NFL Network fires Warren Sapp

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A Monday morning arrest on assault and solicitation of prostitution charges has cost Warren Sapp his analyst’s role with the NFL’s television channel.

NFL Network announced this afternoon it has ended Sapp’s employment.

“Warren Sapp’s contract has been terminated and he no longer works for NFL Network,” NFLN spokesperson Alex Riethmiller said in a statement released by the channel.

The 42-year-old Sapp had worked for the network since 2008.

With Sapp’s time with the network at a close, it remains to be seen if Sapp will be able to land a television role elsewhere.

267 responses to “NFL Network fires Warren Sapp

  1. It’s time for Warren to start looking for a cardboard box with curb appeal because he is done!

  2. This guy had no skills as an analyst..he was handy if you needed a timely..loud..annoying laughing outburst..annoying that’s just about it…never took any of his commentary serious…high risk..low reward type of employee on a popular tv channel…just find a way to can dion and irvin and we’re good.

  3. I’m on some kinda roll, I haven’t picked the Superbowl winner for almost twenty years. First the Patriots beat those loudmouthed Seahawks and now Warren Sapp is no longer on the NFL Network-what a wonderful start to my week!

  4. There are so many former players who would kill to have Sapp’s job or one like it with another major network. Given that Sapp wasn’t particularly amazing at the job, it’s hard to believe someone else would pick him up.

  5. I never watch NFL Network but I may tune in now. Nope, I still won’t watch. Only the games and some Football Life shows. The rest is a train wreck!

  6. Thank God. This jerk was one of the most obnoxious commentators on any of the sports network. The NFL Network was smart to get rid of him and do it quickly.

  7. Firing Warren Sapp is Overdue. Not only for his recent behavior. His analysis is weak and embarrassing. He is the Most Classless NFL TV Personality out there.

  8. Had to be done.

    If the NFL is looking to clean up its image, the NFL Network can’t employ Sapp – especially after they employed and fired serial rapist Darren Sharper.

  9. I think most betting people would’ve taken the under on him being employed there for 6 years. He was pretty much playing with house money at this point.

  10. He should have been fired a long time ago. He’s far from being a true football analyst.

  11. ESPN will take him their standards are a lot lower than the NFL Network… glad he is gone, get a rid of a few more on the show and I might start to watch.

  12. Football fans across America rejoice.

    If only he was hanging with Marshall Faulk when this went down. That dude needs to go next. Most unlikeable character on television.

  13. Gotta be careful when you gets paid and get an itch for a little sumthin’ sumthin’. It can cost you more than tree fiddy.

  14. Sapp always was the guy who tried to have charisma rather than actually having it. And apparently, hookers like to get paid for their work.

  15. Between Irvin, Sharper and Sapp and God knows who else, women best stay clear of any of the NFL Network analysts….. But seriously anyone who has watched the career of Sapp knew this arrogant jerk would come to bad end somehow….

  16. They should’ve never hired this classless idiot in the first place. Guys like Meyshawn, Chris Carter, Michael Irvin, Deion, Ray Lewis are horrible too.

    Give me more intelligent, class guys like Marshall Faulk, Steve Young, Tony Gonzalez, Strahan, etc.

  17. Between Sapp looking and sounding like a clown with his animated facial expressions and worthless drivel, I didn’t care for him and never understood what the network saw in Sapp to make him worthy of an being analyst.

  18. Next up Marshall Faulk, there’s been whispers about him soliciting prostitutes the night before the Super Bowl with the Rams. I’m sure he’s still doing it now too, once a trick always a trick.

  19. He was terrible as an announcer – his days were numbered from the get-go. He was a great player, a HOF inductee, but he played dirty, and I will NEVER forget the hit he put on Chad Clifton. A dirty and very unnecessary hit that put Clifton in the hospital with broken bones in his pelvis.

    Sapp never even called to apologize or check in on Clifton, and Sapp stuck to his guns saying it was a legal hit during interviews after the game. Yes, it was legal, but unnecessary and dirty since it was on the opposite side of the field and very far away from the play.

    Please, do let the door hit you on the way out, Sapp. NOBODY will miss you, and I prefer you slip away and fade away into the sunset.

