For Lynch, the question is whether he wants to keep playing

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There has been plenty of chatter in recent days about the future of Marshawn Lynch in Seattle.  Due to earn a base salary of $5 million in 2015 with another $2 million available in per-game roster bonuses and $500,000 in incentives based on rushing yards, Lynch undoubtedly will get a raise.

The first question is whether Lynch wants to keep playing.  As one source with knowledge of the situation recently told PFT, it’s safe to say that if Lynch decides to return to football in 2015, he’ll be getting more cash.

But does he want to keep playing?  “You never know with him,” the source said.

In 2014, the thinking was that the Seahawks would begin phasing out Lynch, using Robert Turbin and Christine Michael more heavily, in the hopes that one of them would emerge as the next Beast Mode.  It didn’t happen; Turbin contributed 310 yards in 16 games in 2014, and Michael added 175 in 10 games.

The challenge for the Seahawks will be to decide when to move on from Marshawn, assuming he wants to keep playing.  Even though he doesn’t have a significant injury history, plenty of tailbacks see their skills quickly diminish as they approach/surpass 30.  Lynch, who turns 29 in April, is definitely closer to the end of the road than the start of it.

Unless the Seahawks can find a solid alternative to Lynch, they’ll be far closer to the end of their road as contenders than the start of it, too.

66 responses to “For Lynch, the question is whether he wants to keep playing

  1. Lynch has given much to the game, and the NFL takes every opportunity to fine him. Underappreciated to say the leas.

  2. Turbo looks good in some games but then others he looks like the smallest trip up takes him down, although he hasnt stumbled over his own feet lately, I dont know if hes fully ready yet. Hopefully we get the Beast back

  3. Lynch doesn’t strike me as the kind of player whose been careful with his money. I expect he’ll be broke and desperate within 5 years of leaving the league. Better get those extra millions while you can and save them for after you do retire when you’ll really need them.

  4. Seahawks would be crazy to not give him what he wants. He might want to go to Oakland though.. he does love that city.

  5. This man was perfect for Buffalo, NY. That style of running in that climate. Still hard to understand how you let THIS GUY walk.

  6. The Marshawn Lynch I saw running last Sunday sure doesn’t look to me like a guy who wants to quit playing.

    The entire Seahawks franchise and fan base is devastated by how they lost that game, and I can’t imagine anyone more so than Lynch. Let’s give a few weeks for the anger and frustration to cool down before anything he or the team says or does regarding his future is taken at any more than face value.

  7. Marshawn is one of the best to ever lace ’em up. If Seattle thinks they can replace him, they’ll end up with egg on their faces once again.

  8. Why all the love-hate. I am grateful they went for a pass. Having Lynch get two or three (time permitting) tries from the 1 yd line would have put them on top. If he gets stuffed on a play, he usually makes amends on the next play.
    Lynch brings more to the table than great stats…he pumps up his team. His second effort in fighting for every yard is what defines that team. Without him, they become a second tier team.

  9. If he wants to keep playing and remains a beast, why release him? Find another good RB and sign him; in the mean time keep Lynch out there if that is where he wants to be. If his production drops off then he can retire or be a back up.

  10. The haters are just salty that he’s no on their team. I’m not even a Seahawks fan.

  11. Lynch does not really need the money. He makes millions being the spokesman for Skittles. I am sure he would like to spend more time working for his charity in Oakland.

  12. If it comes to a choice of signing a 29 year old running back or a 25 year old QB that has proven himself to be a winner – not a stat producer but more importantly a winner- every NFL team is going to choose the qb. I don’t know if the Seahawks can afford both, but we all know if it is one or the other, the qb will be their choice.

  13. He’s not going anywhere. Besides, on any other job he’d have to talk, so he might as well stay in the NFL.

  14. The last play in the superbowl show’s what the seahawks look without lynch. Lynch won’t be back if bevel is still there, but you know that wilson loves bevell, so that means that bevell will be back

  15. It’s been awesome watching this guy, and I hope he comes back. Gives his all on every single play. Whatever happens, he’ll always be loved here.

  16. What’s all this talk about running backs fading out at 29, 30. Good running backs don’t. The only RB’s that fade out are the ones that get 50-100 carries a year and the younger, better option is cheaper.

    You know why he’s here.

  17. If he leaves football, he’ll be broke in 2-3 years. If he plays another year, that pushes back his future of living in a box under a bridge by another year. And then he’ll be begging the sports media for a chance to tell his story. So let’s agree to ignore him when the time comes.

  18. sluggoseam says:
    Feb 5, 2015 11:33 AM
    Marshawn is one of the best to ever lace ‘em up. If Seattle thinks they can replace him, they’ll end up with egg on their faces once again.————————————————
    SLOW DOWN…one of the best ever to lace them up?? He has 87oo yards in 8 seasons…He’s one of the most effective backs currently playing but one of the best ever…that’s plain silly. He’d have to be way more productive than he’s been, and continue to do so for about 4 more years. There are sooooo many guys with better production than him in history, currently 34 of them ahead of him on the rushing yards list. Earl Campbell played for about the same amount of years Lynch has played to date…He is no Earl Campbell. Lynch is more like Corey Dillon in the 8th year of his career…is Dillon one of the best to ever lace them up? Lynch at this point isn’t as good as Eddie George, or Ricky Williams. Be a fan of the guy if you want, because you like him, but it doesn’t make him better than he is.

  19. Whomever Lynch’s replacement will be, we know it won’t be either Robert Turbin and Christine Michael.

    Turbin has the largest guns in the NFL and yet he can’t break a tackle to save his life! Michael, has been carried on the team for 3 years and can’t even make it into the offense.

    My question is, will Lynch even return if OC Bevell isn’t fired? No way am I playing for that idiot another year!

  20. Marshawn Lynch is the man and it’s truly sad some of you can’t get over your Seahawks hate to appreciate one of the toughest, badass mofos to ever lace em up. There isn’t a single player, current or retired, who doesn’t respect Lynch’s game.

  21. Hawks MUST bring him back. He is the heart and soul of this team in the opinions of the players. It appears that the SB call has alienated a fair percentage of the team.. Just imagine how huge the conspiracy theory will grow if Marshawn isn’t on the roster next season. RW and Pete REALLY need him if the Hawks are ever going to move past the issues related to that last play and come together as a team next season.

  22. It continually amazes me the comments individuals feel compelled to post in regards to other people. The old adage if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all rings true. So simple even my 10 year old can abide by it. In my opinion Marshawn is an amazing talent on the field, as a lifelong 12 I love the excitement and talent beast mode brings to the Seahawks. Off the field he is entertaining and giving and a remarkable human being. Those of you who are gonna hate should be ashamed of yourselves. I truly hope Marshawn chooses to stay with us and do what he does best at #sb50!!!!!!!

  23. There’s no doubt in my mind he still wants to play…he just doesn’t want to have to deal with all the crap that goes along with being an NFL star. If you could guarantee him no more fines, no more media, and no more harassment from the league office, I think he’d gladly play for a few more years.

  24. Why do some of these people commenting have to be so negative about Beast mode. Just support him for the man he is and has been. Negativity helps nobody. He is an amazing man and should be celebrated. Not everyone has to beat to the same drum and thank God they don’t because how boring would the world be if they did?

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