Russell Wilson: Blame me, I made the throw


In the aftermath of the Seahawks’ 28-24 loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, the biggest topic of conversation was the team’s play call on their final offensive snap of the night.

Russell Wilson threw an interception on the 1-yard-line, leading to a flood of questions for coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell about who decided to throw the ball rather than hand it to Marshawn Lynch. Both men took responsibility for it, but Wilson wasn’t willing to put blame for what happened at the feet of the coaches.

Wilson credited Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler for making a good play and said the he didn’t question the play call while also pointing the finger at himself for the way things played out.

“I put the blame on me — I’m the one who threw it,” Wilson said. “It’s something you learn from, it’s something you grow from. I’m proud of our guys about the way that we got down the field there in that situation. We had so many great plays, and we’re right there. We’ll just keep learning and keep growing.”

There were a lot of things over the course of the night that could have led to a better result for the Seahawks if they broke a different way, but none of them are going to be obsessed about as much as the call that led to Butler’s interception. However the blame gets divvied up, it will remain a play the team will want to have back for as long as the Seahawks are playing football.

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  1. Too late, coaching staff takes all the blame. Throwing a slant when you have Lynch in the backfield is beyond stupid. I suppose Wilson could have changed the play or spiked the ball instead of running their awful play.

  2. Yes Russell you could checked it off to a run, but shouldn’t of been put in that spot to begin with. You guys blew it! CHOKE!

  3. Russell you are a humble class act. You run the play the coaches send in & butler made a heck of a play. The Hawks have become an easy team NOT to root for with the behavior of Sherman, Lynch. Can’t say how HAPPY I am that the HAWKS GAGGED!!!!

  4. Though they should have run I think that was a more amazing play by butler than a terrible play call.

  5. Do you think GOD told him during the game that the Pats were going to win the Super Bowl? You mad bro? Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers and al the “elite” QB’s are laughing at all these pundits who have the nerve to classify this kid as elite or even worse legendary! Haha This kid is nothing more or less then a more athletic version of Alex Smith. You mad bro?

  6. You’re right Russell. Not your fault. If the Legion of Choke hadn’t given up 14 points in the 4th quarter We wouldn’t be talking about it.

  7. No excuse for not handing the ball off to Marshawn Lynch. You are on the one yard line and had a time out. Play calling cost them the Super Bowl.

  8. Wilson audibled to the throw because he wanted the glory and MVP for himself. He is such a selfish human being. Now his coaching staff is trying to cover for him. Shame on you Wilson.

  9. Terrible playcall but even worse decision to throw it. They should have had Russell walk the Lombardi to the cheaters instead of Kurt Warner.

  10. Blame yourself for not changing what will go down as the worst play call in the history of sports. Don’t blame yourself for the throw.

  11. Russel is a mans man, and has a long career in front of him. Congrats to Seahawk fans a great season, and a tremendous defense of their title.

    Some teams never win the big one. The Vikings come to mind.

  12. I will be glad to blame you Russell. You’re an average QB without beastmode and that defense.

  13. And there were a lot of things that if they broke a different way could have resulted in a 24 point loss for the Seahawks. On one of their TD drives the Seahawks got a very generous spot on a 3rd down that kept a drive alive. Matthews pushed off on at least 2 of his receptions. Chancellor should have been flagged for a helmet to helmet hit on Edelman. Bennett could have been flagged for a helmet to helmet hit on Brady twice. If Hochuli were riffing it would have certainly been called. The first punt of the game should have been roughing the kicker instead of running into the kicker. So if just a few things broke differently this could have been a blowout for the patriots.

  14. If he puts that ball on his left shoulder it is probably a touchdown. Everyone would be saying what a genius Carroll is for throwing when everyone in the world was thinking run.

  15. What can ya do, it hurts and is a scar you add to the many others if your a Hawks fan. Which is no different than any other fan of the other 31 teams. Blame is what you give the refs in SB40 but this was a game you tip your cap to the Pats. We all know RW wasn’t trying to throw an INT, we all know the D wasn’t trying to give up a 10 point 4th quarter lead but guys make plays on other teams too. The team can either move on and use it to make them stronger or they can fall apart and blame each other. Keep in mind the game is over and will never be played again so don’t let it depress you, it’s just a game. Some people are acting crazy, don’t do that.

  16. OK. You’re to blame for throwing the interception. Blame assigned, game over. Let’s all go home.
    And it was done with a properly inflated football. End of that blame game, too.

  17. Terrible call by he coaching staff but Wilson telegraphed the throw.

    More than anything though, you have to give the credit to the UNDRAFTED ROOKIE who played it like a veteran all pro, disguising coverage and jumping the route to make an all-time clutch play! Awesome ending to an awesome game!

  18. I feel bad for him, but he’s right. It was a bad play call but you still have to execute it.

  19. One play, in one game is going to haunt the Seahawks for the rest of their existence?! lol Pats ‘s defense made a play, it happens! Seahawks have already moved on to next year. (Haunt them) blah ha ha ha

  20. Pay the man!

    Hahaha. The hype got to everyone. Elite players want the ball and want to make the play. And, they make the play.

  21. What you should have done Russell, is looked at Carroll and Bevell and said, “you are joking, right?”, when they made that call.

  22. True but that play call will live as the worst ever. And let’s all be honest while everyone slobers over Brady and Bill. Had the Seahawks been healthy and didnt lost two players during the game, it would’ve never came down to that one play in the first place.

    Still cant believe Butler didnt get MVP. Brady threw two interceptions. Butler won the game for them

  23. Classy guy..I love the patsies fans that come on here and scream “no class no class”…read some comments from other articles on here..class and pats fan don’t go together.

  24. There shouldn’t be any other conclusion if you are looking to place blame in one spot. Almost every other QB in the league would have been blamed already if they were in the same situation. He was given the chance to win the game and he blew it. Could have thrown it into the stands and they could have run it in on the next down. Given how much it’s thrown around, I think choke fits here.

  25. Don’t worry Russ. They’re going to blame you plenty in the upcoming years. You see, Seattle is now going to figure out that it’s true Super Bowl window with this group is now shut.

    They’re going to figure out how life after paying a kings ransom to the QB feels, and it’s depth is going to suffer tremendously.

    But most importantly, they’re going to figure out that aside from jump ball throws down the field, 50-50 balls at best, you’re not a good enough throwing QB to make up for the continued decline on the defensive side of the ball. You better hope Lynch stays or your only offensive difference maker is going to further cast the glare on your below average passing ability.

    So don’t worry about yesterday, you’ll have plenty on your plate going forward.

  26. Ok, we will. Your coach also made the stupidest play call in NFL history in the biggest moment in NFL history. Bruce Irvin embarrassed your team with his classless antics before the final whistle, and everybody hates you guys now. No big deal….

  27. We don’t blame you Russell. You went up against the greatest Coach and QB in NFL history and lost, like many had done before. For 15 years now the Patriots have dominated and you guys are just another victim.

    My advice to everyone, just sit back and enjoy watching Beligreat and Brady, it may the greatest show every to play sports!

  28. Watch the replay of that one play. Wilson blatantly looks nearside to his WRs. Butler sees it and as soon as the ball snaps, he’s running inside while Browner is big enough to make sure that Butler doesn’t get rubbed off.

    Great read and great play by the rookie. Good job being strong by Browner so Butler could be in that position.

  29. Well it is not all Wilson’s fault for the Green Bay collapse impersonation…Baldwin sucks, Sherman and the Legion of Poop couldn’t stop Brady in the fourth and the rest of the Seaparrots forgot how to tackle! Seattle did a good job trash talking but could not back it up….that’s all folks!!

