Reports: Johnny Manziel “entered treatment” on Wednesday

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According to multiple published reports Monday morning, Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has sought treatment for undisclosed personal issues.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and several other reporters, Manziel “entered treatment” last Wednesday, an advisor for the quarterback said Monday, according to a statement released by Manziel’s publicist.

“Johnny knows there are areas in which he needs to improve in order to be a better family member, friend and teammate and he thought the off-season was the right time to take this step,” the publicist told the Plain Dealer and other media outlets. “On behalf of Johnny and his family, we’re asking for privacy until he rejoins the team in Cleveland.”

The 22-year-old Manziel appeared in just five games as a rookie, making two starts before suffering a season-ending hamstring injury.

UPDATE: Browns General Manager Ray Farmer has released the following statement on Manziel, per Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal:

“We respect Johnny’s initiative in this decision and will fully support him throughout this process. Our players’ health and well-being will always be of the utmost importance to the Cleveland Browns.

“We continually strive to create a supportive environment and provide the appropriate resources, with our foremost focus being on the individual and not just the football player. Johnny’s privacy will be respected by us during this very important period and we hope that others will do the same.”

143 responses to “Reports: Johnny Manziel “entered treatment” on Wednesday

  1. Good for him. It would be a shame to waste that much talent on the bottle or partying. Of course if he just answered questions about his partying by sayinig “I’m a baller, bro” he’d be on Conan O’Brien with Marshawn Lynch and everyone would think he was just an immature dofus.

  2. Rehab is a for-profit system which gouges sick addicts and exploits them for financial gain. That’s the primary reason it consistently proves inaffective

  3. He gets a lot of well-deserved grief and only has himself to blame (and the Texan “affluenza”). I hope he can get himself together.

  4. So a guy that had a drinking problem in college gets millions of dollars and now has to enter rehab because of a drinking problem???


  5. And definitely blame the father on this one. In that Sports Illustrated story he talked about how he would buy Johnny football alcohol before he was 21

  6. If you don’t take your craft seriously, no matter what the issue is (i.e booze, gambling, women, laziness, etc.) you will not succeed. This applies to any profession.

    Good luck Johnny and i hope you succeed.

  7. You can 12-step yourself to death. When you want things to change you have to man up and make them change


    A former alcoholic

  8. So Browns’ Mgmt never saw any indications that he may have some issues outside of his lack of size, weak arm and no Mike Evans??? Fool me once…

  9. Takes guts for someone in his position to admit he has an issue and needs to go to rehab, knowing what internet trolls who make minimum wage and skeletons in their own closets will post on message boards. I can respect that. You have these other punks getting busted multiple times for drugs, DUI’s and all that who end up out of the league with nothing after hurting their teams. They need to follow the lead of Manziel.

  10. Hopefully, he’s getting treatment for being such a poor quarterback.

    Most likely, this will be used by his camp to show that he’s “serious” and “dedicated” to being a better QB and leader. And I’m sure they will use this to argue why he deserves to be the starter next year.

    Good luck on your own personal issues, Johnny, but you are not an NFL QB, rehab or not.

  11. Well, I hope it works and he gets his life back in order. It won’t work if it wasn’t his idea. Hopefully that is the case and he is not being pushed by his agent or the team because it won’t work! Good Luck Johnny!

  12. Get well soon, Johnny……….we’ll see you in training camp! (Brett Favre was a partyer too until he decided to change) Good Move!!!

  13. I hated Manziel but this showed a lot of maturity and realization and gave me a reason to root for him. Hope you get better, Johnny come back and play to what you are capable of and if you can’t you will be fine after football.

  14. As a Browns fan, I wish him the best. However, what 22 year old doesn’t party? I can only imagine if you add endless money to that equation that it gets worse.

    Good luck. Get yourself straightened out. I still wish we’d drafted Carr.

  15. I wish him luck, like any person, in getting his life together.

    But you have to wonder what the Browns were thinking when they drafted this guy. Or didn’t the $100K background check turn up this information?

  16. Shocking! said no one……….
    really!!?? i think (if the treatment facility he entered is what i think it is) it is shocking and the reason why is i didnt expect him to get help so soon. i thought (if he got help at all) it would be too late, so if he’s in a treatment center to help him quit drinking, then glad he did this sooner rather than later. Manziel needs to help himself off the field before he can get help on the field.

  17. And no, I don’t feel bad for this guy, there are people in the world with real addiction problems who make way less money than this entitled punk. I feel bad for them, not some 22 year old who feels like he deserves everything for just showing up.

  18. Good luck. Keep in mind, this guy is a young man (or kid) for that matter. He is wealthy, famous, and has the world on his fingertips. Hopefully, he can get his life right and become a Chris Carter instead of a Ryan Leaf.

    I know that i’ll be praying for this guy. It takes a man to realize a problem like this. Im rooting for him.

