Report: D’Qwell Jackson arrested for assault


The many chants at Wednesday’s parade in Boston could include a one-word mantra:  Karma.

The player who reportedly sparked the #DeflateGate investigation by intercepting a Tom Brady pass 16 days ago has landed in an off-field controversy.  Via ABC7 in Washington, Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson has been arrested for punching a pizza delivery person twice in the head during an argument over a parking spot.

Apart from facing legal scrutiny, Jackson will be subject to punishment under the new personal conduct policy, which contemplates paid leave for certain types of violent crime.  Jackson could be barred from Colts practice and games until any ensuing prosecution is resolved.

While Jackson widely gets credit/blame for firing the first shot in #DeflateGate, he has told Jeff Darlington of NFL Media that Jackson noticed nothing amiss with the football at the time he caught it.  (Darlington discussed the situation during a Tuesday visit to PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio; click the logo above to hear each hour of the show.  Darlington appeared in the second hour.)

Some believe the Jackson interception provided the Colts with the opening to make a pre-planned, in-game complaint about football deflation, sparking the halftime test that showed New England’s footballs to be under the 12.5 PSI minimum — and that showed the Colts’ footballs to be within the accepted range.

78 responses to “Report: D’Qwell Jackson arrested for assault

  1. He better hope it wasn’t a Papa John’s delivery guy or Peyton will drop 10 TD’s in one game on Indy.

  2. He had nothing to do with it. He just wanted to keep the ball that he intercepted from Brady during the AFCCG, as anyone would.

    It was after it had been lounging around on the sidelines of the Colts for 15-20 minutes that it was tested and realized to by around 2psi under. According the the NFL reports, the rest were only a couple ticks under.

    You tell me how the only ball to be abnormaly under-inflated was the one that started the original complaint and the only one under the Colts care.

    As for punching a guy twice over a parking spot? Well, it seems he might need some anger management.

  3. OK……so D’QWELL JACKSON of the COLTS punches a pizza guy in the face a couple of times

    why is Boston, Tom Brady, and New England mentioned?

    the obsession is hilarious

  4. He didn’t start the controversy. He openly said that he only got the ball as a souvenir of an INT in a championship game. The GM threw him under the bus for his incopentence to build a solid team. That comes from the owner whough. Irsay’s idea is that only one QB is enough to beat anyone else in the league

  5. Another perfect fit for the Ratbirds. He even played his collegiate ball at Maryland and was complicit with Coach Pagutless and Coach Crybaby! He will look great in the Ravens purple or an orange jumpsuit (aren’t they one-in-the-same?).

  6. Weird how he saw nothing wrong with the ball after he caught it, but a Colts equipment manager with full access to pressure gauges and needles “discovered” it was underinflated some time later, at which point the Colts GM and favorite pet reporter were immediately alerted. I’m sure being well into another blowout playoff loss to the Patriots was not a factor, since that’s definitely not something that gets a GM fired.

  7. How funny will it be when the Wells Report comes out and finds out that the Colts deflated the ball and handed it to the officials.

    And then Roger Goodell Apologizes to Kraft and awards the Patriots with a First Round draft pick from the Colts.

  8. Obviously Belichick and Brady used Jedi mind tricks to implant violent suggestions in Jackson’s head.

    This is all the Pats fault.


  9. Some of these players just don’t realize that playing in the NFL is a privilege.

    They act like it’s their right.

  10. Let’s see: Ray Rice punched his wife and that’s Roger Goodell’s fault. Ardian Peterson abused his child and that’s also Goodell’s fault. The Patriot’s got caught using illegal footballs and that’s Ryan Grigson’s fault? Wow. That’s pretty funny. What time do you guys start drinking in the morning?

  11. In DC, you pay to “Own” parking spots…. so it is pretty frustrating when someone takes it.

    Just thinking about driving in DC gives me road rage. Of course, I don’t go around punching other people… though it does cross my mind.

  12. Poor pizza guy is just doing a job, no matter how menial, and gets punched out by a 250 pound linebacker.

  13. What’s even funnier than this story, is the idea of the Colts trying to hang with the Seahawks in this past Superbowl. Somebody needs to inform their GM that there was an lot more than just 1 psi separating them from NE in the AFC title game.

  14. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson will be watching closely Mr. Goodell. They expect your rush to judgment/suspension by this afternoon.

