Report: Jordan Cameron eager to leave the mess in Cleveland


The Browns are once again looking like a mess this offseason. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan wanted out and got his wish. Wide receiver Josh Gordon wanted to play but has been suspended for a year. Quarterback Johnny Manziel is heading for rehab for an alcohol problem.

And now comes word that tight end Jordan Cameron wants out. Jason La Canfora of CBS reports that Cameron, who becomes a free agent next month, is not interested in returning to Cleveland.

Cameron was a Pro Bowler in the 2013 season and played well at times in 2014, averaging 17.7 yards a catch. But Cameron has also suffered three concussions in the last two years, and that may scare a lot of potential suitors off. It’s unknown whether the Browns even want to keep Cameron.

La Canfora’s story paints the Browns as a disaster, with Manziel and fellow first-round pick Justin Gilbert both looking like draft busts and owner Jimmy Haslam meddling in work that should be left to the coaching staff and the personnel department. If things in Cleveland are as bad as this story makes it sound, then it’s easy to see why Cameron would be eager to leave.

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  1. I think the reverse of the hometown discount could be in play here. The Browns will have to pony up more than a lot of other teams to keep him. Potentially, a lot more.

  2. Jason La Canfora is really on top of his game with this one. I bet nobody saw this coming. He could probably just copy and paste this story to 52 other guys names and save himself a lot of work this offseason.

  3. NOBODY wants to play for that grease fire that won’t ever go out.
    Haslam is the PERFECT owner to carry on the dysfunctional tradition.

  4. Sadly I honestly think they are the most disorganized and dysfunctional team in the entire NFL – ever! And it just keeps getting worse…

  5. Everyone including Browns fans want to leave Cleveland. Go look up “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video” on YouTube if you don’t already know what I’m talking about.

  6. No one in their right mind wants to be in Cleveland. It’s so bad it makes detroit look like Beverly Hills. Algae filled Great Lakes, rivers on fire.. Place is a total dump

  7. once he leaves and signs for lots of $$$ people will learn that he cant stay healthy, cant block, and is not gonna take the next step …good luck and so long

  8. It’s also beautiful place to live, with beaches, mountains, and culture. Plus the weather is amazing year round as well.

  9. Comment from a May 2014 article:

    clebrownsfan11 says:

    As a Cleveland fan, the feeling is mutual, Teddy. Some guys aren’t strong enough enough to turn around a struggling franchise and some are. Thank God for mentally tough guys like Johnny Manziel. GO BROWNS!

  10. It’s a pity because the Browns fielded a pretty competitive team for most of the season.
    Owner, Jimmy Haslam is one of the biggest problems. He’ll probably blow it up again in the near future. It must be nice to be a billionaire and make mistake after mistake and just become wealthier. Maybe he’s copied the Daniel Snyder model.

  11. “12thmanhouse says:
    Feb 4, 2015 5:41 PM
    SEA needs a pass-catching TE…”

    But won’t be able to afford one 🙂

  12. Let’s be honest.., as a player, you have only a few years in which to make a career. While it’s great to be drafted by any Team.., who really wants to make a dedicated career with a Team built for failure? Most Teams go up and down through the years and that’s how it goes. But Cleveland? Cleveland’s a loser from the top, all the way down.

    Get out while you still can, kid. It’s called ‘Opportunity’.

  13. He is one of the FAs I wanted the Dolphins to consider. The concussions are a potential issue but he could be the red zone threat they sorely need

  14. 12thmanhouse says:
    Feb 4, 2015 5:41 PM
    SEA needs a pass-catching TE…
    12thmanhouse says:
    Feb 4, 2015 5:41 PM
    SEA needs a passing game


  15. You all realize that LaCanfora is Mike Lombardi’s personal mouthpiece, dont you? Meaning that Lombardi is LaCanforas source….meaning that LaCanforas source doesnt even work for the team….meaning Lombardi is grinding an axe. It aint rocket surgery….

  16. Some of you are highly misinformed about Cleveland the city. It is actually a happening place right now. With more movies, high tech jobs, and casinos moving up, the arrow is actually pointing up right now, finally.

