On Manziel, Browns have only themselves to blame

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Setting aside for now the reality that Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel apparently suffers from a health condition for which he needs support, understanding, and assistance, the Browns have a problem for which they only have themselves to blame.

Despite Manziel’s high-stakes Eddie Haskell routine from a year ago, when he supposedly ensconced himself in football and shunned partying, the record already was clear: Johnny Football was a ticking time bomb.

Sure, it didn’t get as much attention as it should have among a media fascinated by the possibility that Manziel would become the next Tim Tebow, driving ratings and generating clicks and selling whatever remaining newspapers and magazines there are. But the Browns were making a much larger investment in JFF. And the Browns have only themselves to blame for JFFing it all up.

While most of the blame goes to owner Jimmy Haslam guy and/or the homeless man whose “draft Manziel” recommendation confirmed Haslam’s belief that Browns fans wanted Johnny Football to become Johnny Cleveland, people like G.M. Ray Farmer have an obligation to protect the owner from himself. And if people like Farmer can’t get through to an owner who was smitten by the potential upside of a guy with a colossal downside, then someone other than Farmer should be the person in position to get through to an owner who is poised to make a decision that could undermine the best interests of the team.

If no such person exists, the owner needs to sell the team to someone who doesn’t need such a person in the team’s employment.

The evidence of the potential for a substance-abuse problem was hiding in plain sight months before the Browns traded up from No. 26 to No. 22 to pick Manziel, courtesy of ESPN The Magazine. Manziel’s own father said that Johnny drinks to deal with stress. Manziel’s parents and his college coach required Manziel to visit with an alcohol counselor after an alcohol-related arrest. Paul Manziel also expressed concern about a temper that made the father reluctant to engage in one of the ultimate father-son activities.

“I don’t enjoy playing golf with him because I don’t want to see that temper,” Paul Manziel told Wright Thompson at the time. “I honestly do not. I cringe when he wants to play golf. . . . I don’t know where the anger comes from. I don’t think he knows. If it comes from his drinking, or if he’s mad at himself for not being a better person when he fails, when he fails God and his mom and me. If it makes him angry that he’s got demons in him. You can only speculate because you can’t go in there.”

The Browns needed to go in there. Or they shouldn’t have allowed Manziel to come into their organization. The father’s words alone should have been enough to prompt Farmer to commission a full-scale, no-stone-unturned effort to get to the bottom of the Johnny Manziel anger rabbit hole. And the Browns should have removed his name from the draft board absent a full and complete explanation that made it clear to the Browns that Manziel’s demons would not destroy his NFL career before it even started.

The Browns failed. And they’ll continue to fail unless Haslam finds the right people to protect Haslam from himself.

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  1. Hey immature college kid with substance abuse and maturity issues … would you like a few million dollars and lots of free time? Well played Cleveland.

  2. It’s a given everyday the sun comes up and every year the Browns will yet again try to draft another franchise QB and fail miserably at it

  3. The most impressive part of Belichick’s resume to me has always been that he won a playoff game with the Browns. That’s like winning 10 super bowls with any other team.

  4. Thank you, Browns, for not taking Bridgewater…even though your own $100,000 study said he was the #1 QB prospect.

    – Vikings fans

  5. The Browns were very much enablers to Johnny. They overlooked tons of bad reports and drafted him any way. And didn’t just draft him, but took him in the first round. He was a nightmare on all levels all season and showed them absolutely nothing, yet he somehow still ended up starting. Best thing for the Browns and Manziel would be his next shot being someplace else.

  6. Anger issues and an addiction problem. Wish JFF the person well, but mostly feel for the Browns fans. This guy may be your version of JaMarcus Russell. Be glad there’s a salary structure now.

  7. It was confusing for me to see Manziel skyrocket up some draft boards after his pro-day. Some really respectable draft pundits irresponsibly drank the Kool-Aid as well. In retrospect, imagine where the browns would be today if the selected Teddy Bridgewater.

  8. Cleveland: Where NFL careers go to die. #dumpsterfire #factoryofsadness #mistakebythelake

  9. Maybe with nothing to do in Cleveland they thought it wouldn’t be a big deal. JR Smith went from partying almost every night in NYC to staying in every night in Cleveland.

