Brady, McDaniels smelled blood when Jeremy Lane went down


Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane made a huge play in the first quarter of the Super Bowl, but it was his last play. And the Patriots quickly capitalized on his absence.

Lane intercepted a Tom Brady pass in the end zone, but on the return he broke his arm and had to leave the game. NFL Films microphones captured the reaction of Brady and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels when they learned that Lane was heading to the locker room, and as shown on Inside the NFL, it was obvious that Brady and McDaniels immediately realized that the Seahawks would have a big hole in their secondary.

“Lane’s out of the game,” McDaniels told Brady, who then asked McDaniels who would replace Lane in Seattle’s base defense. McDaniels didn’t know off the top of his head but said, “They’re gonna have to put somebody else in there.”

The “somebody else” was Tharold Simon, and the Patriots went right to work on attacking the weak link in Seattle’s secondary, as Julian Edelman made a big play by beating Simon in coverage and then Brandon LaFell scored a touchdown, again beating Simon in coverage.

The Patriots’ passing game benefited enormously from the fact that Seattle’s Legion of Boom was depleted: In addition to Lane leaving the game, Richard Sherman was playing through an elbow injury, Earl Thomas was playing through a shoulder injury and Kam Chancellor was playing through a knee injury. On the sideline later in the first half, McDaniels and Brady agreed that the Seahawks’ defense looked like it was worn down.

“They’re tired. They’re gassed,” McDaniels told Brady, who agreed with that assessment.

Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril later left the game with a concussion, further weakening Seattle’s defense. The Patriots were playing Seattle at a lot less than 100 percent, and they made the most of it.

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  1. But I bet they smelled their own fecal matter after Kearse made that circus catch near the end of the game.

    For all the “blood” they smelled, they still should’ve lost the game if Carroll and Co weren’t such morons.

  2. And Kam Chancellor played on a torn MCL.

    Lost Avril, Lane; Chancellor and Earl pretty banged up…

    and they still should’ve won that game.

    It was nice of Brady to throw those two picks.

  3. From ESPN analyst Mike Sando’s Twitter: Tom Brady with Cliff Avril on field: 15-23 passing, 106 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT, 24.8 QBR. No Avril: 22-27, 214 yds, 4 TD, 0 INT, 97.7 QBR. Coincidence?

  4. The memory of injuries, and “but if” and “what if” will fade.

    What will be remembered in the near future is the last play and that Seattle lost.

    Eventually, all that will be remembered is who won.

  5. People need to realize that throwing the ball in that situation is not a bad call, the results were bad no doubt, but 2nd and goal at the 1 with less than a minute left means you throw on 2nd down, run on 3rd immediately call time out, then you’re left with time for a 4th down run or pass. Butler just made a great play, simple. The hawks’ mistake was not posing a run threat in their formation, which left the guess work out of it for butler. Go Hawks. Plus Sherman (torn elbow) , Thomas (seperated shoulder, torn labrum) and Chancellor (torn mcl, deep knee bruise) were hobbled greatly, lane and avril being out early only helped the pats move the ball with success. If that D was healthy the parade would be in Seattle.

  6. mrwalterisgod says:
    Feb 4, 2015 8:40 PM
    And Kam Chancellor played on a torn MCL.

    Lost Avril, Lane; Chancellor and Earl pretty banged up…

    and they still should’ve won that game.

    It was nice of Brady to throw those two picks.


    But it was even nicer of him to go 13-15 127 yards and 2 td’s in the 4th

  7. all the seattle fans are going to be saying we should have won and our defense was hurt, bla bla bla. If Aaron Rodgers wasn’t hurt and able to run the ball the Packers probably would have beat seattle in the NFC Championship game.

    Every team has to deal with injuries.

  8. Let the excuses begin …… as if the Seahawks are the first Super Bowl team to suffer injuries!

  9. Brady had a high ankle sprain in SB42….yet all we hear is how he choked that game away.

  10. rmchairqb says: Feb 4, 2015 8:35 PM

    But I bet they smelled their own fecal matter after Kearse made that circus catch near the end of the game.
    No question. Every Patriots coach, player and fan thought they were toast after that.

    And had they lost, every hater would have said the curse of Spygate lives on and all that.

    But instead we partied all night after the game, and then went to big parade today.

  11. And the Patriots were missing Stevan Ridley and Jerod Mayo….next man up is the Patriots mantra…. its a 53 man roster for a reason. Team to win is the team that builds the best 53 guys.

  12. After watching the game a second time .. Sober the Pats controlled the game for three quarters , if it weren’t three long passes by Wilson , it could have been a blow out .. The legion of goons are dum.. You would think that Sherman would man up and say I will cover Edelman.. But he is a 1 trick pony .. The Pats ended up sticking Browner on Maxwell and he did nothing after a couple of catches

  13. That’s the difference between an all time great like Tom Brady and a pretender like Aaron Rodgers.

    When Brady sees a weakness like when Lane went down, he exploits it.

    When Rodgers saw that Sherman was playing with a badly injured arm, he was STILL terrified of throwing the ball in his direction.