    Now it is time for CBS to fire Bart Scott – another terrible announcer who is as bad, if not worse, than Sapp.

  20. dynastyfootballforme says:
    Feb 2, 2015 5:48 PM
    NFLN is watchable again! Yippie!
    Not yet…Irvin is still there!!

  21. I can’t stand the guy but he will be hired by someone at the beginning of the season. He has a SB ring (assuming he “found” it after his bankruptcy proceedings) and a HoF jacket that gives an artificial credibility to his musings. He also has an engaging personality that some people seem to like and it’s not as if ESPN doesn’t craft what their analysts say anyway. Unfortunately they have a business model that encourages the creation of news rather than the reporting of it.

  22. Should have been fired a long time ago. Good riddance, I hope he gets kicked out of the hall of fame too! Guy is a scumbag, arrogant POS!

  23. The league is full of dirtbags; the only reason there are all of these websites and programs are to flesh out the dirt and scumminess of it all. No team is innocent. No network everything associated with the NFL appears to be tainted. The WWE, UFC, Boxing, Cycling, college football, etc. are proud of how low and how big the NFL has stooped and at the same time become.

  24. THANK YOU!!!!! Sapp and Ray Lewis are the two I refuse to watch. Whenever their faces come on the screen I flip the channel.

  25. I don’t care for Sapp, but do we really need to be so happy about the guys making a big mistake?

  26. The NFL channel should not have needed this excuse to rid itself of a big mouth jerk like Sapp. I stopped watching the NFL channel, maybe I’ll go back to it.

  27. Honestly I’m almost saddened by hearing this. I really liked him as an analyst and thought he was pretty funny. I’d rather hear him then listen to Michael Robinson and all his bias towards Seattle which he makes no attempt to hide. I understand why Sapp was fired and have to agree it was what was right but still would like to see Robinson sent packing. IMO an analyst should be professional in their analysis and not just your average fan with the platform to talk about how great their favorite team is.

  28. I would literally stare at another part of my screen when he was on camera because I just couldn’t stand how false and insincere he always looked.

    On another front! Congrats Patriots!! So many team’s season ended so abruptly this year and we became the last!! Great game and well played by both teams. Cheers!!

  29. Sapp is so bad he makes Ray Lewis seem like Al Michaels.
    There’s one less buffoon on NFL network.

  30. You can take the man out of the gutter, but you can’t take the gutter out of the man.

  31. I cannot watch the NFL Network studio show when there is nothing but mindless cackling, people talking over each other and extended giggling over things that aren’t funny to begin with.

    Warren Sapp was not the only untalented buffoon on NFLN, but it’s a start.

    I am glad he is gone.

  32. Hopefully the HOF will follow do the same. Unless they’re going to build a special wing for Sapp, Lewis, Moss, TO, OJ, etc.

    At least the Bucs still have Dungy, Brooks and Lynch from to celebrate from that era.

  33. It seems everyone is having fun piling on Warren Sapp. The man is only human. He made a mistake and he’s paying the price for it. As an analyst, Sapp has as much football knowledge and a lot more personality than most of the talking heads on the sports networks. I for one will miss him.

  34. Now, if they get rid of Irvin and ESPN gets rid of Ray Ray, it’ll be Christmas all over!

  35. Warren Sapp’s next job will be dressing up like a pirate to sell t-shirts to tourists.

  36. Now we are going to have to listen all the “I’m sorry” crap and the blubbering speech on how he didn’t do it and I’m going for treatment bull….

    Sure seems like he has abit of a hate on for a certain part of the American demographic and he was not very good at his job so its not a bad loss. If only the network can liquidate a few more of the donkey’s over there then we would have a good show, the people that watch the network are serious fans and deserve talented analyst.

  37. If NFL Network and ESPN get rid of the former players turned analyst what’s the use in watching. Sapp was over the top for sure but we were not tuning in for him. Its about the highlights and breaking news,etc.

  38. Best news I heard in a very long time! That POS clown!!! Hey Sapp why dont you ask Strahan how many times has he been arrested for soliciting a prostitute!

    From a diehard Canes fan!!!