  10. The Browns will always be the Browns.

    While going to rehab is a positive step for him as a person (if it was even his idea and not the team’s), I don’t believe at his age, his life, and his situation will bring any meaningful change long term. He’s lived a certain way his whole life, it doesn’t mean it can’t change but unless he does some deep soul searching it won’t matter.

  11. I’m not going to pile on a guy (no matter how BAD I want to), who takes the step voluntary or not to enter rehab. I hope he comes out in better shape than he entered.

  12. I’m a Panthers fan and I still want to see the Cleveland Browns finally get a quarterback who can be successful.

  13. Say what you will about Manziel’s, but he’s never been dishonest about who he is. He’s made it clear many, many times that football success is a distant priority to partying, boozing, money, and fame. I don’t know what the Browns expected.

  14. Johnny football, Johnny Money, Johnny whatever….

    Is now called… Johnny Rehab!

    This was/is long overdue…

    Kid has talent… But his attitude and immaturity will hamper any chances of him having a career in the NFL.

    Until he get’s his life in order, and straightens out. Quits the drinking and partying, and becomes a student of the game, and a true leader in Cleveland, he will never amount to much of a QB..

    Is he going to be Johnny Pine, or Johnny football in 2015… We will know in 7 months!

  15. His father’s response there highlights a big part of the problem. Instead of letting the 2nd generation trust fund kid always have his way, he should’ve taken his own leisure time to learn how to be a parent.

  16. The best thing that could have happened to Manziel was for him to go undrafted. At that point he would have been forced to decide whether football was something he wanted to pursue with everything he had, or not. The Browns enabled him to treat pro football as a (very high-paying) hobby and now both Johnny and the Browns are the worse for it.

  17. The real problem with the Browns is that anybody with experience in player development and scouting could have seen from watching game film that Johnny wasn’t ready to play QB in the NFL. Certainly not as a first rounder (2nd, 3rd or 4th either). I hope he does the necessary work required to help with his issues, because as they say in AA “drinking is not the problem, its just a temporary cure for the real issue”. Its going to be tough adjusting to life without football and looking for a new job with that monkey on your back.

  18. The Browns’ Turk called in Belichick and asked him to bring with him his playbook.

    That must taste pretty good now, huh?

  19. QB is the most important position on the team and typically the player that requires the most support and commitment shown. Any team that drafts a QB with an early pick should have somebody associated with that team that can pound the table in saying that they understand who that QB is, they know what it will take to support that QB, and they have a communicable plan that makes sense and are prepared to give 100% effort to work with that QB to get the most of out of them. If you don’t have somebody on the team that can say that, then don’t draft the QB being considered, or at least hire a corresponding coach/mentor if you are going to make that draft pick regardless.

  20. 99% of observers thought cleve made huge error in drafting him. most thought he should be avoided like the plague. the classic “all sizzle, no steak.”

    maybe cleve needed to upgrade from hoyer, or get another qb as insurance if hoyer didn’t deliver. but making manziel that guy was a terrible decision.

  21. Yeah, tell the boss you’re not going to draft who he told you to. That goes over well, lol. Some people live in fantasy land. Haslem made the pick, and he has to live with it. It’s not Pettine or Farmer’s fault for that, and anyone blaming them for “not standing up to their boss” is an idiot. It’s just a matter of how quicly they can get from under the mistake.

  22. What a mess. I really hope he can get clean. Right now, football should be the farthest thing from his mind (and the mind of the team). There’s a player there, somewhere, but only if he can conquer these demons. Alas, we may never find out. The Browns really blew this one.

  23. Brandon Weeden, Trent Richardson, and Jonny Manziel.

    Those are some high profile first round whiffs. Throw in DT Phil Taylor and DE Barkevious Mingo who have vastly underachieved and the Brown’s track record of first round picks since 2011 rivals the worse in the league.

    The last high impact 1st rounder the Browns drafted was Joe Haden in 2010. It’s no wonder they are where they are.

  24. Florio is 100% correct on this.

    Manziel’s problem is he is a spoiled, arrogant punk who thinks he’s above the law and rules. He thinks life is just a big party and he’s the honoree.

    Apparently, no one has ever said “no” to him and now he’s going to pay for that for the rest of his life.

  25. I blame the Redskins for being offensive.
    I blame Pete Carroll for not running Marshawn into a 5-man front with stacked box.
    I blame everyone for everything. End of story.

