERE, on PFT!

    Now they’re saying that records WERE kept?????

    And they said two weeks ago that they had conducted “sting” on the Patriots, but today said that they DIDN’T.

    The NFL is clearly talking out of both sides of their mouth, and just when I think this thing can’t get any worse, Gooddell’s team makes the Keystone Kops look like Scotland Yard!!!!!

    At his point, I wouldn’t believe them if they said the sun will rise tomorrow,

    What a sham they’ve made of this thing, and they’d clearly made the Patriots look bad when they were clearly innocent.

    I hope New England wins tonight, just so Bob Kraft can call Gooddell out to his face, live on National TV!!!!

  7. If they didn’t actually measure the balls both before the game and then after the first half, they just need to say so and let people move on with their lives.

    I am not a Pats fan and don’t necessarily feel sorry for them, by, the biggest thing that got deflated over the past two weeks is the NFL’s reputation. They look more and more like the gang that can’t shoot straight.

  8. Considering Walt Anderson didn’t document the PSI of any of the balls before the game, we don’t know if they deflated, or when.

  9. I don’t buy this. The NFL is sweeping it under the rug with conflicting reports. We will never know the truth but once a cheater, always a cheater.

  10. We really still talking about the deflated balls business? lol we’re about to watch the 2 best teams in football and we’re talking about deflated balls? Hmm

  11. And the science says footballs should have deflated 1 to 1.5 depending on exposure to rain as well as cold. But if we do not know exact starting points for all balls from both teams, then …..? And if we don’t know what usually happens to balls during games, then…? It is a mess. The truth will not likely be fully known.

  12. okay, nbc must be done with their 3 hours of deflategate coverage (Gotta love collinsworth’s contempt over Brady too bad he can’t get that outraged over pittsburghs indiscretions) so now we can discuss.

  13. This is the false report of the Patriots taping the Rams walk through all over again

    IT NEVER HAPPENED – the Herald RETRACTED THE STORY – but only after it had served as a distraction to the Patriots in the Super Bowl

    Amazingly TONS of fans as well as PLAYERS don’t seem to comprehend what the term “retracted” means even today – and they STILL think it’s a true story

    That’s probably going to be the case here as well – but of course only AFTER it served to distract the Patriots on one of their biggest games ever.

    It’s a shame. Brady may have been ROBBED from being recognized as the greatest QB in NFL history accomplishing what no one thought could be done in the era of free agency and salary cap that Montana never had to contend with

  14. This is the NFL’s coverup in progress so they don’t have to penalize their favorite team. The longer they string this out the more evidence they can hide, change or destroy!

  15. No one will ever no the truth, just what Goodell wants. Throw a whole school of red herrings in the water to muddy things up.

  16. tim2200 says:
    Feb 1, 2015 5:08 PM
    Interesting how the media demands integrity from everyone….but themselves

    Exactly Tim; well said.

    Too bad PFT doesn’t own responsibility either……

  17. In other words, all the Pats balls were within the normal range of pressure drop due to cold and weather except the ball that was intercepted and taken to the Colts sideline.

    And almost certainly tampered with by the Colts before handing it over to the refs.

    Setup setup setup. Cowardly Colts knew they were going to get hammered again and wanted any excuse to not look like the pathetic excuse for a football team they certainly appeared to be in the AFCC game.

  18. Curran’s article points the finger at Kensil, the ex-Jet executive within the NFL offices, as one of the rats still desperately trying to keep this DOA issue alive. Letting a loose cannon like that play fast and hard with the truth means that Goodell has no control at all over his staff. Integrity? Starts at home, Roger the Dodger.

  19. baltimorons says:
    Feb 1, 2015 5:22 PM
    They are still under weight. One click, two click. Doesn’t matter.


    Hey, there was another guy who had a clever post that was something like “the cheating-ist cheaters of all cheating time over cheating space”, or something like that.

    So, I don’t think that just using the term “CHEATERS” is going to cut it anymore; it comes across as lazy. Sorry.

  20. “This is the NFL’s coverup in progress so they don’t have to penalize their favorite team.”

    Ummm, if this was the league’s favorite team and they were going to protect them this would never have happened in the first place.

    So no coverup for the Pats. Maybe for the Ravens, Colts and former Jets employees who engaged in the setup but not the Pats.

  21. I’m thinking a “tick” is an ounce. So some footballs are a few ounces under the minimum and the NFL publicly accuses the Patriots of cheating??!

    I hope Robert Kraft has all the influence the trolls claim he has, because if the footballs were only a few ounces off, Goodell should be fired.

  22. yooperman says:
    Feb 1, 2015 5:31 PM
    No one will ever no the truth, just what Goodell wants. Throw a whole school of red herrings in the water to muddy things up.


    Dude, you’re mixing metaphors…..”red herring” does not go with “muddy things up” (unless the mud is red).

    (I personally like this mixed or confused metaphor: someone or something is a “flash in the pants”…try it out; it gets big laughs….)

  23. I was sure this was Big Bill and the Pats typical shenanigans. Now I don’t know what to think. I watched Brady’s interview with Tom Costas and talk about evasive. Not once did he just come out and deny it but danced around it. It was almost comical.

    That being said I’m as confused as anyone….

  24. As a patriots fan. I was laughing it off at first. Then “details” emerged, and, I was a bit pissed at my team since the whole spygate incident. Now it’s just ridiculous. They did. They didn’t. It’s ridiculous the NFL “leaks”, and, also, comes out and publicly says things unknowingly. If found guilty. They need punished. If not. They are still punished in the publics eye.

  25. tonebones says:
    Feb 1, 2015 6:13 PM
    Brady* will always have that *asterisk next to his name.

    really….wow who knew…..i’ve never seen that….

  26. everyone in a manufacturing and QC position knows… measuring equipment (gages) HAVE to be calibrated ! if they didn’t use the same gage to measure at the start of the game… compared to at half time… then that is a FACTOR also !

    this is crazy

  27. This is just NFL damage control and smoke screen. NFL is talking on both sides of its mouth leaking contradicting stories then it will have inconclusive results on the investigation.

    If the balls were just a few ticks under pressure then you wouldn’t even notice the balls to have them questioned, so I don’t believe the few ticks crap.

    Hey by the way patriots fans…your team brings this on itself so quit acting like you guys are victims and people are picking you. 2001-04,05 people loved that team

  28. this is great… all this talk…but for me it breaks down to historical data and calibration of measuring devices….

    what is the trend for 3 months or 6 months or years of ball pressures in varying outdoor conditions?

    when was the last time the pressure meter was calibrated?

  29. I think they need to check the pressure guage. Maybe it’s off and the colts balls are under inflated. With all that checking the balls are going to loose pressure as well. How do we know that they didn’t play with the one ball that was at pressure the whole time. So whether any of the other eballs were over or under inflated may not really matter from a game outcome standpoint. So get over it!!

  30. I’m just wondering why the old fella took the balls into the bathroom to begin with. Smells a little fishy to me. It’ll be swept under the rug, I have no doubt of that. Read Mark Cuban’s article from around March ’14. NFL is cooking their own goose. Keep up the good work.

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