Report: Doug Baldwin fined $11,025 for obscene gesture

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We may not know exactly why Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin chose to celebrate his Super Bowl touchdown by feigning dropping his pants and and other things, but knowledge of the motive wasn’t necessary to make an educated guess about the league’s response.

Baldwin and everyone else familiar with the NFL knew that Baldwin would be getting fined by the league for pretending to defecate a football in the end zone. On Wednesday, we got news of that fine.

Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports reports that Baldwin’s going to be out $11,025 for what the league deemed an obscene gesture. Baldwin, who was also penalized 15 yards for his scatological celebration, said Tuesday that he had no regrets.

“No,” Baldwin said, via the Everett Herald. “I was just out there having fun playing the game of football. There’s no explanation. You play this game for so long, you go out there and you have fun. I can get criticized for it, that’s fine, everybody has their opinion, but in the moment I was just having fun. My teammates know that. Ultimately the only the people I have to apologize to are my teammates and coaches, if that was the case, but my teammates and coaches, they know. They didn’t say anything. That’s not even an issue. We lost the game, there are so many other things to be concerned with that something stupid like that.”

There may be other fines handed out as a result of the scuffle near the end of the game that led to Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin’s ejection.

135 responses to “Report: Doug Baldwin fined $11,025 for obscene gesture

  1. Yes we do know why he did it, he’s a classless moron.

    He has cemented himself with one of the worst shows of unsportsmanlike conduct in the history of the game.

  2. So much for the lovable Seahawks. Baldwin obscene gesture. Starting a stupid fight with just seconds left int eh Superbowl. I guess they are only classy when everything is going their way…

  3. I am confused. On Sun, the post TD celebration was “between him and the person it was directed towards” and that person wouldnt be identified. On Wed, it was just him “having fun out there on the football field”. Which is it? Was it an act directed at someone, or was it just an innocent act out of super bowl joy?

  4. on second thought after reading his “No Regrets” comments I would have fined and suspended him until he did publicly express his regrets.

  5. 1 catch 3 yards, with ref interference, losing the super bowl, and now out 11 grand for acting like a child on a playground… Yup no regrets

  6. that mediocre scrub will wish he had that $11k when he’s out of the league in 2 years

  7. You have to fine this clown more than 11k to make a point !! 100 million people watching. Should have been $250,000 keep these players in check. ROGER you are a joke!

  8. I don’t really mind the other Hawks personalities that bother others, but I absolutely can’t stand this guy. Yes, you’re mediocre buddy. You’re a #3 receiver and not even a practice squad person.

  9. I was PRAYING that one of the times he ignored the kick off and “knowing” it was going to go out of the end zone that it’d land in play and bounce back towards him.

  10. Way to put yourself above the team. Cost your team 15 yards and made it that much easier for Brady to drive the field and score. Good job dumb @$$

  11. You can’t fix stupid. Stupid is as stupid does and the Seahawks are all kind of stupid to include Baldwin. This is a talented but undisciplined football team and that reflects on the management of this team to include Coach Carroll and his entire staff. This is also the reason why this club is the most penalized in the entire NFL.

  12. 114 million viewers from around the globe saw this guy simulate taking a dump during a Super Bowl. He’s lucky the league didn’t ban him for life.

  13. The same Doug Baldwin who is constantly screaming into cameras and microphones demanding we respect him?

  14. If I scored a TD in the SB and wanted to have a ton of fun, I would pretend to poop a football. That is what my friends and I did on the playground when we scored, because we were so excited and got so caught up in the moment, that we would pretend to poop. A teams reputation starts with the head coach and QB, and these guys are all clowns.

  15. Carroll needs to get the team in check. Lynch grabbing his crotch, Baldwin taking a dump on the field, Sherman not waiting till after the game to start bragging, ejections at the Superbowl.

    The Team is running wild, they will start falling apart, if they not kept in check

  16. A couple of thoughts:
    1. The move foreshadowed his team’s finish to the game.
    2. If that’s how he has fun in public, look out for him at private events.
    3. He could probably make up the money lost to that fine with an endorsement for Metamucil.

  17. Must be awesome to have your son score a TD in the Super Bowl then not get to see the celebration because he’s making a total fool out of himself. Then, as an added bonus have them blow the lead and lose the game. Baldwin pooped all over himself.

  18. There is a missing persons report out for Richard Sherman and the entire Seahawks fan base. If you have any information pertaining to the whereabouts of the one year dynasty, please call 1-800-UMADBRO.

  19. The behavior of specific members of the Seattle team, both before and during the game was an embarrassment. The fans don’t need to look any further than Pete Carroll and his handling of players to find the cause.

    Frankly, I feel sorry for their fan base.

  20. Hey Doug, this is the reason nobody respects anything you say or do. In case you were wondering? Yup this is it. It’s clear you have the education of a jr high school kid and the mentality of a grade schooler.