  26. Not a fan of His but, boy when your Dad throws you under the bus, it really is over! Love how all these people around Him only blame Him. Your His Parent or His Boss, tell Him to knock the BS off! I just don’t won’t to turn on ESPN or read on the internet where Johnny Football dies from ODing. Starting to feel kind of bad for the guy.

  27. So the kid voluntarily seeks treatment and that makes Haslam a failure? I think it’s a great sign that he went to rehab not the opposite. Its funny no one was writing stories about manziel and his substance problems last week when he was doing nothing about them but now that he is that’s all that you hear. Like Johnny and the Browns would have been better off if he just kept spiraling.

  28. Jimmy Haslam has no one to blame but himself. When Manziel fails, Haslam will use Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine for his scapegoats.

  29. His dad talks as if he was helpless along the way to not bring up a spoiled brat and egomaniac, which he is.

    I’m not sure, does rehab help egomania and self-absorbed and self-centered behavior and focus?

  30. If I am an alcoholic is it my employer’s job to get me help? I am pretty sure that’s illegal. It seems as if it’s a trend these days to blame other people for one’s shortcomings. The only person to blame is Johnny. Maybe his family but there is no way in heck that it’s even close to being legal for an employer to step in in any way other than firing him.

  31. This debacle falls squarely on the owner. I think it’s unfair to blame a rookie GM for not protecting the owner from himself. How many GM, team execs in the league truly have that kind of clout? Most of us in Farmer’s situation would have done exactly what he did, follow his boss’s orders.

    By all accounts, Farmer and Pettine did quality work last season under difficult circumstances. Gilbert is probably a bust as well, but this was Pettine’s guy. But Farmer brought in a number of players that upgraded the roster. The team was competing for a playoff spot until the pressure was too great not to play Johnny and that pressure came from the owner. If not for that pressure, maybe Hoyer doesn’t tank as much, or, at the very least, finds a way out of his slump.

    So, sorry, it’s easy to blame Farmer for Johnny, but this is all on an immature, impetuous, billionnaire owner who thinks he knows a lot more than he does. The real issue with the Browns is ownership. It is now and it always has. Lerner was indifferent and Haslam is meddlesome. Neither type spells success in the in NFL.

  32. A welcome reminder that Daniel Snyder and Jed York are not quite the absolute worst owners in the NFL.

  33. I’m betting that the next “leak” will be that Johnny is already in stage one or two of the NFL’s substance abuse program, and may have a suspension coming.

    On a side note, Josh Gordon just entered rehab to break his addition to partying with Manziel.

  34. Here is what Johnny realized…

    Johnny Football on alcohol and drugs = Johnny Jackass

    Sober Johnny Football = Eventual Super Bowl MVP

  35. Are fans of teams who have never won a Super Bowl the most outspoken, or am I imaging things? How come they always throw out their “they should have drafted Bridgewater who will win us a Super Bowl” line in ever Johnny story?

    Let us all know when that Super Bowl is ACTUALLY won. Then you will have room to talk.

    On the topic of this story, I hope this man gets the treatment that will fix a lot of issues that he has. Forget football, or if you hate the guy….this is a human being with issues. I wish him well.

  36. I’ve spent my entire life watching my team self-destruct. I sat in front of my TV last May SCREAMING for the Cowboys to draft him instead.

    We had first place in the division for what felt like a month, even though it was only a week, and shortly after we bench our QB who led us to that, for this inexperienced punk who thinks he’s bigger than the team.

    Look Haslem, if you want to wash your hands of this team, then send them to L.A instead of sabotaging an already broken product. We have suffered enough.

    Cut Gordon, get rid of Manziel- I don’t even care if you don’t get anything for either of them. One more disaster season like this and you’ll easily replace Art Modell as the most hated man in the history of the city..

  37. So the solution proposed to keep manziel from ruining his career from alcohol abuse is for nobody to draft him and so not having a career to begin with?

  38. At least he’s aware enough of the problem to try and fix it. I think this shows a level of maturity we haven’t seen. This is a good sign, not a bad one

  39. I doubt Manziel voluntarily sought treatment. The Browns are on the hook, they know it, and now they are trying to cut their losses. Im sure they basically told him that he had to go. They are praying that he straightens out and they can maybe peddle him to some team a couple of years from now for a 5th or a 6th.

