Report: Many of Patriots footballs “a few ticks” under proper pressure

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Back when the story of under-inflated footballs in the AFC Championship game was fresh and new, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that 11 of the 12 footballs the Patriots used in the first half of the game were two pounds per square inch under the NFL’s prescribed pressure for balls used in games.

That report became a centerpiece of much discussion about the situation and the Patriots’ possible role in deflating the balls, even after PFT  reported last week that only the ball intercepted by Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson came in two pounds under the 12.5 PSI threshold. The rest of the balls were closer to the line by about one pound.

Now Ian Rapoport of NFL Media is reporting something similar. Rapoport reports that many of the other 11 footballs were “just a few ticks” under the minimum, although those ticks aren’t quantified, perhaps because, as NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino confirmed, the league doesn’t log the PSI of each ball before the game.

While the word on the level of deflation was already out there, the fact that a league-owned concern is reporting it is a notable development as we wait for the league to say something definitive on the issue.

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  1. It’s over Haters. You over-reacted. You didn’t bother waiting for facts to come out and now you look very very foolish.

  2. Goodell should really look into hiring some plumbers because of the number of leaks in his office.

  3. The Illegal 20-Yard Swing in the Pats-Ravens Game

    Despite the attention heaped on deflategate, the bigger scandal of the playoffs will end up having been the refs mishandling of the Patriots eligibility-aided drive against the Ravens.

    Proper enforcement of the rules would have penalized the Patriots for 5 yards. Add that 5 to the 15 yard penalty that the Ravens took to call attention to the scheme and that’s a 20-yard swing on a scoring drive in a very close game.

    No one, including PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM, appears to have held the refs to the standards laid out in the NFL’s 2012 POINTS OF EMPHASIS, which specifically address the situation that occurred in the Patriots-Ravens game. Everyone, including PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM, has taken the refs at their word without much scrutiny. The refs still seem confused about how to handle this situation. If they looked at the 2012 POINTS OF EMPHASIS, the answer is right there.

    The cold logic here includes two points and one extrapolation.

    1. FACT: It was widely reported that Shane Vereen on at least one play reported his ineligibility just before the snap on the drive.

    2. FACT: Players wearing numbers that don’t qualify them for their position must report to the referee “BEFORE ENTERING THE HUDDLE.” And if a player fails to properly report his change in eligibility, “IT WILL RESULT IN A 5-YARD PENALTY FOR ILLEGAL SUBSTITUION.”

    3. EXTRAPOLATION: If the refs had thrown the flag, Harbaugh would not have gotten the unsportsmanlike conduct. That’s the 20-yard swing on a scoring drive.

    Here is the portion of the 2012 points of emphasis:
    The committee also reviewed the procedures for an offensive player who comes into the game wearing a number that does not qualify him for the position he takes. These players must report to the referee, before entering the huddle. The referee and umpire will then report the same to the defensive team.

    This rule prevails whether a player is already in the game or is an entering substitute and whether it is a play from scrimmage, an attempted field goal, or a try after a touchdown. If a player fails to report his change in eligibility, it will result in a 5-yard penalty for illegal substitution.

    Clearly no one wants to talk about this. Not the Patriots certainly, not the NFL refs (who are still confused about how to handle this issue) and not the Ravens (who in retrospect should have called a timeout.) But that doesn’t change the fact that if the refs had handled it properly, the outcome might have been different.

  4. Why is no one investigating the Colts? Isnt that the very first logical step in performing an investigation? The “credibility” (or lack thereof) of the person or persons presenting the evidence?

  5. If this report proves to be true, the league owes the Pats an apology and they need to explain why they unleashed this investigation just before the big game, when so few of the balls were actually changed very much. They created a scandal with just a few footballs marginally changed. Maybe it’s time to fire Goodell!

  6. Someone in the NFL first”leaked” misinformation making the Patriots look bad to Mortensen and Co two weeks ago, then leaked only 1/10th the story about the ball boy (elderly man) and bathroom (mystery “area” in Glazer’s report) and has been doing so for 2 weeks.