  14. blah blah blah.. Donta Hightower played the last 2 months of the season & still stopped Beast Mode from getting into the end zone with a minute left.. injuries are part of the game ..if Gronk isn’t playing at 8% in their last Super Bowl, they probably win it

  15. Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady were gifted that ring by a booty playcall by a bone headed Bevell and Carroll. I’m surprised Wilson didn’t audible and make the wise decision to feed the beast.

  16. If Lane didn’t intercept that ball and break his arm, would anyone besides Seahawks fans even know who he is? It was an awful throw, good for his first career int though.

  17. So another words what your saying is the best team didn’t really win. Without a banged up team and one atrocious play call seattle would have won. As a fan on the outside, I would have to agree, I did think seattle was the better team that day.

  18. It goes to show you how important team depth is. The fifth best corner on Seattle is Simon who got roasted like a marshmallow over a camp fire. The fifth best corner on the Patriots is Malcolm Butler and we saw what he did.

  19. rukkus1 says:
    Feb 4, 2015 8:43 PM
    Haha… they smelled blood.

    they got outplayed for half that game. Now all of a sudden they’re sharks smelling blood.

    What half did they get “outplayed”?
    It was 14-14 at the half and the Patriots out scored them 14-10 in the second half.

  20. Both teams were warriors and showed tremendous toughness and character. As a Pats fan, I was impressed, especially that Sherman could still play at shutdown corner level with torn ligaments in his elbow. Dont’a Hightower deserves praise too after re-injuring his shoulder. He made a big play to keep Lynch out of the endzone in the last minute on the play before the interception. He’s having surgery to repair torn labrum. Edelman was definitely a man too.

  21. Too bad Sherman wasn’t man enough to play against #1 receivers. Hide on one side of the field and cover #3 wr while your #5 db covers Edelman… COWARD!!!! Good on Simon for trying his best, but he was outclassed…

  22. The only reason the Pats won is multiple injuries to the LOB and other key defensive players. Avril instantly was pulled for concussion protocol, but Eddleman wasn’t pulled until the 4th quarter? Wilson threw a bad pass and a great play was made. We gave the game to those cheats. They were lucky not good.

  23. It’s called coaching folks, and is the reason why Bill Belichick is one of the greatest of all time. He finds the weakness and attacks.

  24. Patriots were missing Stevan Ridley and Jerrod Mayo. So what? Every team has to play through injuries and to be perfectly honest if it weren’t for the Green Bay Packers committing a choke job in the NFC Title game the Seahawks wouldn’t have even been in the Super Bowl. Coulda woulda shoulda better luck next year Seahawks.

  25. Simon is a huge liability. He is sluggish, stiff, and can’t cover quick WR. He was manhandled on the TD to Edelman and couldn’t put up any fight. Actually thought Brady would at him more than he did.

    As I get further from the last play, it becomes more obvious to me that the INT falls completely on Wilson. He never took his eyes off Lockette, didn’t look at the D, then threw a soft ball out in front of WR instead of paying it in his numbers. Horrible execution of a questionable call

  26. muslimponder says:
    Feb 4, 2015 8:40 PM
    From ESPN analyst Mike Sando’s Twitter: Tom Brady with Cliff Avril on field: 15-23 passing, 106 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT, 24.8 QBR. No Avril: 22-27, 214 yds, 4 TD, 0 INT, 97.7 QBR. Coincidence?


    But but but…

    Sucks to be in the Region of Gloom!

  27. No excuses! We put ourselves in position to win the game and didn’t git’r done. When the Patriots had their backs against the wall and the Super Bowl on the line, they made the play of the day. Congratulations to the Patriots and their fans! Let’s go for the rematch in SB L!!

  28. If if if, enough already.

    If Brady didn’t throw a pick on the first drive, and pats didn’t let up a ridiculous TD before half it would have been a blow out.

    If gronk wasn’t hurt in one of the SBs vs the Giants, if he actually played in the other. If welker made the catch, if Asante made an easy interception, three dropped the ball, refs called Eli ‘in the grasp’, and on and on.

    As pointed out by others, pats were missing their #1 RB and middle LB. They picked up starters from other people’s practice squad for Christ sake.

    You what DID happen in the game, the Pats Def played pretty damn well, Brady out dueled Wilson and the PATRIOTS are WORLD CHAMPS!

  29. mrwalterisgod says:
    Feb 4, 2015 8:40 PM
    And Kam Chancellor played on a torn MCL.

    Lost Avril, Lane; Chancellor and Earl pretty banged up…

    and they still should’ve won that game.

    It was nice of Brady to throw those two picks.


    Not like those injuries were more impactful than last year for the Broncos.

    All Pro Left Tackle Ryan Clady
    All Pro OLB Von Miller
    All Pro CB Champ Bailey
    Pro Bowler Chris Harris

    Clady, Miller, and Harris didn’t even play unlike Kam and ET3

    Lose with class 12er

  30. The Patriots should have let the poor Seahawks win because they were so hurt and banged up. It aint fair! Mean ol’ Patriots.