  40. Going to remind the Browns one more time since they chimed in endlessly on the trade…

    This was the pick you received from the Colts. The Browns traded 4 picks to move up 1 spot to take Trent Richardson, paid his entire bonus, ate pretty much his entire cap (which they’ll carry some through next year), and then decided to use that pick on Johnny Manziel.

    The Browns missed the playoffs (again) and the Colts went to the AFC Championship.

    Call that trade a wash.

  41. And to think this was the guy the NFL NETWORK could not get enough of on draft day ! They gave far more deserving picks less coverage ! The show business machine of the NFL will chew you up and spit you out !

  42. The comments regarding Ray Farmer are right on the money.

    It is my opinion that two thirds of the management trio (Haslam & Farmer ) in Cleveland is failing the team , the fans and the community and should be held to account.

    The exception is Mike Pettine. I believe he has shown the leadership and has the ability to do his job.

  43. Drafting JFBall was great move. For better or worse it got Cleveland more attention then it ever would have if they would have drafted anyone else.
    I hope he gets it together.

  44. Help me out here with these Manziel storylines I recall hearing from throughout the season:

    Jerry Jones is a bonehead for not taking Manziel in the draft.

    After Romo’s back injury, Jerry Jones is an even bigger bonehead for not having taken Manziel.

    Browns are crazy for starting a journeyman and letting their first-round pick waste away on the bench.

    Now, the narrative is that the Browns never should’ve drafted Manziel and should’ve known what they were getting into.

    The media can’t have it both ways with this guy. Browns fans everywhere, whether they originally supported the pick or not, are all frustrated with this guy. What’s even more frustrating is that the media seems to employ a common thread of kicking the Cleveland organization when it’s down.

  45. So THIS is what would have happened had Sonny Weaver selected Bo Callahan huh? Oh Kevin Costner…You are so wise!

  46. The Browns are useless. They traded their 2012 first rounder and three later picks to move up one slot and draft Richardson, whom they kept for one year before trading him to Indy. They then took the Indy pick (26th) and packaged it with their 3rd round pick to move up to 22 for Manziel. So, they turned the 4th, 118th, 139th, 211th picks in 2012, as well as their third round pick in 2014 into Johnny Manziel. This is how teams stink for years.

  47. Let this be a lesson to everyone about pre-draft hype. The red flags were there but the Browns ignored them and believed the hype.
    People may not like it but don’t be surprised in a year or two that we are talking like this about Jameis Winston. That guy is a serious head case (I call him Vince Young Jr) yet some team will believe the hype and draft him high and end up regretting it.

  48. Hello Tennessee, It is cleveland on line one and they want to talk trade for the number two pick. They cannot go forward with Manziel. He is a complete cancer. They need to get mariota or winston. I do not think TB is moving out of the one spot and I think tenn may want to roll with mettenberger. Make a deal to move up cleveland.

  49. The thing is, even if/when he gets clean and sober, his future in the league is still questionable at best. His lack of NFL-caliber physical skills was clearly exposed even in his minimal live-fire reps this season.

  50. Why is it it seems more important to BE RIGHT or CALL SOMEONE OUT on this blog than to recognize there can be good and bad in people?? Are comments really all about YOUR EGO?

    I’m a Cowboys fan and I am very glad Jerry took Zack Martin. I still think Johnny has a decent chance to be a good to great QB in the NFL. Its good he is pursuing getting things right early in the offseason when so many things went wrong last year for him (partly, at least, with him to blame.)

    I think he is far from washed up though if counseling helps and he makes some better Choices.

    Good luck Johnny! Hope to see you show some of that college greatness on the field in the future! (Just not against my Cowboys!)

  51. Way to throw your kid under the bus, Paul! Yes it sounds as if he has some problems. Quick question, Paul, who raised that boy and was supposed to instruct him on what it is to be responsible? A guy who can’t control his emotions on the golf course when it’s just you against the ball is going to have some difficulty on the gridiron when facing eleven mouth-breathers ready to take your head off. When was the last time you or his mom said “no” and, more importantly, when was the first time? He damn sure didn’t spoil himself!

    I’ve said all along that while Johnny Manziel doesn’t need football to be rich, he does need it to be famous. Being famous seems pretty important to Young John. He needs to realize that he has no chance to be Beiber (apparently his goal is obnoxious punk) and start aspiring to be Brady.

