Doug Baldwin: Reason for TD celebration between me and “guy it was directed at”

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At some point before the Seahawks opted to throw rather than run the ball with Marshawn Lynch, it looked like their most questionable decision of the day was one wide receiver Doug Baldwin made after scoring a touchdown to put the team ahead 24-14 in the third quarter.

After scoring, Baldwin mimed pulling down his pants and squatting as if on a commode before dropping the ball to the ground in a manner similar to the one people use to drop human waste into commodes. Baldwin was penalized on the field, although NBC cut away from bringing Baldwin’s interpretive moment to a mass audience. It will remain open to interpretation as Baldwin declined to discuss his inspiration after the contest.

“That is between me and the guy it was directed at,” Baldwin said.

Baldwin did say it wasn’t directed at Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis, who was covering him on the touchdown play and who appeared to be the target of some mocking from Seahawks corner Richard Sherman after the play. No matter the target of the faux-defecation, Baldwin’s likely to wind up paying a fine for it before the league flushes away the 2014 season once and for all.

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  1. I think that is hilarious, but yeah it kind of is a bit tasteless. I can’t tell you how many times we did that as kids on the playground.

    Maybe Baldwin was inspired by NES Football or Tecmo Bowl.

  2. A classless group from Baldwin to Irvin to Sherman to Lynch to Thomas to Chancelor and a few more but at least God still loves Russell Wilson.. hahahaha Your mother would be so proud!

  3. Revis erased that scrub.. 1 catch for 3yds all game & a weak TD where he ran him into the official.. he defecated alright, all over himself

  4. Just another classless Seahawk. So typical of these guys. Sooooooo glad they decided not to win the game with their inexplicable pass call. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! GO PATS!!!

  5. Stay classy Seattle
    The only team in the history of the SB to have a player thrown out.

    Seattles act is cute when they win, boorish when they don’t

  6. What a clown…Seattle was too busy performing classless celebrations and smack talking instead of focusing on winning a superbowl! The Seahags acted like high school kids and blew it…no excuses.

  7. Classless organization. Wilson is about the only guy on the team who shows any sign of humility. Everyone else is trying to send a message of some kind as opposed to letting their work do the talking.

    Sherman spouting off constantly. Pointing out the scoreboard. Irvin getting tossed for fighting (after he came to the “defence” of Bennett who slugged Gronk in the face). Lynch acting like a petulant child in media day (admittedly because of the petulant media). A second rate WR pretending to drop a deuce. What’s wrong with this team?

    Here’s the ultimate message for you. 28 – 24. Your first-rate defence? The one the 12th man wanted so much to be the best in history? It gave up the biggest second half comeback in SB history. Guess it will go down in history after all. You know how many times the Steelers, under Cowher, lost with a 10 point lead? Once. In 110 games. 108 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie. One loss.

    Message that.

  8. Karma Dougie. Same for Sherman’s sidelines antics flashing the 2 – 4. 60 minutes of football you arrogant sore losers.

  9. It was the first of two incidents showing what a low class group of guys the team has.

    People talk about the Patriots and deflategate and all of that, but you don’t see them doing low end nonsense like this or starting fights on the field because they are upset they made a terrible decision are now going going to lose the game.

  10. Oh please, Bladwin. Had revis not run into that ref standing right there like a linebacker (rule change, maybe!?) you wouldn’t have been celebrating nothing. For a number one receiver, you had no reason to celebrate like that for doing nothing all game.

  11. I don’t care what team you like, there has got to be a change in the rule that places a referee in the middle of the end zone. You’re talking about an out of shape old man with 0% chance of getting out of the way of anything. He’s only there for receivers to use him to set a pick or (if you’re Peyton Manning) slide tackle a defender for you.

  12. These guys needed to lose on the world stage to humble themselves…

    They earned our respect….. Hopefully they can act like they have some for themselves by next season.

  13. Bragging on pick play, he used the ref who was in the way to pick Revis who shut him down the whole game. I’m glad they lost. The team excluding the QB talk way too much smack.

  14. Baldwin isn’t a “Me, Me.. Oh look at Me!” guy at all.

    I am still celebrating the Seahawks loss this morning.

  15. Man you’re real tough acting like you’re taking a dump. I’m sure that scared him. Just another loser on a classless team. So glad Seattle lost.

  16. Anthony Costanzo of the Colts told Boston radio show Toucher and Rich prior to the AFC title game that he had that planned as his TD celebration until the prop rule made him switch to the Dhalsim dance that he did in the regular season.