  31. The Lane injury was huge. Not an excuse – other commenters on here are right – injuries are part of the deal. But it did have a real impact on the game. biggest difference between this year’s version of the Seahawks and last year’s was the depth. very hard to hang onto everyone (and their backups) after a SB win inflates all of their perceived value around the league.

  32. Makes you wonder how great Seattle’s D is if they can’t sustain a couple injuries, really

  33. Blah blah blah…..Every team has players that are banged up, but they don’t throw it out as an excuse. Brady plying with broken ribs, Hightower with a torn labrum. If your roster is so thin it can’t absorb one injury to the secondary your roster sucks. The Hawks also beat the Packers with those injuries so how bad were they…..

  34. For a tired and gassed team, they were one enormously stupid play call for beating you Josh and Tom!

  35. That’s like saying if Gronk had been healthy in that second the SB against the Giants the Pats would’ve won.

    He wasn’t, they didn’t.

    Pats were without Ridley & Mayo, Hightower was playing with a torn labrum, Stork on a bad knee…in your 19th game of the season the term “healthy” is relative. Even the guys who say they’re healthy spend time healing up when the season is over.

    No doubt the Seahawks secondary was not 100%, but that’s why the guys in roster spots 23-53 are just as important as the guys in spots 1-22.

  36. Tom Brady…. Best ever? Highly doubt it. There the ball 50 times and his longest was a 23 harder. Watching the game, the Patriots OC was treating Tom Brady like Tim Tebow. Easy slant routes and short curls. It’s laughable to that Josh McDaniels treats Terrific Tom like a rookie QB!!!


  37. They picked on Simon just like the Seahawks tried to pick on butler when he got that pick.

    Edelman tweaked his hip in the Colts game. I’m really not convinced that he had a concussion. He was sideline tested and passed

  38. Stop crying. Injuries and luck play a huge role in who wins the championship every year. This year it was the Pats’ turn to be reasonably healthy. Next year might be different.

  39. Peopl really have to let the call go. it was a perfectly legit call, a terrible read by Wilson on what should have been simple one look or throw it away. OnceBrowner was able to lock down the WR who was supposed to give the pick Wilson should have thrown it away. For whatever reason he threw a terrible pass into thick coverage and the corner wanted it more. plain and simple

  40. muslimponder says:
    Feb 4, 2015 8:40 PM
    From ESPN analyst Mike Sando’s Twitter: Tom Brady with Cliff Avril on field: 15-23 passing, 106 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT, 24.8 QBR. No Avril: 22-27, 214 yds, 4 TD, 0 INT, 97.7 QBR. Coincidence?

    I never thought of it that way before but you are right, the Seattle defense is overrated.

    If losing 1 player makes that big of a difference then their defense sucks.

  41. Not like those injuries were more impactful than last year for the Broncos.

    All Pro Left Tackle Ryan Clady
    All Pro OLB Von Miller
    All Pro CB Champ Bailey
    Pro Bowler Chris Harris

    Clady, Miller, and Harris didn’t even play unlike Kam and ET3

    Lose with class 12er


    You lost by 35 points. THIRTY FIVE.

  42. snoqualmieterry says:
    Feb 4, 2015 8:57 PM

    The only reason the Pats won is multiple injuries to the LOB and other key defensive players. Avril instantly was pulled for concussion protocol, but Eddleman wasn’t pulled until the 4th quarter? Wilson threw a bad pass and a great play was made. We gave the game to those cheats. They were lucky not good.

    Like lying on your back and having the batted ball fall in your lap isn’t lucky—oh and Edelman PASSED his concussion protocol, which is why he was back on the field. And his concussion protocol was administered in the 4th quarter which is when he took the big hit from Chancellor. Were you even watching the game?

  43. I don’t get caught up in the what ifs, especially after the two Super Bowl losses to the Giants.

    Bottom line the Giants beat the Patriots two win two Super Bowls and nothing will ever change that. Arguing over who the perceived better team was and who had what injuries is pointless. The better team is the team that wins and in those two instances the Giants were the better team.

    And the Patriots were the better team against the Seahawks. Building depth to replace injuries and making the right play call in the right situation is a part of football. Patriots took advantage of the Seahawks weaknesses.

  44. Other than the QB position, injuries are no excuse. Yup, Denver had ’em last year. That’s life. Makes it all the more frustrating that they were in position to win in SPITE of them. Whining about injuries can’t take away what NE accomplished, they won, get over it. Great play by Butler.

  45. snoqualmieterry
    Feb 4, 2015, 8:57 PM EST
    The only reason the Pats won is multiple injuries to the LOB and other key defensive players. Avril instantly was pulled for concussion protocol, but Eddleman wasn’t pulled until the 4th quarter? Wilson threw a bad pass and a great play was made. We gave the game to those cheats. They were lucky not good.

    Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night dude. Enjoy the long trophy-less offseason of Russell Wilson at the half yard line highlights

  46. Pats win, credit to them.

    But how does the narrative change on the NE side if Wilson hands off the ball and Lynch runs half a yard into the endzone that 96 times out of 100 would happen in that situation? In addition to B2B SB’s, Lynch would be the MVP.Wilson’s first half ending drive with 30 secpmds to go, and second half ending drive with 2:01 left would be legendary. Chris Matthews and his coming out of nowhere, and Kearse’s circus catch also would be one for the fairy tale books.