  52. It’s not my intention to rub it in on the Browns fans, but I’m sure that fans of all other 31 teams (including myself) are glad that their own team didn’t waste a 1st rounder on this tool. I do however think that this situation would have an amusing spin if it had been Jerry Jones who had given in on his temptation to draft Manziel. Who knows? He may acquire this bust after Cleveland releases. After all, he picked up Ryan Leaf after his flame-out.

  53. peytonwantsaflag says:
    Feb 2, 2015 12:15 PM
    So the solution proposed to keep manziel from ruining his career from alcohol abuse is for nobody to draft him and so not having a career to begin with?
    Actually yes it is. If he would have hit rock bottom sooner he may have been on the road to recovery sooner. Instead someone who seems to be an addict was given a guaranteed multi million dollar contract. What could go wrong?

  54. Just think Cleveland fans.. With the 1st round picks you used for Quinn, Weeden and Manziel, you could have probably traded for the best QB of all time, Tom Brady himself.

  55. The desire for MN amongst its fans to take Manziel was deafening in the year leading up to the draft. Thank God Turner and Zimmer hadn’t been in MN long enough to listen to those idiots. Vikings fans really are terrible; and I am one!

  56. We all knew he had a problem, and now that Johnny himself recognizes that he has a problem it’s suddenly a bad thing?

    This is the best possible news coming from the Johnny Football world.

  57. Oh Lord. He wasn’t even the Browns first pick, he was the second. He doesn’t have a monster contract, his base salary was S420,000. Someone was gonna take him in the first round. If you’re going to roll the dice with a Heisman QB then they didn’t make too outrageous of a bet.

  58. “Suffers from a health condition”? LOL.

    Johnny Bust. The latest media darling that couldn’t play.


    Hopefully he figures out his DRINKING PROBLEM (it’s not a health condition, stop drinking), but regardless of that, he’ll never start in the NFL. Doesn’t have the skill set at all.

  59. An owner that thinks he is a GM? Where did we see that before? (Dallas, Washington anybody?)

    These teams will never succeed until they put true football professionals into the GM job and then get out of the way.

  60. Haslam (and many other owners) need to learn to step back and let their executives do what they were hired to do.

    If I’m a GM, I’d rather get fired for doing what I thought was best for the company vs having critical decisions taken out of my hands. We see every offseason that this is a league of second and third chances.

  61. 6thsense10 says: Feb 2, 2015 12:46 PM

    peytonwantsaflag says:
    Feb 2, 2015 12:15 PM
    So the solution proposed to keep manziel from ruining his career from alcohol abuse is for nobody to draft him and so not having a career to begin with?
    Actually yes it is. If he would have hit rock bottom sooner he may have been on the road to recovery sooner. Instead someone who seems to be an addict was given a guaranteed multi million dollar contract. What could go wrong?-
    we’re in agreement that he needs to hit rock bottom.

    my argument is because he completely and utterly failed at his multimillion dollar a year job he hit rock bottom faster than he would have had he floundered in the media or CFL or arena football.

    if he’s like most drunks if nobody drafts him he’ll spend years pointing the blame at somebody else for his failure

  62. Seriously……Who didn’t see this coming? And Haslam has done nothing but enable this kid to do these things for the sake of the almighty $$$$. It’s actually very sad.

  63. SHAME on Cleveland???? How about shame on every single football sports broadcaster who kept proclaiming that Manzel was gong to be a great QB and that teams were dumb if they passed on him. They all should stand up and say, “I am an idiot. I do not know anything about football. Listen to other guys and not me.” — yeh not happening.

  64. “If it comes from his drinking, or if he’s mad at himself for not being a better person when he fails, when he fails God and his mom and me.”

    Dad may not understand where his son’s anger comes from, but reading his words, it’s pretty clear the type of parental outlook that has played a large part in it.

  65. why does everyone dump on the Browns..what did they do to everyone..Also why is everyone poking fun at a kid who realized he has a problem. Arent we more forgiving now. Jeeze people

  66. I can’t stand his act any more than anyone else but you have to respect the fact that he is willing to admit that he’s not who he should be and is working towards bettering himself. I wish him luck. This league has seen hundreds of guys with substance issues and personality issues come and go. Very few have stepped back and seen the light before it was too late. I hope he gets it together and is a great turn around story. You don’t have to be everything to everyone but at least be someone your teammates respect.