    This lead to a media witch hunt and smear campaign against Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots.

    ONLY NOW do we get info, again leaked, the exonerates the Patriots and it comes on Super Sunday??


    I can understand why Mike Florio isn’t the one reporting this story.

  7. Florio- If you’re into finding out the truth then find this out.
    1) What was the starting pressure of ALL balls Patriots and Colts.
    2) What were the halftime pressure of ALL balls Pats and Colts?
    3) Was the ball in possession of the colts a statistical pressure derivation of the other 11?

  8. In any conversation, “a few ticks” is nothing. if it was serious, they wouldn’t have gone with that style of saying.

  9. Seriously who gives a crap? You’ve put so many articles on this story that it is just annoying. I hope the Patriots win though. Seattle has the worst fanbase in all of sports. 2012th man is going down.

  10. Finally being honest after milking it for all possible publicity leading up to the game.

    Sounds like the investigation needs to look into whether the Colts deflated the one low ball

  11. Travesty. Are you saying there might be an apology for Patriots in the waiting.
    This is criminal on Goddell. How do they allow false reports to be out there without setting the record straight. What is going on here? I am not one to call people incompetent when I am not in their shoes, but this will beyond the pale if 11 of the balls were not all 2PSI under.
    If Patriots have been vituperated over this incident and they weren’t as guilty as portrayed then heads should roll. I don’t think “The Onion” could have written a better lampoon.

  12. Why isn’t this story, posted at 2:14, the current headline (older stories are higher on the list)? Trying to sneak it in Florio?

  13. NyerinBaltimore – Fact – There was a penalty on the play prior to the one you’re referring to, which nullifies the need to go out for a play.

    But hey, don’t let facts get in the way.

  14. nyerinbaltimore nailed it. Brilliant evaluation. The Pats are and have been cheats and all their wah wah wah crying and temper tantrums will never change the fact that their three super bowls should have asterisks by them. Seattle is going to roast them alive.

  15. Little Mikey isn’t going to like this.

    On a side note, does ESPN EVER get a story right? Mort needs to be put out to pasture along with Peter King, Skip Bayless, Bob Krafitz, Bill Simmons and the rest of these agenda driven old windbags.

  16. Mark Burnell and Troy Aikman have a lot of crow to eat and many sincere apologies to give. My guess is that neither has the guts to man up and admit when they may have been disrespectful and so quick to judgement.

  17. There could be video of the Colts deflating the 1 ball they had in possession, the 1 ball that was appreciably under weight, and the public discourse wouldn’t move one bit from where it is now.
    The damage is done, just like it was with the false report of a walkthrough vide of the Rams practice.
    I think we’ve seen a Bob Kraft who’s had enough, and I hope he holds a lot of people accountable for what’s been reported [if this latest report is accurate]. Also left out is that it was an elderly employee who took the pit stop, not some nimble ball boy.

  18. OK. League confirms that Ne balls were all at leat 1 lb. under. colts balls were all in the legal range. Guess it was colder on the NE side of the field.

    And the ball boy waited on the refs so he could drag 2 bags of balls to join him in the rest room with him. Perfectly logical? Hell no. NE is going to get fried by Goodell!

  19. So basically, there is no scandal here. It was all drummed up media hype. It was all drummed up hatred of the Patriots. It was a completely bogus Chris Mortenson report. Everyone looks awful in this whole bogus scandal and I believe the Patriots are going to be owed an awful lot of apologies from people like Troy Aikman and Mark Brunell, who tried to assassinate their character and integrity. Disgraceful behavior. I still have to think John Harbaugh was behind this because he had his feelings hurt by Brady, who told him to ‘study the rulebook’ and then he told to the Colts to watch out for deflated footballs. Every team submits their footballs to the refs differently pre-game. The Patriots like theirs under-inflated. Aaron Rodgers likes his over-inflated. And the NFL doesn’t care. It is the refs job to pump or take out air of the footballs if they think they’re illegal. But they never do that because the NFL has been so lax about enforcing a rule that no one cared about until Jim Harbaugh or the Colts started crying. So basically the Patriot’s footballs were under-inflated when given to the refs but they were approved and the Colts footballs were over-inflated, which accounts for the difference. Case closed. End of story. Apologize to the Patriots and let’s move on.