    In NE, however:

    -Belichek questioned about not using time outs.
    -Two INT’s thrown (almost 3) throwing properly PSI’d footballs by Brady.
    -Brady another SB loss, and questions why he can’t win the big game anymore.
    -Defense giving up big play after big play, not stopping Seattle.
    -Insufferable Pats fans (no problem with the team itself) gladly invoke their usual persecution complex rather than creating childish TShirts on parade today.

    All, not because a bunch of things had to happen to get to that point, only Seattle moving the football a 1/2 a yard further.

  47. The patriots and their smarter fans know how lucky they were to win the Super Bowl this year.
    Not only was third year QB Russell Wilson at the door step of a repeat championship, but the Seattle defense darned near held off Brady and his offense even though they were missing:
    Brandon Membane, DT
    Jordan Hill, DT
    Jeremy Lane, CB
    Curt Avril, DE

    and not playing at full strength with injuries to
    Kam Chancellor, (tear in ACL)
    Earl Thomas (torn Labrum)
    Richard Sherman ( torn elbow ligaments)

    Seattle was forced to play a lot more Cover 2, which opened up the short passing game for Brady.

    So enjoy the Super bowl win Patriots.

  48. they got outplayed for half that game. Now all of a sudden they’re sharks smelling blood.
    The third quarter isn’t half the game.

    It’s a quarter, and it was the only quarter SEA outplayed NE.

  49. Philip Rivers played with a torn ACL…Mankins played a season with a torn ACL…Man up. The announcers were saying they saw no drop off in Chancelors play….But you hacks can keep using whatever excuses you need.

  50. Basically, it was the salary cap that beat the Seahawks. After winning the Super Bowl against the Broncos, the Seahawks had to cut Chris Clemons and Red Bryant for salary cap reasons. They had to watch Golden Tate, Clinton McDonald, Walter Thurmond, Breno Giacomini and Brandon Browner leave as free agents. These missing players played crucial roles because without Thurmond and Browner, the Seahawks had to start Byron Maxwell and Jeremy Lane, both reserves last year, and they won’t have any DB reserves because they had to use early round picks to draft Paul Richardson and Justin Britt to replace Golden Tate and Breno Giacomini. Because of that they did not have any replacements for Brandon Browner, Walter Thurmond or Chris Clemons. Their roster became very thin, and the injuries to Lane and Cliff Avril really weakened their D, causing them to cough up 14 points in the final quarter. If they had the players they had a year ago, they would not have given up as many points and would have won the game. Blame Seattle’s loss on the salary cap.

  51. “For all the “blood” they smelled, they still should’ve lost the game if Carroll and Co weren’t such morons.”

    Right. If.

  52. OMG. What a concept. Does the rest of the league know about this tactic? You mean when a starter goes out, the opposing team should exploit the back up? This could revolutionize the game. ! I remember when Rodney Harrison mentioned this at the half. Harrison said, ” Brady will go after the back up” wow thanks for that insightful analysis there Rodney. As if no other QB in the league goes after the back up. I’m not sure if the point of this article is to show what geniuses the Pats are for going after a back up player, or to point out the Seahawks were at a disadvantage having backups in the game. Either way I’m pretty sure every fan watching already grasped both facts.

  53. Love the excuses from the bandwagon fans.

    Fact: You lost because the World Champion Patriots were and are better than you.

    Hope you enjoyed watching your team play in the Super Bowl. That’s the last time you’ll be seeing them in the game for a while.

  54. Unbelievable! Both teams are clearly the best two teams in the league.
    The true beat team matchup does not occur all the time. It was agreat
    game. Yes both teams had injury issues …the NFL is brutal. The injury
    rate continues to climb. Players are way stronger and faster playing
    with less padding. However it seemed as if both teams were playing
    at an extremely high level. It was a great physical game. The type of
    Super Bowl we as fans wish for.
    Sorry but if you play the injury “if ” game we could start talking about
    Peyton and the Bronco’s . Yes it’s a brutal loss but a great game!

  55. love the pats fans saying well we didnt have mayo…. yeah the hawks didnt have mebane, hill, lane, miller, richardson etc. and still were 1 play away. I am a hawks fan so take it with a grain of salt the hawks were far more injured. with that said you still have to step up and play the game its 53 players for a reason. the pats were the better team that day and butler made one of the best plays of the season by any defender on any team. congrats to the pats fans.

  56. First historic comeback by Pats, then Sapp arrest, now Brian Williams ridiculous embarrassing lie. Life is great!

  57. No matter the excuses or complaints, the Seahawks lost and the Patriots WON!!!

    These sour grapes were around when the Patriots lost 2 Super Bowls in the last minute due to freak plays, but thr Patriots lost the and WON now.

    Haters and weeneie complainers, get over it becsuse NO ONE CARES about what you think. The Patriots WON and the season is over.