  67. I feel bad for Cleveland fans. It shouldn’t have taken a 100K study to show that Bridgewater would turn out the best QB in the draft but since they went to the time and $$ of commissioning the study, they shouldve listened to it.

  68. I don’t know if they blew it with Manziel yet. If they had started him from game one last year we’d know by now if he was worth it. The Browns better be ready to yank him out of whatever rehab facility he’s at and dump him on the field this year.

  69. Addictions are no joke..at least he is doing something about it. Josh Gordon continues to implode and does not seem to care. Hopefully Johnny turns his life around and gets the help he needs and sticks with it..Good Luck Johnny!

    Sober in NJ

  70. “nyneal says: Feb 2, 2015 12:04 PM
    Florio is 100% correct on this.

    Manziel’s problem is he is a spoiled, arrogant punk who thinks he’s above the law and rules. He thinks life is just a big party and he’s the honoree. ”

    Thanks to the Texas Conservative justice system, weathly trust fund babies can literally get away with killing people because they suffer from “affluenza”. They’re uber wealthy, know they’re above the law, and not responsible for their actions. It’s not poor Johnny’s fault! Great job there, Texas.

  71. He in love with the Co-Co. Drinking two much is not really his problem but it sounds better I guess. Hope he gets his life together. Too much too fast.

  72. I’ve watched Johnny in High School and college. Local news had several stories of his problems. So, Dad gives him a Mercedes to drive to class! There’s an old say in recovery “if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck”. Hope Johnny stays the full term a treatment and then get into a 12 Step program…..that’s where the change takes place.

  73. For manziel’s own father to speak to the media that way… I think it’s pretty clear where the kid’s issues come from.
    Just your daily reminder that money does not necessarily buy happiness; and that these wealthy, apparently successful types are not immune to the mental deficiencies that lead to the undermining of one’s own children.

  74. cueghost says:
    Feb 2, 2015 12:28 PM
    Rehab only works for people who actually want to make real changes… I have a feeling that he hasn’t quite reached that point.
    I couldn’t agree more. Here’s betting that Manziel checks himself out of rehab within a week or two, declaring himself “recovered”. What’s the over/under on how many times Manziel will check in and out of treatment programs??? If his own dad fears this kid’s demons after 20 some years, I don’t foresee him ever overcoming his problems.

  75. Hey PFT don’t blame just the Browns! The Vikings tried to trade up to get him also, but they got outbid! Many times the trades you don’t make are the best ones!

  76. What I don’t get is why wait till after the Super Bowl? Last week would have been the perfect time to release the information. It would have been surpassed by the super bowl and no one would have remembered until next year. But I guess in the style of the Browns they waited until everything was said and done to release this information bringing them and Manziel to the forefront of the discussion.

  77. Hey PFT don’t blame just the Browns! The Vikings tried to trade up to get him also, but they got outbid! Many times the trades you don’t make are the best ones!

    Umm no the Vikings did not. They liked him but the last thing the often arrested Vikings needed was another character flaw at the leadership position. Blessings unto he who goes by the name of Bridgewater!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Blame the parents. Blame the people doing the drafting. Blame the media. Blame the coaches. Look deep and hard and blame Manziel’s background. But never, ever blame the irresponsible, arrogant, over-pampered, over-protected athlete. No, we should instead applaud him for attempting to find help and recovery. We should sympathize with his plight.

    Sorry, but its all b.s.!!! It’s just another sad, pathetic story mirrored by the likes of Ryan Leaf. Unfortunately, all this is being played out in the NFL, the current high profile sports organization and they are incapable of handling this (and many other things). How often have you heard analysts say, “They (NFL franchises) just want all this to go away and to get on with the business of football.”

  79. coltzfan166 says: Feb 2, 2015 11:48 AM

    Should’ve drafted Bridgewater


    They probably would have messed him up, too.

  80. Browns front office certainly understands hubris. Imagine any corporation in ANY field of endeavor ignoring a national magazine article outlining, in detail, one red flag after another? The decision to take him in the first round is STUNNINGLY arrogant.

  81. Am I the only one who sees the hilarity in the very people slagging Manziel for his off the field issues and organizations for picking him up being the ones rabidly defending Jameis “No means yes” Winston and saying he needs to go to the top of the draft?

