Patriots had biggest second-half comeback in Super Bowl history


When the Patriots trailed 24-14 heading into the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIX, it would have been easy to write them off. No team had ever overcome a double-digit second-half deficit to win a Super Bowl before, and teams trailing by 10 or more points at the start of the fourth quarter had been 0-29 in past Super Bowls.

But the Patriots fought back and won, making theirs the biggest second-half comeback in Super Bowl history.

When the Seahawks got the ball back while leading by 10 points early in the fourth quarter, it looked like they had the game in the bag. At one point the Seahawks’ win probability was calculated at 96.5 percent.

That all changed when Tom Brady marched the Patriots down the field on a nine-play, 68-yard drive that resulted in a touchdown pass to Danny Amendola, then the Seahawks’ offense went three-and-out, then Brady marched the Patriots’ offense down the field again on a 10-play, 64-yard drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Julian Edelman. In a span of 12 minutes, the Patriots had gone from a win probability of 3.5 percent to a win probability of 94.1 percent.

The Seahawks needed an extraordinary comeback in the NFC Championship Game to get to the Super Bowl — where they were the victims of a great comeback by the Patriots.

86 responses to “Patriots had biggest second-half comeback in Super Bowl history

  1. Greatest comeback in history
    Greatest coach in history
    Greatest QB in history
    Greatest dynasty in history!

  2. 13-15, 8 first downs, and 14pts in the 4th quarter against arguably one of the best D’s ever that only gave up 13 4th quarter points against its last 9 opponents. MAGICAL! Tom Brady GOAT!

  3. I’ve been thinking all week that a Pats win would be the perfect topper to all the deflategate nonsense.

    And now there’s just more fuel for the absurd hate fantasies of all the anti-Pats crowd.

    Great SB, though. I didn’t care who won, but it was a great game.

  4. Shouldn’t the headline read, “Seahawks blew biggest second-half lead in Super Bowl history with worst play called in Super Bowl history?”

  5. Despite all the crap those boys had to put up with they still came out on top. I couldn’t be a happier fan. How many super bowls since spy gate… Glad that argument had been put to bed. #Youhateuscuzyouaintus

  6. Put aside anything that Seattle did or didn’t do on offense but the most important thing to take from that game is that so called vaunted Seattle defense blew a 10 point lead and gave up 14 points in the 4th quarter as Tom Brady carved them to shreds. The Steel Curtain of the 70s, 85 Bears or Ravens of 2000s would have never let that happen!

  7. What’s really underrated is what Brady did to that “vaunted Seattle D”. 37 completions, 328 yards and 4 touchdowns! Including a 10 point comeback in the fourth quarter! What other QB can really do that? He exposed Seattles weakness since the first and continued to attack. No Cobb, no Jordy, no Dez, No Beckham, no Calvin, etc – just the greatness of Brady along with the greatness of Gronk, Edelman, Amendola, Lafell and Hoomah!!! Wow!

    Who can question the Patriots legacy?!

  8. GOAT. Won a superbowl after spy gate. The balls were not deflated. We won. We are champs AGAIN. Now what are people gonna say and type to attempt to break up our beautiful patriot nation?????






  10. Just a Faketriots hater here. Really couldn’t stoach either of these teams winning.

    Choosing one is like asking “would you like to be killed with a 1000 paper cuts or in a car accident?”

    At least halftime was something of a spectacle!

  11. Can everyone stop this “historically good” defense talk? Pretty sure the ’85 Bears and ’00 Ravens didn’t choke away huge leads in their superbowls.

  12. a dynasty team would have won this game in dominant fashion. Patriots were lucky just like Seattle was lucky two weeks earlier.

    NFL has what it wanted, parity. These teams along with Dallas and Green Bay are basically even, it takes fluke plays to win when teams are so evenly matched.

    New England is lucky Bell got hurt or Pittsburgh would have destroyed them AND their garbage running back

  13. We had to see these same losers all season on every patriots article



    Mr. Wright 212 says:
    make me laugh. It’s Gronkowski or bust. Edelman will get lit up a couple of times and go absent. LaFell ain’t beating Maxwell or Sherman (didn’t last year when they played, either). Amendola? Please. NE has to rely on trickery and substitution cheats to get guys open.

    Edelman 100 rec yards didn’t get lit up, game winning TD

    Amendola 5 catches and a TD

    NE , no trickory

    Brady 4th Q 13-15 137 yards 2 TD

  14. Packers and Seahawks – both have historical record setting collapses.

    Not the kind of records you want to own.

