Report: Bernard Pollard asked Titans to release him

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The Titans parted ways with vice president of player personnel Lake Dawson on Friday and the move wasn’t popular with one member of the roster.

Safety Bernard Pollard tweeted “talk about the wrong guy getting fired” and said he could name a lot of players and other people in the organization that should have been let go before Dawson. According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, Pollard wanted to be one of them.

Wyatt reports that Pollard requested his release from the Titans at the end of the 2014 season. Pollard is set to make $3.1 million on his deal with the Titans for 2015 and the team could drop him without incurring a lot of dead money on their cap.

Pollard’s season came to an early end when he ruptured his Achilles five games into the season. Wyatt reports he’s progressing in rehab and asking out of a contract suggests that he’s pretty confident he’ll be able to sell himself to another team well ahead of next season.

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  1. Pollard knows Ruston Webster is the problem. With him deciding personal the franchise will never succeed. He wants to win and I can’t blame him for wanting out. They fired Websters VP, who only did what Webster suggested. Webster should be out the door.

    I mean cmon, Webster leaves Seattle and takes his people and then Seattle learns to draft. Coincidence? Cmon man.

  2. Dawson had a direct link to the extreme lack of talent on the team. My guess is that after the 2015 season, there’s going to be more firings.

    I like Pollard, but the Titans need to draft young, strong players to grow with the team during this rebuilding.

  3. Ruston Webster is a disciple of Tim Ruskell, who may the worst GM of all time. That moron completely ran Mike Holmgren’s well-oiled machine straight into the ground and left Pete Carroll with the least talented roster in the NFL to inherit.

  4. I love Pollard. Fun to watch him deliver the boom. He has his limitations as a safety, but the guy plays his heart out and refreshingly speaks his mind out.

    Interesting decision to give up 3 million coming off an achilles injury.

  5. Look, Floyd Reese wasn’t a strong GM. For that matter, neither was Reinfeldt and neither is Webster.

    If you look at the drafts by this franchise since the move to Tennessee, (this years draft will make #19) There have been ZERO picks that will have ended up Hall of Fame worthy. (The jury is still out on recent drafts, but come on.)

    The Titans have struck out on two top 10 QB’s (Young/Locker)

    The Titans 1st rd. picks since 1997 have included; DE Kenny Holmes (97), WE Kevin Dyson (98), DE Jevon Kearse (99), LB Keith Bulluck (00), DT Albert Haynesworth (02), CB Andre Woolfolk (03), CB Pacman Jones (05), QB Vince Young (06), FS Michael Griffin (07), RB Chris Johnson (08), WR Kenny Britt (09), DE Derrick Morgan (10), QB Jake Locker (11), WR Kendall Wright (12), OG Chance Warmack (13), OT Taylor Lewan (14)

    Kearse was a homerun but couldn’t stay healthy long enough to matter. Bulluck is probably one of the great “Titans” to ever play for the team (outside of McNair, George, and Wycheck) Haynesworth was a lazy bum that took off plays and was oft-injured with exception to contract years. Pacman would have been a homerun if not for his off-field antics, CJ2k(1k) is another guy that got lazy and quit on plays, Wright and Lewan look solid.

    The rest were complete busts! So out of 18 years worth of draft picks, the Titans truly hit it big on one player (Bulluck) guys like Holmes, Dyson, Woolfolk, Young, Britt, and Locker were complete disasters. VY did make the franchise a lot of money in merchandise sales though.

    The only thing that kept this franchise afloat during their entire existence in Nashville was Jeff Fisher’s ability to take mediocre or talentless players and make them play good football.

    Consequently, the only thing that kept the Titans from winning multiple Super Bowl’s was Fisher’s inability to join the 21st century as it pertains to offense. Fisher wouldn’t allow McNair to throw the ball enough during the early years and at the same time, wore out Eddie George’s knees.

    This team SHOULD have won Super Bowls in 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2003. Sadly, it never came to be.

    Tommy Smith needs to do a complete overhaul of the entire franchise. Front Office, Coaches, Players, all the way down to a uniform re-design.

  6. Bernard Pollard…the one guy that prevented the Patriots from what would be TWELVE consecutive playoff appearances…and AFC East crowns for that matter….The 2008 Miami Dolphins season MVP should be Bernard Pollard.

  7. Pollard was an integral member of the Ravens SB run a few years ago, but there’s a common denominator to the problems within every team he’s played on. Pollard. Love the guy’s drive, but he needs to keep his mouth shut.

  8. Brady is obviously not the best QB ever if he is afraid of a little Pollard. Tom will really need to tamper with the game balls for those games.

  9. Brady likely tampered with the football a lot more when he played Pollard. He expected to run the ball a lot because he was afraid to pass. He likely deflated it as much as they did against the Colts. Hard to tell.

  10. No bitter tears for Ravens fans…Ray Lewis will go into HOF with his head held high, Brady will slink in because everyone will know he had to cheat and break the rules to get in.

  11. Yes..Elam is a bust. It was pretty easy to stop Brady with his dinks and dunks. That is all he can do. Unfortunately, when thru injury the Ravens were left with Elam to do the tackling, that was the only way the Ravens could lose – even with Tom cheating the rules with tampering balls.

  12. ravens2xworldchamps says:
    Feb 1, 2015 9:51 AM

    Back to Baltimore. Elam is a bust

    Wouldn’t that be great ? Unfortunately it won’t happen, even though it should.

  13. Pollard has always been an overrated, me-first player and I am a long-time Ravens fan. Just another example to add to the pile here. The Ravens can get a better upgrade over Elam in free agency or the draft.

  14. Pollard gets picked on by officials especially since his “In 20 years there will be no NFL prediction”, which a few more years like this last one he could be right.

  15. I’ve never understood why players shoot their way outta town. Do they not think that decreases the next contract they get?

    As far as Pollard himself is concerned, he’s a poor mans Rodney Harrison. He plays right on the line of being dirty, and occasionally jumps way over said line. He’s an effective tool (pun intended) on any team, so why has he played for so many different teams? It’s not like he’s a massive cap hit or anything, so IMO he’s clearly a locker room cancer.

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