  82. Smart owners hire football people and let them make the football decisions. Rich people who think owning a football franchise is like having a live-action fantasy team pick their own players. And they wind up with multi-million-dollar problems like Manziel.

  83. He truly is the “Justin Bieber” of the sports world! He WILL be the next Ryan Leaf and Art Schlichter. This kid WON’T turn around…try and give him all the “praise and hope” you want. It ISN’T going to happen. I’m sure his PR got him in “treatment” to help protect dollar signs. He is just more proof that you CAN’T give millions of dollars to an immature child and expect good results, whether in sports or entertainment of any type. Can you name just ONE of these individuals high profile idiots that entered treatment, then turned out to be who they were truly supposed to be?

  84. PFT blames Farmer, then Haslam, then the Browns…..?

    I’m not completely sure who the blame goes to as none of us were in the draft room. Sure PFT and the media like to think their anonymous sources give them all the correct answers. We all should be so arrogant to think that way.

    And btw, the Browns did not miss out on Bridgewater. They missed out on Carr. So good like Viking fans.

  85. It’s a shame he isn’t the best at his position or plays for the Patriots. When asked why partying was so important to him, Rob Gronkwoski replied “because I’m a baller, bro.” What’s even worse is that Gronk has been seen on stage at clubs with Johnny Football. Why is it OK for Gronk to have the maturity level of a 10 year old but when someone like Johnny does it, he’s an alcoholic kid that needs to grow up?

    Talent. Talent and hypocrisy from the fans/media.

  86. Let him go thru rehab I support the Browns for that. But draft Brett Hundley to be your franchise qb. Continue to pay jff rehab but make it clear to him that you are moving in a new direction and you cut him and josh Gordon. It’s clear that those two have been cancers in the locker room.

  87. Insert Jerrah Jones name in place of Jimmy Haslam’s and this article is again spot on.

  88. “I called a detox center – just to see how much it would cost: $13,000 for three weeks! My friends, if you can come up with thirteen grand, you don’t have a problem yet”

    Sam Kinison

  89. Some of you people ASSUME that JF’s parents raised him wrong. Before you blame them you should know for a fact that they raised him wrong. Some kids just don’t listen to their parents, I should know, I was one of them. So unless you witnessed how they raised their kid- SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE. Besides, you probably don’t even have any of your own kids, or you would probably know this already.

  90. Making Johnny Manziel a sympathetic figure in all of this just underscores the fact that personal responsibility doesn’t exist.
    I kind of feel bad for his family, but he did/is doing this to himself. Opportunity squandered.
    Besides, no amount of anger issues can account for he obnoxious style before substance persona. The boy is a clown.

  91. I can see picking the wrong side of the ledger when you have scouts with differing opinions, but when you read those quotes FROM HIS OWN FATHER before the draft and basically ignore them, then there’s just no excuses.

    My brother married a girl that destroyed his life and guaranteed to him that even after they divorced, she would still make it a point to wreck any kind of life he tried to create for himself.

    A week before his wedding the girls MOTHER told him to run away as fast as he could and stay away from her daughter because she would destroy his life. Yep, when the persons own parent is warning you instead of blaming everyone else for their children’s issues, you better move on.

  92. Lots of love for the “Pepsi” rookie of the year Bridgewater lol..glad you like what you saw out of him because that is what you will be getting for the next 10 years. He’s as good as he’s gonna get right now. ..Carr and Bortles will be way better QB’s within the next 2 years. Carr is already better than Teddy B….Teddy B. would have held the league record for Int’s and sacks if he had to play the same schedule as Carr..

  93. The Browns either didn’t do their homework before drafting JM or they ignored what most knew.

  94. I agree with your idea that Ray Farmer should protect Jimmy Haslem from his own bad decisions, but it is just a nice idea.

    Hasmlem is the latest to join the group of Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder as billionaires who think that the football side of a team can be run just like their business. It can’t and these owners have enough of a dictator complex to fire people who tell them otherwise. As a result, they are surrounded by “Yes” men and their fans have to put up with the village idiot as the owner.

  95. Get a grip, how many draft picks, especially QBs work out? not a high percentage, draft mistakes happen, and the modern blog media just doesn’t seem to grasp the NFL draft process or how random it actually is.

  96. First Gordon, Now Manziel. Maybe the browns should hire a Specialist to deal with Addicted athletes or something. What they are doing right no does not appear to be working.

