Seahawks still in shock, but trying to stick together


In the immediate aftermath of their Super Bowl loss, it didn’t take long for fingers to be pointed. But with the anger subsiding, the Seahawks are left with the sadness that will linger.

“You play the game over in your mind a little bit, and you find that the score doesn’t change,”  running back Robert Turbin said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “It’s quite shocking, because you obviously feel like you should have won the game. We feel like we should be in here celebrating instead of sobbing. But we’re not.’’

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told his players on the day they cleaned out their lockers that they had to stick together, a process made more difficult by a coach calling out a player for a fateful play and players ripping the play-calling.

“I don’t want to talk about that,” wide receiver Doug Baldwin said of the interception which cost them a second straight title.

He had more to say about offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s suggestion that wide receiver Ricardo Lockette could have gone stronger to the ball on the fateful slant.

“I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother us,’’ Baldwin said. “He’s a coach, and so you take that criticism or whatnot and you look in the mirror and figure out what you could have done with it. It’s harsh. But in the reality of it, it’s in the heat of the moment. Right after the game, people may say things or do things they may have changed or would like to be interpreted differently. However, at the end of the day, like I said, we’re going to stick together and move forward, so none of that matters now.”

If they can’t repair those internal fractures (a process which will take more than just saying they’re gone), the task of getting back to the Super Bowl next year will become even more difficult.

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  1. It turns out Carroll spent his early coaching years with Vikes and Bevell was a longtime OC at Minny. That’s just a lot to overcome for any team. They never had a chance.

  2. Here is the thing….the Seahawks were only in that game because of having a game handed to them that they had no business winning. To act now that they should be Super Bowl champions is ignoring the fact that they were unbelievably fortunate to be there in the first place. In reality, the Seahawks are exactly where they should be….one of the 31 teams that did not win the title. It just took them two weeks longer than it should have for them to get there.

    Like Seinfeld said…even Steven

  3. What is really shocking is how they were in that position to begin with after being outplayed in 3 of the 4 quarters of the game. Did they think miricle catchess and breaks that allow them to win are their birthright after the Green Bay game? You need to win the game by your play, not expecting miracles to happen all the time. This is a team that didn’t take control of the Panthers game until the middle of the 4th qtr and got clown stomped by the packers for most of the game!

  4. Robert Turbin said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “It’s quite shocking, because you obviously feel like you should have won the game.

    We know how you feel.
    Every Packer fan on earth

  5. I’m sure many are SLEEPLESS in SEATTLE! I’ll bet Marshawn wasn’t the only one who wanted to TASTE THE RAINBOW after the greatest Super Bowl CHOKE of all time. Jackie Smith and Kurt Warner are off the hook.

    The way both teams managed the ending of that game was an embarrassment. Neither team deserved it.

    Then again, Pete Carroll, regardless of his Super Bowl win over Denver, will forever be remembered for this and another coaching disaster 20 years ago. Carroll was the Jets’ coach when Marino executed the Clock Play.

    This is the kind of nonsense I’d have expected from Joe FAIL BIN!

  6. Forget it Hawks, you were completely outplayed, outclassed and outwitted. That’s why you lost. It wasnt Carroll, it wasn’t WIlson and it wasn’t Lockette. For you to be in that situation at the end required a lot of luck with that catch that never should have happened. Be appreciative you even had a chance at the end to win a game you had no business winning. Instead you showed the world your lack of character by pointing fingers. The LOB gave up 325 yards passing so you need some DB help to beat the Pats if you make it back next year.

  7. If this happened to any other team in the NFL here would be the response….

    Packers- we put the ball in or best players hands and the other team made a great play, congrats to the pats.

    Patriots- in that situation we want the ball in Tom’s hands, it didn’t work out.

    Baltimore, Carolina, Indy, Denver, Dallas all the same answer…….

    Seattle- I don’t know why we didn’t give it to Lynch…. Why would we throw it…..

    Basically, the team doesn’t want the game to be in Wilson’s hands and is going to cry about losing instead of being men and owning up to it.