  17. Yeah, let’s believe everything La Canfora says. The same guy who lynch mobs the Browns every chance he gets because they fired his Clown friend Mike Lombardi because he’s as useful as Rosie O’Donnells personal trainer. Keep yucking it up you anti Cleveland sheep. The situation is quite different than what’s being portrayed. This is a club who could potentially take the division next year.

  18. Since reading this article, Cameron just had two more concussions! See ya later! Tell your sister i said hi, unless she still sucking money out of Leinart and Griffin.

  19. Haslams big mistake was tucking it to Joe Banner. He had them in great shape to succeed ! All those draft pix and they bleeped it all up.

  20. Didn’t Haslam used to be in the Steeler’s Organization? And now he owns a division rival and he’s sending them even deeper into the gutter…

  21. Really? Did he even play this year? He had one good year because teams were trying to stop Gordon. He’s been on IR more then the active roster, but good for the team that signs a guy with three head injuries in one NFL season.

  22. You might as well have made your title “Everyone Eager To Leave The Mess In Cleveland”

  23. Green Bay would be another team that might be interested. They still haven’t replaced Finley’s production at the TE spot.

    Rodgers 2 is solid, but will never have Cameron’s speed. Nice Cover 2 beater he’d be.

  24. I can not blame him a bit. Get out while you are getting to the more productive time of your career. Cleveland can’t seem to pull themselves out of the mud of stupid.

  25. JaminJake says:
    Feb 4, 2015 6:13 PM
    I feel so bad for Joe Thomas. He deserves better.


    Joe Thomas makes millions and decided to re-sign there. Hard to feel sorry for him.

  26. As a phins fan, I’m elated that Farmer turned down our GM position! It was his job to have and opted for the “stability” in Cleveland, what a joke. Cleveland sports so sad, prob won’t even manage to win with the best basketball on earth. #tworings

  27. Jordan Cameron should sign with a Saints team that currently rosters Cameron Jordan. This would make it a nightmare for the announcers.

  28. As a bills fan I’ve seen my share of awfulness but in my experience it’s consistently been the Bills being mired in mediocrity with signs of a hopeful future which haven’t as of yet come to fruition. But never in their 15 years of disappointment have they matched the pure dysfunction of the browns in their 15 years since returning to the league. I truly feel bad for these Browns fans who deserve much better. Even with new ownership it’s the same sad dog and pony show.

  29. That Cleveland article is brutal, just awful. And yet the Browns still managed to soak the Colts for a first round pick in exchange for Trent Richardson. Between that and the blowout losses to the playoffs it’s easy to understand why their GM would make up lies about the World Champs.

  30. Exactly right about LaCanfora and Lombardi. Look, all of you bashing Cleveland seem to be missing a very important part of that article, Cameron has had 3 concussions and was contemplating retirement due to health concerns. It even glossed over the fact that the Browns probably do not want to pay a lot of money to a TE that may be finished with another concussion. That kind of logic is lost in the narrative LaCanbardi is trying to spin. I’m sure the Browns made an offer and Cameron didn’t like it and is saying he wants out due to the culture rather than the truth, which is he is one concussion away from being Jahvid Best.

    For all the calamity, Cameron was a 5th round project, who was developed into a Pro Bowl TE…in Cleveland. Don’t forget that. He was garbage his first two years. But, yeah, it’s much more fun to trumpet the horns of dysfunction and watch all the troll comments from uneducated fans.

    In Seattle you got guys throwing each other under buses, saying Wilson “isn’t black enough” and admitting envy in locker room over Wilson, yet the Browns get drug through the mud at every turn, even when they are being prudent in their process (suspending Girdon, not offering a lot to oft injured TE).

    Enough is enough, get off their backs. Every team has some dysfunction, it’s part of football. You got egos all over these franchises, some bigger than the states they reside in. These “OMG!, what a mess!” Articles and comments are exactly the same kind of hyperbole that Johnny Manziel into Johnny F’in Football. It’s completely manufactured and on the level of hysterics.

    The texting deal is a faux paus, but hardly blame them when you lose games by throwing the ball on 3 yard line three times, when at the time you had one of the better running games in the league. I wishi had Kyles number, I would have texted him too. Good riddance.