  30. Done. But I think there’s plenty of blame to share with Bevell (majority stakeholder) and Lockette.

  31. Wilson-to-Lockette just supplanted Pisarcik-to-Csonka as the worst NFL play call in (at least) the last 40 years.

  32. Not a Hags fan at all but Wilson should never take any blame for that mindless play as he put the ball right where it should be,on the hands of his reciever, and its not his fault the rookie pass defender made the play of his lifetime past and future and intercepted the ball on a great play.Seattles coaches in their wise chess game thinking should have considered the pass maybe being deflected off the recievers hands and being intercepted or exactly what happened and being intercepted. with Lynch in the backfield,on the one yard line with 40 seconds left to win the Super Bowl and three plays left you decide to pass the ball? I wonder how Lynch and his offensive line feel about the total lack of confidence in them by the coaches to get the ball into the endzone for another Super Bowl seems the only two people in America scared enough of the Pats goal line defense were the two most important so they blew it big time.

  33. B-b-but he WAS 10-0 against superbowl winning qbs guys. He’s the greatest QB ever right?

    Can we still keep giving him credit for what his defense and rb does?

  34. So happy Wilson lost,you don’t throw 4 int 1 td in a conference championship game and still be considered a Great QB.He’s a good QB that’s it,don’t like Brady either but he showed LOB what a true HOF QB can do!!!Congrats Patriots fans.

  35. Wilson is a great player for the NFL. It’s a good thing for the organization that both coaches and their starting QB are taking responsibility for the last play. Win together, lose together.

    I’m sure Seattle fans are really really bitter right now… While my Pats have won more than their fair share, they’ve also been on the losing end too. You won’t see too much in your face gloating. The SB is a game of a couple big plays by the two best teams. While one is going to make some big plays to win it…there’s always one that comes up just short.

    Great game!

  36. “You’re exactly right Russell”
    No he isnt,he did nothing wrong at all,he put the ball exactly where it should have been placed for his reciever to catch,he could do no more,he did his job perfectly,the defender made a great play.the blame cleary lies with the coaches,period.

  37. It was a terrible play call, especially after the previous game’s debacle for Russell. Kudos for Russell taking the blame, but that play should never have been called.
    Of course, this was seen a few years ago with the Niners and Kaepernick when they had the ball at the five and just passed all four downs instead of running it with their stud back and big O-line.

  38. Yes, it’s on you Russ. I know the media is going to stick up for you as always, but if that pass was completed and you win the game, the call would have been great and you would have gotten all the credit. (As usual even though the defense and Lynch is the real reason)

    I have no doubt that the coaches made that call to get Russ the MVP and not Lynch. I have never seen a player so coddled and protected as this kid, it’s embarrassing.

  39. Come on Russell.

    God was teaching you humility, now thank him kindly.

    You can’t praise him when everything goes your way and ignore him now.

    From G.O.A.T. to goat.

  40. It does make you wonder if Wilson argued for a different play, or why he didn’t change the play himself? Still hard to comprehend what the Seattle coaching staff was thinking there?

  41. I remember the last time someone threw a slant from the one yard line in a super bowl. That cost Kurt Warner and the cardinals a championship. Horrible play call both times. Run the ball.

  42. Legion Of Whom? BwaHaaaaaHaaaaa. Hey Seahawks! Being obnoxious will get you a lot of camera time but the win, not so much. NOW IT IS TIME YO TELL EVERYONE IN SEATTLE TO SHUT YOUR PIE HOLES! Players, coaches and especially fans… ZIP IT!

  43. I don’t blame you for that throw. I blame you for only completing 12 total passes. Your awesome D can only do so much.. 12 completion? Should be 11, that Kerse play was fluke. Thought it was gonna be Tyree all over again.

  44. Not really a bad call …. Everybody in the world thought it was going to be a handoff to Marshawn ..

  45. ALSO blame the Seattle defense for not getting into Brady’s face.Shotgun all day,dink and dunk passes that Seattle could not cover.New England outplayed them.Period.

  46. “And there were a lot of things that if they broke a different way could have resulted in a 24 point loss for the Seahawks. On one of their TD drives the Seahawks got a very generous spot on a 3rd down that kept a drive alive. Matthews pushed off on at least 2 of his receptions. Chancellor should have been flagged for a helmet to helmet hit on Edelman. Bennett could have been flagged for a helmet to helmet hit on Brady twice. If Hochuli were riffing it would have certainly been called. The first punt of the game should have been roughing the kicker instead of running into the kicker. So if just a few things broke differently this could have been a blowout for the patriots.”

    get over it crybaby. you won. and you wonder why everyone outside if NE hates you?

  47. Totally disagree. If God was the reason he won against the Packers, God was the reason he lost against the Patriots…..Call it like it is Wilson. It was in God’s hands and he’s punishing you.

  48. The idea with that play call has to be with the understanding that if you throw an incomplete they would then have run Lynch two more times. If he scores we’re all talking about how great a play call it was with the Patriots focusing all on Lynch. Bottom line in those spots the QB always knows to not take a sack and don’t throw a pick….

  49. It was a bad pass, high/wide. From 18 feet away. Down a foot or two and in about a foot, it’s a W.

  50. No words for that play!!!! But hey the Pats organization and fans thank you Russel for the gift! They’re pretty sure if Lynch had the ball it would be 6pts!!!

  51. Class act from Wilson. Quite unlike some of the trolls here, who are rubbing it in. It wasn’t that long ago, according to your “choke” logic, that Tom Brady choked away an undefeated season and then choked again four years later in a SuperBowl rematch.

  52. It’s not entirely his fault. Stupid play call though, but if you are gonna run that play why not run that play with Chris Matthews instead? Big body and he was catching everything last nigtht.

  53. Everyone is talking about the interception, but I think the reception by Kearse at the 5 yard line was more interesting.

    Kearse is on his back juggling the ball while the Patriot DB (Harmon) hurdles over him so the Patriots do not get a flag for unnecessary roughness.

    Once upon a time Harmon would have been hitting Kearse because you get to hit players in football. Had Harmon hit Kearse while he was laying on the ground, he would not have made a ridiculous catch… but, Harmon would have gotten a penalty.

  54. No Russell I blame the Patriots who just beat you to win the Super Bowl. Your team was not good enough when it counted due to the Patriot’s performance when the game was on the line.

  55. Pete Carroll says that they didn’t want to run because NE put their goal line package in, but it was Seattle that allowed them to substitute by putting their Zebra package (3 WR’s) in in the first place! Can’t use that excuse! Coaches are at fault all the way.

  56. He showed last night that he’s better than Brady. He isn’t a choker and he isn’t a cheater.


    How the hell is he better than Brady?? He completed his usual 12 passes and has little resonsibility. It was mentioned earlier but I would love to see him without Lynch and that D

    Once Seattle makes the terrible decision to pay him $22M a year and their lineup depletes as a result I can’t wait to see how he performs then

  57. Brady should drive his new MVP truck and leave it outside of Butler’s front door with the keys left on the seat. Great game, one of the all-time best Super Bowls, but without the Butler interception the story becomes how the Pats lost for a third time due to a crazy, fluke pass reception. Butler re-wrote that history.

    Great job, rook!!!

  58. Yeah… his throw was a equal to Brady’s first int. Just shouldn’t have thrown it. Chalk it up to “big moment” jitters I guess. That said… 2 words; Marshawn Lynch

  59. 3 of the 4 were won by a player other than Brady. Adam V twice and now this Butler kid. Goes to show you that football is the ultimate team sport.