  19. How did he even manage to party in Cleveland. Jr Smith said there’s nothing to do there. It has helped him focus on Basketball. Manziel surely accomplished the impossible partying there. Hopefully he gets right bc I would like to see what he can accomplish in the NFL

  20. He will always be able to make money carrying that Heisman around. Much like Tebow he is not good enough to be an NFL QB. Manziel looks like Pat White on the field.The guy will be just fine without an NFL career.

    The entering treatment seems like a move at this stage to not get cut by the Browns. The NFL is a business, you see the franchise’s that treat it that way always put themselves in a position to make a run each season.

  21. Jerrah Jones wanted to draft this clown. Instead, he got convinced to draft Zack Martin. Manziel turned into a train wreck. Martin turned into the first rookie in 45 years to be voted 1st team All-Pro.

  22. people’s comments are a reflection of what’s going on inside them…..there are obviously some really unhappy people out there….godspeed to your wellness Johnny!!!

  23. Before:
    Lot’s of fun but terrible quarterback.

    No fun and still terrible quarterback.

  24. “Look, Ive already been planning this Super Bowl bash for months! Gronk is going to be there! I promise, Feburary 2nd Ill check myself in but let me just have this party!” – Johnny Manziel after the season

  25. Credit to him for finding treatment and bad on the Browns taking the player in the first round.

  26. I hope he learns to drink in moderation, he’s a young man and believe that he simply “set it off” one too many times. Regardless, here’s hoping he sorts out his issues one way or another.

  27. Good for him. First step towards fixing his biggest problem: partying. You’ve got to bear down on what’s important at some point or else you’ll go down in flames.

  28. I am impressed Manziel understands that he has a problem and is working on it. Now is the time eradicate your addictions. It will be hard for him to change his behaviors and ditch the knucklehead friends. For the first time I am rooting for the kid.

  29. I have nothing against JM, but this guy IS a huge bust. Hopefully he gets his life straightened out.

  30. class organization?. You just wait until the morning after the superbowl to make this announcement. Really. Just another reason why i hate that team.

  31. I find his act to be insufferable and his apologists even worse, but I truly wish him the best. It’s been obvious to any objective observer that this guy has some serious issues, and hopefully this is a sincere attempt to address them. There are bigger things in life than football. Best of luck.

  32. He’s been surrounding himself with nothing but enablers for a LONG time. He’d already hired a buddy to be his personal assistant (or whatever he was calling it) while he was still at A&M. Step 1 needs to be getting rid of all those people and replacing them with some who will tell him “no” sometimes. Doesn’t mean he’ll listen to them, but at least he’ll hear it.

  33. Being a recovering alcoholic and succeeding at being a Super Bowl caliber QB in the NFL are two completely different things. I can’t think of one QB that faced a challenge like alcoholism and rose to the top.

    Stick a fork in Johnny. He’s done in the NFL.

    But more importantly, I hope for his sake he recovers from his addiction and can lead a happy and productive life.

  34. @thereisfootballwestofjersey

    In the ’80s, a typical employer sponsored health insurance policy allowed $10K for in house treatment of addictions. Also, there were a large number of 30 day treatment plans available, at about $300/day. This begs the question—which came first?

    And, yes, the recidivism rate for these private programs was notoriously high. We had probably a dozen friends go through various treatments like this—the only one that worked was a VA program, and that was probably because that individual really wanted the help.

  35. If this treatment center can fix Johnny into a decent QB, can they send their brochures to Andy Dalton?

    Maybe Johnny can get a referral bonus?

  36. So is Skip Bayless’ alcoholism accusations correct?

    Jimmy “Has been,” get a new QB this offseason.

    John Defilippo may not want either. Get a guy that helps the system.

  37. While going to rehab is a positive step for him as a person (if it was even his idea and not the team’s), I don’t believe at his age, his life, and his situation will bring any meaningful change long term. He’s lived a certain way his whole life, it doesn’t mean it can’t change but unless he does some deep soul searching it won’t matter.

  38. Thank god the Vikings got Bridgewater.

    Many thanks to that vagrant who proved more persuasive to the Browns organization than their own $100,000 report that said Bridgewater was the best QB in the draft.

    No surprise- Bridgewater was voted Pepsi Rookie of the Year, while Manziel looks like the bust of the draft.

  39. Sorry, no sympathy at all. He was told by more than one person to knock off the partying and get serious about football. He is an adult who made bad choices. Now he can deal with it.

  40. The last thing Cleveland needed was circus like Manziel. Unfortunately, the ineptitude starts with the ownership which means that the factory of sadness is going to be open for business for the foreseeable future.

  41. there are people in the world with real addiction problems who make way less money than this entitled punk.
    well what you said above while makes sense also doesn’t. i understand not feeling sorry for him, BUT you said, “there are people in the world with real addiction problems.” Manziel could be one of those people.

  42. The boy is a bust; A drunk; and a waste of time for the Browns. He’ll never lead that team to anything but the neighborhood bar.

    A another fine draft pick by a team known as , “The factory of sadness”.

  43. We don’t know this is a drinking issue. It could be emotional, it could be cocaine… Either way, good on him for proactively taking on his problems. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for him. If not, well, I’m guessing Cleveland fans won’t feel bad throwing him out — I wouldn’t.