  31. Cameron is a joke. Peace out. One good year under norv turner and chudzinski(forever a te coach). And lacanforna, as said previously just a mouthpiece for Lombardi. A talentless hack( Super Bowl ring or no) who is grinding his axe. Prolly to deflect deflategate. Quite sad really. Let beat up the the small kid. Typical bully stuff.

  32. Browns fans should be free to switch to whatever team they feel like without criticism from anyone. This is absolutely ridiculous and no one fan should have to deal with this crap

  33. bonniebengal says:
    Bengals! We’re just down the road. You don’t even have to leave the state.

    Is that supposed to be incentive?

  34. Nothing more than a BS article “placed” by a source in order to drum up interest for a TE than wont be able to stay on the field. It’s a lot easier to play the “Cleveland is a mess card” than to see the real motivation behind the story…..broken TE, looking for suitors.

  35. Axing the Gordon trade was unbelievable. I’m astounded the Niners actually were willing to give up a second round pick for him coming off of suspension. Now, he’s suspended again for a full year and nobody will ever again offer even a cup of coffee for him.

  36. They are running this team as well as the o. admin is running the country. Pretty neck and neck though.

  37. I love when experts think they know what they are talking about. We all know Manziel wasn’t going to start next year, we knew Gordon would wind up back in trouble (frankly I think the Browns were better without him last year), and Shanahan was as good as gone anyways, because his play calling was horrific and defenses picked up on it.

    Now, there is a report that Jordan Cameron wants out of Cleveland because of the “mess”? What, Cleveland gave him an offer that probably was more than reasonable for a guy who is one concussion from being out of the NFL.

    I hope these experts don’t show up in Cleveland if/when the Browns get things rolling. Those fans are brutal and will never let these “experts” into their town. Browns and their fans deserve better from the media, and from Haslam.

  38. I feel bad for Pettine. Regardless of your feelings of how he handled the Hoyer/Manziel situation, he got way more out of that roster last year than the talent would dictate. The GM and owner are disasters who might tank Pettine’s career before it even begins. I don’t know if he’s a good coach, but he gets a mulligan here if he flops.

  39. vancouversportsbro says:
    Feb 4, 2015 5:38 PM
    I’m still pissed about the ending of the super bowl.

    But there will always be the Cleveland Browns and it doesn’t get worse than that.
    LOL, good perspective. I’ve felt like crap all week but now I feel a little better.

    Sorry city of Cleveland, you don’t deserve this.

  40. What’s high in the middle and round on both ends?

    The Brown’s offense with Johnny under center.

  41. That’s fine let him walk. The guy is good but is injury prone and his head is soft like a marshmallow soooo….good luck. He will get a payday to ride the pine and Browns are making a good choice here by not signing him

  42. Cleveland deserves better. They’ve had bad owners and bad luck since the NFL let the franchise move to Baltimore

    It’s such a historic franchise and now it’s a joke. No bueno.

  43. Cleveland is stuck right now because of the Haslem insistence on drafting Manziel, but this is a tacky hit piece if I ever saw it. La Canfora and Mike Lombardi are good friends, and this is just him scratching his friend’s back a year after he cried about him getting blown up. The tip off in the article was the nauseating over praise of Joe Banner who no one has ever called the reason for Philadelphia winning on the field on any level. He was the only person in the world that would have given Lombardi a job, so La Canfora gives him effusive praise while tearing down the replacements who did better btw with a lot more organizational turmoil going on with the Manziel pick.

  44. Quite honestly, Jordan Cameron isn’t worth resigning. The 2013 season was the only one where he played the season and he was very productive. The problem is that all the other season’s he has been injured. He’s not reliable and the team can’t count on him. Great guy, but just injury prone.

  45. Well damn midway through this past season they seemed like playoff contenders. Now Gordon’s out…again, Manziel is in rehab, Gilbert has underachieved now this textgate thing. This makes me glad as a Jets fan that the Jets not as dysfunctional. As for Cameron, I can see him on a team that needs a TE like ATL, or NYG.

  46. Two things:
    1. The Browns are a mess right now. No doubt.
    2. LaCanfora is piling on because of his close relationship with Mike Lombardi. Read everything he writes by considering the source.

  47. Say what you want about the FO and Ownership, Pettine did a great job getting his team to 7-4. The wheels fell off because of meddling from those who don’t coach.