  60. That throw reminds me of a the last plays of the last couple of NINERS seasons. Four more inche’s in a different direction, and you are Super Bowl winners. Instead Russel, you’re not.
    And now you get to hear the teams don’t like you call you a choke QB when really it was a hell of a game by a good football player. Just like the 49er history a couple years ago.

  61. This guy is a class act. Smart. His coaches failed him.

    But I cannot stomach the large number of insufferable self-centered egomaniacs on this team. Thank God somebody brought them back to earth.

    Fake poop prop? At the SuperBowl? Worldwide television? I hope that guy keeps a copy of the video so he can show it to his grandchildren someday. And he’s not the worst of the lot.

    The Packers should’ve beaten them for the same reason they lost……poor play-calling by the coach. What was he thinking?

  62. I ca not believe a Seattle fan would blame injury’s as your team has been remarkably healthy over the last three years. A beyond lucky catch put you in a position to win and arguably the worst play call in Super Bowl history cost you the game. That is it.

  63. If you want to throw it fine. Still a bad idea instead of giving it to Lynch, but throw a fade to Matthews or a bubble screen or a shovel pass or a rollout pass giving him the option to throw or run it in. But a slant? Who throws a slant pass to the middle of the field from the one yard line? There’s only 11 yards of field to work with, the safeties move up, the entire middle of the field is clogged up with players. There’s NO WAY Carroll doesn’t know this.

  64. Yes, the pass call was perhaps getting a little too greedy. But before we throw more stones at OC Darrell Bevel and QB Russell Wilson, I can totally see why the call was made.

    The chances of those short “hot passes” at the goal line being intercepted are slim. DBs hands are typically not soft enough to make those grabs. Seattle was likely thinking by calling that play, at worse, it’s incomplete and the ‘Hawks still have two chances to run Lynch and one timeout left.

    If they run Lynch on 2nd down and get stopped, they have two downs and no timeouts left. Now, that there would have been a decision that would take some stones.

  65. Head coach who didn’t object to the play: “It’s my fault.”

    QB who ran the play: “It’s my fault.”

    OC who called the play: “I called the play, but we (meaning the WR) could have been more aggressive.”

    The most guilty party here is the one deflecting blame: The guy who called a quick, timing play on the goal line to the team’s #4 wide receiver, a converted track guy with 18 total career catches.

    Seattle is not a team that runs a lot of quick, timing-based patterns. More typical is to drop Wilson back, let him try to find the open man, or buy time with his feet so someone can get open.

    The slant requires a near-instant decision by the quarterback, and at the one-yard line, that amount of time is reduced even further. If he pauses in that situation, it’s almost certainly a sack. So he made a confident throw, and realized too late that Butler had an unbelievable break on the ball.

    A mistake? Yes. But the real truth is, his coaching staff never should have had him in that position. When you need to make a play, you put the ball into the hands of your best playmakers and let them do what they do best. Bevell didn’t do that, and the game was lost.

  66. Live by the choke….die by the choke.

    If the Packers didn’t hand them the NFC Championship they would have never had the opportunity to hand the Patriots the Super Bowl.

  67. You can also blame Russ for not checking out of the play. He has the autonomy to check to a run and decided against it. #HeroBall

  68. First class leader and man. Worthy competitor. Seattle should be proud. Battle scarred and hardened Patriot nation knows your pain, Seattle.

    I expect we will meet again. Looking forward to it.

  69. As for the game itself, I commend the refs for letting them play. Both teams could have been called for various infractions. And no one could say that the game wasn’t entertaining!

  70. We get the obligatory explanation from Russell about his commitment to God and being a blessing when he wins games. What happened? Why don’t we get it when he loses as well?

  71. Don’t worry Seahawks fans.
    No one will remember the call 100 years from now.
    Until espn runs the special “Worst call in Super Bowl history: 100 years later.”

  72. poweri26 wants to point out all the calls not made against Seattle? Oh, okay then. I will wait for your analysis of calls that didn’t get made against NE. You know the ones. Gronk slapping the defender in the head as he pushes off and makes a catch. That’s PI. How about Brady intentionally grounding a pass? And Butler? Yeah, he only tripped Kearse on a third down pass (he threw his arm out at the receiver and tripped him) on the series right before NE went ahead. And a NE OL hit a DL so hard, in the head, his helmet came off. That’s hands to the face.

    Lots of calls could have gone either way on both sides. Let’s not engage in these exercises where we apply rose coloured glasses to see what we want to see.

  73. @Chad Baalman, there are a bunch of bodies clogging the middle of the field, even if its not intercepted it still has a pretty good chance to hit off someone’s hands, receive or defender, fly up in the air and now you have a jump ball with the friggin Super Bowl on the line. That play has a low percentage of success. Lynch on the other hand has been running over Patriots all night, just gained 4 tough yards on the play before and there’s absolutely no chance Lynch doesn’t get into the end zone from the one with the Super Bowl on the line. This guy runs through defensive linemen in preseason. They could have lathered up the football with butter, filled it with lead and put 20 Patriots on the field and he still would have gained one yard.

  74. blame is shared 1 part coaches, 2 parts you Russell:

    1) Coaches NEVER should have called that crap….best rushing offense from 2 yards out (with 1 timeout left even)? You pound the frickin ball.

    2) You should have audibled when they sent the play in.

    3) yeah, you threw the ball. Pass was good. Defender got their first, so really, it’s partially your receiver’s fault.

  75. trollhammer20

    Completely agree, Its been a hell of a run for you guys. Certainly one I’ve never scene in my lifetime up there. I felt worse about getting to the super bowl and losing to the Ravens then I ever did about any of the 5-11 seasons…. Still pretty young core group and you guys will be back in the thick of it Im sure. Great game……

  76. proudchowdahead13 says: Feb 2, 2015 9:13 AM

    As for the game itself, I commend the refs for letting them play. Both teams could have been called for various infractions. And no one could say that the game wasn’t entertaining!


    I’m sure every referee will see the replay of the roughing the kicker penalty that was called running into the kicker this offseason.

  77. Uh, to all those questioning Brady getting MVP. Be serious. any QB who brings their team back from a fourth quarter ten point deficit to win the game, and throws 4 TDs is going to win MVP. This isn’t some snub on Butler. Get real. And, at the end of the day it wasn’t Brady’s two interceptions that mattered. It’s Wilson’s interception that mattered. Patriots one fair and square. The Seahawks were simply outplayed.

  78. Bad call , Bad throw, but at least you are a class act unlike the rest of your team. Time to change legion of booms name. 350 yards allowed , what a joke.

  79. As a Titans fan, I never thought I’d see a worse way to lose a Super Bowl than getting stopped 1 yard short. … I was wrong.

    That last play call? When it comes to being the worst in NFL history, there’s not even a close second. This was the most important moment in the biggest game there is, and the OC and/or Carroll made a call that even a high school coach knows you don’t make under any circumstances. It wasn’t just that it was a pass, it’s that it was a freaking pick play into traffic. (And even if he makes the catch on the back shoulder? Remember he hit a wall of momentum well short of the end zone.)

    Make no mistake, that play will haunt the players and fans for the rest of their lives. Take it from me … a fan who, 15 years later, still feels the weight of “1 yard short.”

  80. Russell is right. When he sees Butler charging, he should throw it to Lockette’s back shoulder, and lower. A great QB would have done that. Russell is a very reliable QB

  81. More than one person to blame for sure.

    And there are those teams in the League that you neither like nor hate and just don’t care too much about. For me that’s the Seahawks.