    Stay classy Seattle



  8. The “internal fractures” story is a fabrication of your own making. Of course, you won’t mind writing a story about how there never were any fractures somewhere down the road, just make sure to allow enough time for people to forget that you were the ones who made the story you will be discrediting up.

  9. Lockette got his bell rung by the little guy, there was nothing for him to do. That is what happens when you counted the Chickens before they were hatched. Face it, we in Patriot Land have stood up enmass and applauded that last great call by Pete. Now you know we booted him out and hired Bill. In 1967, it was Lonbord and champagne. Your motto should have “Lynch and Champagne”. Since you didn’t bring any to Arizona, you didn’t want him to be the hero. Toooooo baaaaaddd. We are going to enjoy the Duck Boat tour, snow and all.

  10. I mean the OC didn’t say the quarterback should have thrown the ball better or made a better decision, he called out the wide receiver for not doing enough to compensate for his and his QB’s incompetence. That will do nothing to quell the rumors the organization and coaching staff have lifted Russel Wilson above the rest of the team.

  11. What kind of coach creates the environment where a player thinks it’s OK to mimic taking a dump to celebrate a touchdown.

    What kind of man would do such a thing at the super bowl?

    Just a bad organization from top to bottom.

  12. I just don’t get it. It’s like playing Russell Wilson all season long and all the way through the SuperBowl and in the last second in the last play you decided to put Tavaris Jackson in. SMH.

  13. And justify it by saying the personal match up was a fair match up that is why you did what you did. SSMH

  14. Speak for yourself, I’m already over it. Making it to two Super Bowls in a row and winning one is not nothing. Don’t think the Seahawks won’t be back.

  15. Watched the whole thing again last night, some observations:

    1) Seahawks didn’t lose on that play, they lost in the prior 10 minutes when their offense punted three times while Brady disassembled the league’s #1 defense like a biologist dissecting a frog.

    2) Butler built towards that play all night. He had a great game, consistently showing great instincts and speed to the football both before and after the catch. He broke up several nice Wilson passes, to the point that the announcers were basically wondering where Belichick dug him up. His final INT was the capper but he’d been disruptive all night and you have to wonder why, if you are going to throw it, you throw it at him.

    3) The Patriots were the better team all night. They were a properly called Seahawks penalty for hitting the kicker and a few fluke passes away from going into halftime up 21-7, and for the Seahawks even to be in the game at the end was a testament to their ridiculous luck both in the Packers game, and in the Super Bowl. Live by the fluke, die by the fluke.

  16. They will be like every other team that has lost a super bowl. They all think they can get back the next year. Im sure it will bug them forever, how could it not but every team that makes that game thinks they can get right back. Most don’t but that keeps their minds busy….

  17. Bevell stays in true form by blaming others for his mistake. If they keep him no playoffs in 2015 season then he is fired anyway. Move him out now. There are 25 humans that can do that job out there. Go find one Pete.
    Go Hawks!

  18. What goes around comes around. Seahawks got to the Bowl because of the biggest choke in playoff history by the Packers, then lost the Super Bowl with the biggest choke in Super Bowl history. Justice is served.

  19. It turns out Carroll spent his early coaching years with Vikes and Bevell was a longtime OC at Minny. That’s just a lot to overcome for any team. They never had a chance.

  20. I don’t know what Seattle’s problem is. The Seahawks were trailing the game by 4 and they didn’t execute when they needed to. The Pats were leading and came up with a big play when the chips were down. Nobody gave the Pats the game, they deserved to win it.

    Stop your whining already.

    We’re on to 2015.

  21. The Patriots were the better team – if not for a few of their own a-typical lapses this game isn’t anywhere near as close

    The so-called best D in the game just plain and simply didn’t look great against Brady and his no name offense

    (at TD with 35 seconds left in the half by Wilson? That amazing catch to get them into TD range in the final minute? Two head scratching Brady INTs? A botched roughing the kicker call that should have given the Patriots a first down early in the game?)

