Russell Wilson has “no doubt” about the play call


Two days later, thousands continue to question the decision of Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell to call for a slant pass instead of a run from Marshawn Lynch with a second straight Super Bowl hanging in the balance.  Some Seahawks have openly questioned the decision.

Quarterback Russell Wilson hasn’t.  And Wilson won’t.

“I had no doubt in the play call,” Wilson told reporters on Tuesday.  “I still don’t to this day.”

Wilson explained that the right talent was on the field, but that the Seahawks simply didn’t make the play.

“[W]e’ve got Doug Baldwin in the game, we’ve got Jermaine Kearse, we’ve got [Ricardo] Lockette in the game and we’ve got Marshawn Lynch and we’ve got Luke Willson, one of our other tight ends in the game and then obviously, I’m in the game, too, so it’s a tough personnel to stop,” Wilson said.

But stop it the Patriots did.  Appearing on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon of the Seahawks Radio Network said the call was fine but the execution wasn’t.  And Moon blamed Wilson for the throw, Lockette for not getting through to the ball, and Kearse for not shedding Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner and executing the rub/pick on Patriots defensive back Malcolm Butler.

Peter King of likewise criticized Kearse on PFT Live for not cutting off Butler — and King also argued that the Seahawks shouldn’t have worried about having enough time to run two more plays if Seattle had run the ball on second down, fallen short, and called a time out.

Wilson seems to be ready to forget about those details and to look forward to the next game that counts.

“I think that’s where our mindset is, that’s where my mindset is, ‘Okay, how can I move on in the future?’  Just like last year when we won the Super Bowl — I was already thinking about the next opportunity,” Wilson said.  “Even though we lost the game, we felt like we should have won it.  Okay, now it’s to the next opportunity that we had and that’s how we’ve always been ever since I’ve been here and thinking about it. . . .

“I always kind of write down stuff and I wrote down this, ‘Let’s keep the focus on the future, not what’s behind.’  I think that’s a really, really important thought in terms of staying positive.  What can I do for the next opportunity that I have?  What can I learn?  Good or bad — if we had won the Super Bowl or if we had lost in the fashion that we had.  I would still be thinking the same way and I think keeping that consistent approach to life in general and this is a lot bigger than obviously, losing the game is tough but any life circumstance — losing my dad.  What do I do next?  How can I learn from the lessons of losing him?  And obviously losing a game is completely different than losing a family member. Those are the type of things that I think about.  That’s how I try to prepare my mind for the next opportunity that I have — the next thing that I have in my life that comes up.”

Wilson still can’t go forward without looking backward; Wilson said he’s already watched film of the Super Bowl loss 12 times.  That’s the kind of resolve everyone in the locker room will need if the Seahawks are to follow one of the most devastating losses in Super Bowl history with a second NFL title in three years.

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  1. It’s called being a leader for your team and sticking by your coaches and not turning on them to point fingers or give some veiled disapproval so people think you’re “cool” like Aaron Rodgers does when he threw McCarthy under the bus after the NFCCG.

  2. Who cares. Hawks lost. Made it to super bowl with seventeen on injured reserve and a miracle win over the packers. Congrats patriots.
    This will make us stronger. Draft a corner. Simon is not the answer

  3. Everyone is second-guessing the play call (including me, fine with the decision to pass in that situation; just wish a “safer” route was called).
    Imagine though, if the play worked. It would be Belichick getting raked over the coals for not calling the time out. Crazy game.

  4. No doubt that was the dumbest play call. I’d fire Bevell without a blink. Terrible play calling coordinator. Hawks first possession in the first quarter was 3 straight run? dumbest ever in nfl history.

  5. The only reason people say it’s was the wrong play was because it didn’t score a Touchdown. If it did they would be kissing the ground PC walks on. Time to move on

  6. Had they scored everyone would have called the play brilliant. Had they given it to Lynch and he fumbled everyone would be questioning running the ball in a stacked box. Well fought game on both sides. RW and PC are dealing with this better than most. The Hawks will be stronger for it and I expect them to be in the thick of things for the foreseeable future. Hats off to the Hawks and their fans.

  7. Rethink that – it was most certainly not a tough personnel to stop. Easy peasy pumpkin pie – Butler waves from his Disneyland perch.

