Cowboys running back Joseph Randle arrested again


It didn’t take long for this NFL offseason to turn into an NFL offseason.

Our days without an arrest meter was barely stopped after the D’Qwell Jackson arrest, when Joseph Randle made sure it stayed on zero.

Via KSN in Wichita, Kan., the Cowboys running back was arrested this morning after a domestic violence call at a hotel there.

Randle and the woman filing the complaint have a child together. When officers searched the room, they found marijuana, and Randle was arrested on drug charges.

Randle, of course, made headlines earlier this year for stealing underwear and cologne from a store outside Dallas.

56 responses to “Cowboys running back Joseph Randle arrested again

  1. See, if they’d allowed that Dez Bryant catch, Dallas would have advanced, won in Seattle, and played in the Super Bowl, so maybe Joe Randle wouldn’t have even been in that hotel room that day.

    Stupid refs.

  2. Not surprising. Guy comes from an organization full of criminals. On top of that, you’ve got Dez Bryant screaming at cameras every week like he’s standing out on a corner in some hood somewhere. Makes the whole organization look like classless trash. They stumbled into one good season and will be back to 8-8 next year.

  3. Love Pats fan on all these boards just living off their superbowl win.

    Let us Cowboys fans know when you get #5. Then we can talk about what a Dynasty really is. We also don’t have any asteriks next to our super bowl wins.

    Patriots won the superbowl last year. Just like on to Cincinnati we are on to 2015. Your supebowl is in the past and soon to be forgotten.

  4. I was having a really crappy day until I saw this. I feel a little better now. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. Hope he brings up Dez hitting his mama to justify this.

  5. Clearly this kid has some mental issues. If the league really cared the Cowboys would have had him in counseling after the last arrest and someone from their security people shadowing him.

  6. One thing is for sure..either Demarco is going to get a huge raise or Lance Dunbar is going to get picked a lot higher in fantasy drafts.

  7. hahaha. got reported for domestic violence. police showed up and found marijuana. #bestnewsoftheday

  8. Wichita Kansas? Perfect setting for ending an NFL career. Maybe he and the gf will decide to settle there.

  9. Meanwhile the most important player for the Patriots season ending and playoff run was a player who broke the substance abuse policy and should have been in jail and suspended for the season.

    Get off your high horse.

  10. If Randle wasn’t so good on special teams then he would probably have gotten cut earlier, but he is a flat out beast on special teams. This won’t affect Murray’s deal at all because I’m telling you right now that Ryan Williams is coming up off the practice squad and he is going to take the #2 spot. It will be be a loss but not that big of a deal.

  11. Good God kid! At least this gives Demarco Murray leverage in negotiations. This may be good news for us Cowboy fans it’s the first stroke of luck on the way to the Super Bowl. Lock him up no excuse for such behavior.😃

  12. Oh Geez guys. Please start acting like you live a charmed life and make a ton of money playing a game. You guys are blessed. Work at it. Take it seriously. Because when it’s gone, what do you have? Randle isn’t going to have his phone ringing off the hook to be an analyst on a network.

  13. I puffed the magic dragon a little in my youth 20 years ago and I do not think it is addictive but some of these guys sure act like it is. I have a relative who was a NFL agent and former MLB executive. He said there is absolutely no reason to get caught smoking weed except pure stupidity. You know when the testing period is (unless you got caught before). As an agent he told guys if you must smoke NEVER do it anywhere but in your HOME in the basement with doors and windows closed. Period.

  14. “johnodocks says: Feb 4, 2015 12:01 PM

    Suddenly the Murray/Bryant decision swung a little more towards Demarco.”


    What are you talking about? There is no “Murray/Bryant decision”. Bryant is the top priority, the only necessity, and virtually a done deal (it’s just a matter of finding the right compromise spot).

    The real decision is whether Murray is worth whatever he’s asking for. THAT one has swung a little in his favor, but not by much, I’d say.

  15. Must be good news for Murray and his agent as Randle appears less of a reliable option at RB.

    Not to defend his crime, but if every NFL player who does marijuana were arrested, there would not be an NFL. Does anyone seriously doubt that?

  16. More NFL arrests for being all kind of stupid. Smoking dope and skipping rope again. What is it with these NFL players who think they are intelligent imbeciles? Someone should check Randle’s IQ?

  17. The NFL will never ever shed their PR and image problems until they implement a absolute no tolerance policy across the board. No appeals, no investigations, no committees. Get arrested – suspended until a jury decides your fate. Get convicted – get FIRED. Period. Forever. No money – you’re out. If the NFLPA doesn’t like it, too bad, the NFL will find talent that actually behave like responsible adults.

  18. Randle is an elusive runner and has breakaway speed.

    But in the words of Ochocino, when he was once asked about DeAngelo “Fall” claiming to be the fastest man in the NFL, “So what? Everyone here has got speed. If you’re not fast, you’re not here.”

    Randle just cost him a roster spot in my opinion. He’s totally replaceable.

  19. A Cowboy busted with drugs in a hotel room? That puts him right into the Ring of Honor, right, Mr. Irvin?

  20. Not mentioned in the police report was that Randle’s duffle bag was stuffed to the brim with origami swan cranes and travel-sized soap bars taken from other rooms in the hotel.

  21. Eh, the Cowboys haven’t won anything in 20 years, and that’s despite bribing the refs with hookers and blow on your party bus. But at least you have a giant plasma screen in your stadium to see the failures up close and personal, like using the Hubble telescope for a colonoscopy.

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