Packers expected to promote Ron Zook to special teams coach


For the worst two special teams units in the NFL, promoting from within seems to be the thing to do.

Following the lead of the Panthers promoting assistant special teams coach Bruce DeHaven, it appears the Packers will be doing the same with Ron Zook.

According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Zook is the front-runner to replace fired special teams coach Shawn Slocum, with one candidate already informed that Mike McCarthy plans to fill the job from within.

Zook and McCarthy worked together with the Saints in 2000 and 2001, so they have plenty of background.

The Packers were next-to-last in the league in the special teams rankings compiled by Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News, one spot ahead of Carolina.

35 responses to “Packers expected to promote Ron Zook to special teams coach

  1. Good thing for Ron Zook is they can’t be worse than last year.

    This was also his first year so he didn’t have anything to do with how bad they were the last few years on special teams.

  2. McCarthy should have been fired too, the time was right for a fake FG and as the HC, he should have alerted his ST’s coach.

  3. Last in the league in ST and they promote the assistant of this worldly ranking to coordinator?

    Makes 100 percent sense if you are just happy being in the playoffs…

    It looks like Aaron Rodger will cover for them all….again

  4. Noooo – please nooo – If you didnt help them be anything but last as an assistant why do you expect to be able to turn the team around as the top dog. Especially since your previous track record with other teams as Special teams co-ordinator was not an overwhelming success . There simply has got to be other guys out there. Also promoting a subordinate other than as an interim position sets a bad precedent in my opinion ( this case is an example) – Keep quite and let my boss fail at his job and I might get to be the boss. I believe that they should have fired the whole special teams coaching group for failure to perform – it has to be one for all and all for one approach – especially for a type of position such as special teams. Joetoronto – go post on the Vikings blog – you belong there.

  5. Congratulations to Ron Zook for moving up within the most successful franchise in the history of the NFL – your 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers!

    Better football for better people.

  6. The onside kick debacle v Seattle was simple. The hands team should have consisted of receivers who had been in the ball game and had warmed up, not a guy who hadnt seen the field all day.

  7. Same old story here: nothing to see. El Cheapo Packers want to keep the loser coaches no one else wants, they want to bring all their free agents back so Mac doesn’t have to train new peolple -lazy pig.
    Nothing will change and they will again falter next year.

  8. I love it when commenters think it a put-down to say things like, “whelp, I hope the Packers are OK with continuing to make the playoffs every year, but not winning it all each time. LOL! (fart).”

    How many teams have made the playoffs on as consistent a basis during the past 25 years as the Packers? How many teams’ fans would kill for that kind of success?

  9. Or maybe the head coach could just tap the special teams coach on the shoulder and say “Hey, watch the fake FG in this situation. Three points wont help them here.” That might work too.

  10. The Panthers and Packers may have had challenges on special teams last year, but the Bears had the worst ST units in the league bar none. They literally could not go onto the field without drawing a flag or making a huge mistake and often, both in the same play.

  11. Zook can draw upon all of his impeccable coaching success at Illinois to improve the Pack special teams.

  12. I looked up Green Bay Packers in the dictionary and it said: “Owner of the Minnesota Vikings.”

  13. What’s the excuse for Vikings fans? Or has “embrace the suck” become chiseled in stone?

  14. It really doesn’t matter who they hire as ST coach.

    If Capers is STILL the DC.

    Or whoever the defacto OC is.

    This team is Rodgers.That’s it.

    It was proven laste year when the packers won exactly ONE game in Rodger’s absence last year.

    They TIED the other to a PONDER-led, Musgrave offensive coordinator driven team. Yikes. And, they could only tie them.

    Rodgers has made TT and McCarthy. They didn’t go after him. Rodgers FELL to them in the draft.

    McChoke has been reaping the rewards, but that’s okay.

    The last 2 years, Rodgers has been hurt, and he is on the other side of 30. Yes, he has some years left, but how many of them will be healthy.

    Rodgers looks over at the sideline and sees McCarthy call 3 running plays, when he has one of the best qbs in the game. He may be the softest, but he can fling it, when healthy.

    Even Rodgers can only take so much ineptitude on STeams, defense, and playcalling.

    McCarthy and TT are wasting away Rodgers career, and it is PAINFULLY obvious.

    Rodgers knows he is the entire organization, but he can only take so much ineptitude.

  15. They did it because Packer fans like names with the “oooo” sound – which is why John Kuhn is so popular. Makes it fun to go to the stadium. Now, when the Packers special teams only allow a 50 yard return, McCarthy will hear that “oooo” sound – and will be proud of his popular hire.

  16. Poor viking fans still bitter. Answer me how a one man team with terrible coaching, terrible players, and a clueless GM makes the playoffs 6 straight years, wins a Super Bowl, and having the 2nd best record over the last 10 years? Not to mention flat out owning the vikings with a record of 10-1. Please enlighten us otherwise you just sound like jealous whiners seeking attention because no one cares about your team.

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