    But since he’s been in the League Wilson has been nothing but class. Good kid that one.

  82. Good gravy people! The Hawks have been to the Super Bowl three times in the last ten years. They were robbed by the refs on the first one, absolutely destroyed a “powerhouse offense” in the second one, and just barely lost the third one. You sound like a bunch of Bucs fans whose team has never given them ANYTHING to cheer about. The Seahawks have given the NW great games and great results for years! I’m thrilled to be a Hawks fans and a Russell Wilson fan. This won’t be the last dance for the Hawks!

  83. What a phoney this guy is. Wants to be the hero for more $…Everything is all about cultivating his image with this guy. Truth is, 31 other qb’s win with that defense. He threw 4 picks last game, something 3rb string guys don’t ever seem to do…and absolutely BLOWS IT with this play. Lynch is and always has been the best player on the team….I really hope SEA overpays this guy…..they will regret it by game 3 w/o Lynch next year.

    Where is your God now? oh yeah, He’s wearing his Brady jersey…

  84. I don’t blame Wilson – there’s never been a more stupid call by the coach

    Patriots fans have a HUGE amount of respect for Wilson for his ability to move the ball in the highest pressure situations.

    I won’t go so far as to say that the Pats D couldn’t have stopped Lynch. They denied him a close first down several times in that game. But it’s very doubtful they win if Wilson hands the ball off to Blount.

  85. Don’t worry about it Russell, you all played a good game. Think about it this way, if he’d caught it they would be calling it a brilliant call! And if no off sides at the goal line then…
    Next year is already in my mind, Go Hawks!

  86. Wilson is a marvelous athlete, clutch player, seems like a good guy. Yes, it was a horrible call. But yes, it was a also a bad throw. That slant pass at the goal line has to be throw at the belt buckle so the defender has no chance–all the receiver has to do is secure and fall over the goal line. Wilson put the ball way too high. Tough break, great play by defender.

  87. The Seahawks are who we thought they were, a bunch of winy baby’s. Oh No, we are going to loose the game, lets start throwing punches.

    Cost of Superbowl ticket = $1,500.00
    Travel and Hotel = $800.00
    Look on Richard Sherman’s face when he realized the ball was intercepted = Priceless!

  88. So I thought it would be nice if more than just ONE person in the media (Levy on the 4 letter network) has said this, I will say it here.

    You can hate on the call all you want and that’s just fine. But the pats had been stopping short yardage all game AND the Seahawks were in the same position 5 times this year where they did give the ball to Lynch. Guess how many times he scored ??? Once. that’s right he was 20% on the season from the one.

    So, with all that being said, lets say Seattle does run and gets stuffed. They then have to use a time out and are stuck in a terrible position at that point. They would be at 3rd and 1 or 2 with no more time outs considering they had to use one after getting stuffed and there is about 17 seconds left to go. This is not a good position. At that point you have to throw. If they hd tried to run on that 3rd down again and got stuffed thy would have no way to stop the clock or figure out a good play to run and would have to run another play with zero momentum and zero time to think about it .

    I think they made the right call on throwing on second down. I just think Wilson made a mistake. when the outside WR got jammed and wasn’t able to rub out Butler Wilson should have thrown the ball out of the back of the endzone. He did not. IMO Wilson is right. The blame for that play is squarely on him. I also believe the loss is as well. 12-21 in the superbowl is not good enough. I really like Wilson as a QB and stillwish the eagles had been able to grab him, but all this talk of him being the highest paid QB in the NFL is a joke. At this point he is an above average player with a ton of upside. Seattle is good because of defense and Lynch.

  89. True, you can blame Wilson for throwing the int, but consider this:

    1) He should have know better and audibled to a running play. That is one him and he is at fault there.
    2) That will go down as the WORST or is that STUPIDEST play called in sports history.


    1) They let the Patriots back into the game.
    2) You can’t say that the Seahawks should have won. If it comes down to one play and you were on the short end of it, then you either weren’t meant to win the game and/or you can’t say you were denied the win. In other words, there is no woulda, shoulda here.

    Now, deal with it.

  90. “Not really a bad call …. Everybody in the world thought it was going to be a handoff to Marshawn ”
    Yes really a bad call for had they run the ball they would have won,maybe not on that play but the three ensuing runs would have got them into the end zone.

  91. Score one for the cheaters. Not a hawks fan but disappointed they gave this one away. At least this one will forever be tarnished as earned from cheating all season and through the playoffs to make it this far. Cheatin tommy got this one given to him.

  92. Will someone put a cork in Deion Sanders please!?

    It’s easy to 2nd-guess that play call, but the bottom line is that Butler played better than the receiver on that play. Wilson also threw the ball way too high.

    I think Sanders is just jealous that Butler out-muscled the receiver, something Deion rarely ever did.

    It wasn’t that bad of a call. It was terribly executed. If Lynch gets stopped there, they have to call a timeout and then the next 2 plays you probably HAVE to throw. I get the logic of trying to throw now to save the timeout. Lynch had been 1 of 5 from the 1 yd line over the course of the season. The Patriots had stopped him for no gain a handful of times in the game. It’s not like just because he’s beast mode he is guaranteed to score on that play.

  93. peytonsyellowteeth says:
    Feb 2, 2015 7:30 AM
    Wilson is the most overrated player in all of sports


    Sometime next season, Wilson will have enough pass attempts to be eligible to be listed among NFL career leaders.

    If he merely continues with his own average, he will have the 2nd highest career QB rating in NFL history.

  94. “I have made that call all year on the 1 and would make it again in that situation with a great running back in the backfield ”


    Jay Gruden

  95. Not even remotely a Seahawks fan, but Russell Wilson is a class act. Can’t say the same about his teammates though. I wonder how much his play in the last two games is going to affect that contract extension he’s due this offseason?

  96. If there’s one unfortunate aspect of this, is that people who do hate Russell Wilson, Lynch, and the team in general will talk all sorts of mess. Russell will continue to be dismissed as an average Qb getting carried by the team when if it wasn’t for him they’re not in that position to win the game last night. One better play call, and we’re talking about how Russell made great plays with his arms and legs, and that Brady’s 2 interceptions cost them the game

  97. I’m highly disappointed that Richard Sherman kept his helmet on and did not run to congratulate Tom Brady after the game….I guess he knew what Tom would have asked him, “you mad bro?”

    as far as the seakhawks being contenders….this was their year. if they sign lynch to a long-term deal and make russell the highest paid qb, they will be a .500 ball club in 2-3 yrs.

  98. Seattle act nonchalant with no sense of urgency during final minute of game. They still had 2 time outs left. They deserve to loose

  99. Why is Darrell Bevell still employed today? That was an idiotic play call, and at the worst possible time. You don’t throw in that situation, especially not over the middle and into traffic. If you have to, you spike the ball and then run Lynch in for the TD. Wilson should have seen the problem and sacrificed the down. Unfortunately, he followed Bevell’s play call and sacrificed the football as well as the game. Bevell should be fired immediately. He cost Seattle the Super Bowl with that stupid call.

  100. I can’t remember a single play call worse than this in Super Bowl history. And talk about how a couple games can change a guy’s reputation: 4 interceptions in the NFC championship game at home and then sealing the loss in the Super Bowl with one. I like Russell Wilson but there’s lots of truth that you’re only as good as your last game.

  101. Not a Patriots fan by any stretch of the imagination, far from it, but I have to wonder how much trash talking is being done by the Seahawks fans today, or the Seahawks for that matter. Last night was the first game ever that I was cheering for the Pats to win a game. Good going guys.