    The Seahawks should know that game wasn’t lost on that one play – in the future they should be more humble and wait to declare themselves a Dynasty until AFTER they win. All they had to do is look to the Rams/Patriots Super Bowl to know that.

    On that final play they made a playcall that was correct from a technical standpoint but wrong from a common sense standpoint.

    Give Butler and Browner credit for executing. Lockette was off balance and banged off the play – nothing he could do when the other players execute well.

  22. If the Patriots were the better team all night, why did the Seahawks have more yards, more explosive plays and win the turnover battle?

    The Seahawks failed to win for only one reason: the worst play call in NFL history by an OC who’s been making stupid calls for years.

  23. “The Patriots were the better team all night. They were a properly called Seahawks penalty for hitting the kicker and a few fluke passes away from going into halftime up 21-7, and for the Seahawks even to be in the game at the end was a testament to their ridiculous luck both in the Packers game, and in the Super Bowl. Live by the fluke, die by the fluke.”

    I agree the Pats were the better team, but this was hardly a fluke.

    The same things could be said for seattle. They were leading 24-14 in the 4th.

    I go to one play not being mentioned: With the 10 pt lead, Wilson throws deep and someone drops the ball (because of Butler defending). If that catch is made, Seattle can easily go 31-14 or even a field goal would put them in a position at the end to kick a game winning field goal.

    Again, I wouldn’t consider that a fluke.

  24. What kind of coach creates the environment where a player thinks it’s OK to kill another man?

  25. Why don’t you clowns get over the Green Bay game. Seems like you cheeseheads from Green Bay have to run your mouth about something that is over. Seattle should have won that Super Bowl, if it wasn’t for the boneheaded call by the OC and Head Coach. The Hawks will learn from this and be back next year.

    Go Hawks!!

  26. When are seahawk fans going to understand that “talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey”. Win one SB and they consider themselves a dynasty equal to the Steelers, Pats, Cowboys (under Landry or Johnson), or 49’ers. Just as the cap catches up to every team, it will seattle once they sign Wilson.

  27. at the end of the day, for it all to work the players need to be convinced the coaching staff is 1)behind them, and 2)the best at what they do and going to make the right decisions…. otherwise you end up with a broken team.

    the Seahawks are nowhere near 1 or 2 anymore

  28. Carl Gerbschmidt says:
    Feb 4, 2015 6:37 AM

    It turns out Carroll spent his early coaching years with Vikes and Bevell was a longtime OC at Minny. That’s just a lot to overcome for any team. They never had a chance.

    They did win the Super Bowl last year. Maybe the boneheaded coaching in this year’s Super Bowl was a result of getting some McCarthy all over them in their previous game.

  29. When is one of the players going to stand up and call out his team mates for their antics that cost the team not only yards but respect. The crotch grabbing, the dump, are you serious, that is all ok with your team mates? There is no leadership on this team and they have been exposed first by Dallas, then by Green Bay and finally by the Patriots. The Hawks aren’t a dynasty they are just a nasty mess.

  30. Legion of Boom???? Please!!!

    Why did Irvin start a fight only to run almost off the field when Gronk came after him? Don’t talk tough then when it comes time to be tough run like a poodle when the Bullmastiff comes to the park.

    The Seahawks WERE NOT tougher then the Patriots, sorry they aren’t the Broncos.

  31. Much hate in here. Oh well. Congrats to the Patriots for winning the game. They did what it took to win the game, the Seahawks didn’t, simple as that. No excuses, asterisks, or caveats. As someone else noted, if the Seahawks had taken advantage of opportunities and played better earlier, the game wouldn’t have come down to one play like it did. Oh well.

    Re: Doug Baldwin, the poop celebration was shameful, I expected better from him. Marshawn is Marshawn, and his crotch grabs don’t bother me. Bevell shouldn’t have thrown Lockette under the bus. But anybody expecting everybody on a team that just lost the Super Bowl to be calm and polite has unrealistic expectations.