  17. Classy, Doug.

    One more example from last night of how classless an organization the Seahawks can be.

    They must have taken lessons from their neighbors in Vancouver.

  18. Classy dude. It’s that kind of stuff that make it easy to dislike the Seahawks. Imagine the disdain for this team if not for Wilson. They are talented but unprofessional goons. Baldwin’s demonstration, Sherman’s tirades (and the sidelines hot at Revis), Lynch’s media antics and the brawl prove this. No shame. No honor. No class.

  19. Trash is trash.

    They proved their true colors and absolute lack of sportsmanship.
    I wanted them to win yesterday.

    after that display, i’m happy they lost.
    classless & thoroughly disrespectful. If they had true leaders on that defense, that would have never happened.

  20. Selfish players do selfish things. Way too many Seahawks seemed to think they had it wrapped up when they went up by 10.

    I guess they didn’t learn from the Packers last week that bad things happen when you lose focus and take your foot off the gas.

  21. Doug, did you steal that move from Jerry Rice? Oh, you’re right he used to hand the ball to the ref.

    Nonetheless, a proud moment for the fan base and family.

  22. This was a low class move, but typical of how Seattle operates. This was Baldwin’s only catch and the only reason he got open on this was that he pushed off to start the run and used a ref as a pick (which is legal).

    The fact is Baldwin did nothing in the superbowl worthy of any bravado in the superbowl. For me I hope he’s one of the Seahawks WR’s every time the Pats play them

  23. Classless. But after the brawl instigated near the end of the game it really showed that Seattle are a bunch of poor sports.

  24. Cost your team 15 yards and field position on the ensuing kickoff, which Brady converted to a TD and started their 4th quarter comeback.

    Hope you enjoyed the dump. Was it worth it?

  25. Classless clown.

    How’s that little moment feel today, after that monumental choke??

  26. Not really the epitome of classless. It is poop.

    We can all laugh at poop. If you’re getting worked up over poop, please, go find a real cause to get your jimmies rustled up over.

  27. Dynasty?

    They are a great team but if you look at Wilson’s stats in the first half. He is not a QB.

    You put a fast spy DB on him and you shut him down every time.

    Seattle never has any class. Don’t know why, but they seem to be getting worse, especially when they keep bringing in Punks who don’t respect the game.

    The Patriots Win and lose with class and humility.

  28. To the objective outsider, Seattle presents as an odd bundle of contradictions. As an organization, they are to be admired for smartly drafting well, trading coaching well and playing the game with speed, strength, skill and athleticism, deserving to win championships. Individually, they present as an assorted collection of immature punks, big mouths and babies that deserved to get their hearts broken in historic fashion for all the world to see. Interesting.

  29. Pretty funny coming from a guy who had 3 receiving yards on the day and would have been completely shut out had the NFL been smart enough not to have a red standing in the middle of the end zone.

  30. Seattle fans aren’t even commenting today…

    Pretty pathetic when they win, they are out in droves, saying how wonderful their fan base is, how great their team is.. Their whole repeat thing they dream about, their “dynasty”…

    Sherman is garbage… Revis is the man. He let’s his play do the talking. No sitting there bragging himself up, hoping to make himself look better.

    Baldwin, garbage…

    Lynch…. Grow up, talk to the media.. Don’t be a dbag!

    Wilson.. Either isn’t that good, or is selfish.. Could have easily audibled to a run or called a time out! Did he want the MVP that badly? Or doesn’t he have the ability to audible. It’s just as much on his hands as it is on Bevell, and Carroll.

    Deflategate??? Really… I’m sure the balls were inflated, and scrutinized, and checked over and over yesterday… 37 of 50, should have showed everyone that it doesn’t matter what the balls are inflated to for Tom! He’s just that good!

    Congrats seahawks, and fans… You have shown us what we thought you were! a JOKE!

    Congrats Pats and fans…. You’ve shown us what a lot of us see you are… Extremely good since 2001!

    Take that 3rd round pick Russell… Tom was a 6th!

  31. To the objective outsider, Seattle presents as an odd bundle of contradictions. As an organization, they are to be admired for smartly drafting well, trading well, coaching well and playing the game with speed, strength, skill and athleticism, in a manner deserving to win championships. Individually, they present as an assorted collection of immature punks, big mouths and babies that deserved to get their hearts broken in historic fashion for all the world to see. Interesting.