  39. Karma is a B, so I never wish anything bad on someone else. When it comes to Warren Sapp, well, Karma is a B.

  40. croghan1919 says:
    Feb 2, 2015 7:01 PM

    You can take the man out of the gutter, but you can’t take the gutter out of the man.
    Not sure that’s how the saying goes.

  41. Big loser – Warren Sapp
    Big winner – all of us who watch the NFL Network

    Shocked if he gets another TV deal. Provided nothing on-air and actually forced viewers away. NFLN brass quietly celebrating like Pats fans tonight.

  42. Once a Raider always a Raider but this dirtbag is different I think us Raider fans have mostly tried to pretend this waste was never a Raider.

  43. I’ll say this though, I never liked him as a broadcaster, but I’ll miss the “U Know It” segments will Michael Irvin.

    To continue it, they should hire Ed reed.

  44. I don’t even care what he did or if he didn’t. Whatever it takes to get him off the air is making me happy. I’ve been disgusted by his so called “clean cut” media announcer Warren Sapp, when on the field he was one of the premier scumbags. In other words, Sapp has been a complete phony on NFLN as he is NOT a nice man as this recent arrest reminds us of.

    Turd on the field, turd OFF the field.

  45. Former AZ resident here – or as we used to call it, the ‘police’ state. Love how networks covering games there show images of the Grand Canyon and Sedona which are hours and lifetimes away from the gestapo atmosphere of PHX and the surrounding area. Avoiding this place is the best advice.

  46. Well, one thing we know for sure: Being a lousy analyst will not cost you your analyst job at NFLN, but being caught with hookers will.

  47. How do you spell stupid:
    W A R R E N S A P P
    He should now memorize these next catch phrases as he will need one of them in his next life:
    Paper or plastic….Would you like fries with that………….Hello welcome to Walmart.

  48. NFL, in an effort to once again distract people from the real issues it faces will be conducting an investigation into the size shoes the Patriots wore.

  49. Dude was a player now he’s just a playa,He has a history of assaults against females & the drug test is still in Dennis Erickson’s drawer but he’ll continue to get a gig

  50. Is he married? If so this is horrendous.

    PhD: Are you lamenting that you can’t attack people and pick up wh o r e s in PHX? Is that why you chimed in on this thread?

  51. I havent watched NFL Network over a year. They used to have a rotation on guest pro peeps. Warren is an unwatchable talent…same with Dion and Irvin.

  52. Hey Sapp, please invite Irvin and Deion with you next time you go out to get a piece. I’ve rarely ever watched that show but once in a while I make a mistake and think maybe things are different.

    I have no idea how anyone watches that show with Deion and Michael Irvin. It’s like listening to two drunk pimps going at it in a corner bar. It’s just unbearable. As Charles Barkley would say, Irvin, Sanders and Sapp on his show are …..turrrrrbile, just turrrbile.

  53. So every football Sunday for basically my entire life I’ve always made a habit of watching the highlights of all the week’s games before drifting off to sleep. But I have a really hard time between picking between ESPN, where I have to tolerate 30 minutes of college basketball highlights (ugh) just to see what I want to see, or I can go to NFL Network and hear Michael Irvin smoke crack and call Dez Bryant his son literally 15 times in one highlight reel. It’s amazing Warren Sapp was probably the third or fourth most annoying person on that network

  54. Now, Warren has plenty of time to make more commercials for Bud Light and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Add the Oakland Raiders to the lineup this year. Those two teams need all the advertisement they can get.

  55. Hey Warren, I heard Denny’s is hiring. Maybe you and your boys can head on down there and try to live off of the tips by deadbeats, like you.

    How about paying the Reagan Tax on the tickets you write, whether you get a tip OR NOT!

    Man, Karma is a wonderful thang!

  56. I can’t believe how many stonethrowing do-gooders think they have the right to blog about somebody else that may have made a mistake as if they never have. Grow up people prostitution is the oldest business transaction that we know of. As if all of you never done anything that you’re ashamed to admit to and to lose his job over it really ? if you lost your job over mistake you made , I mean seriously this is a joke right. Where is this passion when our government straight lies to our face. We have way bigger issues on the table then What sapp is using to wet his dock with. It’s so easy to gang up on a person on the Internet but all I see is jealousy everyone of you are jealous. If it was his mistress nobody would have a problem the only difference between a prostitute and a mistress the prostitute tell you how much she. Get a life people and stop trying to bring down those who already have one.