  44. Who could see this coming? Well, if he hadn’t already been to rehab for alcohol once before in college and his parents have raised red flags about him since 2013.
    “They’ve sent him to alcohol rehab and an anger therapist, a Hollywood thing. They don’t trust the Hollywood studio chiefs — in this case, the administration and coaches at Texas A&M. “He still needs love. He still needs guidance,” Paul Manziel told Thompson. “He still needs to see he’s wrong — and how to control his temper. And if I give up on him, who’s gonna take over? The school sure the hell isn’t gonna do it.”

  45. “I can’t think of one QB that faced a challenge like alcoholism and rose to the top. ”

    Brett Favre.

  46. aerodz says:
    Feb 2, 2015 11:28 AM
    Being a recovering alcoholic and succeeding at being a Super Bowl caliber QB in the NFL are two completely different things. I can’t think of one QB that faced a challenge like alcoholism and rose to the top.
    I seem to recall a former GB/Jets/Vikes QB who went to rehab for I believe it was painkillers and then came back fine.

    Difference was that QB was already established and had an NFL level skill set.

  47. Just a sad little damaged man, incapable of learning from those, who have gone before him.
    Looks like he’ll be the Justin Beeber of the NFL…Johnny Beeber

  48. Big surprise here, huh?? Who didn’t know he had a problem(s).

    This kid is a spoiled punk. There’s no getting around it. He’ll be as big of a bust as Ryan Leaf, and will probably end up in trouble just like Leaf.

  49. Best of luck Johnny — you can make the change in your life but you have to want it and commit to it. You have the entire NFL nation pulling for you.

  50. I wish the young man well. He’s a talented football player with demons he needs to rid himself of. For his sake, I hope he successfully completes this process.

  51. Too many comments by goofs that appararently only read the headline and not the article…Too all you losers cracking jokes about how he checked in AFTER his superbowl party, try to read. Kid checked himself in LAST Wednesday and his agent released that info to the media TODAY. Jeez, why so many people just want to pile on this kid is sad. I’d rather know he is trying to get help for whatever ails him than use it as an excuse to make uorself feel oh so superior, yeah like we are all football experts/GM’s. Give it your best shot JF and worry about football later!

  52. thereisfootballwestofjersey says:
    Feb 2, 2015 10:50 AM

    Rehab is a for-profit system which gouges sick addicts and exploits them for financial gain. That’s the primary reason it consistently proves inaffective
    You don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve been to rehab and it provides every tool and resource you need to get sober. Getting sober comes down to one thing – do you want to get sober. If Johnny wants it, he’ll have everything he needs there. My main concerns are his age and the money.

  53. glad he is getting help for whatever he needs .. regardless of his professional career , he needs support to get thru it. lighten up peeps ..

    “there but for the grace of God go I “

  54. look, i’m a browns fan, but have not been a Manziel fan..but, i’m not going to make jokes or make fun of someone going into brother was an alcoholic and a pill addict…he tried numerous times to get help…i guess it’s different because my brother wasn’t an NFL athlete, but he died because of his addictions…Manziel brings a lot on himself, but making jokes or laughing about someone going into rehab, is pathetic.

  55. Treatment for too many Snickers??
    Kidding, good luck. He does have a good future if he gets supports of his team and surrounded by talent. Oh, like what most talented Qb’s need to succeed….

  56. No huge surprise that someome who has spent his entire life being coddled and has had everything handed to him implodes when he finally had to be responsible for his actions and actually produce some results.

  57. I’m so sick and tired of people referring to a 22 year old as a kid.. Everytime one of these incidents happen, it’s the same story. He’s just a kid, blah blah. Grow up already, and quit making excuses for these guys.

  58. Even when the Colts gift wrap you a 1st round pick for T-Rich, you go and blow it on this guy. Cleveland never gets anything right

  59. And Jerry Jones STILL won’t get any credit for passing on this bum.

    Is is still OK that Johnny went to Vegas during TC, Browns coaches and Ownership?

    Just Johnny being Johnny, but this time it is Johnny being Johnny in a facility where bathroom trips require permission and monitoring.

    Stay classy, Cleveland.

  60. Are Bevell and Pete Carroll checking in too? Because they had to be drunk to make that play call.
    Does he get 1/2 off the price since he’s a “little person”? I bet it’s a short stay.

  61. I don’t like Johnny Fratboy even one little bit but I hope that he takes it seriously and maintains the lifestyle he will need to once he gets out. Hopefully he doesnt turn out to be the Lindsay Lohan of the NFL.

  62. I believe he checked himself in as much as I believe that jumping up and down gets you closer to the sun. As so many have pointed out, the only way you can quit anything is if you want to. I give him about a month , if that.

  63. I can guarantee it’s not alcohol dependency. I say keep him, make an example out of for how the league program can work (or not) don’t give him a clear out to another team like the wide receiver seems to want.

    Certainly speaks to the current character of those two boys and unfortunately bad for their families…

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