Blount spoofs “Beast Mode” at Patriots parade

The fourth Super Bowl win for the Patriots arguably was the most memorable yet.  Ditto for the victory parade.

In addition to Gronk being Gronk, a couple of Patriots displayed T-shirts that applied a comedic twist to the “Beast Mode” moniker adopted by Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

“Bitch Mode” is the slogan.  At a minimum, running back LeGarrette Blount had the T-shirt, via Deadspin.

The gesture was noticed by Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin.

“Blount Had a sign that said bitch mode?” Blount said on Twitter.  “Lol and they said we had no class.”

It’s now safe to say members of both teams had class.

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144 responses to “Blount spoofs “Beast Mode” at Patriots parade

  1. I’m a Pats fan, but this guy has always been a jerk. I’ll never forget the game vs. Boise State. No class.

  2. Was Blount referring to himself? Because he managed a whopping 40 yards on 14 carries for a outstanding 2.9 yards per carry. All the while lynch had over 100 and a touch down. Enjoy your win that was given to you, new england. The success is coming to an end while Seattle’s is only beginning.

    Go Hawks

  3. Love it, this is good clean fun and how rivalries should be. There’s no crime here, I say let the good times roll.

  4. Says the guy who got punched an opposing football player in the head in college, walked away from his former team while the game was still being played and got arrested for marijuana possession this year. Lynch has outperformed blount in very rb category and is one of the best if not be rb in the league. Blount you were terrible in 2 of the 3 playoff games this year. People dislike the patriots not because they’re good, but because they think they’re above reproach above the game it itself

  5. What a tool this guy is. He’s the type of athlete that fans can’t wait for karma to strike him. He may have gotten his ring, but I’m sure the steelers are glad to be rid of this cancer. Wouldn’t surprise me if the patriots cut him again next season.

  6. Blount is the one that got the last laugh, Steelers cut him un justly and he gets a ring with the Pats.

    Michelle Lunch AKA Least Mode, will be a memory in a few years.

    Way to go Pats and to Blount.

    Good Riddance Seattle Scumbags.

  7. At the same time though, Seattle deserves all the backlash they get. Their players run their mouths so much, it’s inevitably going to get thrown back in their face when they come up short. I don’t think Lynch should be the guy that gets made fun of though. If anything it should be Sherman or Baldwin.

  8. Suggs was right when he basically said that Patriots players are a piece of trash after the Ravens beat the Patriots in the AFC championship game 2 years agao.

    I also don’t why Patriots fans say Baltimore are jealous.

    Baltimore has 6 NFL championships including the Baltimore Colts

    New England has 4.

    I will also be amused at some of the dumb Patriots fans who will say those Baltimore Colts championships don’t count

    While they count the 3 Super Bowl rings the Patriots won under spygate

  9. That takes classless to a whole new level I am sure Bellicheck is not happy with this. say what you want a bout lynch , blount is half the player Lynch is.

  10. Yeah Seattle is class , they start a fight at the end of Super Bowl once they realized they lost. Real classy . Blount didn’t make or buy the shirt. Someone threw it to him at parade and he held it up. Big deal

  11. Wow, that was uncool, Blount. I would have expected a Pats player to take the high road.

    Of course, he didn’t start a fight at the end of the Super Bowl, so there is that…

  12. Saw the parade. I thought I was watching a 1980s Miami Hurricanes parade. I’m surprised they didn’t show up in military fatigues.

    Stay Classy New England.

  13. So it looks like neither of these teams can win with class. How about you take shots at a guy like Irvin who started a fight and not a guy who praised your team and QB after the game.

    You also shouldn’t be doing this if the running back you are dissing ran more yards in one season then you have in two.

  14. Blount didn’t say that on Twitter, Irvin did.
    And did you mean to say both teams had no class, which seems to make more sense.

  15. It’s cool to make fun of something but that t shirt takes it too far. Perhaps Tamed Mode or something of that nature would be fun in nature.

  16. Did anyone see Vince Wilfork in the parade? I was watching for him and didn’t see him or hear his name mentioned once. Thumbs up if he was there, thumbs down if he wasn’t there, thanks.

  17. Interesting that a guy that pouted and eventually quit on the team that signed him in the off season is now calling guys out.

  18. Blount was classless for holding it up but it’s not like he made the shirt, a fan threw it to him.

    Irvin is the last guy to talk though, he actually did lack class by getting kicked out of the Super Bowl.

  19. Blount parodies a t shirt. Bruce Irvin gets thrown out of the superbowl because he is a sore loser. Don’t seem equal to me Bruce. Ju

  20. I think a fan gave it to them.

    I’m a patriots fan but i didn’t like this at all. Lots of respect for lynch and the fact that he doesn’t seem to trash talk anyone.

