Textgate: Browns may lose a draft pick, Ray Farmer may be suspended


Browns General Manager Ray Farmer could get suspended, and the team could lose a draft pick, over the investigation that is becoming known as Textgate.

Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com reports that multiple league sources say a suspension, a draft pick forfeiture and a fine are all on the table as the NFL investigates whether team executives texted the coaching staff during games to suggest play calls. That would be a violation of league rules, which limit the types of electronic communications that players, coaches and other team officials can use during games.

According to the report, the investigation could be finished as soon as this week.

One of the reasons that offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan left the Browns at the end of the season is apparently that he felt the front office was meddling in decisions that should have been left to the coaching staff. In particular, executives were reportedly texting Shanahan during games to tell him which plays they wanted called.

The Browns have neither confirmed nor denied that executives texted coaches during games. The team says it is cooperating with the NFL’s investigation.

The Browns are one of three teams being investigated for allegedly breaking rules during games. The Patriots are also being investigated for Deflategate, while the Falcons are being investigated for Noisegate.

232 responses to “Textgate: Browns may lose a draft pick, Ray Farmer may be suspended

  1. Why on earth would the GM be texting plays into the game? If you’re going to break the rules, make sure it’s something that actually gains you an advantage. Cleveland is a mess.

  2. The “gate” thing is lazy and way past its expiration date. Watergate was over 40 years ago. Can’t we come up with another way to label our scandals?

  3. They should just do like Jerrah does and go on the field and tell them what to call.

    GO GIANTS!!!

  4. Oh come on. If they were texting about whether to challenge a play or not because TV had a better angle than in the stadium, that’s one thing, but play calls from a GM? Why would you even want your GM calling plays?


  5. Why wouldn’t they just call down on the provided communication system? Stupid Browns.

    Who would want to be a coordinator or HC there, now that it’s known the Brass wants to call the plays?

  6. Can’t what for the dolphins fans who went crazy because the Dolphins didn’t get Ray farmer for there general manager, he didn’t want to come to Miami, so now he will deal with this mess that he is in. Bill

  7. Everyone should lose darft picks: The falcons, Patriots and Browns. otherwise, why have rules? Why not let everyone cheat their butts off? Lay down the law and show people that the NFL wants to be fair to other teams and wants a clean environment. Not penalizing teams because it would add fire to the “scandal” theme of recent reporting is cowardly and wrongheaded. Not penalizing picks only encourages other teams to cheat. They have enough moneym to pay fines without missing it much.

  8. stupid rule that is in place because of stupid management. Leave the play calling to the experts you hired to do it.

  9. Sorry Browns fans, you guys deserve better. Let’s hope this amounts to nothing.

    Also, it might make you feel better to remember that once upon a time the Packers actually had their team charter revoked for cheating. They had to resort to buying their way back into the league as a franchise. The things you learn when you start researching “gamesmanship”.

  10. Watergate – five operatives break in to a hotel room & tap some phone lines. Some guys go to jail for it.

    Benghazi – Administration & Secretary of State ignore calls for help, allow 4 citizens to die, then blame it on a YouTube video.

    Textgate –> Textghazi.
    Deflategate –> Deflateghazi.

  11. It’s easy to feel bad for Cleveland fans, but that (dis)organization just can’t seem to get out of it’s own way. It’s almost like they work at screwing up just about every chance they get?

  12. I swear only in Cleveland can this stuff happen… same with the Manziel and Gordon debacles. What an all-around depressing franchise.

  13. Just curious why any coach, especially one of the coordinators, would need his phone on the sideline during the game in the first place?!?

  14. Oh hey. Just wanted to say P “football” T. Ya. Little thing going on right now. The super bowl parade. You know. Football stuff. Ya so parade is going on right now. You know. If you wanted a football story. Just saying

  15. Of course, the Browns will probably get hammered, while Baldwin pretends to pull his pants down and poop a football at the Super Bowl in front of 120 million people and only gets a $11k fine.

  16. I’m sorry but can someone enlighten me on why this is such a big deal??

    Seems to me they coaching staff needed all the help it could get! LOL.

    Okay..I get why it’s against the rules but losing draft picks?? Really??

  17. What kind of a dysfunctional franchise has team executives cheating so they can tell the coaches what plays to call? Why do you hire a coach if you don’t trust him to call the right plays? I guess they’re so bad at acquiring talent, they figured they would try their hand at play calling.