  8. Awesome execution by the Pats. The Seahawks were lucky to be in scoring position anyway with the pinball catch. They play that game again the Pats win 35-13

  9. I think also lost in the stupidity of the play call was the stupidity of Bennett jumping offsides on the kneel down.

  10. Great comments from Wilson. He comes across as a smart kid with great leadership abilities when he’s not thumping his bible.
    Fact is, it wasn’t a terrible play call. Play was poorly executed and NE defense stepped up and made a brilliant play. NE won the game and couldn’t have deserved it more. Claims that that was more a SEA loss than a NE win are nothing but sour grapes from sore losers.

  11. Stop crying seagull fans, this is what arrogance gets u. U guys are now 1-2 in SB’s and still looking up to the 5 Time Super Bowl Champion SF 49ers!!! We’ve been in 6 and we win and lose with class, look up to ur big brother!!! Win with humility!!!

  12. And if they tried to hand off to Lynch and somebody beat a block and tackled him for a 4 yard loss, or he fumbled….

    ….all the after the fact experts would be crying, “why did they do something so obvious, the whole defense was keying on Lynch”.

  13. If you’re going to throw (and that only entered the equation because they needlessly blew two time outs in the last 2 mins) a timing pattern, hard throw, to the 4th reciever, to the middle of a high traffic area where a ball could get tipped very easily, is not the right call. Too many things have to be too precise in a small window for that to work,and risk far too high.

    Instead, a throw to back corner where only Mathews could get it. Or, Lockette turns to Wilson at the line of scrimmage at the snap, gets the hard pass/almost lateral and then has to sprint to beat his cover guy one on one (who was 5 yards deep in the end zone at snap) the 5 yards to the end zone or to the pylon is much safer.

    Bevell should be gone.

  14. It’s the most devastating loss in history every time there’s a heart-breaker.

    It wasn’t even close to the worst call ever. It was a fine call with poor execution, and a great play by Butler.

    The Seahawks D is supposed to be the strong point of that team, and they were torched in the 4th quarter. It took an absolute fluke lucky circus catch to even get near the goal line. Perspective…..

  15. Seattle could learn a lot from how the Spurs came back from adversity after their finals loss to the Heat in 2013. They had it won with 30 seconds left in game 6, the trophy was already out on the sidelines for their celebration, and then they blew it. The Spurs choked worse than Seattle, in reality, because the Spurs had the title in the bag. However, they used that as motivation the entire next season, got a rematch with the Heat, and blew them out in record breaking fashion.

  16. It’s so grand to be a Monday morning QB and not the poor sucker making the call with time slipping away on the clock.

  17. He will regret it 10 years from now after the Vikings have won 10 consecutive Super Bowls.

  18. Liar…

    If Wilson had watched the Super Bowl 12 times straight since 10:30pm on Sunday, he would be about at the start of the fourth Quarter of the twelfth loop right now.

  19. All the second guessing is a joke. In the 3rd quarter in 3rd and 1 lynch got stuffed for a loss and Seattle kicked a field goal. Bad pay? Worst call in football history? Idiots.

  20. Well, if they expected Kearse to pick Butler by knocking Browner back that was an even more stupid call. They should know how physical he is.

    Russell is being a good leader, taking the blame. Everyone and their mother knows, however, in that spot you do what you do best, and that ain’t a slant pass!!

  21. This obsessive focus on one play in a 60 minute game is actually quite funny. It’s like the catch by kearse that could never be repeated that was the reason for the situation in the first place, never happened. The 2 very long td drives in the 4th quarter against the top ranked defense in the nfl, never happened. And of course lynch certainly would have scored and not been stopped or the pats could not have tied it up with time on the clock and 2 time outs. I’m not sure why the game ended, because lynch didn’t score and nothing else in the game happened. lol!

  22. Patriots fan here…gotta say I don’t think Russ could react any better to the devastation than he has. Guaranteed he’ll win at least one more SB before his career is over.

  23. Pats fan here.

    Wilson is a great QB and the class of the Seahawks team. If you start pointing finger and blaming everyone, the team IMPLODES. He’s a stand-up guy.

    I, and every Pats fan, was SCREAMING for Belichick to call a timeout there.

    In retrospect, if Belichick calls a timeout, the Seahawks get three more runs, Lynch scores on one of them, and the Seahawks are champions.

    Instead — considering Seattle had already blown two timeouts on stopped clocks, by Belichick NOT calling a timeout, he put all the clock burden on Seattle, who got TOO CUTE and let the clock run down so they wouldn’t give the ball back to the Patriots.