  15. Hey all you Belihaters out there, how do you like this win? No whiff of cheating anywhere, Pats were the better team. As Paul “Wrecking” Crewe said to the warden at the end of the movie The Longest Yard, stick this in your trophy case!

  16. Correction….”GREATEST OVERATED DEFENSE IN HISTORY OF THE NFL”. Legion of bust could not stop New England and Brady..end of story!!!!

  17. I know brady threw 2 picks, but he picked apart that defense. All 4 tds through the air against one of the greatest secondarys the nfl has seen. The defense is as much to blame as wilson, carroll , play call etc. Pats had way more fight in them.

  18. And to add whipped cream to that hot fudge Sunday, the Hawks decided to start a fight to end the game. Sooooo many “classy” guys on that team. Wilson IS a class guy, but boy he has a lot of punks around him like that egomaniac Sherman. 24 means all the points you guys could score, not Revis’ number. HAHAHA! Soooo glad THE MOUTH lost….

  19. No big deal That’s just Patriot ball. They don’t quit and play until the whistle. The interception shows you that desire for excellence that exists in this dynasty that is the Patriots. On the other hand Seattle gave you a little insight to their level of professionalism on the worlds biggest stage when they had to deal with losing. I don’t have to say what that looked like. You know what that was.

  20. 96.5%? Son of a… I guess that means the Pats cheated, somehow, someway. I mean, if it was so high of a chance of the Pats losing, the fact that they didn’t means the only possible outcome is that they cheated, right?

    Troll logic ≠ actual logic.

  21. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Belichick is one great coach. He somehow got this team in the 4th qtr, to fight back. I am not a Pats fan, but I have to acknowledge greatness when I see it. And I see it in Bill Belichick.
    Congrats Patriots, and thanks for an amazing game. One for the ages.

  22. An elite quarterback makes the throw at the end of the game. Wilson is so great that he completed 12 passes in the super bowl. I still hope that Seattle pays him 25 or 30 million per year on a new deal.

  23. ^^^ Looks like yesterday was your first NFL game. Everyone knew Pats would score on their last drive, just like Seahawks wanted them to. 30% of points are scored in final 5m in 2Q and 4Q. So no surprise there. 2m and 3 TOs in today’s NFL is exactly where you want to be. Don’t know where they get the stat of 94% win probability? Teams comeback all the time down 4 with 2m left. Do you think Brady drives them 80 yards in 15 seconds for tying FG?

    Plain and simple,, the Seahawks lost the Pats didn’t win.
    1) Seattle 18-0 entering 4Q leading by 10
    2) Teams 0-29 entering 4Q down by 10 in SB
    3) In 266 previous games this season, no QB threw INT from 1
    4) SB teams 4-28 with -2 TO deficit

    The probability of NE winning in this fashion is at least .001% or 1 in 100,000.

  24. Well, Seahawks fans, now you understand what it’s like to be a Packer fan.. To choke away a game you had in the bag. Feels different on the other end, doesn’t it?

  25. Lost amidst the fact that we saw the worst play call ever and watched a team that everyone has come to dislike for their cheating ways and the growth of the legacy* of Tom Brady…

    …We all just watched one of the greatest Superbowl games ever.

    *Marred by suspicion of cheating

  26. Notice that every Pats fan has some reference to spygate or deflated calls in their comments. Therein lies the irony of all the “who can question our legacy” nonsense…

    Who can question the legacy?

    1) You yourselves who feel the need to defend a 4 time champion

    2) Everyone else ever

  27. I would have thought that record would be more than 10pts. Not much of a record but well done Pats, you took it to my Hawks. 4 passing TDs…wow…you deserve the win. All the best to you and your fans.

  28. Can everyone stop talking about Sherman being a ‘shutdown’ corner! A shutdown corner doesn’t hide on one side of the field as your 4th db gets burned by NE best wideout for the game winning TD. Notice how even Browner begged his coach to let him guard Matthews when he was torching NE’s 4th DB. Sherman is a fraud.

  29. Someone tell me how Manning is better than Brady now. That debate is officially, burned, buried, barbecued, fish-fried, incinerated.