  18. But is taking away a draft pick from the Browns a punishment or preventive intervention?

  19. The collective heads of thousands of self righteous ass hats would explode if this was “Patriots” instead of Browns. No one cares because the Browns suck. No one cares about the crowd noise in Atlanta, cuz the Falcons suck. People only get all self righteous about these things when it is a team that wins (especially a team that wins a lot). When a team that out performs there team is accused, everyone needs it to be true, and needs it to be the reason that the winning team is better than their team

  20. When will Carolina be fined and lose draft picks for heating footballs on their sidelines using the sideline heaters during the Minnesota game?

    Clear infraction of the rules, caught on video tape.

    The national media needsto make this a front page story for the next month. Time for heads to roll. Im getting my pitchfork ready.

  21. Please Browns! Please! You had a good season, something to build on. Just stop it!

    If the head of the beast continues to be brain damaged, the organization will never improve. I really like Pettine. We’ve got some good players. The front office needs to stop being a ridiculous, meddling JOKE.

    I can’t see how this idiocy is worth losing a draft pick. That just seems way too harsh. Apparently, if they really want to punish the Browns they should demand that the front office stay in power for the next five years. That’s worse than anything they can take away.

    Or, what if we volunteer to be stripped of Johnny Manziel?

  22. So dumb. Too many stupid rules in the league. I think common sense needs to be applied to some of these “infractions”. Most of them have ZERO affect on the outcome of the games. A pick and a year time out? REALLY?

  23. “Everyone should lose darft picks: The falcons, Patriots and Browns. otherwise, why have rules?”

    First its pretty clear the Colts deflated the Pats ball in the 20+ minutes they had it on their sideline before turning it over to the refs. You know, the one the player that intercepted it said he thought nothing was wrong with.

    Second, even if the Pats were found guilty of deflating balls, the NFL rules state that’s a $25,000 fine, that’s how tiny an infraction it’s considered to be. So sorry, no draft picks even if they were guilty.

    The Colts on the other hand not only tampered with the Pats ball, but then made fraudulent claims against them and will lose draft picks that will go to the Pats.

  24. Consider the source for this…Mary Kay Cabot!?! I’ll believe it when somebody else confirms it.

  25. It’s no big deal, coaches have tablets on the sideline and you know what you can do with a tablet.

  26. NFL: “We’re going to suspend Farmer from the draft and all pre-draft preparation”

    Browns Fans: “WOOHOOO”

  27. These front office employees need to stop interfering with coaches duties. Doing so is nothing but confusing and detrimental to the team. If you want to be a coach and call plays then leave your post of front office and apply for a coaching job.

  28. No team has fallen more further and quicker than the Browns in the last two months. In just late November the Browns were sitting at 7-4. They just had a thrilling victory in Atlanta that saw the return of Josh Gordon to the tune of 8 catches, 120 yards. Their QB of the present was playing well enough to make a playoff push, and their QB of the future was patiently waiting.

    Since then… Hoyer injured, Gordon becomes average, Manziel bombs in first start, Gordon suspended for final game, 5 straight losses to end at 7-9, Gordon suspended a year, Manziel in rehab, and now this.

  29. Cant the GM and other personel communicate down to the field via headset? Isn’t that how guys in the box get word to the coach if they think a challenge needs to be called? A coach reading text on the sidelines seems pretty inconvenient for everyone.

  30. Textghazi!

    Between this and Rex Ryan’s new ink, sometimes it’s not so bad being a Jets fan.

  31. CHEATERS CHEATERS CHEATERS!!!! We need investigations! We need congress! Strip them of all their NFL Championships! Dig up Paul Brown and hang him with piano wire in downtown Cleveland. OMG CHEATERS!

  32. In the name of all that is good and holy…please, please, please stop attaching “gate” to every little piece of controversy.

  33. I’m anxiously awaiting a scandal that involves the actual gate to an NFL facility, which will undoubtedly be referred to as “Gategate”.

  34. Fact: the Watergate scandal was referred to as Watergate because it involved the Watergate Office Complex.

    Therefore since the Patriots were not deflategating the footballs, the Browns were not textgating on the sidelines and the Falcons were not Noisegating their stadium, there is no reason to add gate to everything.

  35. Another Shanahan wildly making more friends in a city he just left. Kick these two bozos out of the coaches union, they’re no good for business.

  36. “That would be a violation of league rules, which limit the types of electronic communications that players, coaches and other team officials can use during games.”

    Just for our edification, how did this differ from the communication between Pagano and Grigson during the AFC Championship game or hasn’t anyone in the media asked?