  32. Hawk fan here:

    When they threw it I was stunned for two reasons:

    a) No play action and
    b) Bad execution for three reasons

    First of all, we HAD to throw. We ran too much time off the clock after first down and were in a bad place. Obviously you want to score with one play but you have to plan to use all four. By throwing on second, if the pass was complete, we win. If incomplete, the clock stops. Then we can run OR pass on third AND fourth down. If we ran there we’d have to use a timeout and then could only throw the ball twice. Everyone saying “We should’ve given it to Lynch!!!” is missing the point. By throwing THERE, we ensured that we COULD give it to Lynch. But it was a situation of our own manufacture because a) we blew timeouts earlier and b) ran WAY too much time off the clock. I personally would’ve run it with forty seconds left. If you score, okay, if not, line up to run the next play.

    Bevell, also, had a point. First of all, Kearse’s job is to drive Browner into Butler’s path, requiring him to loop over the top to get to Lockette. He didn’t do that and Butler had a direct path to the ball.

    Second of all, Lockette ran a really soft route. You HAVE to expect contact and be prepared to post up the defender, blocking the route and bracing for impact. He didn’t do that and got blown off the ball. Seriously, watch the replay. He flew backward.

    Third and MOST IMPORTANT, it was a really bad throw. The only way to throw a tight slant at the goalline is to throw it down low and into the body of the receiver. That way the worst case scenario is that it’s an incomplete pass. Even better, if the CB goes through the receiver it’s pass interference and the clock stops and we get ANOTHER down. Instead Russell threw it high and in front of the receiver, which was just begging to be picked off. There was more than enough time for Bevell to tell Russell that before we ran the play.

    This sucks, because we were that close. But it was an execution breakdown in three phases and great plays by both Browner and Butler. That is, singularly, the greatest play in Superbowl history. And I’m going to hate it for the rest of my life.

  33. Looking at it objectively, I’d say the Eli escape + Tyree catch was the greatest single play in Super Bowl history. But I wouldn’t blame Patriots fans a bit for thinking the Butler interception was the greatest play. It WAS a great defensive play.

  34. Again, wilson doesn’t complete a pass until just over 5 minutes in the second half, Brady raping the Hawks defense in the 4th quarter (actually thought the game) and the Hawks having to rely on miricle plays like the kearse catch had a little more to do withe the loss than hoping a handoff to lynch, who was 1 for 5 in that situation this year and has a lower than average career scoring percentage in that situation was going to win them that game. Live by the miricle, die by the miricle I say

  35. Wow why is everyone feeling bad for these guys? Don’t they remember pulling off a lucky win against GB? The Pack should have been at the super bowl, the game would not have ended in a brawl. Classless team and classless fans, good luck getting back to the super bowl next year it’s going to be a tough road.

  36. WORST. PLAYCALL. EVER. Period.

    1-yd line, 1:00 left, 1 timeout…..You let the clock go down to about 35 seconds, then you run with Lynch. If that doesn’t work, try it up to 2 more times and use your timeout accordingly. Then you play defense for whatever time is still left. You follow that formula and you’d be holding your 2nd straight Lombardi right now.

    As far as the Packers comparisons, while that was a gutwrenching loss for Green Bay, it wasn’t quite the same because it wasn’t just one play – it was a series of failed plays one after another. The Packers allowed completions, long sustained drives for TD, didnt recover the onside kick, then allowed a TD drive and another TD drive in overtime. It was like death by slowly bleeding out.

  37. The Patriots ran all over the LOB? All game? You would think the Patriots never punted the entire game, and certainly not that they only scored on 4 drives. Wow, I must have watched a different game.

  38. Seattle is just fine…Thanks for asking.

    We’ll be back strong next season again, so no worries, we’ll be back for you hate our team all over again…no worries!

    Everyone wants to get on the hate bandwagon without recognizing the fact that Seattle’s D was beat up towards the end of the season…Still, we made it to the playoffs and another SB in spite of all the haters saying Seattle wouldn’t return in playoff form.

    But the haters conveniently won’t acknowledge their predictions of Hawks not being a playoff contender were wrong… On to next year!

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