  20. @nyerinbaltimore

    Vereen did report before entering the huddle. As in, there wasn’t a huddle cause they were going hurry-up, so therefore, he reported before entering it. Is that as tight a technicality as there is? Yea, probably, but if you call it that, it still means it’s not breaking the rulebook as it’s written.

    If I had my guess, this is going to be looked at in the off-season and if you’re going no-huddle and reporting ineligible people, you’re probably going to have to wait a set amount of time before snapping. The Pats didn’t snap for around 7 seconds after the ref reported it to the Ravens so I would argue they had the time to at least line up a basic zone defense of some kind. Similar to any quick no-huddle that gets set and goes, but an added wrinkle.

    Regardless, I would agree the refs need some upgrading in that regard. It’s already been shown that on one play, the Pats did illegally substitute based on eligible/ineligible and it wasn’t caught. But the refs miss things every game. Say, for example, Gronk being mugged in the endzone and not getting a DPI flag.

  21. The NFL is very selective with their free passes for cheaters.

    Another reason soccer is eventually going to overtake football as the most popular professional sport in the United States.

    As long as the NFL continues to protect/reward/enrich cheaters… the NFL brand will diminish at an increased rate.

  22. You are sadly mistaken.The fact is only one ball was deflated 2 p.s.i. the rest were only marginally deflated.The one ball was on the colts sideline for 20 minutes.The Jets GM,who vowed to get Belichick for leaving the Jets,was trolling around behind the Colts bench.What was HE doing there? It will be the most embarrassing moment in NFL history when they and the media and everyone else has to apologize,so go take your ridiculous and absurd comments elsewhere.We don’t care what preconceived notions YOU have.

  23. Colts deflated the ball that jackson intercepted to make the patriots look bad – that’s the only explanation for why only that one ball came under 2 lbs

  24. Sounds like the Colt’s owner Irsay was wandering the sidelines again with an inflation needle and an 8 ball…Oops
    Can somebody tell that guy he’s got a freakin’ $17,000 owners booth to hang out in…Geesh LOL

  25. This organization is such a joke. Oh and no one is hating on you. You only have 3 SBs. You’ve been around for a hundred years. The ravens have been around for 19 and already have two. You guys are so lame. Your coach, your QB, your owner. Terrible!


  26. The problem here is that the Patriots were already “convicted” through the NFL’s leaks to certain members of the media (Kravitz, Mortensen, etc). You can’t undo that and an apology gets you nothing. Mike Kensil needs to be fired. You can start from there and then reprimand Goodell. The owners should hire a professional consulting firm to advise them on an appropriate leadership structure that either includes or doesn’t include Roger Goodell.

  27. As Dolphin fan I find all this quite funny as anything that makes the Patriots look bad is good but to be honest it’s a storm in a tea cup. Now if the balls were deflated like the one in the picture there might be something to look into. Go Seahawks

  28. jswheeler says:
    Feb 1, 2015 2:23 PM

    Florio- If you’re into finding out the truth then find this out.
    1) What was the starting pressure of ALL balls Patriots and Colts.
    2) What were the halftime pressure of ALL balls Pats and Colts?
    3) Was the ball in possession of the colts a statistical pressure derivation of the other 11?

    The NFL can’t answer any of your questions honestly because they don’t record pressure. End of case, Pats not guilty due to lack of evidence.

  29. Two things: 1. NYERinBaltimore is right, and 2, LOL at all the touchy patriots fans claiming this clears their team. There was no log of the actual weight of the footballs. The NFL can say anything they want to get themselves out of this mess.

  30. Somehow the “atmospheric conditions” were different on the Colts’ side of the field, because their footballs were legal.

  31. It’s looking more and more like there should be a reverse investigation into who exactly decided to leak all this erroneous info during the leadup to the SB the Pats have to play.