  32. For an articulate, Stanford educated guy who aspires to be a math teacher, this was a terribly immature classless maneuver in front of a billion people or so.

    I hope the “guy he directed it at” (presumably Goodell) was impressed by it, because everyone else thought he was an idiot.

  33. jerrykill4pres says:
    Feb 2, 2015 9:01 AM

    Seattle fans aren’t even commenting today…

    Perhaps because it’s just now after 6 AM in Seattle, and most are still waking up?

    As a fan of Baldwin’s game and fiery attitude, I’m not happy with this at all. Most of the time, this team is about the team, and to do that when he knew damn well the refs were looking out for any kind of obscene celebration due to Lynch’s gesture the previous game was selfish and childish. Pats started their next drive at the 37 yard line which was their best field position after a kickoff the entire game. It’s completely inexcusable.

    Do better, Doug.

  34. Havent had the time of day for this jerk since his comments bashing Chris Carter… You have a LOOOONNNNGGGG way to go to even be mentioned in the same breath with a HOF’er, whether he won the superbowl or not… Grow up son!

  35. Just another classless act from a Seahawk. Hope you enjoy your off season, and keep dreaming about what might have been Coach Carroll.
    Baldwin went to Stanford, really, what did he graduate in ballroom dancing or knitting? Wait for the fine, that was directed at Revis, and he got the last laugh and a ring.

  36. I wonder if it was directed at a certain NFL Hall-of-Famer and current commentator who, prior to the Super Bowl, called out the Seahawks wide receivers as not being particularly special.

  37. I’m guessing all the Seahawk fans are still sleeping off their hangovers this morning. I’m also thinking this one is going to haunt them, their players and their coaching staff FOREVER! “Remember the Superbowl we gave away back in 2015! We had that game WON and we blew it on the dumbest call in the history of the game,” as Emmitt Smith called it. Sooo happy they made the call they did, and SOOOO happy their merry band of PUNKS ate dirt last night. Couldn’t happen to a more classless group of punks… Sherman… Baldwin… Lynch! Love it!

  38. Classless act by a classless player on a classless team. If Pete Carroll had any class, he’d have pulled Baldwin off the field and told him to go to the locker room.

    I am so glad the Seahawks lost that game! And let’s stop all this “best defense ever” babble we’ve been hearing from Seahawk fans, too.

    The fact is, Aaron Rodgers took the Packers right down the field on them two weeks ago to tie that game and send it into OT, and Tom Brady drove the Pats down the field twice to beat them yesterday.

    Great defenses are like the Packers defenses of the 60’s, the Steelers defenses of the 70’s, the Bears defenses of the mid 80’s, the Giants defenses of the early 1990’s, and the Ravens defense of the 2000’s.

    Seattle’s defense is good — but great? No way.

  39. You score a touchdown in the Super Bowl and the only thing you can think to do is crap on the football? Really? Very, very classy…..Whole organization…..

  40. I really despise the Patriots, but it was a lot of fun watching Seattle piss away a Lombardi trophy. #takethatShermanBaldwin&overratedWilson

  41. The problem I saw with the Seahawks the last 2 weeks was that they were all individuals, for many of their players it was ‘It’s all about me’ from whoever the skittles person is to to MR. ‘I’m only hear so I don’t get fined, to I’m wearing gold cleats, to faking the act of using the bathroom on the TD celebration. If you think there was anybody in the world that wanted to see that act you are sadly mistaken and you need help, you are supposedly an adult and you are supposed to be a team. In the last few minutes of that game I saw the Patriots act as a team and the Seahawks all playing for themselves. Thats when you lost that game Seattle.

  42. Not too funny. These guys do things that are silly and something a 11 year old would find funny. I feel that when they do stuff like this, the crotch grab, the rubbing themeslves on goalpost, etc….. it just exposes a lack of intelligence. Lots of these guys are REALLY lucky that they are good at football.

  43. Ahhh, such top classless communication from a load of bottom dwellers and LOSERS!!!

    There can be only one winner and its the PATS,

    The Seahawks finally got a taste of the other side of lucky that the Packers got when the clueless Packers coaches allowed them to escape with a totally undeserved win.

    Hopefully, this signifies the end to the bunch of lucky breaks the Seasparrows have been receiving since the Wilson draft.

    I look for more and more injuries and misfortune and contract casualties for the bully boys of the Seasparrows now that their incredible run of luck is over.

    Sure you got an equally lucky win over a hapless and overmatched Denver team with a bad, bad football team foundation (hence the wholesale firing of the coaching staff), but Karma is a btich and now your run is over.