    I thought the NY Yankees were my least favorite team, but Seattle is becoming a close second.

    As Woody the Woodpecker would say:

    “ha ha ha ha ha; ha, ha, ha ha, ha

    Want a hankie??

  102. It takes a big man to stand up and admit their mistakes. Good on you, Mr. Wilson. You are a great QB and have a lot of great years left in you. I am sure you will be back at the big dance at least one more time in your career.

    However, Super Bowl XLIX belonged to Tom Brady and the Patriots. They played their butts off, and made some stupid plays, too, but still came out on top.

    When all is said and done, Brady will go down as one of, if not THE, best QB of all time.

    Just ask Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, Warren Moon, or Dan Fouts (to name more than a few). I am sure they would have given up some of their glory and shine to have just one Super Bowl victory. And you, Mr. Wilson, already have that along with a bright future ahead of you.

  103. Why would Wilson audible out of the call?

    #1) Does the staff even give Wilson the ability to audible?
    #2) He knew the target of the pick play was an UDFA. Its not like they were running it against Revis.

    Lots of people with 20/20 hindsight making comments. What’s being lost in the bad play call chatter is the fact that the kid who made the int was prepared and made the play of his life.

  104. Wilson is a great QB with a long and illustrious career in front of him.
    Sometimes the other guys just make a great play too, like Butler did.
    Better to tip your hat and move on with dignity than play a foolish blame game.

  105. Wilson had a 110 rating and averaged nearly 15 yards an attempt – not to mention crucial running yards that set them up for a TD before the half.

    Get a grip. Wilson is legit. I am even more impressed that he puts up those numbers with CFL caliber receivers.

  106. More hysteria from media. I thought it was a good call. Tha quick throw to the goal line had worked for both teams all night and the Patriots were stacking the box. I think Carroll is remembering the incredible goal line stand his own Patriots made in a losing effort to the Steelers in 1997. 7-6 Steelers. Late 4th quarter. Steelers 1st and goal from Patriots 1-yard line. Patriots stuffed them 4 times, including Cordell Stewart on 4th down. Now the Patriots couldn’t quite finish the job. Bledsoe’s final drive, which started on their own 1, stalled just inside Steeler territory. But Carroll didn’t want Lynch stuffed for a loss. They had 1 timeout yes, but there’d still be only 20 ticks left.

  107. Sorry Wilson, if God willed the Seahawks to win last week, he has taught you a new lesson this week – Humility.

    Anyone else notice how Butler handled that interception? Can you imagine anyone on the Seahawks acting like that?

    Instead, their players pretend to take a dump on the field after a TD, and start a fight on the field to prove that they are not chumps.


    Priceless = the look on the Stanford Th*g’s face when he realized that the game was over!

  108. Just glad it was an entertaining game. NFL owed us this and more for what we had to endure in 2014. The 2 week leadup to this was a disgrace.

    If I was betting the Seahwaks or was a Seahawks fan I’d be damn bitter but I also think if that game got replayed NE would win again.

    I think a couple turning points were the balls Carroll showed with 6 seconds left in the half
    and watching Belichick head to McDaniels and calmly talking together trying to get things figured out. Just solid communication and whatever was exchanged lead to what seemed like unstoppable playcalling.

    Congrats Pats.

  109. Here’s the logic. The Hawks are on the 1 yard line. They’ve run the clock down so Brady will have the minimum chance possible to come back after they score. They have the most explosive back in football, and though he usually makes forward progress, he doesn’t always, and the Pats’ goal line defenders are there. They have only one time out left, so if they give it to Lynch, they only get two tries at the end zone. However, there were 108 passes thrown from inside the two yard line this past year. Several touchdowns were scored, and the rest were incompletes. Not a single interception was made in that situation all year, so it was an extremely safe play statistically, and if dropped, it stops the clock, and Lynch still gets two chances to run it in. Unfortunately for the Hawks, Butler made an absolutely brilliant, one-in-a thousand, defensive play. The Hawks had made a brilliant, one-in-a-thousand play to be in that position to begin-with (Kearse’s catch). They just got beat on a play that NO defense beats you on. It’s the NFL. It happens.

    You could make the argument that the Hawks lost because Wilson let the play clock run down a minute earlier and had to call a time out. If they’d had two time outs remaining, they could have given the ball to Lynch three times if needed, and not had to use a pass to guarantee three tries at the end zone.

  110. Russell, you are a totally class act. It’s just too bad you play for Tools West (Seahawks). Way to man up though!

  111. Wilson w/o Lynch is mediocre…It’s just a fact. And ZERO chance Lynch is back next year. Lynch knows the coaching staff didn’t want him scoring that TD.

    But you do have to blame the SEA defense for the EPIC choke job….Largest lead given up, all in the 4th Qtr. Best defense ever? NOT when it matters…not even close.

    You Sad Bro?

  112. though i read some of the comments… we are forgetting what Malcolm said in the interview this morning…

    THAT PLAY was practiced with him with the SCOUT team….

    HOW did the scout team run that play… IS THAT A STANDARD Seahawks play that can be seen in the film study ?

    Malcolm said at practice he didn’t be aggressive and the scout team scored… most important..Belicheck told him he can’t miss that play… and most important again.. MALCOLM remembered it when Seahawks came up to the line in that formation etc. ! this time he went for the ball !!!!

    AWESOME for an undrafted free agent played maybe 9 games this year… from a college who even heard of (Div II) !!!!!

    ANd we spend all this money on guys… amazing..
    Steelers use to be like this… picking up defense guys from ‘Kent State’… real powerhouse… so same with Malcolm… lol,
    I love it

  113. Russell Wilson: the same God that let your team win against Green Bay after throwing four interceptions, let you lose to the Patriots in the big game by an interception. Can you explain why God let the cheaters win? Or is this God’s lesson for you? Just askin’.

  114. Even tho l was on the patriots, yayyy we won! l just have to comment on this seahawks first off, Russell you just don’t make costly mistakes like that play you made. Should have kept running the ball. That being said that play cost you guys the game. Patriots literally stole you guys win right out of ya’ll hands. Wow!

  115. @uplate5301, yes passes are thrown for TDs from inside the 2 yard line, but not slants. Nobody throws slants from the one yard line, its TOO RISKY. Not a lot of field and the safeties play closer to the line. You’re not supposed to throw it into traffic at any other point, why now? While passing from the one yard line might be statistically safe, throwing a slant in that situation has a very low chance of success, which is why you don’t see it often. With or without Lynch, it completely baffles me that it was called with the Super Bowl on the line.

  116. How soon the peeps forget that the Seahawks were even in position to make a bad call or bad throw because of the flukiest catch since Tyree.

    But respect has to go out to them, because they played hard in a game that could have gone either way. They are a hellava football team, and well coached too.

  117. Once again, the Karma gods show who is really in control of this world. You can’t run around spitting in everyone’s faces when your on top, be it in sports or business, and not expect it to come back full circle! Seahawks are going to need a new OC, a new DC, going to have to pay Russell, Sherman needs major arm surgery, etc., etc. I’m not saying there done, but that ONE PLAY changed the whole course of Seahawk legacy…god I love Karma!

  118. That’s ok he is young yet and plenty more times if they get to the sb to screw up. This won’t be your last.
    Before you think of six superbowls try to win the second.

  119. Worst play call in the history of pro sports…..coaches dream of having a guy like Marshawn Lynch when you are at th1 one yard line in the super bowl with less that a minute left on the clock,my mom would have made the correct call there !