  58. Ha! From B____ Mode shirts to smelled blood etc etc…dude, all of the NE fans/and sideline were clenched with scphinter nerves of sorrow after Kearse’s acrobatics and when Lynch took it down to the 1/2 yard line for Carroll to live in infamy…basically…

    “You had Beast Mode at the 1/2 yard line with three downs and a timeout and you bleeeewww iiitttt!!!”

    – Robert DeNiro “Copland”

  59. I just thought it was a great game… This time the Pats “D” held tough & the last 2 SB losses were because it didn’t as well as great plays by the other team & bone head plays by the Pats….I mean the Pats have either won or lost by a total of 4 points in the last 6 Super Bowls… They’ve all been intense to watch…somebody has to win & somebody has to loose no matter what… Teams have to play the cards their delt & adapt for 60 mins….. Let’s not be petty toward each other as it was a great game played hard on both sides….tough loss for Seattle & great win for Pats….let’s hope we meet again in the next one!!!

  60. The two best teams in the league, either team could have won. That was easily one off the all time best Super Bowls. I’m a Pats fan so I enjoyed it more than Seattle fans but thats only cause there has to a winner and there has to be a loser. pats fans have been through two heartbreak Super Bowls so we can relate to Seattle fans right now. That team is well coached by Pete Carroll and they will be in contention for years to come. You may not have won it this year Hawks fans but trust me, it’s a great thing to have a team that will be in contention to win it for years to come.

  61. As a Denver fan I can honestly say that McDaniel smells blood every 28 days. Still, I LOVE the outcome and RELISH Dick Shermans expression when he realised it was over. Done. No 3peat, not even a 2peat. Seattle fans needed humility and it was delivered. Cobain is dancing bros, he’s dancing.

  62. The Patriots controlled the game in the first half and fourth quarter. They were the better team and almost lost after a fluke play. You can spin this any way you want, but the better team that night won a great game.

  63. As a Seattle fan, you play with the players that are in the game. If some are playing with injures, and which team isn’t during the playoffs, the game still has to be played with who you have. No excuses from this guy. NE won plain and simple and exploited a weakness in a guy with limited playing time and experience. Not the first time that’s happened in football.

    However, with all that NE did, they still could have, and some say should have from the post I’ve been reading, lost the game.

  64. Kam, torn MCL, Thomas Torn Labrum, Sherman torn UCL, Lane compound fracture in wrist, Avril Concussion. Still would have won if a run was called. THAT is why they are 5-1 to win next year. Warriors.

  65. im sorry, am i supposed to pretend this team hasn’t been caught cheating multiple times & more than likely for a better part of 16 seasons?

  66. Seattle was beyond injured, Kam Chancellor had a torn MCL! What a shame that because of such extreme injuries all your long (almost 20 guys on IR!).. cheaters win. The patriots injuries were minor in comparison, and pats fans know it. There will always be asterisks surrounding every Patriot super bowl win. What a shame that the best team, filled with warriors had to get screwed….sad..smh

  67. How come Chancellor was only listed as “probable” with a shredded knee? (And the team claiming it was only a bruise). If BB had him listed like that, all the haters would be crying CHEATERS! CHEATERS!

  68. Thanks for your slanted description of something that happens in just about every football game since the beginning of time.

    But here’s the thing:

    The Seahawks’ 4th string CB played poorly. Gee.

    The Patriots 5th string CB won the game for them. You think Russel and Darryl and didn’t “smell blood” when he saw Butler on Lockette on the goal line? Oh, they smelled it so bad they thought passing against Butler was a better play than handing the ball off to Lynch!!!!!

    You guys are really scraping the barrel now…

    And… what you’re really saying is that the Pats won because they had better depth.

  69. Stop. Seattle sucks. Wilson is the most overrated QB in NFL history. I hope Lynch leaves so next season it is finally proven. Have a great day.

  70. Sherman = played the whole game with torn ligaments in his elbow.

    Thomas = played the whole game with a separated shoulder and torn labrum.

    Chancellor = played the whole game with a torn MCL.

    Lane = went out with a broken arm.

    Avril = went out with a concussion.

    And the Seahawks still would’ve won that game if it weren’t for Bevell’s stupid ass. You know it. I know it. The world knows it.

  71. According to the Press and the Scamps the patriots paid the Packers to have Sherman’s elbow tweaked, then paid a camera man to break Simon’s arm on the sideline. Stay tuned as Chris Collinsworth, noted Patriots detractor, prepares driving commentary on how the Patriots caused these injuries!

  72. Seattle is great and the game easily could have gone either way.

    But no one can question Belichik’s coaching ability, or the fact that their 3rd string cornerback was ready to play, knew exactly what to do, and then did it.

  73. I am no fan of the Patriots but like them or not, they made the plays when they had to. Lost in all of the coverage of this horrible call and the injuries is the fact that Seattle blew a 10 point lead. Injuries or not, finish the game. Seattle didn’t and the Patriots walked away with a gift wrapped Super Bowl. I hate it but it is what it is.