    How did this start? Harbaugh, sick of the close loss and being out-coached? Irsay? Sick of his team just plain sucking vs. the Pats? Or higher up the NFL food chain? A couple ex-Jets employees at the highest levels? NY people through and through, with a specific dislike of the Pats?

    This is all finally getting interesting given the only ball outside of the average psi loss was the one the Colts handled…

    Very interesting indeed.

  32. What’s the problem? Rodgers believes in the blue pill, Brady doesn’t, others like scuffing theirs and Leinart is still in ah of Warner.

  33. Pretty easy to quantify what a tick (or tick marks) are. In a standard psi gauge the major tick marks represent whole number psi’s; the next longest tick marks are the .5 psi marks; the smallest tick marks represent .1 psi.

    Thus a “few tick marks” would likely indicate a few .1 tick marks, or approximately 0.3 psi. Anything else represents 1/2 and 1 psi’s.

    This has turned out to be a major screw up on the NFL’S part. They should have kept this entire thing under wraps. They could have done the whole investigation and resolved it without causing a huge distraction from them game.

  34. I’m laughing at the smug bandwagon Patriots* fans who think their team deserves an apology. They’re getting one in the form of this being swept under the rug. If it wasn’t for the Super Bowl, this would have been resolved the very week they were caught using under inflated balls and a suspension or fine would have been handed out. Once again the Patriots* gain favoritism from Goodell and get away with bending the rules in their favor.

    The back peddling is beyond obvious, and gives everyone even more reason to question the NFL’s integrity. This smells of a big bowl of rotten chowder. If the Patriots* win today, the fix is indeed in.

  35. So everyone who believes the Patriots did something wrong in deflategate believes:

    – The Patriots deflated one ball by a lot, some by a little, and most by barely anything. They wanted to play with three different types of air pressures all in the same game

    – The Patriots have no fear the ball attendant will ever speak out during the rest of his life, and the ball attendant was trusted to commit and coverup this huge cheating event, all to get a ball that’s maybe easier to throw to some QB’s but not others.

  36. You have to fire Mort and Kensil. This is Mort’s second known offense of giving himself up as a mouthpiece for misinformation. The level of media manipulation by Kensil used to defraud and distract the Pats is off the charts. Goodell should also obviously resign after this season.

  37. This makes no difference. If it’s 20 balls or just one. The only question is, did they intentionally deflate ball(s) below the legal psi.
    If you are even asking that question anymore, you don’t care about the answer.

  38. tccoats says:
    Feb 1, 2015 2:19 PM

    The cover up begins….
    Yeah, that, or the NFL is forced to admit they never really had any evidence that New England cheated.

    I love these people who are now screaming “COVER UP!!!!”

    The damage is already done, 90% of the fan base already believes that the Patriots cheated, no matter that there isn’t ONE SHRED of proof that they did – just like the infamous “walk-through practice” taping that never happened.

    Why would Gooddell try to “cover up” AFTER the damage is done????? If you think its because he’s “buddy buddy” with Kraft, look at the beating the patriot’s reputation has taken the past two weeks because of “leaks” by the NFL, ask yourself if someone who would let that happen is a “buddy”.

    Kraft has every reason to be pissed at Gooddell, and he has the power to get the owners to fire this turd.

    Gooddell wrongly bit the hand that feeds him, and will soon pay the price for that.

  39. QUESTION: ❓

    Has it been (or can it even be) established that the Colts coaching staff there on the sidelines who handed over the ball to officials for supposed suspicion deflated the ball slightly on their own? Just stick a needle in and leak out a tad of air? It’s like a jealous old boyfriend who goes to a restaurant while his former gal is on a date and happens to bump into a waiter bringing soup & WHOOPS ! the chicken noodle “accidently” spills onto the courting duo. Jealousy on part of the Colts organization to cause evil trouble to the more handsome stud in town.

  40. Really?!?! The balls come in just a “few ticks” under proper pressure and the league launches a costly FBI-like investigation into it?

