Darrell Bevell hints Ricardo Lockette could have been more physical on pivotal play

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Because it ended in the game-clinching interception in Super Bowl XLIX, the Seahawks’ decision to throw on the New England one-yard line in the final minute Sunday night will be a part of NFL lore for years to come.

Criticism has fallen on Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell for the second-down call resulting in an interception by Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, securing a 28-24 win for New England. And in the immediate aftermath, Carroll showed accountability, taking the blame for the call and explaining time and again to reporters why Seattle was throwing instead of handing off to Marshawn Lynch.

For his part, Bevell has also taken ownership of the call, per John Boyle of the Everett (Wash.) Herald.

However, Bevell also indicated wide receiver Ricardo Lockette — the intended target on the play — could have showed more strength finishing his route. Lockette was knocked off the ball by Butler, who ran through the receiver and made the pick in a spectacular effort.

“We could have done a better job staying strong on the ball,” Bevell said afterwards, according to Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune. (A nod to SBNation.com for finding the News Tribune‘s report.)

The Seattle Times’ Bob Condotta also observed Bevell had suggested Lockette needed to be stronger, as did Boyle of the Everett Herald.

The lamenting about the Seahawks’ final offensive play won’t stop anytime soon. While Bevell might be right about Lockette, there’s no escaping that Seattle passed at a curious time — and failed.

138 responses to “Darrell Bevell hints Ricardo Lockette could have been more physical on pivotal play

  1. Whoever called or audibled to that last seahawks play should be put in the room with the poisonous berries from the hunger games movie

  2. You threw away a championship with your idiot play call Derrel. If you want to know why the Seahawks aren’t back to back champions, look in the Mirror.

  3. Bevell needs to shut his hole. You blew the game. Beast Mode, period. No excuse for that play call, none! You don’t pull crap like that in a super bowl. Week 6, sure, never in the postseason.


  5. Wow! Coaches don’t win many friends when they throw players under the bus and blame the player when the coach makes HORRIBLE play calls.

  6. Wow ….. you make the most bone-headed call in Super Bowl history, and then blame the receiver????

    Ugly, dude, just ugly.

  7. We lost. We had a great season. It was an ultra exciting Superbowl if you like close games.
    Going to the Superbowl and losing is still better than not going at all – still a successful season and I enjoyed following my team.

  8. Stupid comment Bevell,and stupid call. You sent no other wr into the play,and ran your only wr into the teeth of the.defense. You have a victious rb with the ball 2timeouts and 2nd and goal at the half yardline. You sir have brain damage.No coach would ever do what you did. Not Locketts’ fault, but yours.

  9. Worst play call ever. I don’t care how you try to spin it, never never never ever should have been passing there. Stupid call, horrible execution of a stupid call, ridiculous loss because of that stupid call. Handed the game away. Did I mention it was a horribly stupid play call?

  10. With the entire season on the line, Bevell called a designed play to the team’s #4 wide receiver (he became #3 when Ricardson got hurt).

    And now that his brilliant playcall is being called the worst playcall in the history of the Super Bowl, perhaps even NFL history, he wants to throw the #4 wideout under the bus.

    Plenty of Seattle fans, myself included, wouldn’t mind it if he were fired. On top of this, I also blame him largely for the Harvin mess – he was the one coach who had the most experience with Percy, and was probably the one shouting the loudest to make the trade to get him.

  11. nice Bevell. Bottom line is the call should not have been made. I’m sure his players just love hearing their coach not have their back. I hope Lockette responds with “well, the call should have been run. Their coach knew our coordinator was dumb enough to call that play so their corner was ready for it…as you can see where he jumps the route in anticipation. Watch the tape, there was zero chance I had to be more physical as the defender beat me to the ball”

  12. You really shouldn’t say this out loud about
    your player…but I think he’s right (Lockette definitely could’ve fought for the ball more)…
    but since Bevell already took responsibility
    for a call that ended in disaster, I’m not going to give him much grief about sharing an unhappy reality…

  13. That’s the second time I’ve seen a disastrous goal line inside pass in a SB. Last time Harrison pick 6’d Warner to end the half.

  14. Riccardo Lockette hints Darrell Bevell should have used his brain on that last play call!!!

    You are not ready to be a head coach yet Darrell!