  21. A couple things…1. Doug Baldwin sucks. He’s a number three on any other team in the NFL and B. I have never taken a dump worth $11k in my life…let alone a fake one.

  22. He was just honoring Pete Carroll his coach. Pete did the exact same pose after the interception by Butler. (I’m serious, watch what Carroll does after he yells “OH NO!”)

  23. That’s it!?! He crapped on the biggest sport on the biggest stage and he gets a measly 11K fine?

    I hope the team has enough class to fine him as well. I wouldn’t count my Sea-chickens before they hatch though.

  24. He should have been suspended for being an embarassment and a disgrace to the game with 120 million people watching including women and children. I bet his momma is so proud.

  25. If a player gets fined for an act, and then says that the act was “fun” and that it’s “not even an issue” and that they have “no regrets”… Doesn’t that mean the fine should be dramatically higher? So high that they do regret it, and that it is an issue?

  26. He is but one of the insufferable personalities on this team that make me very happy they blew it.

    Great fans, great QB, but too many self-centered idiots on this team. Intolerably obnoxious.

  27. I still love everything about the Seahawks. All of you casual fans commenting on people hopping of the bandwagon, or classless players are the ones who would probably jump ship if that thought even crossed your mind about that topic.

    Seahawks have a foundation to be great for years
    Patriots have a foundation to be great for 4 years, until Brady retires

    Let’s enjoy what we hope will be a rivalry instead of uneducated, biased posts trying to bash one team or one player. This comment board just displays the trashy uneducated audience of the NFL that is perfect for a tabloid blog

  28. Posting here for all the good times means posting in the bad times too. I for one would not miss Baldwin one bit next year and that’s before this nonsense.

    I’m sick of his selfish acts, mouth and play. And as for Pete Carroll, I still think he’s a great coach and want back to the super bowl with him leading but he needs to reign these guys in some.

  29. I realize he is probably the exception, but it doesn’t speak well for a Stanford “education” to see someone with his level of maturity.

  30. Fine Irwin but fine Gronk…. he admitted on TV that he decided to throw a couple haymakers just for the fun of it.

  31. god I cant wait for this painfully AVERAGE player become an afterthought.

    Not 1 of the Seattle receivers could get open all day. They looked pretty smart after the Percy Harvin deal, but I cant help but think they win that game with him on the roster.

  32. i rooted for the seahawks to win, but glad to see this guy doug baldwin lost the super bowl and got fined for such gesture. there was no need for that.

  33. That alone makes me happy they lost. Sorry but if scoring in the super bowl isn’t fun unless you pretend to crap on the field, you’re cognitively a child, not to mention an attention junkie. If he ever reaches mental adulthood, he’ll be regret what he did.

  34. That’s a mere slap on his sorry butt. The NFL should have fined him 10x that, plus a suspension. Totally classless.

  35. Millions upon millions watching & that’s how you choose to celebrate…..truly pathetic. Who are these people this league employs???

  36. He should get fined twice as much for his rant after winning the NFC championship game. The only people that didn’t give Seattle any respect was in regard to their practice squad-level talent of WRs.

  37. “He’s smart. He’s wise,” wide receiver Doug Baldwin said. “He’s not going to do anything that will negatively affect us on the field.”
    DB last week, when asked about Marshawn Lynch risking a 15-yard penalty for junk grabbing.

    DB indeed.

  38. Even as a Hawks fan, I found it to be stupid and out of line. Your starting to think your bigger than you really are Doug. You hurt the team by making a stupid gesture and you should regret it because you gift wrapped an additional 15 yards to the Pats.

  39. Seattle “fans”……….relax, enjoy the Thunder, your NHL team, the Mariners…..and enjoy the sun……when it makes it’s weekly appearance come July or so. Depressing

  40. Hawk fan here. That was a terrible choice Doug made and I hope he learns as Sherm has that being humble is worth something. Be a class act for all 12’s which include yourself. I am a Baldwin fan so I expect him to not do that again and be much different next year.

  41. Yup, Baldwin pretty much summed up the Whole NFL one big turd. Look around folks the NFL has got some serious problems, but is probably just a reflection of our society as well.

  42. How on God’s Green Earth could ANYONE think that pantomiming taking a dump with the football as the dump in front of millions during the SUPER BOWL is “having fun”? You CAN’T be that utterly clueless.

  43. I love the Hawks fans that think Gronk started the fight. Yeah, he just decided that he wanted to fight 3 Seahawks players, because one wasnt enough…

    On second thought, based on their defensive output in the 4th, maybe he did start it, and figured it wouldnt be fair unless it was him versus 3. That team got punched in the mouth and folded…

  44. You mean doug Baldwin actually played in the super bowl?

    With his mouth, I would have thought I would have heard way more about him. I sure didn’t notice him on the field!

