Bears sign CB Al Louis-Jean

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The Bears have reached a new deal with second-year cornerback Al Louis-Jean.

Chicago has signed Louis-Jean to a two-year contract, the team said Wednesday.

The 21-year-old Louis-Jean played nine games in 2014, recording nine tackles. A Boston College product, Louis-Jean (6-1, 187) joined Chicago as an undrafted free agent last May.

At the moment, the Bears have seven cornerbacks on the roster. However, stalwart Charles Tillman is slated to be an unrestricted free agent.

In another transaction Wednesday, the Bears announced the addition of Rick Smith as assistant strength coach.

10 responses to “Bears sign CB Al Louis-Jean

  1. This kid got straight abused when the Bears played the Patriots. But then, the Pats have made a lot of DBs look bad.

    If Pace and Fox feel this kid is worth keeping around to develop, I’ll go with their gut on that. The Bears could really use a few UDFAs to pan out to help make up for all the busts they’ve drafted over the last 10 years.

  2. They may also be looking at him as a safety since they have to completely blow up that position and start over anyway. He’s too skinny now, but he’s a willing tackler so if he got his weight up to 205-210 he might be in play at FS.

  3. Big corners with long arms are all the rage in the NFL these days. This kid showed promise for as raw as he was (and as young as he is), and didn’t completely embarrass himself like Tim Jennings did this season.

    Kyle Fuller has one side locked down as far as starting, but the other side is a big question mark, and Jennings is really only suited to a Tampa 2 defense. If the kid works out, that could be a nice tandem, and if they move Vereen into the nickel corner slot (where he played his best in 2014 in my opinion), they would have a lot of size and athleticism on the field when they go 3 CBs.

    If the Bears keep Brandon Marshall, I would love to see what this kid could do in the same offseason workout regimen that completely overhauled the body types of Alshon Jeffery and Marquess Wilson. That could get him to the 205-210 range without sacrificing speed or agility, and then you can decide what position he fits best. I think he can be a decent to good corner, but haven’t seen enough of him in space to determine whether he can play safety at the same level.

  4. Joefelicelli, couldn’t agree more with your post.

    So pleased to see them sign this kid. Start with what you got on the practice squad. I have a bad feeling Tillman is done, but the positive thing is Fuller is a solid replacement for him.

    Al Louis-Jean is a solid choice to keep along with Lattimore, the LB they signed a few days ago….

    Defense will be completely different now that Fangio has replaced that imbecile Tucker.

  5. What this seems to indicate is that – at the bottom of the roster at least – maybe the cupboard isn’t quite as bare on talent as last year’s results gave reason to believe. This is two guys now (defensive players at that) who have apparently passed Pace and Fox’s vetting. And, while neither Latimore nor Louis-Jean are guys most would view as future “core” players, at minimum it’s a couple of special teams guys that don’t have to be brought in from the outside.

    Either that, or the new regime is just as inept at judging talent as the former one was. Which I really hope is not the case.

  6. Not only did Chicago hire DC Fangio from the Niners, but the secondary coach, Donatell, as well. I don’t know if they were involved in player evaluation of anyone before the draft, but I’d say they proved themselves very capable of getting the most out of their players.

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