  15. Really, Bevell? You make that call on that play and have the nerve to point the finger at anyone else? This guy needs to go. Kudos to Carroll for jumping on that grenade and taking the heat for that play, but everybody knows Bevell calls the offensive plays. Lockette didn’t see the defender and the defender made a great play on the ball. That is in no way Lockette’s fault. First item of business this offseason needs to be the release of Darrell Bevell. Please make it happen, Pete.

  16. It was a great read and defensive play, everyone needs to give Butler credit and stop pointing fingers.

  17. The one Brady threw to Gronkowski that was picked off by Wagner was pretty much the same positioning.

  18. OR you guys could have just given the ball to Lynch and you’d be celebrating your second straight Lombardi right now. Seriously man, as a Niner fan my first thought after that terrible play call was that Darrell Bevell called up Greg Roman to get his advice on what play to call, and then took it.

  19. You so called experts no nothing about football if your calling out this play call. 20 seconds left 1 time out. That’s 3 downs which is not enough time to run 3 straight run plays. 2 things happened, Pats made a great play jumping the route and at the same time the Hawks, RW & RL didn’t execute the play. simple as that. Hawks had a 10 point lead in the 4th and couldn’t close it out. See ya!

  20. Darrell Bevell is gutless if he’s in any way blaming Lockett for his asinine play call.

    His comments should have been limited to “I’m an idiot” and “I called the worst play in Super Bowl history”.

  21. i don’t care if Lockette could’ve been more physical or if he ran a bad or wrong route or if he didnt try hard on the play….the blame STILL goes on Bevell and Carroll. when you have the ball on the 2 and you have a monster back like Lynch, you run the ball up the middle and if he doesn’t get it, then you call timeout and if you want to pass, then do it, the fact is, this is not on Lockette or Wilson. it’s on Bevell….call better plays.

  22. That’s not even Lockette’s fault. Butler recognized the formation from film study and was probably amazed Bevell would be that freaking stupid to call a literal slant at the 1 despite having MARSHAWN LYNCH.

  23. Not really a fan of when coaches throw players under the bus. Please note Pete Carroll took all the blame. It’s not so much that he is wrong, its just a bad look for a guy that wants to be a head coach one day.

  24. I mean really, get a load of the nerve of this arrogant idiot. You wanted physical, but chose to take the ball out of the hands of literally one of the most physical players to ever play football? And in favor of an undrafted receiver who’s like #4 on the depth chart?

  25. Ironic how Pete Carroll didn’t throw Darrell Bevell under the bus for the play call yet Bevell had no problem tossing blame (on the worst play call in SB history) on WR Ricardo Lockette.

  26. I’ve watched the play over and over again on highlights (sadly).

    The way I perceive it, Wilson threw it a bit poorly and right in the direction butler was in. Lockette had not much of a chance. What could he have done, shove butler for an offensive pi? Take a possible huge hit or make contact and it flies off his hand into someone else other than butler?

    The own coordinator throwing his guy under the bus. Classy move.

  27. Lockette is a special teams type guy

    Marshawn Lynch is Beastmode

    Own it, Bevell

    That’s why Dan Quinn is gonna be a head coach

    And you ain’t

    Congrats Pats

  28. Ridiculous to put any of that blame on Lockette….. I’m sure he too was shocked to see Wilson with the ball still after Lynch left the backfield….. The pass was destined to be picked when throwing in that much traffic but bad enough Wilson didn’t hand off to Lynch because then, no one covered Lynch either as he joined the pattern to the left side of the end zone….. Wide open I might mention!!

  29. “We could have done a better job staying strong on the ball,” Bevell said afterwards

    or maybe the defensive back just made a really good play at a crucial time….. just a thought

  30. Nobody has thrown anybody under the bus, but the dude who should be the only one thrown under the bus, is throwing somebody under the bus…

  31. Choices Seahawks Had:
    #1: Call Timeout — Plenty of time remained for 3 plays.
    #2: Run Beastmode
    #3: Fake to Beastmode and Russell does it like he did to the Packers
    #4, 5, 6, 7, 8,… ‘See #2.


  32. Didn’t take long for the finger pointing to start. Withe the future animus toward pete in the locker room, and the salary cap, the fabric of the Seattle dynasty is already starting to unravel.