  30. New England is lucky Bell got hurt or Pittsburgh would have destroyed them AND their garbage running back


  31. Did anyone else notice how fast Goodell left the stage? He practically sprinted to get out of there.

  32. Pats dominated this game for 3 of the 4 quarters. The Seahawks had a nice little run in the 3rd but the game would not have even got to Lynch on the goal line but for one of the flukiest “catches” in SB history by Kearse (you can’t really call a ball that just falls into a guys hands when he is on his back partially because it was actually tipped by a pats player). The seahawk’s shouldn’t have even been in this game, how many more miracles do they think they could have expected?

    BTW there was going to be time on the clock and 2 pat’s time outs if they had given lynch the ball and he scored. If Seattle could have won because of one of the flukiest catches in SB history, the idea that one of the greatest QB’s in history couldn’t have answered is ludicrous.

  33. By the way the latest ‘deflategate’ report yesterday said only one ball was severely under inflated. That was the one the colts had possession of. Seems like maybe they were trying to frame the pats. When does that investigation begin?

  34. Afterwards Trent Dilfer was calling it Brady’s “mic drop” moment. Indeed, it is hard to imagine what else he could do to cement his legacy as the greatest. I knew this season would be special when I saw that epic locker room photo of Belichick handing Brady a game ball for 50,000 career yards, but the way the team fought all season was really something.




  36. I thought it was a good call. That quick throw to the goa line had been magic for both teams. Seemed unstoppable. Of course this was from the half yard line with everyone crammed into a space the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, but hey —

  37. And why that pass was thrown will be the question for a long time in Seattle. You run your beast of a RB in Lynch at the 1/2 yard line with a time out still left on the board, and you make the NE defense stop it.

    The Seahawks got a little too full of themselves, and it cost them. It cost them on the biggest stage in the world. Talk about your deflate gate. That play took more air out of the collective Seahawk fan base than anyone can imagine. And it didn’t have to be…….

    Like the Packers the week before, the Seahawks couldn’t stop Brady in the second half, and the comeback was on. Brady was calm and cool the entire second half, and it was on the Patriots D to stop the Seahawks at the end of the game. Had they run lynch 3 times (if needed) at that GL, we would all likely be talking about how the 2 time world champs were on their way to a dynasty.

    But, alas, we are not. Instead we are talking about how inept the play call was on the last play of the game for Seattle. Whoever called it (Bevell, Carroll), they have a full off-season to think about how they were at the doorway to their 2nd consecutive SB trophy and how they blew it with a terrible play call.

    The choices made in the NFL will never cease to amaze me……

  38. Peyton Manning / Wes Welker’s Greatest Offense of All Time = 8 points

    2014 Brady-led Patriots = 28 points

    This is as close to a controlled scientific experiment as possible. Manning and Brady faced the same team in back-to-back years.

  39. “to be hated means you have earned distinction……we are hated .and that’s fine by me”

    Adolph Hitler

  40. Two changes made the game: Putting a taller safety on Mathews to take those candy passes Wilson was thriving on and Brady finally stepping up into the pocket to avoid the pass rush -where is the O line on that team? and making passes.

    Hope Mike M learned you set up your run with passing as in using your MVP QB and not running Lacy on 12t, 2nd and 3rd downs against one of the best run stopping teams in football.

    Mike did not do his homework because Mike is a lazy arse.

  41. Not so easy to beat Tom Terrific and the Patriots huh? Leave it to the professionals.

    – NY Giants

  42. So happy the Patriots won and in such a Karmic fashion. They not only won, but on the very field where their most painful SuperBowl loss happened in 2007 and in a way that almost mirrored the circumstances (a miraculous catch) setting up the opponents win.
    Almost as much fun to watch was the interaction between Goodell and Bob Kraft after the game.
    Having said that though I thought the Seahawks played a very good game and that this was one of the best Super Bowls ever.

  43. I’m sorry but every single game the Patriots have ever played under Bill Belichick, *

    That’s just the way it is…

  44. bradyisyourdaddy says:
    Feb 2, 2015 8:05 AM
    Did Peyton Throw his TV out the window when the Pats locked up the win?

    I like to think so


    I heard he tried but it got intercepted.

  45. “Pats were extremely lucky. I mean it took the worst play call in NFL history for them to win. Congrats.”

    It also took one of the luckiest catches in the history of the game just to get to “make the worst call in NFL history”

    One important note; the last three Patriot SB have each had one of the greatest and, outside of Manningham’s grab, luckiest catches in Super Bowl History. Without that miracle catch the story of SB 49 is the “Patriots hold Wilson to just 11 completions”…11.