  74. Oh C’mon !!! Do you see Brady’s face when the Seahawks were marching down the field with less than one minute left ??? He didn’t smell anything but his own JUNK out of fear !!! SAME look when he threw his second pick, he KNEW the game was Lost !! There was NOT an ounce of confidence left in the Putz ! Did they breathe a heavy sigh ?? YES . Did he need to scrap out his shorts after the game ?? YES ! Smell blood, HELL No !!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Kudos to Seattle for winning that NFC Championship game. But MAYBE GB would have been in Superbowl 49 if they decided to attack the replacements for Sherman and Thomas when they had come out for a while in that championship game.

  76. Really, Ridley is the Pats’ best back? He would have fumbled at least twice in this hard-hitting game. Give me a break.

    Ridley and Mayo are not comparable to the entire Legion of Boom.

    Not a fan of either team, and it was a hell of a game, but we saw in the third quarter that if both teams at full strength just line up and go at each other, Seattle is clearly stronger.

    The Pats could not just line up and go at them on either side of the ball. Trickery and dink and dunk short passes because they could not block Seattle’s line for more than about 2 seconds.

    If the truther coach had the brains to just feed the beast, they win even with the entire secondary and their best pass rusher out of commission.

    The Pats won it and the CB who made the big play deserves credit for an incredible play. But it was a weirdly unsatisfying ending to a great game. The weaker team won.

  77. Yeah, well… Arrington just plain sucked and got benched. Next man up made the game saving play.

  78. Our secondary was very beat up. Earl was not himself, Kam obviously had issues, Lane…ugh…Simon did what he could. Perfect game plan from the Pats, with a HOF QB and we still should have won.
    I feel pretty good about this TEAM

  79. 2-4 2-4. Nostradamus Sherman was not referring to Revis’ number. He was predicting the final losing score of the Seahawks.

  80. Seattle was saying the same thing. They screamed “hey 25’s out, 21’s in” I guess the Pats backups were just better than Seattle’s so that’s why the won

  81. Seattle fans can whine bitch and moan about luck or whatever
    Doesn’t mean squat. They LOST FAIR and square. Get over it.
    Brady gets his 4th ring while going 15 for 17 in the 4th and the Pats D held Seattle SCORELESS IN THE 4TH!

  82. I seem to recall a WR playing as a DB on a SB winning team. Troy Brown anyone? The Pats lost both their safeties in their win over the Panthers.

  83. Seahawks have had a lot of luck over the past two years with few injuries, favorable calls, opposing teams blowing leads in close games, etc. Last year they wouldn’t have even had home field against the 49ers if the niners didn’t get jobbed by that call in New Orleans. So now that not everything went their way they want to say the loss doesn’t count. Well sorry, that’s not how things work.

    You thought the Seahawks were a dynasty, best ever defense, best ever young QB.

    Reality is you are 1-2 in superbowls, your defense had an historic collapse in the SB, and your superstar QB thru a pick to lose the game.

  84. If this guy didn’t get hurt… If this guy was 100%… blah blah blah…

    How about if the refs pulled their heads out of their (fill in the blank)… re-watch Brady’s first interception. That should have been called back and a 15 yard penalty assessed against SEA putting that Pats 1st and goal at about the 6 yard line. After Brady throws the ball Bennett launches and hits Brady helmet to helmet. They would have more than likely scored from there giving them the chance at their first of what could have been 5 TD’s which could have changed the completion of the game early considering Wilson didn’t complete a pass for nearly 23 minutes.

    But just like injuries to the LOB, bad play calls and missed penalties… It is what it is and thats how the game played out… if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle, but she doesn’t.

  85. What does that really say about the Pats. They lucked out and barely won the game even though the Seahawks were playing hurt and short-handed,

  86. Now we are going with avril an above average de being hurt is the reason your team choked? That’s all ya got….please don’t breed……

  87. The Pats defense didn’t smell anything but dirty socks of Seahawks players to the tune of 400 yards on 7.5 ypc.

    Let’s face it, Pats got lucky and Brady knew it, you could tell by his expression.

  88. snoqualmieterry says:
    Feb 4, 2015 8:57 PM
    The only reason the Pats won is multiple injuries to the LOB and other key defensive players. Avril instantly was pulled for concussion protocol, but Eddleman wasn’t pulled until the 4th quarter? Wilson threw a bad pass and a great play was made. We gave the game to those cheats. They were lucky not good.

    Bwahh! Your tears are delicious.

  89. I wasn’t upset when Seattle lost a great game to the Falcons in the playoffs in 2012, and I’m not upset now.

    Plenty of trips to the SB are ahead for Seattle. By the time Wilson’s career is over, i have no doubt he’ll surpass Brady in rings and playoff wins. He’s already ahead of where Brady was at the same point in Bradys career.

    A lot to look forwars to for Seattle fans,

  90. No one will ever remember these injuries. Do you remember any injuries from super bowl 40?

  91. From ESPN analyst Mike Sando’s Twitter: Tom Brady with Cliff Avril on field: 15-23 passing, 106 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT, 24.8 QBR. No Avril: 22-27, 214 yds, 4 TD, 0 INT, 97.7 QBR. Coincidence?


    Avril and Bennett are signed up for 3 years or more, as is almost every defensive starter for Seattle.

    With Wilson and Beastmode, we’ll be fine on offense.