  37. If this texting plays in approach isn’t limited to Cleveland, suddenly the Seahawks’ last play call makes sense. 🙂

  38. titanssuck says:
    Feb 4, 2015 12:53 PM
    Cant the GM and other personel communicate down to the field via headset? Isn’t that how guys in the box get word to the coach if they think a challenge needs to be called? A coach reading text on the sidelines seems pretty inconvenient for everyone.

    This is exactly the point! They have a provided phone that leaves no trail of who or what was on the other end that the upper management could have accessed at any time….AND they chose to send text messages! What in the jumpin hell would be the benefit?

    The Browns can’t even cheat good! This is so crazy dumb it’s not even funny!

  39. I heard Russel Wilson was trying to text with his GM during the Superbowl but Malcolm Butler came out of nowhere and intercepted the signal.

  40. Quite the offseason in believeland. This, Gordon, Johnny alcoholic… Haslam is a crook… Oh by the way, we raised ticket prices !!!!

  41. Does the GM really know the correct terminology? Or was he just saying stuff like “Have Johnny roll out and throw an out pattern”?

    If he was really texting in plays, and they tried to use them you’d have to think it would lead to a very rushed snap, or a delay of game.

    Can’t really blame Shanahan for leaving.

  42. Gategate already happened. Remember, a couple of guys snuck in to the Superbowl, again! Where’s the media outrage towards the NFL and their security?

  43. Throw the book at them! There is no place in football for this sort of underhanded thing which sullies the name of the National Football League.

    Robert Kraft

  44. No no no…the NFL has got it all wring with potential punishment.

    1. No suspension for Farmer. Keep him in his office so he can keep drafting busts.

    2. Give Clowny MORE draft picks so they can draft even MORE busts, thus eating away more cap. That effectively equates to a fine.

  45. What’s the big deal? Al Davis called the sidelines all the time to meddle. You just have to use a tin can and string instead of an electronic communication device.

  46. As for the Browns, does the NFL really need to fine and suspend people who are just not good at what they do?

  47. Trent Richardson, Brandon Weedon, Johnny Manziel, Phil Taylor, Barkevious Mingo…..All 1st rounders……..like taking away the Browns draft pick is going to hurt.

  48. “Everyone should lose draft picks.”

    No, the commissioner should handle such infractions and dumb moves internally and not let them play out in the media. No competent executive in any fortune 500 company would do this and why someone in a private organization would is beyond me. This isn’t transparency, it’s feeding tabloid journalism and hurting the game.

  49. Browns fans: “c’mon, we are so dumb! Why on earth would we do this???”.
    Pats fans: “no way we would EVER cheat (again). Brady is a saint, we were framed!!!!”

    Well browns fans, at least you have a tad bit of self respect to accept what your team did instead of blindly following them like idiots.

  50. I know I’m not the only one who has said this, or will say this…. but please stop calling every scandal a word that ends with “gate.” There was over 30 years after Watergate where we didn’t hear “….-gate” and everyone was just fine with that. How many different “gates” have we had since Spygate? I’ve completely lost track.

  51. In his form over substance decision making, Goodell has elevated any perceived violation of “rules”, no matter how obscure, minor or foolish that rule may be, to mortal sin status.

    Goodell should not be the commissioner but he would have made a great 4th grade nun back in 1964.

  52. Do the Shanahan’s ever leave the room without a lingering SBD smell? Something rotten in those guys.

    Browns have it hard enough.

  53. Oh and like Jerry running to the sideline to tell Garrett to put Romo back in the game, he was fine cost the Cowboys draft-picks, suspension and fines. Not.
    No one meddles more than Jerry and no one is less unapolagetic.

  54. What is the material difference between the Browns communication noted above and what Pagano and Grigson did in the AFC Championship game?

  55. The Browns are a complete mess starting at the top… the NFL Owners don’t want Mark Cuban, but they allowed the current owner in the “Club”… what a joke

  56. Browns should be exiled from the league.

    This is completely unacceptable behavior.

    Goodell just keeps tearing the teams up through the media – way to go dude

    where’s Mr Tagliabue?

  57. Could they have any more problems if they tried? No wonder they never win anything at all.
    What a hell hole to be in right now.

  58. I’m sure we are all surprised by this. Did anyone besides Tony Dungy think Farmer was going to succeed? They are the clowns for a reason. It’s such a shame that division has been really only been a two team race (Bengals one and done don’t really count) for the last 20 years.