  33. If they ever start the equivalent of the Darwin Awards for football games, this play call is going to earn one, big time. To throw the ball anywhere near a defender while on the half yard line … Completely beyond belief.

  34. GOAT. Won a superbowl after spy gate. The balls were not deflated. We won. We are champs AGAIN. Now what are people gonna say and type to attempt to break up our beautiful patriot nation?????

  35. Wow, finally a coach also calling out a weak play from the receiver and this reporter hack still wants to call out the coach for a “bad call”. Slants like that with a pick on the defensive back is usually a safe pass with little chance of an interception. San Fran has lived off those plays for decades. Pass was where it should’ve been, but Lockette got punked. It was a good call, just a better defensive play.

  36. way to sell your player out Bevell. I think carroll did a good job of taking most of the blame. Just a spectacular play by Butler. He read it perfectly and got a huge jump on the ball and route.

  37. One of the stupidest plays in nfl history. You have one yard to go, marshawn lynch running the ball, and a timeout in your back pocket, and you throw the ball? Smh I said before the play that lynch was gonna score. Them throwing it didn’t even cross my mind.

  38. He needed to realize that you are throwing to Ricardo Lockette in crunch time not jerry rice . Take responsibility , the play call sucked , line up and let beast mode be physical , that’s what he is know for right? Makes you wonder if our nfl is rigged

  39. To Quote Richard Sherman ” You mad Bro”. I think Pete took a page from BB’s list of stupid calls when the Pats went for a 4th down on their own 20 yard line.

  40. “More physical” is what you had in the BACKFIELD on that play Darrell!! From this point forth, every time a mind-numbingly STUPID play is called, regardless the sport, it will be compared to THIS one.The Packer brain trust is now OFFICIALLY off the hook for its transgressions.

  41. Seattle coaches would do well to just say the other guy made a great play.

    Instead, they look like finger pointing classless babies.

  42. Oh no no no!
    Don’t throw lockett because u chose the wrong play. Darrel bevell should be fired for an a bonehead decsion like that. They had the game gift wrapped and what does he do ? Throw it up for grabs

  43. Lockette got beat to the spot cleanly. If you want to throw a player under the bus, it should be Wilson, not Lockette, IMO. Poor decision and throw by the great Russell Wilson.

    But really, the mistake was not handing the ball to Lynch in the first place. Maybe Carroll & Bevell bought into the myth of Wilson’s greatness. He’s good but he has a long way to go before he’s great. He’s been on the winning side of a lot of football game, not QB skill challenges.

  44. I don’t know what Bevell means. The pass was high for that kind of throw, and I think it is unlikely Lockette was at all aware that Butler had a great read and break on the ball.

    This one seems entirely on the shoulders of Carroll, Bevell and Wilson. To Carroll’s credit, he was pointing the finger entirely at himself after the game.

  45. Hard to understand the play call and throwing player under bus, but can’t remember wr getting blown up that bad before. Everyone share the blame.

  46. Darrell Bevell covering his rear as he made the worst play call in Super Bowl history. 2nd & goal from the one with possibly the league’s best running back (especially in the red zone), and you call a pass…..looks like those head coaching opportunities may dry up in the future for you, as everyone is going to remember that call!

  47. Guy calls the worst play call in the history of the NFL and then throws his player under the bus. GMs and owners take note when you interview him for HC positions. Clueless. Run the ball!

  48. 6-2, 211 lbs v 5-10, 190 lbs and the bigger man looked like Beast Mode blindsided him with a full head of steam. Knocked off the ball is an understatement.

  49. What a weasel. Everyone knows that Carroll delegates completely, which means that HE’S taking the hit for YOUR worst-ever call. Least you could do was not throw your own player under the bus. Oh, BTW you can kiss that future NFL head coaching job elsewhere good bye, and maybe also your OC job in Seattle when Paul Allen begins to think about the offense’s glacial NON-starts in playoff games.

  50. I haven’t gone back to look at the ‘play’ again, but if memory serves Lockette probably see Butler breaking on the ball – there was nothing he could do.

    We now have a new adverb–whenever a really dumb play is called in a Football game we will now say ‘it was a Bevell’, or they ‘Bevelled’ that play.

