Tom Brady on legacy: I’ve got a lot of football left


Patriots quarterback Tom Brady came out of Sunday with a fourth Super Bowl title, a third Super Bowl MVP award, a Super Bowl record for most completions in one game and the career record for most touchdown passes in the Super Bowl.

That’s quite a collection of resume stuffers and they boost Brady’s case in any kind of debate about the best quarterbacks of all time. Brady called it “just awesome” to come back and win a close game in the fourth quarter after being on the other side of things in their last two trips to the Super Bowl, but he wasn’t as ready to reflect on his career legacy.

“No. I’ve got a lot of football left,” Brady said in his postgame press conference. “It’s hard to play this game and it take a big commitment, a lot of sacrifice. For all the players that have played in the past and I’ve looked up to and admired and a lot of the players now who I look up to and admire — it’s a big challenge and it’s incredible to experience this feeling once and I’ve been fortunate to play on four really great teams, so I’m really blessed.”

The Patriots have been just as fortunate to have Brady over the last 14 years, a run that started with another Brady-led game-winning drive in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLIX may not be a proper bookend since Brady’s going to keep playing, but it’s a significant milepost on the path of his career at the very least.

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  1. Down 10, Brady led the team with 2 touchdown drives in the 4th quarter to take the lead. He completed 74% of his passes, had 330 yards passing, and he had 4 TDs to 4 different receivers against the best secondary in the league. Brady straight up smoked the Legion of Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I put him right next to Montana but above all others.

    Manning doesn’t even belong in the GOAT conversation, IMO.

  3. 13-15, 8 first downs, and 14pts in the 4th quarter against arguably one of the best D’s ever that only gave up 13 4th quarter points against its last 9 opponents. MAGICAL! Yeah I’d say he has a lot of football left!

  4. Brady is 37, but he throws so many short passes , although last night for a guy who experts say can’t throw long ball he threw a few amazing long touch passes, and I see no reason why he can’t win another or 2 in the next 5 years..
    don’t say he can’t do something haters, he will prove u wrong and break your heart…

  5. In the two Super Bowls Brady lost, he gave his team the lead with under three minutes left. It took miraculous catches to win. This time the defense made a stop after another miraculous catch. What did the great P Manning do against this Seattle team last year? Put up 8 points with a bunch of all pro players.

  6. Thank you Tom Brady for your poise, professionalism, heart and leadership, you are a four time champion and greatest qb in NFL history. The drive for five starts today.

  7. Unfortunately for Tom, the bottom line is 90% of the nation thinks he is a cheater and always has been. And nothing anybody says is ever going to change that. From now on whenever someone talks about Brady’s greatness, there will five others quick to point out that he’s a cheater. That’s just the way it is. The same way Bonds and Clemons are forever tainted, so to is Tom Brady. Like I said, it’s unfortunate. But it is what it is.

  8. GOAT. Won a superbowl after spy gate. The balls were not deflated. We won. We are champs AGAIN. Now what are people gonna say and type to attempt to break up our beautiful patriot nation?????

  9. Jimmy Garoppolo now has more rings than Dan Marino. Congratulations!


  10. As a fan it’s hard too keep hating on this guy he’s done it all in every way possible
    i don’t think it’s premature too say he might end up with 5 rings as long as him and BB are together anything is possible
    cheating wise and non cheating lol congrads pats u made plays when the Seahawks didn’t

  11. flash1283 says:
    Feb 2, 2015 7:03 AM
    eojtrid says:
    Defense win championships!

    New England will not be able to run the ball. Seattle can stop the run just about as good as the Ravens (14 of the toughest yards they ever had to gain on the ground) …..and the Seahawks have a Secondary!!!!

    Seahawks 17
    Patriots 3

    dualprime says:
    Pats are 3-4 in SB games to date. They’ll take over the lead for losses going 3-5 after the Hawks spank them.

    RomoIsGod says:
    Seahawks win this game easily. Without a deflated football Blount will fumble more and Edleman and Gronk will have a tougher time catching the ball. I am now convinced that Brady asked the ball guy to deflate the balls for his personnel, not him.

    Seahawks 35
    Patriots 10

    Write it down

    oreo51 says:
    It does not matter who the Seahawks put on the field. They are an unstoppable machine that destroys QB’s and coaching careers. After Sunday’s beating Brady will retire. Belicheck will be forced to step down over the deflation episode.

    And then you woke up to the nightmare that was all a fantasy seeing how no QB has thrown for 300 yards on the LOB all season and there was no reason Tom Brady was going to be the first.

    @JonoSchneider And then you woke up to the nightmare that was all a fantasy seeing how no QB has thrown for 300 yards on the LOB all season and there was no reason Tom Brady was going to be the first. says:
    We have had to listen insufferable Pats fans arrogantly telling other football fans concerned about their cheating that we are just all jealous of their winning while our teams are losing. I could care less about the Superbowl, but I will be sure to tune into the end of it when the Pats are hanging their heads due to another SB loss. I can’t wait to see the smug look on Robert Kraft’s face turned upside down into a scowl. I can’t wait to read the whining accusations by childish Pat fans against officials for bad calls that went against the Pats. I especially can’t wait to see Richard Sherman console Tom Brady with a big ‘ Are U still mad, bro?’


    jamaltimore says:
    Liar and Cheater is who you are personally. Get over it, you’ve earned it and wear it well. That and getting smoked by the Hawks should really seal your legacy!