    Yet, they ran it down so far, that one of their three remaining plays HAD to be a pass to stop the clock. They chose to pass on second down, ran an inside slant that the Patriots had studied, and that was that.

    Great game. Two great teams.

  24. If you’re going to pissed off be mad that Seattle crapped themselves after the circus catch and were unprepared. Belichick rolled the dice and didn’t call a TO and Carol blinked.

  25. I really don’t buy the “We will grow from this.. We will be stronger from this..” .. Just a stupid platitude players and coaches throw around when in this case, the magnitude of the screw up is too damaging to internalize. It’s extremely hard to win a Super Bowl and when you are literally one yard away and inexplicably pee into the wind there is no growth from that. And it’s naive to just assume they will be back; especially with some of the key guys they still have to pay on the current roster.

  26. “We’ve got Doug Baldwin”…who will be known more for his disgusting post-TD display than anything he did on the field that day. 1 catch for 3 yards ?

    “got Jermaine Kearse”…who should have caught the pass downfield that hit him in the hands which probably would have put the Pats away…then did make a circus catch later but didn’t exactly go Dez Bryant trying to make it into the end zone instead meekly falling out of bounds…

    “got Lockette”…yeah, put the fate of the game in a special teams player who moonlights as a receiver…

    “got Luke Willson”…who had zero catches and Russell never even threw to all game.

    “got Lynch”…yeah, the guy who led the NFL in touchdowns this past season, and that’s the guy who never sees the ball.

    Baldwin lives to rage against Primetime Sanders for calling the Hawks’ receivers average but let’s face it, Deon was being generous at that. Once Harvin and Tate left, absolutely no receivers to scare a secondary.

  27. “kissmysandwich says: Feb 3, 2015 9:53 PM

    It wasn’t even close to the worst call ever. It was a fine call with poor execution, and a great play by Butler.”

    This is the truth. Don’t get me wrong, it was like Christmas all over again, watching the Seahawks lose in the most excruciating way imaginable – I mean, really, that made my February. I can’t stand that team – I’ve maintained that without Marshawn, they’re just an average team with an above average defense. Dominating on the ground and the sonically rigged homefield have been the two most important factors to their recent success. I find the Seahawks unlikable and overrated, and it was delicious to see Sherman’s anguish at the end. But the play call, given the defensive personnel, was not abominable, and likely would have worked but for an undrafted, small school rookie that studied film, learned from his practice squad reps, and made the savvy move at the perfect time. I love that kid for shutting the Seahawks mouths and breaking the hearts of their bloviating fans.

  28. “We’ve got Doug Baldwin in the game, we’ve got Jermaine Kearse, we’ve got Lockette…”

    LOL, that’s part of the problem.


  29. I wouldn’t expect RW to call out his coaches. But it wasn’t a good call.

    It’s not like they fooled the Pats; Butler saw it coming the whole way.

    And they didn’t trust Marshawn Lynch to get one yard with the Super Bowl on the line. He is their best player, at least on offense.

  30. ricardo lockette???????? really,really, no doubts huh????? a bum signed off the 49ers practice squad. give me a break wilson, marshawn lynch is the heart and soul of your team!!! so you sit back, win another one, and maybe another one, and end your career with three, and then tell me you have no doubts about that piece of crap play call when you stay stuck on three instead of four. give me a break, your coach’s blew it and there are already doubts in your own locker room, so say all u want, but that was a dumb call any way you slice it.

  31. The coach needs to know his personnel. Throwing to Ricardo Lockette obviously wasn’t the right decision. The call was good. The throw was good enough. The player was bad. It’s like the 49ers going to Michael Crabtree with the big game on the line. Ever heard the saying “great players make great plays in big games”? Seldom do mediocre players make great plays in big games. Know your personnel coach. The Seahawks won two close games against SF because the 49ers went to their mediocre WR Crabtree with championship games on the line. You’d think they would know better.

  32. Seattle before Wilson arrived. 7W-9L and barely made the playoffs from a terrible division. Seattle since Wilson arrived. 3 straight playoffs and 2 Super Bowls. Winning one and losing the other in the last 20 seconds. Just like his only 3 losses at Wisconsin (including the Rose Bowl). His record speaks for itself. He is the catalyst in Seattle. Without him, they are just a 7w-9L or 9W-7L team with a lot of bite and swagger. But with very little chance of getting to the Big Show. His comments in this article speaks volumes of just what kind of outstanding young leader he is. If you folks in Seattle don’t want him. I’m sure you could pick up Cam, RG3, Kap or Luck for him. And then watch those teams get to the big dance.

