NFL says no truth to report of selling a piece of NFL Network


The report that CBS could buy a piece of NFL Network is being denied by the league.

Shortly after we posted an item on a report that CBS and the NFL were in talks for CBS to become a co-owner of NFL Network, we heard from the league office saying that the report is incorrect.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told PFT the report is “Wrong. Not true.”

CBS has become the NFL’s biggest broadcast partner by adding the Thursday Night Football package to its already existing package of Sunday afternoon games. But the league and CBS aren’t becoming partners on NFL Network.

29 responses to “NFL says no truth to report of selling a piece of NFL Network

  1. They have control over Thursday night football which they are going to push hard over next couple years. Because an 18 game season really isn’t happening. It would be suicide. This is my opinion. Hope it gets posted cause last 4 comments of truth I made here haven’t. This is no reddit that’s for sure.

  2. The NFL only cares about money. Safety, integrity, or the product on the field doesn’t matter. Look at the melee at the end of the big game. That was even a respectable TD dance on Baldwin, not. The biggest stage of his career and he chose to squat and poo. Just sad. Larry Foote is right. No care for authority. No the media isn’t the authority, but his boss who requires him to answer media question is very much is. Lynch, my kids are watching you

  3. NFL Network and all that riveting on-air talent must be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars…

  4. Could they sell Heath Evans I dont even remember this guys career but he talks like he was Dick Butkus ! When I..I,I, dudes annoying !

  5. If the NFL sold the NFL Network, the NFL would lose control of what is said and what message is being put out to the fans! You know, the people who pay the bills!

  6. Wow NFL certainly not talking about one of there own getting caught in prostitution problem…Oh wait if it’s a player it’s plastered all over this sight, but Sapp is a former player and NFL channel employee so it’s hush hush

  7. Can everyone agree the NFL channel and its Thursday games suck and every fan (no matter the team) checks the team schedule the minute it comes out to make sure they have no Thursday games?

  8. If the NFL keeps Goodell it’s going to take a turn like the WWE did. My son used to be a big fan of the WWF/WWE when it was TV-14 and you had guys like Jeff Hardy flipping through 3 tables from a huge ladder onto someone, Mick Foley getting thrown off cages and him throwing guys onto tacks and that stuff was real. Not the punches and dramatics. Vince McMahon then went to TV-PG and you don’t see any of that stuff anymore and people lost interest.

    I make this comparison because, Goodell is gonna add unnecessary rules to the game to the point where the players are gonna be in shorts and a t shirt throwing a Nerf football with guys running down the field with flags hanging from their shorts.


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