    The Rams and the 49ers should be able to keep knocking you bully boys down next season, to ensure your little run of success remains over.

  44. Classless act but not unexpected by someone that lashed out in a rant to chastise after the NFC championship game when in fact he should have been thanking the stars above that 10 different plays had to happen for them to win.
    It was prophetic of Sherman to mouth “24”
    since that’s the last points they would score.

  45. Look Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner I can understand calling them classless for the stupid stuff at the end and throwing the offense under the bus after the game with the comments, but Sherman, Thomas and Chancellor played amazing and Sherman shaking Brady’s hand at the end is true sportsmanship. Pats picked on the dude that came in for the corner that broke his arm.

  46. I was very pleased that the Seahawks beat the Packers, but now I’m happy that they gave me so many reasons to dislike them again. There are so many guys on that team with no class whatsoever. And don’t forget about the Seahawks fans booing during the National Anthem just because the other team’s coach was shown on the screen.

  47. Seattle’s much-hyped defensive juggernaut was just that — HYPE.

    Falling to 6-4 after losing to Alex Smith and Kansas City, this is the list of QB’s that Seattle’s Legion of Doom had to face starting in Week 12:

    –Drew Stanton
    –Colin Kaepernick
    –Mark Sanchez
    –Colin Kaepernick
    –Ryan Lindley
    –Sean Hill

    Kaepernick was awful all season. The rest are hardly world-beaters.

    Aaron Rodgers, with 1:25 left, marched GB right down the field to tie game — while playing on one good leg. Brady shredded ‘Hawks in clutch time.

    Great defenses shine in big moments. Seattle, when facing the game’s best signal-callers, hardly shined.

  48. Makes for a great new Seattle nickname and mascot.

    At some point you have to look at the head coach for allowing this kind of behavior to keep happening with his team.

  49. Win the game then take shots at anybody you want in the post-game interviews. Just an example of a guy more in it for himself than the team.

  50. Aren’t you a Stanford grad Dougy?
    You embarrassed yourself and that will be part of your NFL legacy..forever..seriously you should know better.

    Teach me how to dougy, teach me how to dougy

  51. Dear since 2012th people, are you actually proud to be fans of this classless bunch of jerks that represent your city?

    Have fun paying Mr Wonderful $25 mil next year, let’s see how that works for your cap # next year and the following 7

  52. These Seapigeons exude class across the board. Baldwin’s antics, Sherman mocking Revis, etc., etc. The sun will come up again Seachickens…… about mid-August in that rainy, dreary city!!!

  53. Anyone else notice how Butler handled the game winning interception with Class and Humility?

    Stay Classy Seattle, you are what we thought your were, a bunch of winy Th*gs!

  54. This is what happens when coaches let the inmates run the asylum. Talent will only take you so far without any discipline.

    Look no further than those Ravens teams of the early 2000’s. They should have won multiple SB’s. But Billick couldn’t keep their “swag” in check.

  55. dasmol
    Feb 2, 2015, 9:35 AM EST
    great gamed marred by a fight and this. Just sad.

    Three of them tried to jump Gronk. And he still smashed on them.

  56. This 15 yard penalty as the begining and the reason that the Seahawks lost, if Seattle does not give NE good field position at that time, they do not score the 2 touchdowns they did.

  57. Stanfurd guys are some of the most loudmouthed and obnoxious people the NFL: Dick Sherman, Doug Baldwin, Jim Harbaugh (now back to college).

  58. If Baldwin wants to take a dump on the field, perhaps he should audition for the Puppy Bowl next year. It’s not like Seattle is getting another shot at the Superbowl anytime soon.

  59. Sherman did not break up any passes. Pretty much any time Brady threw at him he gave up the catch. The time Revis gave up a pass he was blocked by the Ref. Truth sucks sometimes doesn’t it Legion of Clowns.

  60. Dougie, Dougie, Dougie, such an average to below average WR, who thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. Happy that the Pats won, enjoy your of-season chumps.

  61. Mock dump? Soooo lame. Try taking a real dump in front of thousand of people. Yeah… a Pats accomplished that feat… but it’s out of necessity.— so happy for Revis. I bet he and Blount are glad they came to the dark side with Lord Hoodie. Maybe these defeat will temper the Seahawks’ arrogance. They don’t know how to win and to lose with grace. The Pats gave them reality check.