  41. I think everyone should calm down with conspiracy theories on all sides. Colts could conceivably have manipulated their one ball, but in the real world of cold, wet, rainy play, balls surely deflate below whatever they started at. Sometimes balls go down quite a bit in games, and we see refs remove them In this case, the Colts brass WANTED to find something wrong other than their own team’s play. It is human nature to leap on what you want to find even if it is not really there. They wanted a “gotcha” moment.

    The responsibility here is the League’s terrible mismanagement and internal leaks of false or partial and misleading info. Goodell is a bad manager with no judgement. He should have put on brakes to act cautiously within hours of all this starting.

  42. About freakin’ time you guys posted this. I know it didn’t follow your preferred narrative of “the Pats are obviously guilty…somehow…someway”, but at least try to post relevant articles, geez.

  43. “This organization is such a joke. Oh and no one is hating on you. You only have 3 SBs. You’ve been around for a hundred years. The ravens have been around for 19 and already have two. You guys are so lame. Your coach, your QB, your owner. Terrible!”

    The way the organzation is run, from top to bottom, has been the blueprint to copy (even your Ravens would admit that) for 20 years. It’s the opposite of a joke and a template in how to remain a threat to go to the big dance every year. Including 1996, this is the 7th time they’ve been to the Super Bowl in that span.

    I’m sorry that your personal pain causes you to say things that clearly don’t make sense. You have a good team. Be happy with the fact you have a legitimate chance every year.

  44. Cover up starts all of Ind balls 12 of 12 were good. .NE fans wake up that is and always will be the smoking gun .The NE fans haven’t and can’t explain why this is The footballs all had the same exact chain of command Ind footballs all perfect NE footballs 11 of 12 BAD GUILTY. Try to explain spygate or why Roger G is always a R Krafts house the other 31 teams are sick of all the cover ups ..

  45. Haters, you can’t have it both ways. In the absence of any real facts, you can’t go crying to Mommy and scream ‘cover up’ just because the facts are not breaking your way. If the Pats are eventually found guilty of a serious transgression, based on facts, Pats nation will have to accept that, but right now all the haters look like the jealous imbeciles they have carried themselves as since 2007. Embrace the greatness.

  46. Two things: 1. NYERinBaltimore is right, and 2, LOL at all the touchy patriots fans claiming this clears their team. There was no log of the actual weight of the footballs. The NFL can say anything they want to get themselves out of this mess.
    Hmm… Which one bears more weight? The 2014 rule book, or a 2012 PoE that didn’t result in any changes to the rule book and contradicts it?

    Tough question for Ravens fans because Ravens fans are dumb.

  47. Cover up starts all of Ind balls 12 of 12 were good. .NE fans wake up that is and always will be the smoking gun .The NE fans haven’t and can’t explain why this is The footballs all had the same exact chain of command Ind footballs all perfect NE footballs 11 of 12 BAD GUILTY. Try to explain spygate or why Roger G is always a R Krafts house the other 31 teams are sick of all the cover ups ..
    Thinking the Colts balls matter is turning into the Geocentrism of PeeSI: Foxboro.

  48. for pats fan denial is a river in egypt….what part of the fact that the ball that was intercepted was 2 pounds under inflated , while most of the other were 1 pound….so in other words they were still all under inflated. …but i know Pats fan still say the tuck call was the correct call when Brady fumbled.

    I guess Pats fan were upset everybody were saying the balls were under inflated 2 pounds , instead of just one pound… i guess there fans are siding with their owner and demanding an apology….(keep waiting)

  49. Re… Ravensdominate the “Ravens” have been around since 1946. They were ashame of the “Dogpound” so Art Modell moved them to Baltimore, which had chased the “Colts” out of town. So since 1/1967, your Ravens have only won TWO SB’s….. Get your records straight.

  50. Why are rat-bird fans even on this post?
    They had a player cut a plea deal in a murder investigation, another hit his fiance so hard that she had no movement in her body for a good while and another that is under investigation for animal cruelty.
    Glass houses, Glass houses.. just sayin..

  51. Taking 3.5% of the air out deflates the ball by 1 psi. Or having it go from 72 to 50.

    So we are to believe Brady had the ball guy deflate half of them by 1 psi and the others by nothing? That makes sense?