  59. Who cares and what difference does it make? If I’m the owner of a business I have the right to tell any employee what to do. And it probably hurt them more than helped them—for that matter the owner or GM could simply give the coaching staff the entire game plan.

  60. The Browns and Falcons are now also being investigated for “cheating”…where’s the outrage that the Patriots faced???

    Oh that’s right there is none because no one has a massive ax to grind with the Browns or Falcons.

  61. Knowing Goodell he will take away their 1st rounder and give it to Kraft and his merry band of cheaters.

  62. Didn’t they already forfeit a draft pick last year on Manziel. Cut them a break and give them credit for time served.

  63. Seriously, did Farmer do this crap at Kansas City? How much due diligence did they do on him?

  64. voddyt says:Feb 4, 2015 12:38 PM

    Just curious why any coach, especially one of the coordinators, would need his phone on the sideline during the game in the first place?!?
    Cell phone on the sidelines during NFL game is required …for Browns coaching staff! Hell if Kyle was receiving texts, Pettone was probably on FACETIME!

  65. So, if Farmer gets suspended, who ends up running the Browns draft?

    Considering how poorly they drafted last year, I might actually be praying for this outcome if I were a Browns fan.

  66. No worries. The homeless guy is ready to step in for Ray Farmer to make personnel decisions.

  67. If the same person texting the play calls in was the same one who made the call to draft Johnny Arena Football, then the other teams in the league should petition to allow them to keep doing it. Why punish these poor souls when nature has already done that. They’re a threat to no one but themselves.

  68. What about the Jets fine/ penalty tampering with Revis?
    Panthers and Vikings tampering with balls during a game?
    Falcons pumping in crowd noise.

  69. This is stupid. How is this illegal? What competitive advantage do they gain?

    If anything the Browns should be fined for stupidity. Front office personal calling plays? Why?

    How is this different than what Al Davis used to do?

  70. Taking the Browns draft picks away isn’t a punishment, its a blessing in disguise. Less draft picks equal less guys drafted by the Browns who can’t play or would rather party then play.

  71. Cheating Patriots again! Same old BB. ALways cheating. Sharing texts on the sidelines gives a huge advantage. Askerisk for the Superbowl…oh, wait…it’s not the Patriots? It’s someone else…big deal, so what…it’s not like texting will make a difference anyway. Let me know when someone says the Patriots are cheating again so I can yell and scream…Mom, my shoes need tying, and my underpants are dirty again.

  72. NFL: PLEASE help the Browns for once… SUSPEND Farmer indefinitely. Guy is a bag full of cliché’s, nonsense and hot air.

    Losing draft picks doesn’t help this team or the league.

  73. Remember when Manziel drove the field against Buffalo and there was all this talk about him? Then the defense actually played?
    The first text was after the TD drive “Why didn’t we play him sooner?”

    The second text came after Kyle WIlliams ran him over in the end zone like a runaway locomotive and he looked like he was playing dead for 10 seconds
    “Ahh yes, that’s why we haven’t played him”

  74. How the heck did Coach Pettine manage to win 7 games when the owner and GM force fed him Johnny Football, and texted plays down to the Offensive Coordinator…

    I would rather see him coach elsewhere, he seems like he’s really limited by the people around him…

  75. There is one way to help the Browns fans, send the Browns to LA instead of the Rams, then give Cleveland an Arena football team. That would be a definate improvement.

  76. Delusional Pats* fans feel vindicated. They don’t realize that having the Brown’s FO calling plays is actually a disadvantage to the Browns. BTW the more you crow about other teams cheating the more everyone will keep coming back to the Pats*.
    Did you hear about the stadium attendant who was letting in friends for free?
    Its called Gate-Gate.
    I heard the entire Browns organization has entered rehab.

  77. Well, it’s a good thing that the Browns are such excellent drafters that they don’t need the picks. Oh, wait.

    I’m pretty sure that there isn’t a person in the NFL that needs to be fired faster than Ray Farmer.

  78. Just a huge misunderstanding. The front office was trying to text down to see what Johnny liked in his Bloody Mary but auto-correct subbed in “Hail Mary.”

  79. Grugenhagen says:
    Feb 4, 2015 12:29 PM
    The “gate” thing is lazy and way past its expiration date. Watergate was over 40 years ago. Can’t we come up with another way to label our scandals?


    Nope. Humans are lazy. We use gate for pretty much every scandal.