  57. Sapp: *using cell phone* “Hello, is this “Dancing With The Stars”?

    DWTS: *gives a recorded dial tone, then actually hangs up*

  58. On that network, McGinest is cool, Eisen is a pro, Warner is tolerable, Sterling Sharpe and Billick aren’t that bad, Marriucci is obnoxious but tolerable, the rest can just stay off my TV except for the brunette in the morning, she can stay.

  59. Charges against one of the two females, ‘violation of the city’s escort permit requirements’. End of story. Warren most likely did nothing wrong or different from what the two women if they had the permits could be doing in Phoenix. Warren Sapp is a wild man. His wild-side blended into his play on the field and he’s a HOFer for it! NFL Network firing him contrary to ESPN’s treatment of Michael Irvin.

  60. Sapp will argue that he just tried to pay with Lovin like the McDonald’s commercial said.

  61. I think Eddie Murphy said it, as Buckwheat on SNL back in the day,

    Sapp, “was wookin’ pa nub in all duh wrong places, woookin’ pa nub into many ………”

    Yep, totally.

  62. Warren made a mistake. We all do. Difference is, he will have no problem finding another job. Fox or ESPN will be on the phone with his agent tomorrow morning.

  63. It can’t be his fault. He played for the two teams based on swashbuckling pirates and everybody knows pirates were always fighting, plundering and looking for booty

  64. Now we just need 2 or 3 Patriot players get arrested this Week! Seahawks lose, Sapp is off the WWF Network. Now if we could just get Gronk arrested for a DUI or somethin?! Hmmmm, Then my weekend will be complete! 🙂 Man,, that would be so’ so”” cool,,, if Gronk where to get arrested! The Icing on the cake. To close out the WWF season. 👍

  65. Warren, you thought that filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy was the worst thing you would go through.

    Rock bottom has a really hatchet now.

    And … U Know It!

  66. For a guy who reportedly own 200 pairs of shoes but couldn’t make his child support payments, he obviously isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. A tool yes, sharp no.

    Good bye, can’t say that I’ll miss you.

  67. That’s too bad. I don’t think much of him as a person but he was one of the more entertaining guys on the network.

    I hope that drip Heath Evans is next.

  68. What’s sad, is that Sapp is probably not the only NFL player, member or affiliate involved in one of the biggest nights for sex traffic of the year.


  70. Please go to the video and find Faulk lurking in the shadows as well. He’s an embarrassment to San Diego State as an educational institution.

  71. Certainly not going to miss him on NFLN, but besides that, why do high profile people get mixed up in that kinda mess? Why not keep things a clean slate? I guess I’m different. AND how in the world did you blow 82 million dollars? Only a fraction of that would have me retired and living quite well from now on..WOW

  72. Honestly, Warren Sapp was the NUMBER ONE REASON I didn’t watch the NFL Network nor anything else Sapp was on.

    Sapp is just the worst analyst train-wreck EVER!

  73. I want to see how Sanders and Irvin spin this. Lots of support and brotherly love and rah rah about helping in a time of need. Will the Hall of Fame boot him too? He’s a bit of a taint on a prestigious professional sports honor and I don’t see how his bust can sit next to a dude like Junior Seau.

  74. Even more shocked at how articulate these comments are. Sapp was the worst, he’s a bad guy and the rest of the shoe needs a major overhaul. Whoever the talent VP at nfln that rehired him should have been embarrassed long before this.

    Don’t worry, we’ll always be there chronically late night at DK Donuts waiting on you and your crew.

  75. Is that the sound of (never loyal to a contract) Tuna, swimming upstream from ESPN to NFLN? W/ Mooch, would provide better balance on their panel between coaches and players.

  76. It is comforting to see so many other NFL fans (20:1) who have been as annoyed with Sapp as I have been the last several years.

    Clearly, the NFL Network has no comprehension of the product they put out and how their audience/market responds/feels about their product.

    Arrogance personified.

  77. Good bye and good riddance. The only thing I could remember saying on the air was his over the top homer praise for every former Hurricanes player (i.e. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, etc) in the NFL. Got so old and predictable.