  33. and then obviously, I’m in the game, too, so it’s a tough personnel to stop,” Wilson said.

    Wow!! I hope over the years the real Russell Wilson comes out… a pompous piece of work with a Napoleon complex.

  34. Many in the media, in the fan base and in LasVegas are shocked by the sudden turn of events in those last seconds. They are suffering from severe disappointment.

    So naturally, they can’t help but assign blame. But, forget about the play selection and even forget about the execution, Butler made a play on the ball because he read it and jumped the route.

    Kudos should go to him for making a clutch play. One for the ages. But people would rather blame someone for the pain of it all.

  35. seahawksbmx says:
    Feb 3, 2015 9:40 PM
    Everyone is second-guessing the play call (including me, fine with the decision to pass in that situation; just wish a “safer” route was called).
    Imagine though, if the play worked. It would be Belichick getting raked over the coals for not calling the time out. Crazy game.

    Wow!! Totally forgot about that! I’m a Cowboys fan so I had no dog in the fight (sorry for the reference for the lady boys out there) but I was surrounded by obnoxious Seattle fans so I was pullin for the Pats. I kept yelling “timeout!! Timeout!! Why aren’t they using a timeout?!” Guess that’s why I watch the games on tv!!

  36. As always, Wilson is a class act. I do think Moon was right on though. Wilson should have added (and probably has elsewhere) that he didn’t put the ball where it needed to be. My only problem with passing there, was that it would seem to make more sense to roll out, and give them a lot more options, instead of trying to squeeze the ball in right where everyone was going to be anyways. Best Super Bowl I’ve ever seen-the best two teams both playing great, trading blows until the very end.

  37. The decision to pass was sound, but the particular playcall – literally an inside slant with a silly pick play that hadn’t worked all season – wasn’t. Should have called a corner fade or back shoulder throw. Worst case scenario there is an incomplete pass, clocks stops, and you unleash Beast Mode on the next snap.

  38. Has nothing to do with the play. It was everything to do with the players who did not execute that play.

    Did he thank God on this play, like he usually does?

  39. Boy the hatred for the Seahawks is heavy! I like Russell Wilson and I like what he stands for. I have never had any hatred for the Patriots but if you want to talk classlessness you haters should go back and read some of the most outlandish posts you have made. Maybe you might feel embarrassed by it. But probably not. Just like Baldwin should have to explain to his future children why he would do what he did at the Superbowl.

    I hardly ever post on this site but you people are really starting to drive me crazy with your reactions to this game and to Russell himself.

  40. Wilson didn’t think that answer through.

    If he can’t step back and look at it any better than that he and Seattle have a long road ahead.

    That was just a horrible, horrible play call. It was the worst call ever.

    Pete Carroll should of admitted it was a terrible call, taken responsibility for it and moved on.

    Wilson’s agent needs to tell him to not comment on it and say the game is over. Trying to defend the call makes Wilson look ignorant.

  41. Moon looks like a fool defending the call. But then he was the QB when his team was up 35-3 at halftime of a playoff game and somehow lost.

    What ya gonna do?

  42. uwisheuwereapatsfan2 says:
    Feb 3, 2015 9:46 PM
    Awesome execution by the Pats. The Seahawks were lucky to be in scoring position anyway with the pinball catch. They play that game again the Pats win 35-13


    You Pat fans act like you DID blow us out. Our whole secondary was hurt and the best you could do was edge us by four points. Impressive!

  43. stampnhawk says:
    Feb 3, 2015 9:53 PM

    Bevell should be gone.

    I kinda agree with you about the pattern

    But seriously, how many great calls did he make all year?

    They made it to the SB with no receivers

  44. Can we stop this already? A play was not executed well. Butler made an extraordinary defensive play and the Seahawks lost. The team has gotten over it, the real 12s have gotten over, why can’t you?
    Great game Patriots. You played your guts out, so did the Seahawks. Patriots won a helluva battle!
    Go Seahawks!

  45. are right…Wilson needed to put that ball on Lockette’s body , not lead him into the end zone where the ball is essentially unprotected. Horrible execution of a horrible call. Bevell…well ..what can you say? He frequently leaves the fan base scratching their heads with his play selection.

