Jury rules for Raiders in age discrimination lawsuit

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When Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie came on the job in 2012, he fired a pair of veteran scouts who had spent decades working for the team.

The two scouts, Jon Kingdon and Bruce Kebric, responded to their terminations by filing a lawsuit alleging they were being discriminated against because of their age. They were asking for $3 million in damages, but an Alameda County, California jury sided with the Raiders on Wednesday.

The jury voted 12-0 in favor of the Raiders, who argued that McKenzie chose people he knew, trusted and thought were better suited for the job than the ousted Kingdon and Kebric.

“We appreciate the jury quickly and unanimously rejecting these claims and confirming that the Raiders’ employment decisions were lawful and not discriminatory in any way,” the Raiders said in a statement, via InsideBayArea.com. “The Raiders are proud of our long history of equal opportunity employment without regard for race, gender, age, religion, or any other improper characteristic.”

An attorney for Kingdon and Kebric did not respond to a request for comment about the ruling.

15 responses to “Jury rules for Raiders in age discrimination lawsuit

  1. I’m sure the Raiders could have handled it better. You don’t just throw out employees who’ve given you 20 + years of service. A respected severance package would have made the move more palatable. I’m not sure if the Raidrs offered that but just saying.

  2. Considering the talent level on the Raiders during the two employee’s tenure there, the Raiders should be sueing them for impersonating a pro football scout.

  3. Based on the results since 2003, I wasn’t sorry to see those 2 scouts go. But I’m certainly NOT convinced that McKenzie and his group are any better. McKenzie has been given more rope than he deserves and if 2015 is another bad year for player acquisition then he should join Kingdon & Kebric in the unemployment line.

  4. Considering the total lack of talent on da Raidahs, they should have fired their “scouts” – long long ago!

  5. Silly me. I thought they were talking about the average age of Reggie’s defensive free agents last year..

  6. age????? really…jury only needed to hear guys name like Rolondo McClain, JaMarcus Russell, Darrius Heyward Bey, Michael Huff, Fabian Washington, Robert Gallery, Derrick Gibson, etc……The list would be to long to confirm what type of job they did….

  7. I don’t think the Raiders care about age. They just signed Charles Woodson for another year and rightly so. If you perform your job you get to keep it. If not then you don’t

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