  78. ironic that aa league that will do anything to make a buck would fire a guy for visiting a lady that wiill do anything for money … that said mrs. shrek will be furious

  79. When are the networks going to realise us fans want measured unbiased and articulate thoughts and opinions and not brash ex elite players who bring the locker room type mentality into our homes. Yes if you like that kind of tv sports show fine but a least have programes for the serious football people out there. Just because they were top players does not make them equipped for talking on tv. If I was to make a list for the most annoying people on these shows I bet we would all have pretty similar names. You do get the feeling it’s all a bit pally and not based on delivery ability and intelligence. Do the tv networks scout these people. Obviously NO.

  80. Given the nUmber of comments on this report I assUme many of U feel some type of way about Mister Sapp. No fence sitting here. U KNOW IT! Worst segment on NFLN.

  81. Didn’t deserve to win DANCING WITH THE STARS and definitely didn’t deserve to be an analyst for NFL.

  82. The NFL is already on the phone with Payton Manning asking if he is going to retire and if he is then come work for them as they have an opening on their NFLN.

  83. Legalize prostitution and save jobs and reputations,the urge after all is a natural thing.

  84. Warren Sapp.

    2013: Hall of Fame
    2015: Hall of Shame

    If you’ve ever been fired, like me, it’s humiliating as hell and I do feel for him even though I thought he was a total cartoon character with nothing to add but bluster.

    Here we go with the NFL again.

    Two stories right out of the gate….Sapp and Johnny Rehab.

    I don’t like the Pats but I hope DEFLATEGATE is overblown (underblown?) at the end.

  85. I will not miss Mr. Sapp. Never liked how he went after Strahan.
    However was is amazing to me is that it was not reported at all on ESPN Sportscenter last evening at 6 on the East Coast.
    Was it reported on NFLN?

    Thanks to PFT for giving us the info.

  86. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving loud mouth. It’s great we do not have to listen to this jerk again. What goes around comes around YOU SAPP.

  87. Bad news: Really feel bad for the consequences Sapp will suffer for his bad behavior.

    Good news: We will not have to listen to his loud and obnoxious commentaries any more.

    Bad news: He will only be replaced with another loud and obnoxious football know-it-all.

  88. nyjetsfan08 says:
    Feb 2, 2015 7:48 PM
    Another play that brings shame to the HOF in Canton.
    The people in the HOF are there because of their play, not because of their ranking as a likeable human. If that criterion was added to the entry requirements, the HOF would have probably half the people it now has.

  89. Yet another case of an employer firing an employee over conduct outside of the workplace. What a joke the NFL has become, and what a bunch of morons we all are for accepting it.
    I wonder how long it’ll be before we’re getting fired from work for swearing at the neighbor’s dog, pulled over for speeding, or refusing to donate our time to a charitable organizations.

  90. longsufferingkcfan says: Feb 2, 2015 5:42 PM

    I hope this is the last we ever hear from this clown. How he had an analyst job in the first place despite his well-documented behavior is beyond me.


    I can’t agree more. The problem with networks these days is they don’t really look to employ “actual” analysts when it comes to a lot of sports that they feature.

    Gone are the days when a “no-name” who is actually an analyst work as hard as he or she can to gain status and make a name for themselves. Nowadays, its more celebrity status over experience and actual intelligence. A lot of these football commentators are former football players themselves. Duh, if you played football for years and cannot intelligently talk about it, something is wrong with you. I can do that with McDonalds, or Subway or just plain talking “bs.” I’m no expert but I would like to think I’ve eaten enough McD’s and Subway sandwiches to intelligently talk about them. And who doesn’t know how to bs?

    Same goes for Greg Anthony. I am a Knick fan but when he played for NY, he was what we would call “aite” but he really was just there at the right time. But an expert basketball analyst, he’s not!

  91. What a surprise! I guess he’s too ugly and stupid to get a woman the way most men do. He was a lousy analyst anyway.

  92. Sapp
    and Shannon Sharpe

    They ALL are completely unwatchable, if you ask me.

    Not a shred of professionalism about any of them.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say.