  120. The thing I do like about Carrol is they do have these trick plays that aren’t tricks to them, they practice them over and over like the two point conversiions against the Packers was no fluke, everyone knew their role and did it.
    This time it didn’t work.

  121. Wilson deserves to be regarded as an elite NFL QB as much as Joe Flacco deserves to be the highest paid player in the NFL.

  122. I thought the throw was off by quite a bit. The defender didn’t jump in front of the receiver. The angle was all wrong on that throw. Wilson throws a nice lofting pass but he rarely throws quickly over the middle like he tried to do with the Lombardi on the line. Additionally, the pick play didn’t work for Seattle this time. Bottom line : Poor throw, dumb decision , ego driven and an unbelievable read to end the game. You just don’t throw that ball and yes,this is all on the q.b. and I’m real tired of the Russell apologists .

  123. that’s really classy of Russell Wilson, but it’s not on him. if this was 4 and goal and Lynch has already been stuffed once at the goal line, then i would agree it’s on you, but this was a terrible play call, this was not on Wilson, it’s on Bevell and Carroll.

  124. This is for the so called expert on penalties that could have been called on the Patriots:
    The kicker’s plant foot wasn’t on the ground, so hence the running into the kicker call.
    Brady throwing it away wasn’t intentional grounding because he was still in the pocket. If you are going to watch the game,, learn the rules.

  125. I can only imagine if a NE player did what Doug Baldwin did after that TD catch. Cris Carter would be in the midst of a hysterical nervous breakdown on ESPN. The most classless act in SB history. I cannot believe a grown man would think this was a good idea.

  126. Speaking as a Niner fan, it actually sucks that Russell Wilson seems like such a good guy and a class act. This guy is just so smooth and true. I want to root against him so bad but I just can’t. The rest of the Seahawks and their fans however…..;)

  127. uwisheuwereapatsfan2 says:
    Feb 2, 2015 7:45 AM
    Terrible call by he coaching staff but Wilson telegraphed the throw.

    More than anything though, you have to give the credit to the UNDRAFTED ROOKIE who played it like a veteran all pro, disguising coverage and jumping the route to make an all-time clutch play! Awesome ending to an awesome game!

    He telegraphed the throw? This was not play action pass so of course he looking exactly to where he has to throw. It’s a one step back throw. Basically, it boils down to terrible play calling. It does not matter what the Patriots thought was going to happen. On 1st and 10 80% of plays are run plays. on 2nd 10 80% of plays are pass plays. on 2nd and goal at the 1, the play should be a power run. Stop it if you can. I am sick of hearing, well the defense knew it was a run so we tried to trick them and pass the ball. That’s just dumb. Why have a power run game if you dont use it the time comes to use. The problem is coaches try to out think the game and try to get all the accollades and status. If if the pass had of been completed, i would said what a dumb play. It’s like driving home drunk and getting there safely. Bad decision making even though the out come was positive. Seahawks deserved to lose the game because of the coaches’ arrogance! End of story.

  128. It was a spectacular defensive play by Malcom Butler to jump the route and take the ball away from a bigger guy. One of the best plays I’ve ever seen, certainly one of the best defensive plays in Super Bowl history.

    If Sherman made that play we’d never hear the end of it. But because it was an undrafted rookie it was the coach, OC or QB’s “fault”.

  129. The thing I do like about Carrol is they do have these trick plays that aren’t tricks to them, they practice them over and over like the two point conversiions against the Packers was no fluke, everyone knew their role and did it.
    yes they do and thats one reason Shawn Slocum isnt the Packers ST coach anymore along with many more failues by his STs.he should have known about that play and kept his team alert to its possibility but didnt.

  130. I blame the footballs for being properly inflated.
    I blame the Redskins for having such an offensive team name.
    Side note – Russell is a good kid and an excellent football player. Modest, humble and a true leader.

  131. xavier179 says:
    Feb 2, 2015 11:12 AM
    This is for the so called expert on penalties that could have been called on the Patriots:
    The kicker’s plant foot wasn’t on the ground, so hence the running into the kicker call.
    Brady throwing it away wasn’t intentional grounding because he was still in the pocket. If you are going to watch the game,, learn the rules.

    How can you tell anyone about knowing the rules and you clearly dont. First off, there can be intentional grounding while inside he pocket. Most of time, intentional grounding is called when the QB is in the pocket. Intentional grounding should have been called because he there to an area where there was no receiver at and he threw it there to avoid taking a huge lose (sack). That’s the reason whey they have the rule.

  132. Ultimately, the determination of success or failure comes down to execution. Players should own up to execution as the coaches can only do so much prep and calling as soon as the players hit the field. There are dozens of things the guys on the field could have done a bit differently, and we could very well be talking about the repeat *gag* champion Seahawks *gag*. However, the coaches called a really terrible play and put the Seahawks in a bad position by throwing across the middle.

    Wilson is a classy guy, perhaps the ONLY one in the entire organization.

  133. It is so great to hear the Seahawks fanbase make excuses on here. Especially after they hijacked this comment section after the packers epic choke. Oh if we weren’t injured, oh if Pete Carroll didn’t call that play, oh if only Wilson was a true elite qb. If romo or manning threw that int, they would be crucified. It was a bad throw. High and wide.

  134. That play was his fault. If executed better there wouldn’t have been an interception. Re watch the throw. It was high and not accurate. He is a young qb that is still learning. He is great at escaping but 12 completions in a Super Bowl is pathetic.

  135. don’t buy the ‘aw shucks’ attitude and seemingly good teammate routine. He wanted that play because if it works he is the MVP. If he hands it off and Beast Mode scores, Lynch is the MVP. The only way he will grow from this is to realize he should have been more vocal and insistent about handing that ball off.

  136. Another Super bowl loss for the Hawks and it is over, Kaepernick is better than Wilson and would of never of called that play, and would of won the game.

    San Francisco 49ers SB Champs 2016.

    Seattle Seahawks 2016=4-12

  137. He feels that way now, but if he never wins another Super Bowl, let alone get back to one, I’m sure he’ll feel differently. SEIZE THE MOMENT!!! There are no guarantees in life so when opportunities present themselves, you have to take full advantage of them. Pete’s explanation as to why they ran that play defies logic. If you throw a pass in that situation, you throw the fade in the back of the endzone where only your guy can catch it, not a slant in the middle of the field where the ball could be tipped and intercepted. Poor play call, poor excuses and poor explanations. After Lynch got to the half-yard line, it’s a no-brainer to run him again and then use the time-out if he doesn’t make it.

  138. Gotta give RW respect for this. Yes the throw could have been better but it shouldn’t have been called. Just like the Niners should have fed Gore in 2012. Was a helluva game though.

  139. 2nd down 20 seconds to go.

    If they run Marshawn and don’t score, they call their final TO with about 12 seconds left.

    In that case they have to throw on 3rd down in order to get two more shots at it. But on 3rd down, the Patriots know the pass is coming and it’s easier to defend.

    So, I think throwing on 2nd down made sense, but a safer play that was either complete or out of any defender’s reach.

    Having said all that, it was still an amazing defensive play.

  140. Noble of Wilson to claim ownership but 20/20 hindsight still means nothing.

    What might have made the difference was smacking Baldwin upside the head for his clown act. Kharma’s a b_tch.

  141. All you idiots on here talking about karma… Where were your teams this year? And last year? What does that say for your teams karma? The Seahawks have been to 2 superbowls in a row. Won one and came one play away from winning a 2nd. If that’s bad karma, I’ll take some more of it.

