Jerome Felton opts out of Vikings contract

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Fullback Jerome Felton saw his playing time drop sharply in 2014 as Norv Turner took the reins of the Vikings offense and he’s decided not to hang around to see if things perk up in 2015.

Felton signaled his intention to opt out of the final year of his contract with the Vikings at the end of the season and went ahead and did so on Tuesday.

“Want to thank the Vikings organization for the last three years, it’s been a life changing few years and I have so much respect and admiration for what they’ve done for my family and myself!! Vikings fans are some of the best in the league and I want to say thank you for all your support! No doors are closed but I’m excited to see what the future holds!!” Felton wrote on Twitter.

Felton’s best year in Minnesota was his first as Felton helped block for Adrian Peterson on Peterson’s way to 2,097 yards and made it to the Pro Bowl, but wound up playing 175 snaps in 2014 with Peterson out of the lineup and Turner pushing things in a different direction.

Felton’s decision makes him an unrestricted free agent in March and leaves the Vikings with $2.5 million in cap space to use this offseason.

27 responses to “Jerome Felton opts out of Vikings contract

  1. Congratulations to Jerome Felton. Leaving the Minnesota Vikings will be the highlight of his career, and now he might have the opportunity to win a World Championship somewhere.

  2. While it’s another year still things remain the same in that viking players cannot wait to leave that cesspool even giving up guaranteed money in the process.

  3. Thanks for the three years JF. You did an awesome job in your role. You will be missed. Good luck in the future.

  4. Good luck to him. If my team finished in last place twice and then shot all the way up to third place, I would start to look for a job on a winning team. 54 years and no Superbowls, the Vikings aren’t it.

  5. It looked like the Vikings were likely going to be cutting Felton and replacing him with Zach Line next season. Felton probably wanted to opt out so he had more time to prepare for free agency and begin talking with teams before this year’s free agent class can.

  6. It was a savvy move for Felton, he could wait to get cut probably in training camp and hope to catch on somewhere else, or leave now to start actively start selling himself. I don’t think he’ll be getting $2.5 mill with any other club in the NFL ( he does carry baggage with his arrests and suspensions)but he’d have a better shot at some form of multi-year contract somewhere else. Wish him well.

  7. His fate was sealed when they kept Zach Line on the roster. Maybe he could sign with the Pack and teach McCarthy how to properly manage a game.

  8. The only thing he’ll miss is MN Super Bowl Rings. The guy is in a declining mode any way. Good luck trying to find a job out there, maybe working at McDonald next.

  9. Don’t think there is really much wrong with him other than they don’t need a lead blocker for Adrian Peterson when Adrian Peterson is not there.

    The design of Turner’s offense is different and even with Adrian back, they won’t use the same scheme.

    No reason to speculate that he is washed up just because he is never used.


  10. When your team only manages 7 wins against teams with a combined 33-78-1 record, it’s time to hit the bricks. The funny thing is that Viking fans actually think their team improved this year. They beat nobody!

  11. Guy would rather not have an nfl paycheck than play for that rancid mess in Minny. Can’t blame him one bit.

  12. the funniest thing is hes a better fullback than john kuhn but becuz kuhn plays for the packers he gets deepthroated by the media like hes a difference maker

  13. by the way for all the geniuses in this thread, even if he didnt opt out of his final year on his own, the vikings could have cut him and saved the exact same money. He was gone one way or the other and he knows he wont get that same money on the open market but he was never going to get that money anyways.

  14. oh, no. who will blow there blocking assingment now and let bridgewater get killed on a passing down. Nothing to see here, just opened up a roster spot.

    you could’ve put a division 2 full back out there in petersons 2k season and it would’ve been the same, felton was on the field and a good blocker but those 2k yards were all peterson that year.

  15. You would think after the historic collapse in Seattle the queen bay trolls would give it a rest for a month at least. But no they are still out in full force trolling.
    Notice queen bay fans never criticize their star players even when they have it coming. Rodgers throws for 63 yards in the second half its okay. He throws more INT’s than TD’s it is still okay. Clay Jenner has 6 tackles in a game that went into OT. And it is okay. Clay is standing on the sidelines in the 4th quarter when his team needs him because they can’t stop the Seahawks and it is okay. Jordy is dropping balls for most of the game and its okay. But Brandon Bostick and Burnett cost them the game, along with the coaches. They never blast their stars until they leave the team. then its they weren’t that good anyway.

  16. Queen bay fans should be licking their wounds from the historic collapse. But they are out in full force.Look at your star players instead of Bostick & Burnett as to why you lost. It wasn’t all the coaches fault either.

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