  80. Hey omar Kelly and Armando salguro, remember when you two were dying to get the dolphins to hire this joke as their gm, and criticized the dolphins when they got Hickey instead…… Morons.

  81. Lesson for the Browns: Stay off text messages.

    You let Johnny Manziel convince you to draft him via text and now this.

  82. Farmer sits with Jimmy during games, wouldn’t surprise me if Farmer is relaying messages. Guess Farmer gonna take one forJimmy…. The messenger will be shot!!!!
    I bet txting is more ramped in NFL than anyone realizes!

  83. this is the REAL ‘textgate'(an actual text that i sent to my bro, who BTW, was not mad, as the MIGHTY PATS just beat the stuffing out the bungles):

    “NFL ’14 script:
    MIGHTY PATS bounce back from early-season disarray, win SB
    Sun, Oct 5, 2014, 11:18 PM”

    he replied, ‘From your fingers to God’s iPhone.’

    …of course i included his reply to refute the notion of divine intervention, a la RW–‘cuz they are just that good. all that they need is a field upon which to play and cold, hard reality.

  84. “That would be a violation of league rules, which limit the types of electronic communications that players, coaches and other team officials can use during games.”

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Jerry Jones using his flip phone during a game. Does that qualify for a suspension?

  85. Once in a while it’s nice to talk about things like this… even though in the grander scheme of things this story just doesn’t matter that much.

    Now let’s talk about things that matter, such as the fact that the World Champion Patriots had their VICTORY parade today showing off ALL OF THOSE SHINY LOMBARDI TROPHIES… WOW!

    Don’t get mad. It’s not your fault that nobody gives a rats turd about a crap team like yours. Just take a look at the World Champion Patriots and admire them. Appreciate the historical greatness that you are witnessing!

  86. “They should just do like Jerrah does and go on the field and tell them what to call.

    GO GIANTS!!!”


    Ah, I’d say the Giants are guilty of the worse infaction of all. When they allowed Eli Manning to determine his own landing spot, that upset the natural order of things more than anything else. When that happened I remember thinking — the league better hope that dude doesn’t win a championship.

  87. So let me see if I get this right the communication between Pagano and Grigson was legal but this isn’t? I’m not fan of the Browns but doesn’t this seem weird to anybody?


    Didn’t think so…that only happens when the NFL’s best team is framed by a jealous opponent.

    What about Atlanta?????…Or did we forget that already.???

    OR…perhaps the worst cheating EVER in NFL…when Don Shula and Dolphins circumvented coach to QB communication system [ 15 seconds] because Marino too dumb to get play in short time…How many years that went on????…ALOT.

  89. We have heard for the past 8 years that “Everyone deserves a fair shot” or “Everyone needs a fair playing field” which implies no cheating as our National Mantra. But then the real world exists. Having a fair shot does not imply that in a sport based on deception all is truly fair. Some people are smarter than others and know where to bend rules or how the rules can be used because their opponent isn’t that smart. Does that mean we dumb down to our opponents so that it is now fair?????

  90. jchemengr says: Feb 4, 2015 2:08 PM

    They may still hate Art Modell in Cleveland, but when he owned the original Browns, they were a football team, not a circus.



    Report comment


    Modell? That was the guy who fired guys like Paul Brown and Bill Bellichick right? Yeah he knew how to run a franchise.

    As for this mess. Anyone who’s seen Shanahan’s play calling can understand anyone wanting to text him and tell him his plays suck. Unlike Shanahan Farmer has actually PLAYED IN THE NFL.

  91. Why on earth would Kyle Shanahan have a cell phone with him during the game? In case his wife texts him to pick up milk on the way home? Selfies with Johnny Football? Seems to me for three hours that thing should be locked in his office. Then you don’t have a problem.

  92. Patriots (Deflategate), Falcons (Noisegate), Browns (Textgate), etc. Keep taking away picks from them all. It only improves everyone else draft positions.

  93. Isn’t everyone missing the obvious? Execs texting in plays likely has nothing to do with a competitive advantage and more to do with ensuring the over/under is met while watching the game in the Sports Book in Vegas or Atlantic City.

    When you already know your team isn’t going to the playoffs, the final score (win or lose) predicates the payout when BIG bets are placed.

    Oh, that’s right, that could never happen…no owners in the NFL have ever been involved in gambling scandals!

  94. Why do I feel this won’t be blown up… That’s right, the Browns don’t compete for the Super Bowl every year.

    Champs again! Kiss the rings baby!

  95. Taking away their draft picks is probably the best thing they can have done, saving themselves from their own horrible picks.