    No worries Sherm, just do your job and all will be good for a repeat…as once again I put ZERO stock in another finesse AFC team from the weak AFC…history will repeat itself with the AFC rep getting smacked and slapped from a fast and physical NFC rep. Rooting for you and your Hawks to take down this scummy shady Pats org once and for all Sherm!

    josh8134 says:
    ran the ball all over NE…seattle has a much better o-line and rb…seattle wins easily

    Mr. Wright 212 says:
    make me laugh. It’s Gronkowski or bust. Edelman will get lit up a couple of times and go absent. LaFell ain’t beating Maxwell or Sherman (didn’t last year when they played, either). Amendola? Please. NE has to rely on trickery and substitution cheats to get guys open.

    bchap17 says:An awful style matchup for the Pats. Seattle by domination yet again. I’m going to enjoy this ass kicking.

    ez0682 says:

    joshgordonsrollingpapers says:
    I can’t wait for Seattle to steamroll this team like they did to the Broncos last year. This team is essentially a poor mans Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills team since their last super bowl title. They get to the big stage and find ways to lose the game.

    boiler72 says:
    LOL. Cannot wait to watch the Patriots lose their 3rd straight Super Bowl. This will be epic.

    Can’t wait for another Patriots SB loss. In the big game, they are TOO SOFT, especially for a hard nosed team like the Seahawks.

    vancouversportsbro says:
    The sentence will be another super bowl loss for terrible tom at the hands of our favorite Seahawks.

    vancouversportsbro says:
    Yeah, they will sure beat the defending champions who crushed Denver last year.

    jonathankrobinson424 says:
    Seattle is going to SMOKE this team. You thought the Broncos got blown out….watch what the Seahawks D are going to do to Brady. I CAN”T WAIT !!!!

    vancouversportsbro says:
    Bloomberg’s most over rated NFL players:
    1. Tom Brady
    2. Darrelle Revis (ringless)
    3. Julian Edelman
    4. Teddy Bustwater
    5. Lagerette Blunt

    Final prediction:

    Your NFC champion Seattle Seahawks: 23
    The New England Deflatriots: 10

    0 0
    Report comment

  12. I believe he can keep playing for several years. He only completed 4 passes that traveled over 10 yards last night on only 9 attempts. 41 pass attempts traveled under 10 yards. He can probably play into his 50’s drinking and dunking it on his way to the Hall of Fame.

  13. Everyone will (wrongly) write him off again after a bad regular season loss next season. It’s what websites like this, and talking heads do. You would figure with 6 Super Bowls in 15 years people would see that as long as the Patriots have Brady and Belichick together they’re going to always be in contention either until they retire or someone in that division steps up.

  14. I’m not gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but I love this man.. I love him so, so much

  15. This is why ranking QBs based on SB wins is ridiculous. If the Seahawks run the ball in at the goaline, the Pats lose and Brady is considered a “choker” with the ultimate “what could have been” resume that includes 3-straight SB losses. But because the Seahawks botched it, Brady is now 4-2 in Super Bowls and is easily on the list of all-time greats. Think about it. A play Brady had nothing to do with may have been the defining moment in his career.

  16. He’s THE best QB to ever play the game, AND the most modest and classy. Tom Brady has NEVER taken credit for himself and his victories… he ALWAYS gives the credit for his wins to the team and coaching staff. And Brady and Belichick do it it under a salary cap and new players every year. Brady is an amazing leader, and UNLIKE punks like Richard Sherman, Brady NEVER says anything negative about anyone. 2-4 huh, Sherman? Too bad that’s all the points you guys could score. While Revis is enjoying his win why don’t you go have your surgery Richard, you big mouth punk! And maybe TRY to be at least a LITTLE more classy and humble like your QB instead of continually trying to showboat, you rancid hot dog….

  17. #4 was definitely the hardest to get…which probably in some ways, makes it a bit sweeter for Brady.

    As a side note, it was great to see Brady lead a superbowl winning TD drive (or two in this case!). He hadn’t done that until last night. He almost did it in 2007 AND 2011 but well…that was that.

  18. GOAT!

    Actually it is impossible to reasonably compare guys across decades and I have little direct knowledge of players like Otto Grahm, Johnny Unitas or Bart Starr.
    The only thing I know for sure about them, is that they didn’t go one and done 9 times.

  19. I’m sorry, all the cheating conversations died after this one….some of y’all can’t take this win from Brady. Just face it and respect the fact that just like our moms and dad’s went through a legend with Montana? We’re living through a legend with Brady. He’s a living legend.

  20. It’s so hard to look back at history. Montana is a near consensus best QB ever. Brady has won the same amount, and been to 2 more. Losing two isn’t a knock against Brady, though. Better to get there and lose than not get there at all.