    Who’s got it better than us Seattle fans? No one

  92. Good to see that some Seahawks fans aren’t using this as an excuse. Like the Patriots and every other team in the freaking league didn’t have injuries……. smh

  93. Even after our D was on life support we still should have won if not for THE WORST PLAY CALL OF ALL TIME!! We deserve the thrashing were getting. I still can not believe that call? If I was Beast mode I would walk. Many of the players were very upset and I can see some some guys leaving this team because they can’t get over it. If I was on that team there is no way I could give a 100% after that. Unacceptable! No way Tom Brady would have allowed that play, or Peyton Manning. I hope Russ learns from this because he’s just as at fault. He should have known it was risky but he threw it blindly and off target.

  94. People may laugh but lane sure as hell played better than simon.

    Not quite sure what it was to be honest. The fourteen points being allowed in the fourth quarter was absurd after what I’ve seen for years from this d.

  95. So why did it take the worst call in the history of sports for the underhanded Patsies to win a game when they could smell blood. I think the consensus is the Seahawks lost that game and will be forever be remembered as the team that tripped over themselves just before the finish line when the race was won. They got too clever for their own good. Every time Lynch makes a 2yrd run in the future I can hear every Seahawk yelling WHY ? WHY COACH ?

  96. The Patriots won the game, we made a mistake at the end, and they won. I am not going to say that without the injuries the Hawks would have won, we don’t know that. To be bad mouthing a secondary that will all need surgery this off season, is a little odd to me though. Lane who was our 2nd string CB, because Maxwell was already hurt went down early, and the other 3 had injuries already. These are not excuses, just facts. It would be like driving a Lambo with half the spark plugs taken out, then saying the car sucks. Both teams went out there and played very good football. NE went home with the trophy, congrats.

    To call the secondary bad is a bit ignorant though, even through injury they played pretty well. Remember they were playing against a QB that many say is the best to ever play the position. Seattle was also playing a QB that is in his 3rd year, and just learning the game. I imagine Brady with his years more experience would have audibled out, looked to another receiver, or buried the ball into the ground. Wilson still has a lot to learn. It was a heck of a game, and making excuses why you lost, or ignorant statements about a DB’s that have played close to if not as well as any set of DB’s for a couple years in a row is ignorant.

    One more thing, don’t believe the media about Sherman only staying on the left side of the field. he has moved to cover guys when they needed him too. Off the top of my head, I am not sure if he did or not this game. He does not do it to hide, he does it because the LOB is good enough to cover their areas. NE found a weakness, our 3rd sting CB and took advantage like they should. It still came down to one play. Don’t marginalize the victory by bad mouthing your opponent. I guess that is up to the team on their victory parade. You complain about some of our guys being classless, the shirts and posters were classless.

  97. What about the call on running into the kicker Pats were moving the ball at that junction that call probably saved a touchdown……and the the Brady interception in the red zone …..then your saying they should have won if not for one stupid play…..More like could have won….man quit your baby crying you lost it could have been 14 down at that point ….hey it’s football…if the play had worked the OC would have been a hero

  98. Seahawk fans can make excuses but no one gives a damn. Injuries are part of the game. Do you expect me to believe that anyone in Seattle is sleeping better after this loss because they are comforted by the fact that a healthy Hawk team could have won the game? Psssh. You got beat. Bottom line.

  99. How long is this what if going to continue?
    Can I play?
    What if the refs did not missed that obvious trip by Butler … or the intentional grounding by Brady or that iffy call on Vereen going out of grounds? Seattle gets anyone of those calls in their favor they win.
    Actually why did the refs start calling more penalties once the Pats were losing? Time Stopped?
    Only 4 penalties called 2 of them offsides when the Pats were winning or game tied.

    I don’t care if the Pats cheat every teams does it in one way or another … why do the Pats always get the calls in their favor? Please don’t tell me they had the second most penalties because 51 of those penalties came in 3 blown games … I’m talking about the close games like the phantom holding call on the Raiders to sealed the victory for the Pats.

  100. Why would any coach allow media to be close enough to the bench that they can record private conversations between coach and player?

  101. Injuries are a BIG part of the game. From week one to the SB. EVERY team has major season ending injuries. Some HAWKS fan crying earlier in the week about having 17 guys on IR, it’s part of the game bro!!

  102. No excuses, the greatest defenses of all time don’t blow a 2 score lead in the 4th quarter, they just don’t.

  103. I guess the Seahawks injuries explain why Wilson didn’t complete a pass in the first half until a little more than 5 minutes to go. Or they explain how the pats defense could have such a letdown they gave up a td in the last few second of that same half. Maybe it explains one of the flu kiser catches in SB history with less than 2 minutes to go to put them in a situation the could win to begin with?

  104. So you are saying the Seahawks have no depth….got it. Team effort ladies…save the excuses for someone who gives a s…

    Super Bowl lost because your back ups suck and your coaching couldn’t accomodate for that? cry more

  105. We all know Patriots cheated their way to get there.

    While we (yes, even me) all know Tom is a great QB, he is nothing but a cry baby…Worse sore loser ever and it sucks that they didn’t lose; for another chance to see him cry and make more memes!