    Without that miracle catch, it would have been 4 & 10 and Wilson was tossing the ball up for grabs most of the game. He had few open receivers and those few that did make catches had to make some great catches in tight coverage.

    I take nothing away from Seattle. I’m not a fan of Sherman or Lynch but they are immensely talented and I’d take them on my team any day. Seattle may have the fastest Defense I have ever seen. They may not be Chicago 85 or Baltimore 00 but they don’t play the same offenses those teams faced either. Seattle will be in the hunt for future SB appearances as long as they keep their nucleus together but you can ask Brady, it’s not that easy getting there. You need a lot of luck (ability and smarts) and the ability to overcome a lot of luck the opposition gets (their ability and smarts).

  46. probably because they (the patriots) managed to deflated the balls in the second half. cheaters will find a way to cheat!

  47. Did anyone check the balls at the end of the game because at the beginning of the game Brady sure had a hard time throwing the ball.
    Was there a video of the ball boy?

  48. Legion of dud. Bennett said that this was the best defense in history.

    Don’t disrespect the Steelers.

  49. Congrats pats. Great game. You deserved to win. We deserved to lose. Hope for a rematch next year

  50. “Seattle wins if they stop the Pats, but they didn’t.”

    I’d be rich if I had the lotto numbers…but I don’t

  51. Wow! I can’t believe how ignorant some fans are. This was a great SB and either team could have won, period. I do’t see how anyone could miss the poor call by the Hawks, the amazing play by Butler, and the unbelievable luck involved.

    Go back and look at Brady’s face when Kearse caught the ball at the 5 yard line. There was no GOAT in that shot. Brady scored too quickly. He knew he had allowed Wilson the opportunity to come back which made Pete’s call look even more foolish. Anyone who follows football knows you don’t want to leave any time on the clock in that situation. Brady’s numbers were tiny versus the Hawks depleted backfield. Tiny. Can’t wait to play him again when we’re healthy.

    Seattle had several key injuries before and during this game. Not just Lane. They lost Avril to a concussion and there went the pressure on Brady. By the way, it looked like Gronk was concussed and the Pats didn’t even look at him. They ignored league policy which is just dumb, but you can count on the Pats doing anything to win regardless at who’s health is at stake.

    Enjoy the win. We hope to see you in Santa Clara next year. We were very fortunate to even get to SB49 but make no mistake, we’d love to play you guys again.

  52. Since when is 10 points such a great big come back. Give me 20 points or more then your talking. 10 points is nothing in todays football.

    No team has come back from 10+ points down in a Super Bowl game and won until yesterday.

    Sounds like a little more than just “nothing”….

  53. Yes, the LOB gave up 14 points in the 4th quarter, rare for them.

    What gets lost in the celebration is the fact that Avril, their best pass rusher, is lost in the game in the first half due to concussion.

    Their best nickle back is lost in the first quarter due to breaking his wrist in the runback of Brady’s first interception.

    Sherman, injured much worse than anyone knew, allowed 1 catch for 6 yards.

    Safety Thomas, a virtual no show for the entire game, and Chandler each suffered injuries prior to the game.

    Would a healthy LOB yielded a winning result, maybe not, but those were the facts. And the fact that Seattle didn’t tackle and limit YAC yards as they generally do was a fact too.

    Hats off to NE for another SB win. Get classy PFT haters…The Hawks score that one yard for a touchdown, and you’d still be hear saying how Seattle didn’t play well enough to deserve a win.

    There’s always next year.

  54. As a Pat’s fan, I thought this game was like watching two chess masters or boxers going back and forth, each knowing that when they were down they had to respond. The attacks on Carroll are foolish. He coached a great game and his team was in position to win. It wasn’t the play calling that lost the game it was the lack of execution by the Seattle players and the strong execution by the Patriots players in the fourth quarter that dictated the outcome. Carroll’s strategy to throw to Chris Mathews was brilliant. Brady and his receivers won the game.

  55. Love the injury excuses. Guess that some people forgot the Seahawks were lucky to beat a QB playing on one leg two weeks ago.

    Ya got beat. Period. Own the loss.

  56. Thank goodness. The Patriots have spared us another year of the Seahawks’ intolerable fan base and their incessant gloating. Although I’m sure they will spend another 8 years crying about good officiating.

  57. Packers and Seahawks – both have historical record setting collapses.

    Not the kind of records you want to own.


    Whereas the Vikings are 0-4 in Superbowls. Now that there is a record you would brag about owning.

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