  46. Wow!! Totally forgot about that! I’m a Cowboys fan so I had no dog in the fight (sorry for the reference for the lady boys out there) but I was surrounded by obnoxious Seattle fans so I was pullin for the Pats. I kept yelling “timeout!! Timeout!! Why aren’t they using a timeout?!” Guess that’s why I watch the games on tv!!
    If Belichick calls timeout it gives Seattle, 3 chances to run the ball in. They ran the clock down on the first play so now with the clock ticking away, they have to think about if they get stuffed on a run on the next play and time running out on them because they had burned 2 timeouts because of clock management issues..a gamble but it paid off.

  47. @nicofthenorthstar
    Gotta love omnipresent anti-Christian hate from guys like you.

    Did it ever occur to you that MAYBE the reason he IS “so classy” as you put it is because of his Christian faith, not in SPITE of it?


  48. Let me get this straight. The OC who obviously played a big part in getting a team with a young (and very talented) QB and mostly no-name wide receivers to the Super Bowl two years in a row should fired because he carried out the head coach’s marching order? Be careful what you wish for.

  49. All you guys talking smack about our players make me laugh. If you aren’t a Patriots fan then your crap teams with your “awesome” players were sitting at home watching us. ✌️

  50. There’s no defense for a perfect throw. It wasn’t a perfect throw. A good throw? Absolutely, but Butler had the perfect defense. The only people who are insistent on saying it was a terrible, horrible throw have an agenda against Russell anyway. This is the same game in which perfect Tom Brady threw an int in the redzone and misses a wide open Edelman on the 1 yard line. News flash, most throws even by elite Qbs are good enough, Russell’s throw was good enough. If Kearse does his job and jams Butler, it lands softly in Lockette’s hands in stride. People are saying he should have thrown it into his chest. Fair enough, but that’s hindsight. The way it’s drawn up and eventually executed, the throw isn’t one Lockette has to jump or reach for. Butler did the unexpected. That is what happened in the eyes of fair minded individuals

  51. seahawkfanfrom1970s says:
    Feb 3, 2015 10:41 PM
    uwisheuwereapatsfan2 says:
    Feb 3, 2015 9:46 PM
    Awesome execution by the Pats. The Seahawks were lucky to be in scoring position anyway with the pinball catch. They play that game again the Pats win 35-13


    You Pat fans act like you DID blow us out. Our whole secondary was hurt and the best you could do was edge us by four points. Impressive!


    Down by 10, 12 minutes left against the league’s “best defense.” Yep, impressive is right.

    Kiss the rings.

  52. wilson is towing the company line. Bevell shouldn’t have called a play where you have your 4th best receiver running a route towards the line, too many things can go wrong. besides the obvious, tip balls or kearse missing his block on butler. they gave this Super Bowl to the patriots.

  53. That’s because he’s the mysterious individual who placed a 7-figure bet on the Patriots…

  54. Such a contrast between a class act like Wilson, who will take one for the team, and a creep like Lynch who can’t even wait to get out of the locker room before starting rumor-mongering and the blame game.

  55. If Wilson had watched the Super Bowl 12 times straight since 10:30pm on Sunday, he would be about at the start of the fourth Quarter of the twelfth loop right now.
    Not if he fast-forwarded past the commercials and halftime show.

  56. “All you guys talking smack about our players make me laugh. If you aren’t a Patriots fan then your crap teams with your “awesome” players were sitting at home watching us”

    Your absolutely right, I’m not a patriot fan, but your team didn’t win the Superbowl either because of your crap qb. Lol, thanks for the laugh.



  57. He’s trying to put up a good front for his offensive coordinator’s mistake which is a good thing he’ll be useful to the Hawks going forward. He will probably win at least 1 more ring some time in his career he’s still learning and has been to 2 super Bowls. Give him some established weapons to add onto Beast Mode and the Hawks offense should be good to go. One thing though he shouldn’t get too demanding with his contract if he wants his defense to stay solid. Just saying.

  58. I don’t think it was a bad call bc even with Marshawn Lynch, 6 blockers vs 8 defenders might not be the ideal matchup. If I was Pete Carroll I would expect my veteran receiver to make a play against an undrafted rookie DB. I give Coach Carroll and Russell Wilson kudos for giving Malcolm Butler props for making “a great play” and not the “we didn’t execute” crap that you usually hear.
    I want ALL fans across various sports to think about this. When your team makes a good or great defensive play, it was due to skill and athleticism. But when the opposition does the same thing, they “got lucky” or your offense had a bad play. If you want others to give your team their props, you MUST be willing to do the same for their team.