  15. Come on … who hasn’t wanted to punch a pizza guy in the face? No jury in the world will convict this man.

  16. He has anger management issues but at least he isn’t a liar and didn’t claim the ball was dramatically under inflated before grigson’s guys got their hands on it.

    Jackson will be held accountable for his actions.
    The Colts organization should also be held accountable for framegate.

  17. One more reason Andrew Luck should consider signing with another team for 2016.

    Would be fun to see the Patriots sign him as a co-starter with Brady…just to mess with the league.

  18. I can certainly understand D’Qwell’s frustration if he was the paid owner of the parking spot that the pizza deliveryman took, and that would presumably mean that D’Qwell was about to park in his own spot when the pizza guy took it before he got the chance. However, punching someone is inexcusable, and there were a multitude of other ways to handle that situation that did not include any sort of violence, particularly when there has been so much attention paid to violence, domestic or otherwise in the NFL as of late. What a knucklehead! I cannot understand how any NFL player, particularly after this year, would not stop and think before acting on an emotion, about what harm their violent actions would cause them, in the justice system, in their public perception, and what it would mean to their NFL career/paycheck. SMH

  19. disgusting. can you imagine getting of your car in a parking lot only to have some 230 lb man walk up and knock you out. what a society we live in.

  20. Plot twist: The pizza driver is Patriots fan and he started to run his mouth to D’Qwell about deflategate and he felt the need to set the pizza driver straight.

  21. Neurologists are agreed that head injuries can seriously harm how the brain regulates anger, and Penn professor and well-known “neurocriminologist” acknowledged that a link between NFL players’ head injuries and domestic violence is a “plausible hypothesis.”
    One famous study from 1986 looked at 15 death row inmates and found that all of them had experienced a traumatic head injury in childhood. A 1996 report looked at 279 Vietnam War Veterans who suffered penetrating brain injuries found that those with damage to a particular part of the frontal cortex demonstrated more aggression.
    It’s not a reach to think that Jackson’s concussion history and frequent sustained head shots was perhaps a factor in this.

  22. i see the nfl already came up with a plan to damage-control the deflategate.
    but punching a pizza delivery man? c’mon dude.

  23. As with “Deflategate” wait for the facts.

    He intercepted the pass and handed the ball over as a momento. He’s on record as not noticing anything different about the ball. Haven’t read anything bad about him or his past.

    Parking spot wars are common with heavy snow. Need to know the circumstances.

  24. I don’t understand why NFL players are so stupid. Do you have to be an idiot to play professional football?
    Knock it off!!!! Most of these guys gradumataed kollege. Still blows my mind the schools actually graduate most of these self-centered entitled brats. Not speaking of D J in particular, just the nfl in general. Kinda funny how we now have to dumb down the scores so they can graduate. Their feelings may get hurt, and we all know that is just not fair. I really am getting tired of supporting this sport. I’ll still watch it, but I wont spend one more dollar on merchandise. I’m done supporting this buffoonery.

  25. If only the pizza delivery guy had a football and started running at him….Lord knows Dqwell couldnt tackle any of the Pats runningbacks worth a lick!

    Go Pats!

  26. I hope he has deep pockets because this relatively minor incident is going to cost Jackson big time because he is an NFL player and he may be facing a civil suit as well as criminal prosecution. Stupid is as stupid does.

  27. The article which is sited alludes to it being a reserved spot. If that is the case and pizza guy was parking there anyway I understand how agitated that could be. And sometimes you just gotta punch a dude in the head if at first you ask him nicely and he doesn’t get it.

    “Could you move, you’re in my reserved parking spot”
    “No, Ima just be a minute.”
    “Doesn’t matter, thats my spot”
    “No dude, its all about me. I’m a pizza guy. don’t you know how important I am?”

  28. This storyline suggests that the Universe would act on behalf of the Patriots?? Seriously?? The Patriots are Cheaters & I think Karma is going to be working against them, not for…

  29. Fistfighting a pizza delivery guy? There will be excuses, denials, accusations that we are all “haters”. But guess what–this does not happen to most of us because we exercise restraint, common sense, good judgment. Walk away–its never, ever worth it. The stupidity stretches the boundaries of sanity with these guys.

  30. Players need to hibernate during the offseason.

    If they can’t handle being disrespected without throwing a punch they shouldn’t be going out.

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