  51. Staying strong on the ball? Really? How about you called the wrong play rather than throwing your player under the bus. With a time out, in hand, no excuse for not giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch. He just gained four yards on the previous play.

  52. what a chump comment … wilson owned it… carroll owned it … and this guy points fingers at his wr…. he should be fired not for that moronic play call but for being a chump 1st in the foxhole guy
    and then fired again for not giving lynch the ball

  53. Seattle kept trying to convince themselves that they could pick on Malcolm Butler. He was a rookie UDFA and the lowest guy on the roster but minus one freak catch Butler was putting on a clinic out there. Wasn’t there some team out there always telling us not to disrespect UDFA’s and low draft pics? I remember something about a 5th round WR from Stanford turned corner. Who could it be?

  54. I want to know if seattle trusts Wilson to audible or not?

    If they do, then wasn’t Wilson thinking?

    1/2 yard line, and bevel calls a pass… Was Wilson being greedy and wanting the MVP? Or did he think he’s just that good?

    You can blame bevel all you want… But Wilson could have audibled, or called a time out. He didn’t have to throw that ball at that time.

  55. vegasbearfan says:
    Feb 2, 2015 1:31 AM
    NE sucks


    The World Champion New England Patriots

    – fixed it for you –

    How’s that Lombardi Trophy from 1985 doing? Lonely? That’s a shame.

  56. Bevell is an idiot who should be fired for even thinking of calling a pass play in that situation. There was plenty of time left on the clock and Marshawn Lynch was running well. Why put the ball in the air at all? Just give it to Lynch and let him score–but noooooooo, you had to get fancy and try something dangerous. See where that got you? Only three things can happen when you pass the ball, and two of them are bad: incompletions and interceptions. God, I’m so disapponted. I loathe Belicheat, and now he’s got another ring. Yuck.

  57. I think Carroll and Darrell Bevell were trying to give Russell Wilson the game-winning TD. They made an emotional decision that had nothing to do with calling a play that gave them the best chance to win and it cost them a SB.

    It’s got to be in a group of the five dumbest decisions I’ve ever seen in a SB. Maybe top three.

  58. No wonder Percy hated there! They had timeouts to use running the ball would not have been a problem. And if you want to blame someone don’t blame locket he got drilled by the defender who had a bead on that ball. Maybe Kearse didn’t get the rub he was supposed to on the pick part of the play. Or maybe just run the ball with that monster freak you got. Unreal he blames lockette!?

  59. 2 comments:

    1) I don’t think the call to pass was as bad as people think..they only had 1 T/O left, so they couldn’t have ran 3 straight running downs anyways. It makes sense to pass, stop the clock, and then you have 2 tries for Lynch to punch it in. Not sure why they tried the slant, I’d have liked to see some sort of option play where Russell Wilson has an option to run it in himself.

    2) Can someone explain to me why the Pats didn’t call timeout with the clock running down after the 1rst down play? There was like 1 minute left, I figured they’d stop the clock in case the Seahawks score, gives them a chance to get in FG range. It all worked out for the best, but it didn’t make any sense to me to let the clock run out and give the Seahawks the last plays on offense

  60. A bit of Karma for the Packers who really should have been there anyway barring some lucky fortune for Seattle and bad mistakes by the Pack.

    On one hand, the aggressive play calling gets you in this position but it can also come back to bite you.

    The annoying thing is that Brady and Belicheat backed into this one and are acting like they had it in the bag the whole time. Just like Seattle’s SB birth was giftwrapped by the opponent, so was this Patriot victory.

  61. I’m not a fan of either team but to throw the ball over the middle was unforgivable. Too many bodies in that compressed area.

    Throw a jump ball in the corner if you’re going to pass but even then why do that. Brady and his mates were essentially packing their bags and thinking about their concession speeches when the Football Gods decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and hand the game over to NE.

    They say luck is a part of the game and definitely so in this case for NE. You can’t tell me there was one Patriot fan who thought that was the outcome that was going to happen from the one yard line.

  62. Bevell should be fired this morning without hesitation. First for making the play call and second blaming his #4 WR for not executing.

  63. How fitting that a horrible season full of stupid decisions by players, owners, Goddell and the refs in the playoffs ends on a stupendously stupid play call. The super bowl win and the entire season should have an asterick.
    Fire Bevell and let him go to Atlanta with Quinn…that’s right, The Bevell went down to Georgia.