  59. I blame the defense. Under Carroll, Seattle was 30-0 when having a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter. They fell apart. It should never have come down to the last play. Period. End of story.

  60. patswinyoucry says:
    Feb 3, 2015 10:47 PM
    Somewhere, Percy is laughing.
    I hadn’t even thought about him since the loss, but your post made me search for a quote from him. Didn’t find one, but I did see that he would have made an additional $70,500 with a Seattle win.

    So probably not laughing.

  61. All I see is a lot of Seahawk bashing. Here’s a touch of reality Pats Fans, your QB is 38 years old, Wilfork is contemplating retirement, the sun is setting. Hug that trophy tight, it will be awhile until the next one. In fact it would probably be done now but deflating some footballs a few pounds per square inch gave you one last run.

  62. It was the wrong call, you run the ball or choose throwing away the game like the seahawks did. You don’t put the game in a young qbs hands like Wilson because those are the things that can happen. The pats never won the game, the seahawks lost it and this is from a fan of either team.

  63. Wilson is still a rookie…he’s had success on the back of his defense, his legs and Lynch. He does have a knack for the deep ball though…One of weaknesses is his height. A goal line throw requires one to see over his OL. He does well on deep throws, because he steps further back in the pocket. With a goal line slant play, it has to be 1 or 2 step and throw. Wilson is not Brady, who excels at those throws because he is a tall dude. That throw shouldn’t be in Wilson’s playbook. If you review that throw, as we all have a million times, you’ll also note Wilson couldn’t throw it low, as he had to lob it a bit over his line and the Pats line. If he was tall, he could have thrown it in Lockette’s belly. Much less chance of getting picked, as Butler would be going after Lockette’s center of gravity. Instead, it was near his shoulders, and Butler could easily blow Lockette off his feet. Also, if thrown at his belly, Lockette could have made the catch and crouching down motion could have taken him into the endzone.
    As for making a throw play on second down, I have no problem with that, but that play was designed for Brady, not Wilson. A good Wilson play would be a rollout and throw…he could get into the open with clear sightlines, burn more clock, and even throw it away, if need be. With one on one coverage, his legs could buy time, and one of his guys could shake coverage, or he could run it in himself.

  64. WORST CALL EVER. Period.

    I love seeing delusional people trying to justify it. Let’s go over this again – After making it to the 1-yd line on 1st down, there was 1:00 left. 1 minute left & 1 timeout is ALL the time in the world you could possibly need to get whatever “goalline personnel” you need in there and give yourself up to 3 cracks at gaining just 1-yd with Marshawn Lynch.

    You snap it at around 35-40 seconds left, and if you score on 1st down, then you get ready to play defense for the final 30-35 seconds of the game. That’s a “good problem” to have. If you don’t make it on the first attempt, you still have 2 more tries. If the Patriots somehow manage to stop Lynch on 3 straight tries, then you tip your hat and congratulate them.

  65. The real story of the play is that Butler was somehow able to hang onto that ball while running forward and colliding with the WR. That ball would whiz incomplete 9 out of 10 times and the Seahawks would have the ball with 20 seconds left, one time out, and a run/pass option on third down.

    If you don’t agree with the pass call, fine. But, there was about a 3% chance that that ball would be picked off.

  66. ALSO – for those saying that Kearse should’ve tried harder to pick Butler, remember that WRs can’t just go around picking DBs at will or they get called for pass interference. Yet another reason to not call that dumb play – how dumb would it have been if Kearse gets an offensive PI that pushed them back to the 10-yd line?

  67. Patriots…three Super Bowls in the last 10 years. Won one, lost two.

    Seahawks…three Super Bowls in the last 10 years. Won one, lost two.

    Now, tell me Pats fans, how does that make your team superior???

  68. Myths from this thread:

    -“so it’s a tough personnel to stop,” RW said… well obviously it wasn’t

    – BB would be getting raked over the coals if it had gone the other way, no it would have been seen as just another fluke play on that drive had the slantmworked and nobody would be blaming BB

    – There’s no defense for a perfect throw…. many perfect throws get deflected and picked when you are that close to the goal line… theres no room to execute

    – 9/10 times that’s a TD….. bull, throwing a slant between the numbers from the 1/2 yard line leaves enough room for the offense to complete it 90% of the time? that is complete bull

    One thing that is true: The internal controversy of calling such a play in that circumstance will most likely seriously damage this teams confidence in coaching and seriously threatens next year for them. How do you trust a HC and OC who make a call like that?