    Apologies to lynch and Seahawks fans for this…

  21. Well if you saw any of his media day pressers you’d understand the shirt… Just sayin

  22. the shirt is just silly being lynch more than doubled blounts production. the sign well as a hawks fan I cant get mad about being the sherm/brady history. he set himself up for that one.

  23. A trash talking t shirt> fighting a team in the Super Bowl because you lost and replicating taking a dump. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it Seahawks.

  24. From Doug Baldwin doing what he did to the fighting at the end of the game to this stuid tshirt, class is at a premium with these two teams.

    I still can’t believe they didn’t run Lynch…

  25. Roles reversed pats fans, and the multitude of “I don’t like the Seahawks because they are brash” fans of whomever, you would be RIPPING the Seahawk that did this. Of course a shirt mocking Blount with the word “quitter” would be hard to knock, or argue.

  26. Someone in the crowd threw Blount that shirt. It’s not like he had it made for him or something. And, he didn’t continue the rally sporting the shirt. This is just a typical gotcha moment.

  27. Not a fan of either team but jeez, SEA takes the cake in the classless sept. The funny thing is, is that the two worst offenders of being classless are supposedly smart dudes. I doubt Stanford is proud of those fools.

  28. Pats fan here.

    I dont like this. Dont begrudge a great player like Marshawn his just rewards.
    He is a BEAST.
    plus hes a better back than you, Blunt

  29. Wait, where are all the people who talked smack about the Hawks last year, saying “act like you’ve been there before”????

    So much for all that “class” the Pat’s have!

  30. Yeah Bruce, keep denying you didn’t act like a drunk meathead at the Jersey Shore on the kneel down. The Pats players were handed some less tasteful merchandise from the huge crowd today. Be thankful not all of it was photographed as much as these funny t-shirts.

  31. People are people. If you take a large enough sample, say 63ish, yeah you are going to find a wide veriety of people and some will have no class.

    I’ve always been a big fan of BFT’s running style, but I have never considered him a classy guy. More like a sucker punching pot head.

    At least he doesn’t destroy the locker room, that’s all the really matters. Well, that and winning.

  32. The Pats could not just line up and beat Seattle because they were not strong enough to do it.

    They had to resort to trickery and a precision dink and dunk passing game.

    And we now know the entire legion of boom was playing with serious injuries.

    And Pete Carroll made that ridiculous call.

    If these two teams played again a month from now Seattle would win 40-0. So lame that this sorry team won the game.

  33. All 53 guys on that Seattle team have this football fan’s respect for a long time… but man, do they deserve whatever gloating and trash talking comes their way after allllll the gum flapping they put the world through over the past few years. No mercy.

  34. Pretty funny coming from a guy who only ran a measly 48 yards in the SB… What a joke of a person. Wouldn’t expect anything less from patriots – you’re a blemish on society

  35. If that shirt doesnt cry fine then nothing else should either. For team who’s legacy will always be “cheater” that’s the way to keep it classy.

  36. Instead of enjoying the fact they won a Super Bowl, they need to rub it in on the Seahawks. This proves to me even more that the Patriots themselves know that the sun has set and they’re about to enter a period of mediocrity. Stay classy Patriots, oh wait too late.

  37. As a Pats fan this is disappointing. Even IF he got that from a fan, why go there? Now that Sherman sign Edelman had? He had that coming….

  38. Blount is a tough guy now but was sure timid during the game,he’s not in Lynch’s league and with his history will prob be out of the NFL in a few years and broke soon after.But they won so he gets to gloat.

  39. It’s almost sad how much the lost by loosing this game. You cannot say this is a historically great defense the way they were carved up in the fourth quarter. All that talk goes away. All your left with is a good team that didn’t know how to win or loose with any class or self respect and that comes from the top on down. Huge failure and they won’t get over or past it

  40. Who does Blount think he is to trash talk Lynch? Blount and his 2.8 per carry?

    Were they thinking Bitch mode when their eyes were starting to tear up after Lynch ran it down to the 1 and they were staring at a loss?

  41. Blount thinks the Seahawks are arrogant and run their mouths too much. Of course, he is correct in that assessment. Besides, if you are going to behave like the Seahawks, you have to win. Otherwise your act looks silly and stupid. Patriots 28, Seahawks 24.

  42. I understand the Seahawks didn’t win but Lynch had a great game. They couldn’t stop him all game. Blount you won the Super Bowl act like it!

  43. Says the guy who sucker punched an opponent after a loss and is half the RB/half the man of Lynch. This blows my mind. Him and Baldwin would make a great couple.

  44. As a Pats fan, I’m not very impressed with this for a number of probably obvious reasons. Has Lynch actually complained about the result, at all? I’ve been reading constant articles/analysis of the game, and I’ve yet to see any report suggest Lynch was running face.

