Falcons’ coach, G.M. didn’t know about fake crowd noise

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As the Falcons brace from the hammer to fall from 345 Park Avenue, questions remain regarding the person(s) to blame for piping artificial crowd noise into the Georgia Dome.

Appearing on Thursday’s PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio, D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution confirmed something PFT had heard from multiple sources:  G.M. Thomas Dimitroff and former head coach Mike Smith had no knowledge of or involvement in the infraction.

Still, it’s clear that something happened — and that someone surely will be paying for it with his or her job.

I think what we’ve done in 2013 and 2014 was wrong,” owner Arthur Blank said Tuesday, via the Associated Press.  “Anything that affects the competitive balance and fairness on the field, we’re opposed to, as a league, as a club and as an owner.  It’s obviously embarrassing but beyond embarrassing it doesn’t represent our culture and what we’re about.”

That anger has sparked speculation the team president Rich McKay could be on the outs.  Ledbetter believes that McKay won’t lose his job, however.  Instead, Ledbetter believes that one or two marketing or stadium operations employees won’t be able to use artificial sound effects to drown out the “you’re fired.”

30 responses to “Falcons’ coach, G.M. didn’t know about fake crowd noise

  1. I’d bet the house the ‘culprit’ winds up being a low-level, easily fired stadium worker who ‘went rogue’ and did it all on his own accord. And who will likely be driving an expensive new car very soon.

  2. Washington did this during their playoff game against Seattle a couple of years ago. The evidence was provided by hometown fans and local media. Never heard about the league doing anything about it.

  3. Is putting up a note on the scoreboard to “Make Some Noise” against the rules? What about playing Black Sabbath too loud? Are there decibel level guidelines for the speakers? I WANT TO KNOW!

    Give me a break. We are going a little overboard on policing the periphery of the sport. Who cares?

  4. If it’s not the Pats, then the NFL needs no hard evidence, a rumor from a monkey will do… Goodall is on his ‘alienating every owner final tour’ by the looks of it.

  5. People couldn’t wait to blame dimitroff citing his former relationship with the patriots
    Once again false accusations

    When will you learn and stop the hate

  6. I’m not that shocked that the Falcons actually pumped in fake crowd noise. Back in 2011 the Falcons blasted artificial crowd noise into the stadium during team practices in preparation for playing the Lions at Ford Field. Michael David Smith even wrote an article about it for PFT. Wouldn’t be shocked if the people that coordinated that back in 2011 decided “hey, why don’t why try this at our actual home games?”

  7. Some poor low man on the totem pole will have to pay the price while the clowns running the Falcons into the ground move on to the next debacle…….

  8. bemho says: It’s amazing how tame the responses are when it’s not the Patriots


    Yeah – I mean it’s not like this gives then a competitive advantage. I mean, it’s not like anyone thinks the Seattle 12th man makes things difficult on an opponent and has impacted plays in a game.

    Broncos cheating on the salary cap? That’s fine. Extra players on the roster isn’t cheating.

    Jets coaches purposely lining up to trip a player in the middle of a game? No big deal. It’s only one or two plays a game stopped short.

    But if a football is a tick under the minimum PSI – that’s HUGE!!!!

    Unless of course it was the Colts that deflated it since the only ball that was actually signficantly under the PSI just so happens to be the one that was in their possession.

    If the Colts were just false whistleblowers fabricating a scandal to distract the Patriots at half time and deflating the ball themselves, that’s really just gamesmanship and no one minds (as long as it’s not the team with the best record for the last 15 years)

  9. At a Falcons v. Raiders game a couple years ago it was obvious that crowd noise was being pumped into the Dome. The fans were sitting down in their seats, and yet the audio seemed to be of thousands of fans standing and screaming. I mentioned the pumped in noise to several people after the game, and I wish now I took a cell phone video. If it was that obvious, I wonder how it took so long to surface. I’d question anyone in the front office who said they didn’t know. Also, the timing is interesting too… just before a new coach takes over.

  10. In response to “bemho”;

    While I can’t speak for everyone, I bet most people despise cheating by anyone. And they should be punished. The reason the Pat’s get so much flak is they have a history of cheating with the same owner/coach/assistant’s, and even some players. They’ve also won, and played in the big game.

    Atlanta has not. If they had won the Super Bowl 2 years ago, they’d be looked at as potentially winning the big one by cheating. Since they didn’t, they don’t have the spotlight. And again, I don’t recall them being busted anytime recently for cheating. I can’t believe I have to spell it out for Pat’s fans that will still likely not comprehend the logic.

  11. roddytorock84 says:
    Feb 5, 2015 7:01 PM

    Just a distraction from the deflategate the nfl is pathetic
    You must not pay that close of attention to life. Deflategate might still have some legs, but many have moved on already, and that number grows every day. Soon even most Colts fans will have moved on and it will be just those fans who hate the Pats. Read: Jets and Miami fans. Sorry Buffalo, go shovel your driveway.

  12. Where’s the faux righteous indignation and rabid defending because the precious ‘integrity of the game’ has been compromised?

    Oh yeah, it’s not the Patriots so it doesn’t count.

  13. I’m pretty sure this happens in a lot of stadiums. The noise level for half full arenas is pretty unbelievable. Anyways, it obviously didn’t help in the win/loss column.

  14. believes that one or two marketing or stadium operations employees won’t be able to use artificial sound effects to drown out the “you’re fired.”


    now PFT… that concluding sentence was spot on !

    awesome… sad story of ‘cheating’ but we’ll have to move on now…

    like in Cleveland, caught cheating’ with text but it still didn’t help the team win… ! lol, lol

    so do we really punish a team if caught cheating and it didn’t help ?

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