  69. Seattle is finished. Receiving core doesn’t look to be improved anytime soon. Defense looked worn out & is injury plagued. They had their chance to cement their legacy and choked. Carroll better pray Lynch agrees to a contract. If he doesn’t, the Rams will finish ahead of the Hawks.

  70. The really funny part about this whole mess is that Bevell was criticized in Minnesota for constantly calling running plays….

  71. If they were so bent on passing why not throw it to Lynch? He was open to the left with a wide open end zone. That would have been the safer pass. If you over throw it, the clock stops as no one was there! Stupid call throwing over the middle.

    They could have been more imaginative with a run if they were worried about Lynch being stuffed by having Wilson fake the hand off to Lynch as he is going to the left and do a bootleg for the TD. He could have faked the hand off and ran behind Lynch who would act as a FB as the line pulled along with them. It would have been easier for the OL to knock defensive players over who are moving then if they are blocking in a goal line D. Instead, there was an awful call that cost them the game.

  72. You can’t change or tempt fate. Especially with all of these crazy “what if” scenarios. Fate is the ultimate arbiter. And the Patriots were fated to win this one. Period. Hand it to Beast! Fate would deal him a 5 yard loss and fumble trying to break free. Patriots win. Russell rolls out and maybe gets his leg broken on the 2 yard line. Patriots win. And Seahawks lose for the next 5 years. And so on with every made up scenario. That game ended as fate would have it. Don’t fret. Russell Wilson will lead Seattle to many more and win most of them. He is a man of favorable fate. So was Brady!

  73. Being a Bills, I’m not a fan of beast mode. With that being said, when he decided to talk to the press he did it with style. Well done ML, pains me to say that.

  74. dont tempt fate! Look at Carroll after Russell throws the int it’s like the universe kicked him in the balls. They already had one of the craziest passes ever go there way why tempt fate again!! Well you pay the price for it.

  75. It’s amazing to watch Pats’ fans try to mind-wrestle themselves away from the idea that they only won because of the worst Super Bowl play call of all time.

    The Patriots won because Darrell Bevel called the worst Super Bowl play of all time. The rest is nuance.

    You’re probably also dumb enough to think Brady deserved MVP over Edelman. Hmmm.

  76. My biggest problem with the call was not so much throwing the ball, but throwing the ball in traffic. With so many bodies in a confined space, too many things can happen.

  77. 1. Chris Collinsworth made a great call after the Kearse circus catch, “They’re not in yet!!!” It was prescient.
    2. Belichick schooled Carroll (and everyone else) on clock management at the end. Forced them into decisions under the gun and probably took time for a crucial play away.
    3. How many times have you seen a quick slant popped up into the air and up for grabs? Too many to call that play in that situation.
    4. Run Lynch. He got you there.

  78. Did Trent Dilfer or (insert name of your favorite QB) ever lead the NFL in game winning drives his first three seasons?

    Just curious,
    Titans Fan

  79. All you experts out there should just cool it. These mediocre players and bad play calling coaches just made it to their second consecutive Superbowl. There were some execution errors on the Seahawk’s part and a couple of great plays on the Patriots part (Browner block on the receiver and Butler interception). That’s aside from the fact that the final play wasn’t the only one that could have salvaged the game for the Seahawks. Congrats to the Patriots. It was a good game to watch with errors on both sides and some great plays on both sides. I’m still a Seahawk’s fan and have been since !975 (I know their first year playing was 1976, but we had the franchise the year before.) Again, congrats to the Patriots and I’m looking forward to next year.

  80. Hawks went a year AFTER Percy was sent packing. Appears to have been a good move. They made it to the SB without him 2 years in a row. The loss of Richardson was much worse than the trading of Harvin.

  81. Sigh. This dude needs to research the meaning of “pithy answers” to questions. What a windy, meandering spun web of BS Wilson is peddling with his now “it was the right call” template.

    We get it. Your ‘company man’ act/rep is secure….and starting to grate. Now please shut up and accept the reality that the 99.9999% of the rest of us witnessed. Worst call ever.

  82. The internet is the place where people openly gloat over others’ misery, never thinking that those kinds of attitudes make the world a colder, harder place.

  83. Play calling is over rated…

    The Seattle Seahawks didn’t execute….period. Had they executed ANY play that was called, they are World Champions…

    Couple that with the fact that the Patriots DID execute….it’s all kind of silly all the Vitrol about the play call.