  97. Its called ‘ownership greed’. Manziel can seel tickets and fill up that freeking stadium. That is what this is all about.
    Bridgewater could have gotten this team close to the playoffs or in them but they were worried no one would know who Bridgewater was and that doesn’t sell seats.

    Now the Vikes have a gift that will keep on giving for many many years and the Browns are not only at square one, they are below it.

    No one wants Hoyer, he is always hurt. Manziel has no value for trade bait, and if you draft another QB, its a needed player elsewhere that gets missed.

  98. BridgeWater is mature and sensible and doesn’t get flustered. He ran more successful two minute drills last year that any quarterback, and keep in mind he was thrown into the mix.

    He was supposed to be in learned mode for the year behind two other guys but due to injury had to step in.

    The GM of the Vikes had stolen the last three drafts and he snooked Cleveland by leaking that they were very very high on Manziel. Cleveland beat them to it and the Vikes then assured themselves to getting the guy they really wanted BridgeWater.

  99. Excuse me, Mr Haslam? I’ve got Brian Hoyer’s agent on line 1; he says in light of recent news over the last few hours the price to re-sign Mr. Hoyer just doubled.

  100. While we’re blaming – and there is plenty of blame to go around – let’s not forget the members of the media who cheered on JFF’s ability to “stick it to the establishment” and reminded us many times that he is just a 22-year old and almost all young people his age to the things he has done.

  101. This was obvious from the summer after he won the Heisman. He made it clear then that partying and pictures with girls and celebrities were his top priority, and he flew into a rage at anyone who dared suggest he wasn’t the perfect human being. It’s ironic that his father is telling people Johnny has problems, since he is responsible for spoiling and coddling Johnny from the day he was born. His shock rings hollow.

    Warning to new-age parents: If you continue to stubbornly insist your child is a perfect, faultless creature whose bad behavior is just “being free-spirited,” this will be the result.

  102. PARENTS!!!!! His parents… his daddy let him get away with crap and is now afraid to play golf with him! Discipline them when they are young and teach them good manners and right from wrong!!

  103. I have always had doubts about whether or not that Manziel is willing to put in the time and work to become a solid NFL starting QB. My impression is that he’s a fun lover and intends to remain that way. But he doesn’t have the talent to pull that off. Joe Namath he isn’t!

  104. I can’t help remembering the Pats leaked scouting report on Manziel.. ‘comes from outlaw bloodlines’.

  105. While Jimmy Haslam may be partly to blame, I’d blame the quarterbacks coach whom Johnny Manziel texted to hurry up and draft him. He should have saw that right away as a red flag as someone who is self serving and lacking in humility. But, I would also blame the pro personnel department who should have done more of a background check with his peers to check on his habits( does he party, is he late to meetings,etc) And have the security department check into his criminal background more. If there were any red flags, then they should have let him slide. Not that Sammy Watkins would have been much better as he had his own issues he had to deal with. But as far as Jimmy Haslam goes, he’s only as good as what his football people, who he hired to handle the football side of things tells him. More important than football ability is a player’s character.

  106. The sad thing is what he did ON the field was even more atrocious. This bum tried to brand himself like Rob Dyrdek. Um, you’re not Rob Dyrdek. You’re not a brand. You’re a crappy quarterback that was good in College playing against 9.9 out of 10 players that won’t even make the NFL.

  107. Best wishes and best of luck to Johnny Manziel in getting his life and career together. I was happy that Spielman did not listen to Fran Tarkenton from the beginning. Bridgewater is a solid pro. Either way, here’s hoping Manziel becomes better in all ways. He’s only a young man and he’s no more flawed than most anyone else.

  108. If you’d given the no 1 pick to the Browns with Luck on the board, they’d have found a way to choose someone else. But in their defense, QB’s are hard to evaluate and most just don’t make it. Not in their defense, Weeden, Manziel, McCoy, Quinn, Frye, McCown is a long list of bad luck gambles, but it’s no worse than other teams trying to find a QB. Hoyer, if they play to his strengths, give him a running game, remember his troubles all started when the running game vanished due to injuries, and the Browns should at least be competitive.

  109. He could just stop rolling twenty’s in the bathroom ,stop eating snickers and stop the money fingers. All the help he needs is to practice football.Maybe that is the reason he’s in rehab to keep the spotlight on his hype of wrecking this league.

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