    Congrats to the Pats. Played great and made a great play to end it. Wilson and Carroll falling on the sword for that play call is nice and all, but let’s be honest, whoever called that play needs to be fired asap. Bevell’s been crap for years and I hope this is the final straw. True, there’s blame to go around by Carroll for not overriding the play call and same for Wilson. It wasn’t perfectly thrown, but if the db doesn’t make a great play on the ball, it’s likely a touch down, so props to that db on a great play. At any rate though, just like all the NFL players past and present have said, that was the dumbest play call in the history of football.

  142. Long time SF49ers fan here: Russell Wilson is the best young QB in the game, by far. Our guy can’t hold his jockstrap!

  143. The WR (Lockette) got bumped off the route and did NOTHING to fight for the ball. You can’t let the DB intercept that pass without at least putting up a fight. That was gutless!

  144. I cant stand the Seahawks. Pete Carroll has no integrity. Marshawn Lynch has no brain. Richard Sherman has no class. But Russell Wilson – a stand up guy. Hard not to root for him (but I managed).

  145. it’s all good. the patriots cheated their way to the superbowl. their dynasty is surrounding with cheating.

  146. I don’t mind the decision to pass so much as the type of pass they chose to make. Why not run play action and roll Wilson. If nothing is there then he throws it away. Or maybe we runs it in. At least you have options. The pass he threw was feast or famine. So many things happen on that route…ball gets tipped and picked off…juggled or deflected and then picked off…or the DB cuts the route and makes a great play. How about a fade to the tall Matthews in the corner?

    If they run the ball there and DON’T get it….then they use their last timeout and now there is 20 seconds left with no timeouts….now the Pats KNOW you have to pass. At least they had some element of surprise by passing when they did.

    How about Baldwin shows some class and doesn’t commit a 15 yard penalty?

    How about the defense doesn’t allow two 4th qtr touchdowns? Losing Avril and Lane really hurt…and Sherman was hurt worse than they let on…and obviously Kam was too since they tried to cover Gronk different ways.

    Anyway…it was two great teams battling…someone had to lose. Wilson will learn from this…and I bet he and Carroll are watching tape today and planning for next year.

    It also shows their need for a true WR1. Wilson makes some incredible throws to receivers who aren’t open…putting the ball in a 1’x1′ box where only his receiver can make the catch…but they need a stud WR. Maybe Richardson will be the one…who knows…but it’s a definite weak spot.

  147. from a Pats fan: Wilson is the classiest player you
    have. He stood up and took the blame for the play.

    Your defense is comprised of some punks. They
    start calling out the OC and the play call.

    Why not keep the Patriots from scoring 28, huh ?

  148. The haters are having a love fest.

    Lost is their love fest is the fact they’re the same voices all year who declared throughout the season Seattle wouldn’t return for a playoff game much less have an opportunity to repeat.

    Hats off to the Patriots for another SB win.

    Hats off to Seattle for making it an exceptionally close game, that in the end, every objective person knows they easily could have won.

  149. Funny how various fans react and comment after a play like this on in the SB. I’m no fan of either team, just kinda dislike the patriots a little bit more. I wanted a good game that lasted until the end of regulation time, full of wild plays and drama… Got my wish. If Wilson’s pass was incomplete, then new england would have had to defend both pass & run on the next play, advantage Seattle. There are three things that can happen on any pass play, incomplete, complete or interception. On that play, two out of the three was positive for Seattle. If it was a TD, Carroll would be considered a genius and one who superceded bellichek…. My initial reaction was pretty much the same as everyone else, but I’m no NFL coach. After looking at it, if Russell Wilson had thrown it out of the back of the end zone, Seattle would have had an advantage on the next play. The threat of pass or run would have weakened the run defense and Lynch would have pretty much walked in… just a thought

  150. It’s ironic hearing Seahawks fans saying things like “if he had thrown the ball a few inches to the right, WE would have won.” Here’s why…this is basically how the 49ers lost the NFCCG and we niners fans got a lot of flack for our shoulda coulda wouldas….rightfully so. A few inches higher and Sherman doesn’t tip that ball on 2nd down. Gore or Kap run it in and likely go to the SB and not the Seahawks. I’m not gonna say it’s karma but the similarities are astounding. And hilarious.

  151. That pass wasn’t going to get completed no matter how he threw it, Butler jumped the route, should have just threw it out the end zone.

    If they wanted to pass on second down since the D was loading up, why not run a play action and look for a back or tight end wide open, then run it on third if you don’t score??? A quick slant into a congested area is a horrible idea.

  152. There was not enough time to run it 3 times with 20 seconds and 1 timeout. A pass play was going to have to happen on either 2nd or 3rd down to stop the clock. The way I see it, we chose to pass it on 2nd down to preserve the timeout so we could run it on 3rd and 4th down.
    By saying this is a choke job by the Seahawks, is diminishing the great game by the Patriots and the outstanding play by rookie CB Butler.
    Oh by the way, the Seahawks are not going away, nor are the 12s. We are just beginning our dynasty the Patriots are on the decline.

    G O S E A H A W K S !

  153. Maybe I’m alone in thinking that it wasn’t a bad call or execution, it was more of just a great, great play and recognition by a Patriot.

    Sometimes guys just make great plays and all you can do is tip your hat.

  154. Wilson is a stand up guy … very overrated however. When his skills as a scrambler/runner diminish he will be no more of a weapon than Alex Smith … just like all the running qb’s.

  155. If you tell me Seattle holds NE’s running attack to 57 total yards I’d say they win that game.

    Hats off to NE for pulling out an unbelievable win that won’t soon be forgotten. Hawks had it in their grasp and poor coaching lost that game. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  156. jagsfanugh says:
    Feb 2, 2015 11:56 AM
    That play was his fault. If executed better there wouldn’t have been an interception. Re watch the throw. It was high and not accurate. He is a young qb that is still learning. He is great at escaping but 12 completions in a Super Bowl is pathetic.


    Brady had 328 offensive yards. Russell had 286

    Russell was also throwing the ball down the field, making accurate passes at around 11 yards per attempt. If Jeremy Lane doesn’t get injured, perhaps Brady throws more than 2 interceptions. Simon on the other hand got abused. Let’s not get carried away. The throw was fine, Kearse got jammed at the line. If Kearse doesn’t get jammed, he’s able to rub Butler and give Lockette room for a td in stride. Russell is no Aaron Rodgers, or Manning, or Brady, but he’s darn good/borderline great in his own right and he’s only in his 3rd year. I don’t know how anyone can rewatch that game and say Seattle is only there because of Lynch and the defense. Russell can get it done and I doubt this will be his last Super Bowl. Who will supplant them in the NFC? Also, Brady + Manning will soon retire

  157. This loss is going to sting Seattle as badly as the Green Bay loss to Seattle two weeks ago is going to sting the Packers; for a VERY long time.

    Unbelievably bad play-call – made no sense given the situation. The Pats didn’t win because Belichick is a “genius”; they won because Pete Carroll and his coaching staff out smarted themselves, and gift-wrapped that victory for the Pats.

  158. The coach called the play to make you throw, with one of the best ever RB’ in the backfield.

    Nobody was stopping him for a yard.

    Carroll gave the Pats that game.

  159. I agree, the throw was too far to the left which allowed Butler to get in there and intercept (still an awesome play by Butler, he made a huge effort to get the ball). If Wilson had put the ball in the receiver’s stomach it would have been game over.

  160. I’m not really seeing how the WR was to blame in any way. He runs a good slant (not like he’d stopped) and would have had to of been anticipating going to the ground to make the play as slants tend to be low throws when the ball comes in at chest level. It wasn’t like a jump ball situation where he’d have been thinking about needing to break up the pass. It was a poorly thrown ball. But the play never should have been called to start with.