  45. Some will also say that his selfish act was a “non-factor” because the Pats went 3 and out and punted on the ensuing possession, which resulted in a touchback due to the 15 yard penalty.

    Maybe without the penalty, that punt is fair caught at the 12. Maybe the punt is blocked or shanked. Who knows? Butterfly Effect stuff, but what I do know is that the Seahawks had all the momentum at that point and then they never scored again. Things went downhill from there.

    He lost a lot of money between the fine and potential future endorsements that he is now very unlikely to see, but did he lose the Seahawks the game with his selfish classless act? We’ll never know for sure. Very disappointed in what was one of my favorite ‘Hawks.


  46. The admission standards at Stanford seem to be mirroring those of LSU or god forbid Ohio State…alot of morons coming out of that school. Andrew Luck just threw another interception!

    Go Pats!

  47. He gave a whole new meaning to that song that came out in 2011…..

    But Doug Baldwin… There’s no need for you to “Teach me how to dougie”…….

  48. Too bad that some of the players on this team take away from the play of some of the really good players on this team. As a parent used to tell me – you are what your friends are. Broad brush I know, but it is what it is. Then there’s
    Davis in Atlanta who does so much for the kids there. Never understand why some of these players think they have to do that. They end up looking like fools and their mothers must be appalled.

  49. I’m a Hawks fan and I’ve come to seriously dislike Doug Baldwin and the perm chip on his shoulder. If he were a great player that was persistently overlooked, that would be one thing.
    But he is a MEDIOCRE receiver, despite his tirades to the contrary.
    One catch in the SB? Couldn’t get open against anyone of merit, eh, Doug? Except for on that one play when the ref took your cover man out of the play.
    And oh yeah, that display GAVE the Patriots 15-yards on their next drive. Is that nothing? Because from where I’m standing that was an utterly stupid, amateur mistake. The fact he doesn’t understand that makes him even more bush league. How can he not understand why a 15-yardpenalty IS a big deal?
    I truly hope the Hawks draft someone better (shouldn’t be too hard) and dump his sorry butt. The tirades and subpar performances have gotten really old.

  50. “That fine should have come with a suspension. There’s no excuse for what he did.”

    But ther is an excuse in that he is such a mediocre talent that he must do obnoxiously grandiose things for people to notice him.

  51. Russell Wilson’s scrambling heroics are the only reason Doug Baldwin has half the receptions he does.
    On any kind of team that depends upon structured timing plays, he would almost never be open when the ball arrived. IF he was ever thrown to.
    (Oh, who am I kidding? Baldwin wouldn’t start for any either team.)
    It literally takes Wilson scrambling like a MAD MAN to extend a play to give Baldwin enough time to FINALLY break free of his man.
    And all of that would be somewhat tolerable, if he were even an ounce humble about things. But no, instead he seeks out reporters to lambast them for essentially reporting on his subpar stats.
    Seriously, we need better receivers. Some people say Wilson isn’t a good passer, I say how would we know? He hasn’t had anyone decent to throw to since Rice retired. I would keep Kearse, though. He’s a good role-player and makes some huge grabs at the most opportune times.

  52. I knew exactly what he did. The camera didn’t flash off of him that fast. Unless a person is as slow witted as some of these guys on the field it was pretty obvious what he did.

    cashindubz says:
    Feb 4, 2015 11:19 AM
    Big dummy got fined and got flagged and no one watching the Super Bowl on TV knew what he did.

  53. That is all? I think it would have been fair to take a penny for each of the 114m viewers in the US. But since that would be 1.14m it should have been 1/10 of a cent/viewer or all of his playoff money whichever is greater.
    The seahawks are just like a teacher in summertime, they have no class.

  54. Also to note (although no one will) almost every single Hawks fan on these boards has condemned Baldwin, his performance, and his antics.

    But that hasn’t stopped the typical troll comments about how we’re ALL classless fans and, apparently, non-existent after the loss despite the fact there are at least as many of us commenting here today as anyone else.

    Internet memes aren’t easy to live down, I suppose. I’m just glad the Pats fans are in the limelight now.

    Show us how classy you are, Boston. Show us the composure of a true, gracious champion.

    And a 1..2..3..

  55. The most disgusting franchise in the NFL, and yet everybody praises them.

    I can’t wait for the poaching to begin, back to the Rick Mirer ERA.

    San Francisco 49ers will be building a dynasty starting with the SB at home.

    Now Shoo Seattle, go back under the Starbucks cup you came from.

    SF 49ers WC 2016!!! First home team to play in it’s venue.

  56. beastmode5150 says:
    Feb 4, 2015 11:32 AM
    Hopefully Gronkowski gets fined for starting that fight.

    You mean the fight that the TOUGH Legion of Boom Seahawks (Irvin) started then almost RAN OFF OF THE FIELD when Gronk came after him?