  48. It is kinda weak taking shots at Cleveland for problems that they had 20 years back. It is actually rebuilding. The Browns franchise seemed to be turning the corner until Johnny Football got on the field. Seems like the early 2000s Bengals taking shots at questionable guys with talent. Glad Marvin finally got that under control.

    I would take Cameron over Gresham any day.

  49. First of all Cameron has every right to want to leave this trainwreck of a franchise. Its a major trainwreck.

    Cameron isnt Antonio Gates. Not even close. Hes an avg TE at best.

  50. Come to the New York Giants to play with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham….you will face single coverage in the middle of the field all game and do major damage

  51. We’ll take Cameron in Jacksonville.

    We had a wounded giraffe catching (usually dropping) passes from the TE position (Marcedes) and some of the more stupid variety from the fanbase are actually clamoring to sign Jermaine Gresham, which is essentially Marcedes’ Lewis twin. No we don’t need Gresham.

    Cameron would be a better add as a free agent.

  52. nepatriot ^^^ if you are referring to my comment /the Jaguars well, the Jaguars franchise albeit another poor record this season is actually not a poorly run franchise the past few years. They now have a good GM, even if their coaching still has things to prove.

    But the last 2 offseasons in Jacksonville have produced solid if not very good drafts and their FA moves have also been solid.

    The roster is upgraded. Its just very young.

  53. Are Cleveland fans supposed to be upset with this? Especially with all the other turmoil going on around them?

    Cameron is one concussion away from retiring. Certainly feel bad for him, just saying. If he’s in a rush to go and get some huge payday in the FA market, best of luck and good riddance. You’re not going to find it.

  54. This goes WAY beyond comical and into tragedy. The Browns are broken, and perhaps beyond repair, if the winning and silver lining that was winning in the beginning of the year wasn’t good enough, the whole franchise should be the new target of LA.

  55. He has been concussed 3 times in his last 30 catches. Browns would be wise to replace him, he’s just looking for a big payday before the last big hit. He will then be seeing stars forever!!

  56. Meh, let someone else overpay for 4 healthy games per season out of this guy. I can’t say I blame him though, I’m a lifelong Brown’s fan and I want out.

  57. LaCanfora hates Cleveland? I’m shocked! Cameron will never get a big payday in Cleveland, and will only be a part-time TE until his nextt concussion ends his football career.

    Manziel is not the first first-rounder to have a startlingly bad rookie season, nor the first first-rounder to seek medical or mental help.

    Gordon is not the first and/or only player to be suspended drugs or alcohol.

    And let’s not criticize the owner of the Browns, Haslam. Or did we forget how and why the Philly Eagles got a new owner; what happened in Foxboro with the Gillette ownership of the Patriots; all the shadows and shenanigans of Eddie DeBartolo and his family with the 49ers; and the mysterious swap of the Colts with the Rams and the more-than-mysterious drowning of the former-Colts-new-Rams-owner Carrol Rosenbloom.

    Easy to pick on Cleveland; but we’re big boys and we can handle it. But we don’t forget, Mr/ LaCanfora. We don’t forget.

  58. Those in the know actually will tell you that Manziel’s rookie year was
    far less worse than Gilbert’s . He is the player the Browns believe has more improvement needed . Scary ! Wow what a bust draft. Who
    is doing the background check? Perhaps the same internal Flying J
    auditor who didn’t pick up the rebate issue! Teams will never learn
    character over talent wins 99% of the time.

  59. And us Redskins fans rejoice of not having the crappest, most screwed up team in the league. Already a good year, now we need to trade our pick to Cleveland for a slew of other picks….

  60. Believe it or not, the Browns do not want him back.

    No matter which team signs him will see him go on the DL for at least five games the first time he’s tackled hard. Cameron is a very fragile guy.

  61. 1. worst franchise ever
    2. will never get better
    3. please move away but dont come back!
    4. want me to pay 30% more, f that
    5. 2-14 this year.
    6. and to top it off i am 99% sure they will move
    up in the draft to find another qb that is
    terrible and will set us back another 1o years.

    thats all for now folks

  62. Maybe that’s why there’s no logo on the helmets?
    Witness protection program?

    Good blank canvas for a Pilot/Flying J Rebate Offer perhaps?