  161. All you referees out there that we’ve heard from during the playoffs, I have a question for you?

    Will there be any outcry over Russel Wilson not getting a 15 yard penalty after throwing the INT and then taking his helmet off while still on the field? You know, like you were all crying for on Dez Bryant who actually didn’t break a rule since the rules clearly state that anyone from the sideline that comes onto the field does not HAVE to have to their helmet on.

    But if you’re on the field and remove your helmet it’s an automatic 15.

    Just curious because if they didn’t jump offsides the Pats had to go from inside the 1 yard line instead of kneeling on it at the 16. I’m guessing it won’t be mentioned…anywhere. Just sayin

  162. Cowherd made a couple interesting points on his show this morning: 1) This year teams threw 109 times from the 1 and there were no picks. 2) Lynch was 1-for-5 running it from the 1 this year. 3) The Patriots pass all the time from up close, and Butler even said the only reason he made the pick was because their scout team ran that play in practice and he was burned on it, so this time he was ready.

    My initial reaction was that it was a horrible play call. But the more I read and hear today, it just seems like it was surprisingly bad execution by Wilson.

  163. They should have ran the ball at the end, but those WRs were making some great catches for him yesterday, on jump balls.

    If they are going to pay him a lot of money, they may want to invest in some WRs. I understand that Seattle is a power run team and they are great at it, and the WRs they have can make plays, but if they are going to get the most out of Wilson and their offense they need a Great WR not good ones.

  164. I blame nobody. Great run by the Seahawks and a great SB. These things happen, that’s part of the game.

  165. Game on the line, legacy on the line, victory in sight, you put the ball in the hands of your best player. If that’s a wide receiver, then pass it. If it’s a running back, then run it. It’s not complicated. I feel bad for Wilson and frankly wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last SB he sniffs.

  166. Its is 100 percent on Russ sorry to say. That is a good play call but you must execute it and Russ has to see that DB jumping. If you watch the play its 1 second DB breaks at the snap a solid second and a half before Russ released it. Just a terrible mistake by Russ and he is a class act for owning up to it. To get on Pete and Bev is flat wrong and ignorant. The QB must protect the ball period, period, PERIOD.

  167. The Seahawks had an incredible season, and the players should hold their heads high. The game itself was exciting to watch. With the back and forth lead changes, it was one of the more interesting super bowl games. The patriots won the game with a good defense and an offense that just kept coming.

    In the offseason, I expect the seahawk’s receivers coach will work on aggressively coming to the bowl, since in a copycat league, corners will likely try to jump more routes against the hawks. I expect Russell Wilson will throw that route a thousand times in the offseason and become an amazing slant throwing qb. It will be tough, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hawks in super bowl L. Go hawks!

  168. Sure it got picked off but I thought it was a good throw. Locket didn’t fight for it or try to block out butler. Those slants require the. Receiver to in a way box out the guy covering him.

  169. Wilson is probably the dude that placed that 7 figure bet in Vegas for the Pats to win. He threw the pick and just walked back to the sideline taking his helmet off like, oh well, that’s the game.

  170. Once and for all let me explain what actually what happened at the end of the game. The coaches were correct in their decision to throw on second down. Time and one time out remaining dictated they would need to throw the ball on one down or risk the clock running out before 4th down.
    We possessed the advantage on the second with New England in a goal line defense. The odds are had we ran Lynch on second down he probably would have been stuffed. This is based on the stats, Lynch’s combined yards this season from a yard out is -1 yard total. Him running on third down or fourth down with New England in a different alignment most likely had been effective.
    By the way. How many pass plays were attempted from the 1 yard line this season? One When? Sunday
    But lets discuss the play in question. First the play would have worked with the proper personal. NBC’s Collinsworth hit it on the nose when while mentioning Mathews he stated sadly he wouldn’t be on scripted to be on the field for those plays which were put into the playbook days before the game. This can be evidenced by his score with 6 second to go in the half. If you watch Carroll prior to the play he had the foresight to realize you utilize you hot hand and incorporated Mathews into the play basically telling him to run a fade toward the pylon. Watch the replay he doesn’t run the route with any precision but basically heads to spot Wilson put the ball up he shields himself (important basic characteristic of any good receiver) from defender and match the catch. It was a lot like we’d do as kids playing in the back yard drawing a play in the dirt. Had the big body of Mathews been on the field instead of Lockett he would have make himself a good target and preventing anyone from impeding his ability to catch the ball by turning his body to not allow defender to make a play whether to see them or not.
    With that said the reason the play failed was execution. Two things occurred that caused Butler to “jump the route” First Kerse when jacked by Browner at the line of scrimmage didn’t try to continue his pass route instead himself driving Browner back. Don’t think Bellchek teams aren’t well prepared, Butler recognized it to be a pick play. That alone wouldn’t have allowed him to make that play. He said immediately afterwards that he say Wilson’s eyes directed at that spot. This is called “TELEGRAPHING THE PASS”. A grave mistake by Wilson. Whether you’re playing football basketball of even soccer you learn this in junior high. When you advertise where your going with the ball anyone can be a great defender for that instant.
    The proper play generally is to glance at that target and then purposely look elsewhere in this perhaps towards Lynch the come back assess quickly and make the throw for the score. (that’s what the HOF’ers did) In this case the combination of Butler recognizing the play and seeing Wilson totally committed to making that throw he reacted making a great play running to the spot and in the process blowing an obviously oblivious to his environment Lockett out of the way.He then somehow held onto the ball. To Wilson’s defense in a quick bang bang type play as this there is very little time to look off his target and back to make the throw.
    His proper move and ironically something he is very good at would have been to make two strides to the right. This would have frozen Butler who would have been force to respect Wilson sprinting for the corner allowing that passing lane to be open and bingo, Wilson to Lockett for the Super Bowl win.

  171. kev359 says:
    Feb 2, 2015 8:52 AM

    How the hell is he better than Brady?? He completed his usual 12 passes and has little resonsibility. It was mentioned earlier but I would love to see him without Lynch and that D

    Once Seattle makes the terrible decision to pay him $22M a year and their lineup depletes as a result I can’t wait to see how he performs then


    He isn’t better than Brady, but that’s not exactly an insult

    I find this mindset fascinating. Apparently, in order for Russell to get widespread approval, or to not have people dismiss his abilities, Russell must get it done with no weapons, no running game, no defense. That’s comical, that standard is literally held to no one else. I mean no one. Not Flacco, not Matty Ice, not Stafford, not Manning…NO ONE. Not Montana, not Jim Kelly, not Kurt Warner. Confirmation bias is a heck of a drug

  172. Don’t worry Russ. There’s plenty of blame to go around. Carroll is still a fool for not running with Lynch. There is no possible way the Seahawks should have ever lost that game, besides Carroll snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

  173. This spoke volume of Russell Wilson’s leadership and character. But that was obviously a bad call. Wilson is no longer a rookie, and should start thinking for himself if he wants to get to the elite level. Rodgers, Manning, Brady, or Bree would have probably sent the call back to their OCs.

  174. Bevell gets majority of blame. Look at his history. The guy likes to get cute with his play calling. Packers fans from way back know this. Hawks fans have known this for a few years now.

  175. I’m a Pats fan. And I think Russell Wilson is a great player. He’s likely to be the future star QB of the NFL and reminds me of Brady’s early career.

    Seattle will hold onto him if they’re smart. He’ll win more Super Bowls.

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