  64. mshawn75 says:Feb 2, 2015 1:12 AM

    They were trying to get Wilson the MVP, and it backfired.

    Hadn’t really thought of that before, but I think you’re right.

  65. Seahawks made the same mistake as the Ravens. Don’t throw the ball on the last play of the game that doesn’t want it badly. Ravens and Seahawks both gave the game away on the last play. Ravens and Seahawks should have both run the ball into the end zone.

    Edelman and Gronkowski are incredible with will to win. I wish Flacco had somebody to throw to like that.

  66. Bevell’s been making questionable calls all season and now THIS? If the Hawks don’t fire him, then all of the effort they put in to building this team will have been wasted.

  67. Mr. Bevell, you had the premier hard-yardage back in the league at your disposal from three feet out, and you got cute. Russell and Pete have fallen on the sword for you, but you need to keep your opinion out of the press.

  68. that was quite a hard helmet to helmet hit. I’m surprised Butler could even hold onto the ball, and I’d be surprised if Lockette wasn’t too groggy to make a defensive move at that point.

  69. The gall of Bevell to throw the player under the bus for his egregious play call! This dude needs to be fired immediately! There is no room in this town for Bevell. We won last year with this guy constantly making bad calls. He goes or a ton of fans go. Book it.

  70. milkcan44 says:
    Feb 2, 2015 1:48 AM
    The one Brady threw to Gronkowski that was picked off by Wagner was pretty much the same positioning.


    respectfully disagree (not very common). Butler’s INT was more physical where Wagner’s was more of a result of his speed / quickness. I don’t even think he made any contact with Gronk. It was an impressive play on Wagner’s part. Just IMO.

  71. It was bogus. Wilson threw the ball directly at Butler. Seattle threw the game. It was necessary after the miracle catch at the end to put them in position to score. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

  72. Why is anyone surprised whatsoever that Bevell would throw Lockette under the bus? The whole organization, especially the bandwagon fans, are the least classy in the entire NFL. The only only one with some sort of class and humility is Russell Wilson.

  73. They need to fire Bevell. The entire team knows they’d be champs had Lynch carried the ball instead of the stupid slant call. And then instead of owning the mistake he wants to blame it on the players? Get rid of the guy now before next season starts and it becomes clear guys have checked out on him.

  74. I watched the 49ers run 4 of the stooopidest goal line plays against the Ravens in their SB loss, I can’t help but ask why they didn’t at least roll Wilson out and spring a TE? If the reasoning was the Pats had their goal line package was in, I can accept a pass strategy in the situation. But THAT play? 22 guys jammed up together in a small space?

    “Brain FART” Bevell is your new nick name.

  75. You cant run through an intended reciever to get to the ball,thats pass interference and it wasnt called,he clearly knocked the reciever off his route before getting the interception.had it been a regular season game that would have been called.FOUL, FOUL, FOUL!!

  76. The Pats had the middle stuffed with big defenders clearly(like the rest of the country) expecting a one yard run by Lynch and Wilson doesnt get to fake it and roll to the right for a touchdown? this isnt Peyton were talking about,this is a qb with speed and quickness to the outside.what was Bevell thinking!

  77. Interesting criticism from a hair brained OC who cost his team a back to back SB win by a self inflicted wound hereafter known as the worst play call ever to attempt to win a SB.

    And yes, Lockett didn’t execute the play as well as he could have. He had zero awareness of the defense. But what do you want from a backup receiver who shouldn’t even have been thrown that ball.

    There’s enough blame to go around Bevell, but no more befitting than the blame that should begin with blaming you.

    If I’m Paul Allen, you’d have been history before the return flight landed at Sea-Tac airport!

  78. Funny how a guy catches a ball on his back..fluke…..GB chokes to even get there and MB makes a great play and SheHawks can just say we robbed ourselves??? We put up 28 on a team that allowed 7 to the greatest offense ever…lol suck it dirty birds.
    You Mad Bro….You know why TB12 is here…
    We have won back to back and you ain’t even gonna make it back

  79. “When you try to come at me with a sorry receiver like Lockette, that’s the result you’re gonna get. ” could have said Butler. Had Butler been a classless fool like Sherman

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