  96. Man, it must suck to be a Brown’s fan, actually feel a little bad for them. Manziel, Gordon, Farmer, scumbag, truck-stop owning owner….and that is just the current garbage out there.

  97. Funny how this and Atlanta wasn’t brought up before super bowl,just deflate gate,if it wasnt for the huge fan base Godell would be gone

  98. Can they forfeit an owner and GM instead? Who thought letting a minority owner of the Steelers buy the Browns would be a good idea, anyway? That’s like letting Jerry Jones’ son buy the Eagles.

  99. I think I shall call this the GATEGATE Era. It’s like… there are so many “something-gates” that the whole -gate think itself is controversial and out of control.

  100. If they dock a draft pick, which would be stupid, it would be 1 less draft pick they could botch.

    Last year i wanted 3 of these 5 in the first 2 rounds:

    Watkins, beckham, benjamin, evans and jeremy hill. Yep my players would have been better than Farmers.

    Ill take over the draft. Thanks

  101. Wow what a mess the Cleveland Browns are. After having a better season then most would have expected, it seems they’re going right back in the wrong direction again. Their one of the teams that will never win a Super Bowl, at least not in my lifetime lol.

    P.S. Stop calling everything “something gate”. It’s really getting old and lazy. Can’t anyone think of something new to say lol

  102. what lukarwarrior said.

    not all mistakes are ‘gate’s. though visiting this place is rapidly approaching ‘browsegate’

  103. Goodell get your house in order. Any leaks is caused for lifetime ban from the Shield!

  104. Should be a termination for Farmer, the draft pick should be Johnny QBall out of the league and the fine should be whatever Josh Gordon was going to make this year

    the mistake by the lake

  105. If they really want to punish them, they should give them an extra draft pick, just so they can further embarrass themselves when they find the next Johnny Football again.

  106. After Spygate, Deflategate, Textgate, and Noisegate, I’m kind of excited for the investigation about additives in the players’ water.

  107. If the Browns Executives are calling plays, enough damage has already been done. Nobody would ever claim that as giving them an advantage. I actually wish they would call plays to the sidelines during Ravens games.

  108. Farmer was complaining about the playcalls, not suggesting playcalls. Some of you don’t understand the difference, but there is one.

    It should be noted also, that Farmer and the fired Dowell Loggains were/are the main Manziel supporters on this team, so they were conspiring to play Johnny 8Ball and his carnival of blunders skillset from day one. WRECK THIS TEAM….

  109. We know the Falcons cheated. We know the Browns cheated (just an ineptly as they play, at that). We have no evidence the Patriots cheated. In fact, based on the latest reports they’re being investigated for a ‘crime’ that doesn’t even exist!

  110. To me, this textgate is a bigger deal than spygate.

    In Spygate, the Patriots were filming from an unauthorized location and the film was not to be used during the course of the game.

    In Textgate, plays were being suggested/called for the game in progress, but we don’t know what information those texting the sidelines were basing those suggestions on?

    Fine should be greater than the spygate fine the Patriots had to pay…but it won’t be because it’s Cleveland and they are irrelevant.

  111. what the hell with all these “gates”??????

    what does it even mean? are you still talking about richard nixon?? what does an NFL exec texting plays to his team have anything to do with tricky dicky??!?!?!?!

  112. I am SO sick of this dysfunctional team. They will never win anything as long as they keep acting like a bunch of amateurs. Farmer had no business telling the sideline how to coach. If he did, Haslam needs to find a GM who knows how to procure the best talent possible, then get the heck out of the way & let professionals coach the team.

  113. lukarwarrior says:
    Feb 4, 2015 12:27 PM
    Please stop calling everything some sort of “Gate.”

    Sounds like a little bit of the old Gatehategate going on there.

  114. Goodell insists on turning the NFL into the WWE with all this ridiculous pretend controversies. Taglibue knew how to handle these minor instances of gamesmanship, clearly done by all teams in some ways.

    Goodell thinks he is doing the right thing by making every minor blip into a Warren Commission style investigation and handing out penalties left and right. All he is doing is turning the NFL into a revolving soap opera. Guy is in waaaaayyyy over his head.

    Big. Fricking. Deal.

    Kind of feel bad for The Browns and there fans. great fanbase. Mess of a francshise.

    Reminds me of pre Dick McPherson Patriots (1987-1990) just nothing but problems off the field, poor peformance on the field and a stable of jacka@@ players who consistently screw up.

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