  63. Better yet.
    Paste the cell number of the OC on the helmets and allow the fans to text plays to him during the game?

    Interactive Fan Fun!
    Let Goodell figure out a rule for that one.

  64. pfu2 says:

    He had 24 receptions & 2 TDs this year, wants 7-8 million a year!


    That doesn’t sound too impressive on its own. But when you factor in that Hoyer and Manziel were on the delivering end of those passes it equates to about 240 catches and 20 touchdowns.

  65. Come play next to GRONK and see how good life can be on a 1st class team with display chock full of Superbowl trophies…life is good under Kraft and BB. Just think on it…

  66. The really sad thing is that Cleveland was playing really well and was actually right in the play-off picture. Hoyer was playing OK but with every missed receiver or pick, the media kept asking “Where’s Johnny?” Hoyer did a great job for over half the season constantly having to look over his shoulder. When Gordon returned from his suspension is when the team started to implode. Cut Gordon, resign Hoyer, get rid of the GM and beg the owner to SELL SELL SELL. The Browns were on the verge and now they are back in football hell. Really too bad. I feel sorry for the fans of Cleveland. As a Patriots fan I know 1st hand what terrible ownership does. We had Victor Kiam and James Orthwein back to back before Kraft saved the franchise.

  67. While it seems like nobody in Cleveland appreciates the Browns, the Viking fans do. By comparison, Minnesota actually looks like a real NFL team although neither will be above .500 anytime soon.

  68. You can’t stay healthy Jordan and you’re a bit of a diva. You also can’t block so yeah. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out…….

  69. Bring on the hate.. It will make it so much sweeter when the Browns dominate the AFC North in 2015. Finally a coach who gets it. It’s the offseason, where even Jags and Jets fans run their mouths. The Browns are on the rise, despite these media fabricated stories. Oh Jordan, by the way, you are fragile and no longer in the plans as was evident in the measly contract you were offered. Good luck wherever you go get your next concussion.

  70. Wanna make some money win a championship jordy?? Come to New England. Wanna make crazy money and lose? Go to any other of the 31 teams..

  71. Let’s see…where are we picking in the draft? 11th? That means there were 10 other teams out of 32 that had worse records than the Browns…and one of them won their division! (Oh, and we beat them). Cleveland has issues, just like almost every other team except maybe the elite/cheater ones. We were winning UNTIL our pro bowl center went down. Centers are important and the offensive line is critical. That’s been the biggest problem with the Browns since they’ve returned…it’s hard to run and pass when you don’t have the offensive line moving the line back. We had a great running game and despite no name receivers, we were winning UNTIL. I’m so damn sick and tired of the chorus of bs coming from every troll out there. Now this…the media make up most of the actual crap you hear. All that Johnny Football stuff-media. Yes, Pettine is a first year coach and he made some mistakes, but he seems to have a handle on it and if Jimmy will just let him coach, we will be fine. We have a good core of young players and they will gel. As for Cameron, he’s made of glass. No matter how talented you are, you can’t play with a concussion and he’s had 3 in 2 years. He also doesn’t really block all that well so as much as I like him as a person, he isn’t worth a huge contract so good luck with that.

  72. Jordan Cameron hasn’t managed to be able to play 16 games healthy EVER. And I like the guy but I welcome him to go play elsewhere, please! He can’t/doesn’t block worth spit and has 3 head concussions the last of which was 4-5 weeks out before he was released to play along with missing games for a shoulder injury and that was just this year. The guy is fragile. Any team that pony’s up a bunch of money for him better hope they get even 8 games out of him. Beat up the Browns all you want but we still won more games than even one team that won their division. Oh yeah, I also hope some team offers Hoyer a butt load of money if it gets him out of Cleveland. He as the hometown boy truly is a cancer not because he’s a bad guy but because Cleveland fans are absolutely blind for barely average QB’s that grew up there. Please Browns, trade/draft anybody not from Cleveland so the fans won’t root for barely above 50% completion record QB who is frustratingly innaccurate (actually 51%).

  73. He is just one of 390,113 people in Cleevland who would be eager to leave the mess that is Cleveland.

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