  62. I thought that was supposed to be something totally different, I took it as Baldwin was giving birth to Sherman’s kid?

    The truth is it was directed to Golden Tate and that’s the truth. Baldwin and Tate can’t stand each other.

  63. Baldwin is such a bum. Sherman talks a lot, but at least he is good…..89 is a complete scrub.

    1 catch for 3 yards and you needed a ref pick to even get that catch.

  64. 1 catch all game. I mean he was a 0 threat. I mean the guy the picked up from a footlocker had more impact. Like said commentator said about the Seahawk WRs, they are okay, serviceable. But between dropped passes and that defense folding like a lawn chair, we all saw a team just act like losers.

    Good luck on that dynasty.

  65. Never would even know who he was unless he did his stupid “I took a dump” move on national TV.

    He should be more concerned with undrafted practice squad guys who got open and made plays better than he did–than getting his team penalized 15 yd. in the SB that helped (even in a small way) to cost them the game. You don’t give the Patriots little gifts like that. If I were teammates with the guy, I’d be furious. The Patriots would not tolerate a selfish player like him on their team.

    Another reason Belichick is better than Carroll: he would cut this guy just to make a point. Carroll is the type of coach where it’s almost a certainty that the inmates end up running the asylum. He’d better watch out with this bunch.
    No wonder Wilson is sort of an outcast there.

  66. Sherman receives quite a bit of critical remarks for his behavior, however it is Baldwin that is the most consistently obnoxious player on that team. That “I’m an overlooked free agent ” line was tedious a year ago. This year he has refined his boorishness to include long, grating soliloquies to anyone and everyone, and he has NOW given new meaning to “Dumping” on his opponent in front of MILLIONS! It is clear that Pete’s philosophy of “Letting players be themselves,” has gotten well out of control and has come back to “dump” on HIM.

  67. Classless! One of the reasons I have never liked the Seahawks. So glad they lost!!! They are so arrogant and have this perceived notion of being slighted. No one will ever miss Richard Sherman when he retires. It will actually be a Day of all Days!

  68. Classless and selfish move. It didn’t immediately help the Pats, but giving your opponent 15 yards on a kick-off through a selfish act is plain dumb.

    When Bald-lose and Sherman pulled their stunts, it reinforced my opinion that i’d hate to see these clowns winning.

    Karma’s a “B” Seattle

  69. Class? Who cares about class. Hes an idiot and let the patriots back in the game with his 15 yrd penalty that helped spark the patriots come back.

    Why is he an idiot? Because he had to have planned it ahead of time and didnt care about the score or time left on the clock.

  70. Is it really that hard to act like a grown up? That stupid penalty was the beginning of the undoing of the Seahawks. Love or hate Belichek that crap would never be tolerated in his locker room. Baldwin would be benched by him.

    It’s sad but these guys would be in prison if not for the NFL.

    Look at the idiot Warren Sapp. Busted for a soliciting a prostitute. The guy made over $86 million in his playing career and is broke.

    Stupid doesn’t roll far from the tree.

  71. Revis got a sack & shut down Baldwin while supervising a secondary that allowed 50% less yds & td’s than did Sherman’s.
    Your old news Sherm….. Revis was always the best and he just proved it again….. you not mad r u Bro?

  72. I don’t think Wilson is the only dignified player on that team, there are others who are drowned out by the few who give free reign to lowclass clownery.

    I think it starts with Pete Carroll. Talented but freely displays his smug swagger on the sidelines.

    Then there’s Sherman out of streety Compton who also freely displays poor sportsmanship–that mouth!

    Thirdly, there’s Lynch with his maladjusted personality. Probably revered in the locker room because of his awesome abilities.

    These guys’ attitudes have shaped the prevalent character of the team. What will it take to reign that in?

    As long as they’re winning, the fans will ignore the lack of good sportsmanship that they show week to week and maybe even adopt some of that attitude.

    It’s a shame that other professionals on that talented team are unrecognized.

  73. Sherman did not break up any passes. Pretty much any time Brady threw at him he gave up the catch…

    Brady threw at him ONE time, dude! ONE time. ONE completion for 6 yards. Supposed greatest QB of all time scared to throw Sherman’s way. Playing with one arm no less. Congrats to the Pats, but your boy had 20 completions of 5 yards or less. Mighty impressive.

  74. And please stop with all the Brady/Belichik unstoppable BS. Patriots were ONE yard from losing the Superbowl. ONE YARD, people. Bevell is NE’s real MVP for that horrible play call to end the game.

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