    Seahawks ran into a team that took their best shot and ended up slapping them around and pushing that overated defense to the brink. The Patriots aren’t the Broncos sorry beastmode, LMAO.

  57. Sherman and Baldwin.. proof that just because you go to college like ‘Stanford’ doesn’t make you a more refined, respectable person.

  58. Just another indication of how classless the seahawks have become since their one and done” superbowl win

  59. @Dogsweat – Noooo! Please don’t invoke that name. Even rivals have to show some mercy, right?

    And if you’re going to torment us, why stop at Mirer? In the 90’s, the Hawks were so terrible they got plenty of great first round picks.

    Let’s see, before Mirer (QB of the Future!) we got Dan McGwire. Brother to a champion. Remember him? No?

    Hell, why stop there, go back to the Boz. ANOTHER great first round pick. What was it, two seasons before he got steamrolled on MNF?

    Yep, before Schneider came along we were cruising on draft day. If there was a mangy dog in the bunch, we’d find ’em.

  60. p8riotdynastylives says:
    Feb 4, 2015 11:13 AM
    Lynch should be fined to !!! He out there in the endzone and the offense isnt even on the field!!!! Irvin should get slammed too


  61. martylaughlin..Paul Richardson was coming on, stretching the field a bit and doing a good job on kick offs..his injury hurt this team MUCH more than trading Harvin-which preceded a nice run of victories for the Hawks.

  62. I feel bad for loyal Seattle fans. The end of that game was a great play by Butler. Period. The end. Get off Pete Carroll’s back already. These games can go either way. As a long time Pats fan, I painfully recall when they lost to the Giants in the Superbowl a few years ago. Agony!

    I do NOT think it’s trolls and Pats fans making comments here. It seems primarily Seattle fans very disappointed with their team’s recent behavior. I don’t blame them at all!

    And as for Gronk starting that fight. Re-watch the tape. He got clocked right in the jaw. Sucker punched by a coward. That’s when he retaliated.

    I feel bad for Seattle fans. I know what it’s like to loose a game like that when you had it in your hands like that! But you have a team full of blowhards capped off by this moron pretending to turn on the field. I mean, really?

    Now you have your QB off to play baseball all summer (which I think is a HUGE mistake). You want to be an elite QB, that means you WORK at that craft all summer. NOT play baseball.

    But he’s a great kid. Maybe he is just sick of football at the moment. And having to be the single class act on that team, I do not blame him!

  63. Well congrats Baldwin, you were part of the show that was the Seahawks showing their derriere’s to everyone in the world.
    Not only did you lose the game, your defensive coordinator, you also lost your class, respect, and in the process told everyone that Carroll doesn’t have any control over his team by saying that none of the coaches told you anything about doing a selfish act that penalized your team.

    Bravo young man, Bravo.

  64. The act was rude and classless. His follow-up comments are the same if not worse. He cost his team 15 yards of field position and since it only cost him $11k, his response is meh!!

    Glad you blew it Bald-lose.

  65. RegisHawk says:Feb 4, 2015 11:23 AM

    Gronkowski should be fined and suspended for starting the fight.

    34 Thumbs up

    209 Thumbs down.

    In other words, 34 members of the “12TH Man” read that guy’s post as well as 209 common sense, know-what- they-are-talking-about football fans as well.

  66. Wow. This dude is so out of touch. There is definitely some sort of weird psychological dynamic going on within that roster. It’s not good either….

  67. Well after seeing Baldwin’s act in the end zone, it sure explains why Richard Sherman used a cardboard cutout during that press conference a few weeks back.

  68. He got off easy. I was rooting for the Seahawks until he did that. No class. Say what you will about the Patriots, but no player on that team would ever do something like that.

  69. Hey, Dan Quinn…
    You said you want Julio Jones to remain a Falcon long-term, but I’m calling your bluff. Baldwin for Jones, straight up.

    Thumbs down if you think Roger Goodell is an American Hero.

  70. He did it because he wanted to taunt the other team because he thought there was no chance he team would lose and he wanted to rub in the opponents face. Well you guys lost, and you deserved it. I used to like Baldwin just the guy is just a trash talker, calling out every person who says anything wrong about Seattle (IE: Carter, some random reporter). Then you do something like this and wonder why people don’t show you guys respect.

  71. “Pete’s free wheeling “let the guy’s be themselves” approach works great when you win, not so good when you don’t.”

    ..also works when you have guys that can demonstrate some class and maturity …neither of which this idiot demonstrates…

  72. Simulate taking a dump: $11, 025 fine

    Not talk to the media on Media Day: $500,000 fine

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present NFL logic.

  73. if you cost your team 15 yards and possibly affect the outcome of the game, then it is not a good thing, and definitely not fun for his coach or teammates. Not fun for the 12th man either.

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