    Has Sherman done some things that may have warranted some ribbing? Sure. Did Irvin and Bennett show poor judgement at the end of the game, and let their emotions get the best of them? Sure. But, I don’t see any reason to go after Lynch. Why not just enjoy a parade in your honor? You’re better than that, Blount (or maybe not?) No idea. But, you’re giving everyone that impression dude…not to mention Lynch was actually able to do something in the SB, and you were not. Might want to keep that in perspective next time you feel like taking shots.

    I’ve had a couple days to be over the top smug about it (mainly to folks who richly earned it), but the bottom line is it was a heck of a game, and I feel privileged to have been alive to see it. Both teams fought through pain and hardship, and at the end, one team just made a few more plays when it counted.

    Hopefully, truly, the Seahawks can shake this off, and regroup for another run, I doubt anyone would object to another game like that (well, maybe those with weak heart conditions heh).

  45. As a Patriots fan, I don’t like that on a couple of levels:

    – Firstly, I don’t think Marshawn Lynch has done anything to warrant that sort of disrespect… while I think Sherman is fair game with the whole “U MAD BRO?” thing, I can’t recall any Marshawn Lynch trash-talk. And say what you will about his relationship with the media, but that guy is a damn good running back.

    – Secondly, I can’t say I’m a fan of the casual misogyny of the t-shirt, either. I know, I know, football culture kind of is what it is in terms of hyper-machismo behavior and all that, but you’d hope that as the father of a couple of young daughters, LeGarrette would think twice about displaying something like that.

  46. Holding up a shirt some fan gives you during a parade is not the same as making a statement yourself.

    If Blount said something like this, or had a t-shirt made, that would indeed show a lack of class.

    But celebrating with the fans, as LeGarrette did, is the right thing to do.

  47. Bruce Irvin lol

    You punched gronk and ran away “quote on shirt”.Then became the first person ever to get ejected from a superbowl. Don’t try to interject anything about “class”. Frankly that shirt should have your number and face on it! That quote is the epitome of your actions.

  48. Pretty disappointing to see that from Blount… A guy who sucker punched a guy in college and also got chased out of Pitt for an attitude/drug problem.

    I know he played a big part in the run this team made, but cmon man…. You didn’t show up much in the SB yourself. Lynch may not be likable, but why would you stoop to that level?

  49. Most people who have no class lost it somewhere along the way, Blount was born without any at all.

  50. Blount shouldn’t be talking or,spoofing anyone. Was he even at the game?? He never found the end zone. Plus, he held up the Steelers all season long till they were forced to cut this distraction. Be Quiet, Blount.

  51. This from low character Blount surprises no one. He and the team should be embarrassed by that t-shirt.
    They give the ball to Lynch and he isn’t holding anything.

  52. Is it just me, or has your average athlete gotten even MORE classy over the past few years.

    Great example for the kids.

  53. He might want to keep some Skittles in his pocket to make “nicey” with Marshawn.

    If not Marshawn’s last day in the NFL could be Blount’s last day on planet earf.

  54. That’s right, Bruce. Your team showed zero class. Never before the Seahawks won the SB had I seen such an arrogant, noisy group. Horrible winners. Until this SB I’d never seen such a bunch of sore losers. Seahawks are losers even when they win, but more so when they lose.

  55. I wonder if he talking about himself cause I don’t remember him doing much in the game. Thus there was beast mode for Seattle and bitch mode for NE

  56. Meh, I might get it if it were something ripping on Sherman, but it falls flat when you consider Lynch’s performance and his lack of talking.

    I give it a D-

  57. Im a Pats fan, when I saw this yesterday I cringed. Id prefer my team act better than that. I know some fan probably threw that to him, but come on man?

    First Lynch ran for over 100 and a TD. Blount didnt do much at all.

    Second….show some class.

    I thought Edelmen punching a sign of Sherman was dumb too. Sherman balled in that game. What did he give up, 1 pass for 6 yards?

    Celebrate your own accomplishment, no need to trash the Hawks. That team is the real deal. Just trying to be fair, I know as Patriots fans we would hate it if this was the other way around.

  58. seems he should be feeling lucky to be in a parade since they were lucky to win the game. Poor play call is all that separated them from being winners to 3rd time SB loser

  59. Actually people got the fight at the end of the game wrong. If you watch it in slow motion, Gronk was the first person to slap someone amid the pushing and shoving. Irvin was just the first person to come unglued.

  60. Patskrieg dot com says:
    Feb 4, 2015 11:11 PM
    All 53 guys on that Seattle team have this football fan’s respect for a long time… but man, do they deserve whatever gloating and trash talking comes their way after allllll the gum flapping they put the world through over the past few years. No mercy.
    Personally I don’t care much for the trash talk from anybody. Including Sherman/Maxwelll/Lane, however they all back it up on the field though.
    Blount isn’t even close to Marshawn’s shadow.

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