    Colts balls were taken off of a cold truck and were cold when pressure checked. A cold ball doesn’t lose psi. A ball that’s been inside all day does. The balls used more were wetter. Wetness takes heat out of things quickly. So those balls would approach the 50 degree outside temp and lose 1 psi. Exactly as physics predicts.

  52. You have entered the FULL SPIN ZONE. Is it now the NFL’s position that the issue with the deflation, is not that big of a deal?

    This is a laughingly transparent attempt to smooth over another botched escapade of NFL administration. Who believes that the rest of the balls “missed it by that much”? This is a try at unringing a bell.

    The NFL would not have gone down this road for one ball, that conceivably could have been an oversight error on the checking official. I don’t buy it for one minute.

  53. Troy Aikman etc have never had a physics course.

    Balls can’t lose pressure unless someone takes the air out. Right? This is like the movie idiocracy. The stupidest people shout the loudest and are sure they’re right. But they’re idiots.


  55. Now they have to define Ticks. Does a tick mean 1 pound, 2 pounds,1/10th of a pound? How many ticks of deflation signify cheating? Are little ticks more legal than a big tick?

    The 2 pound deflated ball intercepted by the Colts. How many ticks produced that amount of deflation.

    Does the NFL now how many ticks= 1 pound?

    Will Belicheck be answering questions of what he knows about ticks? Will he say that in his 40 years of coaching he has never discussed Ticks?

    stay tuned 🙂

  56. I’m not surprised the pats cheated looking at their playoff history against the Ravens. I just hope the Hawks kick their cheating chow-dah buttstock back to bean-town! Go Hawks!

  57. NFL has zero Integrity because:
    #1: Unsubstantiated recording of PSI by the NF Officiating crew, not only in this game but in all other previous games, as the NFL has zero policy on proper scientific standards of recording.
    #2: Inaccurate/false leaking of information
    #3: NFL Rules seek to prevent unfair advantage in a game – Rule 17 was not broken/violated in the AFC championship since it was PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt that ALL the footballs on both teams had zero impact on the outcome of the game
    #4: 5th Grade Science as well as college science dictates loss of air pressure as temperature drops. DUH – We all know this even without science with pure observation of our tires every winter – DUH
    #5: Defamation of Charater is a SERIOUS CRIME people – wake up Haters and smell the stink of your own biased self righteous bigotry
    #6: UNFAIR ADVANTAGE has been given to he Seahawks via two weeks of false reporting by the news media, NFL and general public believing the reported errors and misinformation.

  58. Wait a sec, isn’t D’Qwell Jackson on record the week before last as saying there was nothing wrong with the ball he caught for the INT?

    If that’s the case then the Colts had to have tampered with it on thier sideline while it was in thier possession.

    If that is the case the Colts should be heavily fined and have thier 1st Round pick given to the Patriots.

  59. Sorry this does not make sense. If 11 of the 12 were just slightly under, then why would Goodell not make a statement. He has a lot of heat on him right now, and I just don’t see him letting this story get so blown up at the worst time for the league. Why would this news not be the news that was originally leaked. It just does not make sense, unless the latest leak, is to soften things so when the league does nothing at the end of the season, it will not blow back up.

  60. The NFL owes Kraft an extra 1st round pick, Belicheck an extra 1st round pick, Brady an extra 1st round pick as well as an apology.

  61. isn’t D’Qwell Jackson on record the week before last as saying there was nothing wrong with the ball he caught for the INT?

    If that’s the case then the Colts had to have tampered with it on thier sideline while it was in thier possession.

    this is an excellent point… he did say there was nothing unusual about the ball.

  62. as an AFC guy I was rooting for the Pats…but the continued juvenile whining of their fans over this issue has made me a Hawks fan

    my opinion? Brady knew, Bellicheck didnt. Massive draft pick penalties coming.

  63. I assume a “tick” represents the smallest unit on a gauge, which would be 0.2lbs if there are 5 ticks per pound, or 0.1lbs if there are 10 per pound. Depends on the gauge used.