    Seahawks made a bunch of mistakes…

    Wilson stared down Lockette

    Locket the made a poor effort, and his hands weren’t even ready to catch that kind of pass…he probably would have dropped it had Butler NOT been there. ( Go look at the replays from behind the play )

    The pass was slightly off the mark…

    Bad execution….bad results…

    Same as calling a play to Lynch and fumbling the snap…

  84. seattle (small s) has a whole bunch of Soft players just look at the play, Kearse looked like a little kid afraid of contact and Lockette well she didn’t exactly go all out either and Wilson well she did throw it as hard as she could.

  85. Wilson said. “Even though we lost the game, we felt like we should have won it.

    I know how you feel.
    Every Packer fan on earth

  86. codythao35 says: Feb 3, 2015 9:42 PM

    No doubt that was the dumbest play call. I’d fire Bevell without a blink. Terrible play calling coordinator. Hawks first possession in the first quarter was 3 straight run? dumbest ever in nfl history.


    For everyone who thinks Bevell is the bad guy here please remember that the HEAD COACH has final say on EVERY play call.


    LOL, The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl Champions!

    Sup seattle, you mad bro?

  88. Once again stop with the “most of our defense was injured” seahawk fans are the whiniest bunch I’ve seen in a while. You ran your mouths all year about “next man up”, now you cry about some injuries. Remember at the end of the year everybody is playing injured, some (in this case the Patriots) just play better than others (that would be the seahawks).

  89. Millions of non Seahag fans also thought it was a great, great call and sincerly thank Bevell for calling it because we all realize that had Wilson rolled out he could have scored easily or better yet just given the ball to Lynch for a sure six up the middle or around the end but thankfully it didnt happen because Bevell got too cute for his own good.

  90. Wilson is always over throwing or under throwing his WRs and they are either missing the ball or making a circus catch.
    The truth will set you free…but first it makes you mad.

  91. Honestly, who cares what Peter King has to say? Does anyone outside of his collegaues take him seriously?

  92. Unheralded part of that final play was Browner – absolutely stoned Kearse at the line to keep that lane open for Butler.

  93. While Lynch was more of a sure play, Butler just made an outstanding take-away. He bullied his way in there to get that ball and got it. This was all about Butler.

  94. Loved the way the Seahawks came unglued and attacked the Pats players because their QB threw a bad pass that was INTd. Pete just lets those players be who they are and that’s what they are.

  95. Butler was breaking up passes left and right, that INT was not the wacky once in a lifetime event some folks seem to think it was. Part of the reason I think Belichick didn’t call time out was so that the Seahawks wouldn’t realize they were about to throw the ball right at the one guy that had showed instinctive ball hawking and reaction time all night and had just been substituted in. Love the championship, but just as excited at seeing what Butler does next year, that kid can play. Stoning the Seahawks for the entire 4th quarter reminded me of the defense we had during the 3-out-of-4 years.

  96. Wilson does not take responsibility. Moon and King let him off the hook. Wilson had the ball. He was not under pressure. He did not read the defense. He threw it blindly to a spot. It was a fine pass to that spot, but the only person who could catch it was the defender. He never considered where other receivers were. It was all or nothing when he should have thrown it away, or moved out of the pocket, or considered other receivers, options.

    Any other QB would be vilified for losing the game. Wilson lost the game.

  97. I have said it before, poor throw,too high,too wide it was just a bad bad decision=POOR EXECUTION. All the talk of the call deflects blame and kind of lets Wilson off the hook. This guy is teflon apparently.

  98. Vs. Cover 0, a rub/slant is a good playcall in that situation. Kearse failed on the rub.

    Anyone who argues with the call clearly didn’t watch or clearly doesn’t know enough about the game.

  99. He has the right attitude. I think he went tunnel vision on that play – it was like he did not see anything but victory.

  100. Russell Wilson is a product of play calling. He barely throws the kind of throws you’d see from an elite QB. His completions are to wide open WRs or lucky lobs in the air. As we saw in the last 2 games, Wilson was put to the test and he didn’t come through.

  101. Of course Wilson won’t complain about the call, for two reasons:

    1) Wilson has contract talks about to start and blaming coaches is not the way to get more money AND

    2) Wilson missed the throw. If he had thrown it a little behind the receiver…. or even thrown it away, Seattle might have a second SB win.

  102. With this horrible play , Hes full of crap and saying the packer plays were destined or whatever is bs. Get real russell

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