Chargers ultimately prevailed in appeal of towel fine

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Earlier today, in an item listing various instances of cheating in the NFL, we mentioned that the Chargers were fined $20,000 in connection with the investigation regarding a towel that was suspected of possibly having a banned substance on it.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the fine was later overturned on appeal.

So the Chargers ultimately paid nothing.  And they ultimately were found to be not guilty of any violation of the rules, since the fine came not from the use of the towel but from the failure to produce the towel quickly enough once suspicion arose.

That doesn’t change the fact that cheating happens a lot in the NFL.

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  1. Russel Wilson was throwing his towel into the hamper this morning but Malcolm Butler came out of nowhere and intercepted it.

  2. “that doesn’t change that cheating happens A LOT in the NFL”??

    I beg to differ. If all you could come up with was 4 teams (broncos 2x, chargers, jets, pats) in the past 15 years, then clearly there are plenty of teams that have no issue staying within the competitive lines of the rule book.

  3. ” If all you could come up with was 4 teams (broncos 2x, chargers, jets, pats) in the past 15 years,”

    He only listed about 1/4 of the instances, if that. Someone posted a comprehensive list the other day under one of the Pats articles and it was quite lengthy.

  4. Florio’s list was obviously and specifically not exhaustive — because if it were, that cheating article would have been 200+ pages long. Just by way of example, by his own admission Bill Romanowski’s body was about 75% steroids and vaseline-covered pads by the time he retired, and he played with the Niners, Broncos, Eagles and Raiders. Cheated merrily the whole time with full knowledge of the coaching staff, since it took him hours in the locker room to get greased up before each game.

    Google “In wake of Chargers Stickum accusations, some NFL alums say cheating is part of the game”, Washington Post.

  5. Thank God they weren’t cheating. I mean, that was the game they led Denver 24-0 at halftime and lost 35-24. That would indicate a serious lack of cheating “prowess.”

    Oh wait….Norv Turner was the coach, they could’ve paid they refs off and still lost 🙁

  6. The Chargers are an upstanding organization and are not like the cheatingest cheaters in football cheating history.

  7. The NFL then clarified that the fine which had previously been applied to the Chargers had simply been moved to the account of James Harrison.

  8. Guess we have to fall back on Shawne Merriman and his steroid use as their cheating (lucky New England knocked them from the playoffs when they were half decently good or else a steroid abuser may have won a Super Bowl).

  9. Still trying to figure out the point of your last post about cheating. You seemed to be justifying the Patriots cheating by saying other teams have also cheated in the past. That’s such an ignorant, backwards premise that I think I’ll quit visiting PFT for a while.

  10. uglydingo says:
    Feb 4, 2015 5:41 PM
    Excuse my ignorance but what sort of substance on the towel would warrant a fine like that?

    Animal semen

  11. I agree with the poster who said the previous story, saying everyone cheats is just a way to deflect away from the patriots getting caught. Not saying other teams aren’t doing stuff, but punish teams firmly and harshly when caught, and then go after those you suspect, don’t use the ” well everyone else was doing it too”. Are we truly to believe that after all this time of deflategate investigation, suddenly the league is saying only 1 football was under inflated?? The leagues track record on investigations stinks. They burned the spy gate tapes, mishandled the bounty gate, and suspended Sean Peyton an entire year, and screwed up the ray rice case. Elevator security tape? You mean we could have asked to see it? If pats had lost that SB, I believe they hammer the pats and we hear a different story. You could see a week ago they were already preparing excuses. The refs didn’t write down “exact” weights. The colts footballs were at maximum, the pats at minimum and it was the weathers fault. Really ?? You could see the cover up starting last week. With the pats winning the SB, there is no way the league can hammer the Pats. If they did, then it’s condoning cheating. And saying the risk of getting caught is worth the reward of a SB. I cannot trust a commissioner and a league that bungles every investigation and hands out different punishment for the same offenses, so excuse me if I don’t believe the leagues sudden new story line on the under inflated footballs. The way stuff leaks out of that office, and 2 weeks after the colts game, the story is now only 1 football was under? I was born at night, but not last night.

  12. Mike Florio, it is nice to see that you are reporting that all teams “cheat”. Unfortunately you have self righteous people that think it never goes on and always bring up the Patriot’s as the only ones that do things like that and have already convicted them of being guilty in regard to deflate-gate. Will you self righteous people realize that everybody tries to get away with something and just look at yourself in the mirror. What rules have you broken? In things that are competitive, human nature takes over and the desire to win can make people make irrational decisions and do things they know might not be right! When you give a thumbs down to this can you really think that you and others are all Saints and the NFL people are the only ones that “cheat” in life. It’s called reality people and reality is not always fair. Realize it, get over it and move on.

  13. No way the Colts’ footballs were still at max when tested. The only way that could happen is that the Colts’ footballs were OVERINFLATED before the game.

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