  64. No conclusive proof. No record that the referees correctly measured before the game. No video evidence that the Patriots deflated the footballs. No record or video evidence of the amount of air to inflate the balls at half time.
    They are trying hard to fuel this into a big deal, but there is insufficient evidence.

  65. Why doesn’t PFT publish a comprehensive list of all known reported “facts” with dates, sources, etc. in time-ordered sequence. Who reported what and when.

    This would be very useful to all of us unwashed.

  66. The sad thing is, they don’t even need to do this stuff to win.

    But a rule is a rule. And even ONE under-inflated ball means a rule was broken…regardless of the number of ticks…regardless of how badly they beat the Colts.

    This clears the Patriots of nothing.

  67. Holding is a rule . How many times did the colts cheat by holding. Roten colts are a bunch of cheaters. Colts could not win fair and square by the rules and cheating by holding unto the Patriots ILLEGALY shall I say – ILLEGALLY.
    Rotten Colts – just a bunch of CHEATERS & SORE LOSERS.

  68. The NFL didn’t make a big deal of this. They were looking into a report from the Colts. Irsay leaked it to Kravitz and the media hysteria ensued. Mortensen reported his leak, which was never confirmed. Leaks followed rumors which followed more leaks. The only definitive statements came from the Patriots.

    What a joke.

  69. The NFL has absolutely made this a big deal since they brought in a full scale high profile team of lawyers to do, In Goodell’s own words: “A FULL SCALE INVESTIGATION”.

    WHY??? Because of the lack of credibility, integrity and wisdom of Goodell and the entire NFL League.

    Had Goodell immedately came out and stated the FACTS: #1 No Impact on outcome of AFC Game & #2 Everyone in the league has been CHEATING and are CHEATERS the moment they violate a rule to gain an advantage. This includes all Holding, PI, 12 men on the field, PED’s, turning up the speaker volume when opposing team is on offence, just to mention a few.

    Credibility means you observe and agree that the same rule applies to both you and me!

    Calling the Patriots cheaters without acknowledging your team is cheating every game every year, means that you act as Judge Jury & Executioner.

  70. To every NFL player that has ever broken a rule; you are in fact a cheater and your team has cheated.

    Blaming the Patriots for rule violations – UH whoever has not broken a rule please stop lying.

  71. This is for the all Jealous Haters out there;

    PATRIOTS advance to SuperBowl using underinflated footballs!



  72. Love all the conspiracy nuts who now think the entire nfl, who was completely lynching this team for two weeks is now going to cover up for them. Yup Iraq attacked us on 9/11, jim Morrison is not dead, elvis is not dead and the nfl is going to cover up a stupid underinflated football story. Grow up. The media took this and crucified the Patriots along with the immature fans who can’t handle the inadequacies of their teams all with no evidence. By the way guy who says pressures weren’t recorded. The half time pressures were recorded. That means that the balls were only down a few ticks except the one the colts turned in. That is super suspicious. It is a much more believable conspiracy than the entire nfl covering for one team. Lol. You can cry conspiracy all you want, but your tin hat is showing and you look silly.

  73. Wow — still going huh. Some responses to the post on the ravens drive:

    mornelithe – not sure what you are talking about. There is nothing in the points of emphasis or in the post about requiring anyone to come out. Really it’s not a personal post: It simply lays out what seem to be a rule and a situation. Maybe there’s a good reason they didn’t go to the this set of points, but I haven’t seen it. And Bill Vinovich’s interview with Peter King suggests he doesn’t know the rule and was sort of playing it by ear. Congrats on the Super Bowl. I have a lot of respect for Brady’s work ethic and I hate to admit but it’s good to see those guys not lose it because of a ridiculous helmet catch or something like it.

    iamapatsfan. thanks for the thoughtful response. Yes, I think they missed the call — as these guys sometimes due — and I would expect some tightening up. (Though it seems like they tried to do that in 2012.) We’ll see.

    townie1266. Thanks for the gracious offer of the Kleenex. But I think I will be ok without it. I grew up about 10 minutes from Yankee Stadium and have been rooting a very long time for the Yankees and the Giants. I’m pretty sure you know who they are.

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