    But looking through the rose-tinted glasses of history, it’s hard to knock a guy like Montana off the top. With this win, I would put Brady on the same pedestal, I think. Even with the whole more SB appearances, SB records, all while in the Salary Cap era, simply because well, it’s Joe Montana.

    Maybe once he’s retired (or if he wins any more SBs) and we can look back a bit, putting him up there as the GOAT can be done.

    In the end, like he said, he’s still playing. Leave the histrionics till after he’s retired.




  22. So awesome that Brady pulled out the win for his team. In your face, hateful losers!

  23. Brady:

    4 TD,
    101 passer rating
    328 yards passing

    On a Seahawks defense that hasn’t given up that many yards passing since mid 2012.


  24. “I have a lot more cheating left”

    “We are really now just refining our abilities. Technology is amazing”

  25. Brady- Belichick, whatever you both achieve, outside of your fans, you will be cheaters & people of cheap tricks.

  26. And an asterisk * Another year we cheated more deserving teams, Baltimore, Colts, et all throughout the season(s). Bring back Victor Kiam, he was an arse but honest to some degree. Glad to know NE has the Commish in their pocket$. The game was the game, chances for both and tripping a player with your hand is I think a penalty. Enjoy the ill gotten gains, sit back and watch old videos of Spy-Gate and have Good(oleboy)ell over for some Sam Adams and $44M in reasons.

  27. Opinions? Was Brady really MVP or could it have been Amendola, Edelman, Vareen, the Defense? These guys bailed Brady out over and over, especially the second half.

  28. “From now on whenever someone talks about Brady’s greatness, there will five others quick to point out that he’s a cheater.”


    I’m a Patriots fan. I’m not a fan of what any 5 people write on comment boards. Couldn’t care less. But I do enjoy the repartee, because what I see on the football field and the record books is awesome enough.

  29. “Resign Revis and go for back to back titles. ”


    I think Revis retires a Patriot after this. Somewhere, possibly Buffalo, Rex Ryan is changing his underwear.

    Revis just might give the Pats a hometown discount after this one. That is, if he likes what he’s feeling right now.

  30. Tom Brady on legacy: I’ve got a lot of football left

    He meant to say : I’ve got a lot of cheating left


  31. Like that 5 yarder he dropped in on LaFell against the Ravens? Oh wait that was a game winning 23 yarder into double coverage that would have been incomplete or intercepted if it had been 1 inch off in any direction.

  32. Properly Inflated balls = No passes over 15 yards. Funny how that was the knock on him early in his career before he was allowed to doctor his own game balls.

    Tarnished legacy.

  33. if you think Brady or Belichick is a cheater, than you pass the moron test.

    One Questionable incident in 15 years (8 years ago now) that gave them no advantage does not make them a cheater. Some ignore their amazing run based on teamwork, resiliency, preparation, intelligence and mental and physical toughness. You saw last night why this team is arguably on best run in NFL history.

    Greatest. Dynasty. Ever. Just give them their credit. Since when does America undercut greatness instead of celebrating and appreciating it?

  34. > Revis just might give the Pats a hometown discount after this one. That is, if he likes what he’s feeling right now.

    I was wondering the same thing. He certainly looks like he enjoys winning. Is it worth millions?



  37. I cannot believe how the Patriots used some mind Jedi trick to have the Seahawks pass on that last play. They always find a way to cheat don’t they. It can’t be any other reason right?

  38. dualprime says: Feb 2, 2015 10:40 AM

    Gronk should have been MVP!

    101 passer rating against THAT defense
    328 yards passing against THAT defense
    37 completions against THAT defense
    4 passing TD on THAT defense
    More passing yards allowed by that defense since 2012.

    13 for 15 in the 4th quarter coming back from a 10 point deficit.

    The cold, hard numbers are right there and they speak loud and clear.


  39. sterilizecromartie says:
    Feb 2, 2015 7:59 AM
    “Think about it. A play Brady had nothing to do with may have been the defining moment in his career.”

    You should think about it. Brady had everything to do with that play when you consider he led two scoring drives in the 4th quarter that gave the Pats the LEAD, FORCING Seattle to try to score a touchdown for the win.

    I’m a Giants fan but give Brady his due, but I guess you missed those two defining scoring drive moments before.

  40. How could watch that Patriots team battle it’s guts out last night to win a superbowl and your brilliant take is “They Cheated!!!!!!!!!”

    No they win like they always have toughness (physical and mentaln) teamwork resiliency intelligence preparation.

    Oh and for the record I have never in 23 years of watching Patriots football seen a Patriots team behave as classless as Seattle did last night!

  41. The Seahawks allowed 1.06 passing TDs per game this year. Brady had 4. What more needs to be said?

    Count on at least 3-4 more years of Brady playing at an elite level. The guy looks like he’s 27 years old.

  42. In my opinion it’s still Montana but it’s hard to argue against Brady being right with him.

  43. It is AWESOME to be a Patriots fan!!!
    Brady & BB are the greatest of all time at their respective jobs!!!
    Can’t wait for the 2015 season to start!!!

  44. translation: “there’s still so many things I’m doing to cheat the integrity of the game that I feel I can still look good while faking the rules for years to come”

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