Saints dealing with major jump in Drew Brees’ cap number

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Wednesday was the third day of the waiver period.  For many players, that resulted in significant base salaries becoming fully guaranteed.

In New Orleans, that happened with quarterback Drew Brees, who enters the fourth season of a five-year deal.  Via Mike Tripplett of, the quarterback’s base salary of $18.75 million has become fully guaranteed.  And his cap number will skyrocket from $18.4 million in 2014 to $26.4 million in 2015.

With only one year remaining on his contract (and a cap number for 2016 of $27.4 million), a restructuring makes no sense.  The Saints will instead need to extend Brees’ contract if they hope to drive down the cap number for the coming season.

Either way, Brees has $38.5 million in cash due over the next two years.  Which means that he’ll likely need to have at least $38.5 million fully guaranteed (and paid out over the next two years) as part of any extension.

44 responses to “Saints dealing with major jump in Drew Brees’ cap number

  1. He’s not worth it, cut ties and be free of the contract, if possible.

    They’ll get no Super Bowl titles for the remainder of his career, so move on.

  2. If he wants the team to be able to afford better players around him, he’ll agree to a cut in base down to $8 or $9 and an extension. Tom Brady did that and got rewarded with Revis, Browner, and Amendola (well, Amendola didn’t work out as well as hoped for). Unfortunately for the Saints, there are no alternatives to Brees, who is still a top 8 quarterback in the league.

  3. The Saints have no one to blame but themselves bc they should have re-done his contract after the 2009 or 2010 seasons. They could have gotten him at about $17mil/season base and could have added and extension a season or two ago. Instead, they made him play out the 2006 contract which he did w/o complaining or asking to renegotiate earlier. I don’t blame Drew Brees for getting paid, I blame Mickey Loomis bc he has a history of not getting out in front of cap busting deals.

  4. The contract was setup to do exactly what they’re going to do. Brees will most likely get extended. If you watched his games it wasn’t Brees on the decline. It was the offensive line. Ben Grubbs is the 1 that has got to go. He’s just bad.

  5. jcmeyer10 says:
    Feb 4, 2015 6:27 PM
    “Lol. Makes you appreciate the Patriots having a QB who understands taking up 20% of the cap is probably not a good idea.”

    Yeah, but Tom’s wife makes more than enough. He could play for free at this point.

  6. So… the Saints have the highest paid QB and TE? Ouch. They better have a winning record to justify it.

  7. That’s why draft and develop is so imortant. Get your franchise QB and and develop players. It creates continuity in the franchise and allows the team to stay competitive every year. Works for the Pats and Pack.

  8. Drew Brees has the image as a great down to earth regular family guy, but the reality is that he (and his agent) were far too greedy and forced the Saints into a crazy deal. Loomis was stupid to agree to it.
    With his form declining, the smartest thing they can do is trade him to a QB starved team.

  9. Cue the Ravens fans chortling about having the best QB in the NFL with Flacco having a “team friendly” $28.5 mil cap hit next year, $31 mil in 2017 and $24 mil in 2018

    Keep telling yourselves that won’t impact the rest of the roster guys!

  10. uglydingo –

    Brees did not force the Saints to do anything – they made the choice of either paying the man or let him walk. They decided to pay of their own free will.

  11. Cue the Patriot fans who don’t understand how the salary cap works and think that Brady has a cap friendly number because his cap number was converted to a roster bonus when in actuality he costs more because the final year is condensed over his remaining two.

  12. Re: didn’t they miss the playoffs with this guy?

    Didn’t they win a Super Bowl with this guy???

  13. He just turned 36. How far can you extend him without the consequences biting N.O. in the butt in 3 or 4 years ?
    I say ask him to take a reduced salary or let him go.

    $24.6 mil goes a long way. You could sign 5 or 6 quality players for that amount of cash. How could you commit that much to one guy ? That’s almost 20% of the cap. Nutz !!!

    More proof it’s dangerous to put extended contracts on the credit card and now the bill collector is knocking on the door.

  14. Having to pay top QB money to an actual top QB is a problem most franchises wish they had.

    Sure, Drew isn’t Tom G.O.A.T. Brady but he still part of a solution not part of the problem.

    Old Man Manning though … part of the problem 🙁

  15. Re: didn’t they miss the playoffs with this guy?

    Didn’t they win a Super Bowl with this guy???

    You mean he wasn’t being paid then?

  16. No matter how you twist it Brady is Black Friday bargain. As for Brees… You can whine about his cost but he’s a great QB. Looking at other QB’s salary ( excluding Brady, that is) he is worth it. It’s very difficult to find a decent QB nowadays. Let him go and other team will snap him up and who will the Saints end up with? Another Manziel? Scary thought.

  17. The cap should be at least 140M this year. 24.6M is a lot, but it’s less than 20% of the total. Brees might not be worth that, but I don’t know what else they have on the roster.

  18. Yeah, let’s go back to the days of inexpensive quarterbacks, like Billy Joe Hobert, Billy Joe Tolliver, and Billy Joe Wuerffel. Yeah, those were the days.

    There are only 32 starting QBs, about half of those are worth a crap, and only half of those are elite or great.

    So you ask yourself, do we pay for a proven, great, Super Bowl winning QB, or do we take our chances with the revolving door of ineptitude that will line up under center after Brees is gone?

  19. If anyone can get it done it’s Loomis. Brees will restructure. It will work out. Last season all that ESPN was talking about was how little cap room the Saints had. Regardless of how it worked out on the field they managed to sign some big time players. These guys running these teams are very smart, they know what their doing.

  20. They should have released him. The Saints have missed the playoffs twice since their SB. They aren’t getting better. They need a lot more than a short, old QB with ego issues.

  21. Of course, his decline is evident with all those 5,000 yd seasons and 30+ touchdowns. Oh wait…

  22. More than half the teams in the NFL would drool to have him on their roster. So while these dunces will run their traps about Brees truth is the sky isn’t falling. They’re just well wishing on the Saints downfall.

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