  106. Not a hater here, but if it turns out that Brady, Belichick, et al, deflated their footballs against Baltimore, and perhaps deflated home field balls since Brady convinced the NFL to let home teams supply their own balls, then this Super Bowl “victory” is forever tainted. Statistical analysis of the Patriots reveals that the Patriots fumbles at home since 2007 have plummeted, over and above what is statistically feasible.

  107. This was the turning point in the game seattle’s BEST DB went down, did you see the other 3 weak links, sherman, thomas, chancellor my god they couldn’t cover anybody.
    Sup seattle? (small s)

  108. Saturday Night Live once wondered if the war would have been over earlier if Eleanor Roosevelt could fly. I have pondered this thought for many years.

  109. Seattle shouldn’t even have been there so stop with the excuses..They will get even thinner with outlandish contracts to douchan lynch and Russell ..Back-2Back Pats!

  110. Playing Green Bay to get to the SB took a lot out of Seattle.

    Playing the Colts, on the other hand, for the Pats, was a walk in the park.

  111. SHEWAWKS fans are the sorest losers of all time, vote thumbs up if you agree?
    Before the game “we’re the most complete team of all time”
    After the game ” if Lane (5th CB)doesn’t get hurt we win easily”
    Sore losers, man up!

  112. The forecast is for an excuse storm coming in from the northwest. This storm will sweep across the country and is expected to stall over New England. Record excuse accumulation is expected.

  113. Parade’s in Boston since 2002:

    2001: Patriots
    2003: Patriots
    2004: Patriots
    2004: Red sox
    2007: Red sox
    2009: Celtics
    2010: Bruins
    2012: Red Sox
    2014: Patriots

    Queue the haters!

  114. Seattle Fans: If Seattle wins they are the best team, best defense ever; if they lose oh they were all injured. Nothing like having a built in excuse no matter the outcome.

  115. Injuries happen to every team, but it doesn’t change the fact that the backup corner Simon got really abused. If people actually rewatch the game.

    Brady did not throw in Sherman’s direction. If he’s so terrible, and a one trick pony why not throw to him? Gronk was even with him on one play. Some of you sound hateful. If you’re going to say Brady lit up the legion of boom with 2-3 yard passes to Vereen & Edelman all day, people have a right to counter and say wait a minute. If Wilfork had a torn MCL, McCourdy had to leave the game, and Browner had a dislocated shoulder…then on top of that Jamie Collins went out with a concussion and all of a sudden Wilson went 13-15 in the 4th after struggling in the 3rd, what would people say? If I’m Seattle, I’m still coming away thinking we’re the best team in the league and that we can only beat ourselves. Add in the many injuries Seattle already had during the season and making it back to back was impressive

  116. With all that said an done it still took the WORST CALL in SB history for them to win which makes this a funny post, good job to the Pats though they did it. I’m still a Hawks fan no matter but this no matter is hard to get down!

  117. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda; Seahawks fans are grasping at straws. Funny how these desperate souls don’t mention how if Kearse doesn’t make one of the luckiest catches in recent memory they’re not even close with time running out. Funny how they don’t mention the luck that was involved in the Packer game to get them there.

  118. ….And if Bostick lets Jordy catch the ball Seattle is watching from home…Woulda, coulda, shoulda…Seahawk fans are desperate souls..

  119. Seahawks fan here, and you’ll get no excuses from me. Pete himself preaches that it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Injuries or not, the Seahawks were out played in the 4th quarter. Not just the final play. Injuries hurt, of course, but it’s part of the game. Seattle was not hurt on offense, and were shut out in the 4th. This loss will forever sting, but it was a great game and the best team on that day won. It hurts to say it, but it’s true. Swallow hard Seattle fans, and please stop with the excuses. There’s always next year! Go hawks!

  120. If Wilfork had a torn MCL, McCourdy had to leave the game, and Browner had a dislocated shoulder…then on top of that Jamie Collins went out with a concussion and all of a sudden Wilson went 13-15 in the 4th after struggling in the 3rd, what would people say?
    I would say that Brady didn’t struggle in the 1st half.

    Remember 12ers: The game was tied at HT, and NE had significantly out-gained SEA. SEA won the third by ten, but NE won the 4th by 14.

  121. The injury to Avril wouldn’t have been so bad if Seattle had not lost 3 defensive linemen in free agency, and 7 more to the injured reserve list throughout the course of the 2014 season.

    They came into the game with solid starters, but no depth behind them. Two of their DLs were a guy who was poached from the 49ers practice squad (Dobbs) and a guy who was running a valet parking service six weeks earlier (Cohen). Once Avril was gone, the Pats were able to focus more on Bennett, and Brady had clean pockets and the ability to step up in the pocket for the final third of the game. It’s the NFL – that’s how things happen.

    Their primary task on defense this offseason is for the secondary to heal, to find a replacement for Maxwell (Simon hasn’t been cutting it all year), and most importantly to restore depth to the defensive line. Getting a lot of guys back from IR, and a draft pick or two in that area, will help.

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