  93. I’ve never seen so many haters in one place. So many stonethrowing do-gooders as if they’ve never made a mistake like done something outside of the law. What happened is between sap and his wife only not of our business it doesn’t matter what the situation was him losing his job over it just absolutely ridiculous if he was bad at his job fine I don’t know I don’t watch the game but he didn’t get fired for that he got fired for solicitation which lets be honest people it’s not the first guy in the world to go for a hook and he just happens to be a celebrity and he’s not even the first celebrity you guys still watch Charlie Sheen don’t you that guys really off the chain passion for the issues that don’t matter in silence for the issues that do all I see here are a bunch of people who wish they could’ve done with their life and I’m glad to see somebody fall when they did it’s sad really the response that people of had to what he’s done even if he did biomarker so what at least that girl tells them what the prices upfront better than having a groupie he would yell rape you people are truly truly sad we should be supporting him right now not tearing down I’m sure his wife is doing that all on her own would you be like this to your best friend if it was your best friend who got caught with a hooker would you be telling him he deserved to lose his job that he was no good that he was sad no you wouldn’t no compassion no love no understanding are we human anymore

  94. Warren didn’t get in trouble for soliciting prostitutes. He got in trouble for refusing to pay for the prostitutes he solicited! It was the girls who called the police and this is why you and I know about the story.

    Now…. if you wanna get all conspiratorial…. maybe these girls knew they had Warren over a barrel and told him to pay them “triple” or else they would call the cops with bogus assault charges and end his NFLn career.

    I can’t watch NFL network, but more because of Irvin and Deion. Irvin’s the worst by far…. if they just get rid of him, I could probably figure out a way to ignore Deion.

  95. I foresee a little 1 bedroom apartment and coaching high school football in very small midwest town in his future. The sad part is he deserves what he get’s !!!!!

  96. Please NFL Network: Deep six that self absorbed scarecrow Erin Coscarelli . She poses and preens like she’s Cleopatra. Her voice is like finger nails on a blackboard. Please bring back the naturally gorgeous Molly Qerim. Or Nicole Zaloumis.

  97. Isn’t it crazy how many people dislike this fat pig yet the NFLN kept him employed? Him along with Michael Irvin and Sanders. Go figure.


  99. The NFL cares about money nothing else….not the fans…..not the integrity of the game….nothing…..

    Having so many idiots employed is just another way the NFL shows that it cares nothing about the fans…..

    Say what you want…..the owners are to blame…..they NFL does what the owners want…..

    Right now they are thinking of new ways to earn money… quiet for a minute……you can almost hear them…..

  100. If NFLN can only get rid of Irving now.

    How U doing Sapp??

    This Piece of garbage needed to be removed a long time ago. This guy already assaulted his wife numerous times, and still kept his gig.

    Now he hires 2 escorts and assaults them for what reason? He probably didnt want to pay them.

    Good riddance! Now I can finally watch more of the NFLN with out vomiting every time I hear his grotesque voice and his moronic comments.

  101. “Sapp” is what Warren’s next employer would be labelled for hiring him with all his issues.

  102. Another loud mouth bites the dust! Let’s hope they replace him with someone who has a little class this time. Someone like Eisen, Warner, Faulk, Woodson, etc. would be great.

    While they are at it, get rid of Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin too. They were great players but I’m sick of their antics on TV.

  103. Addition by subtraction for the NFL Network because Warren was horrible.Not the only one but he was just the same.

  104. Next get rid of Faulk. Eisen, Sanders, Irvin are great. Sapp and Faulk were weak. Mooch is middle of the road but you need a former coach on there and he brings energy so he’s fine.

  105. I am glad Sapp is gone. I think Irving is getting a little tiresome too. Maybe Marino could be considered. There are too many former NFC players and not enough AFC players to balance out the comments and represent both divisions fairly. I wouldn’t mind looking at Brett Favre either. He brings a lot less baggage with him than Sapp had. Ron Woodson would be an intelligent choice also. Please keep Sterling Sharpe’s show alone. Sharpe, Baldy and Coach Bellick are a great trio. Although brother Shannon is difficult to understand, Sterling could feature him as a guest every now and then. I really like Phil Simms, Al Michaels, Collinsworth and Coach Mooch.

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