Mike Maccagnan won’t have to worry about web haters — yet


Among the most vocal Jets fans last year were the guys behind FireJohnIdzik.com, who railed on the former General Manager incessantly on the internet and in the skies.

Idzik’s successor won’t have to worry about that, at least not yet.

Via Kristian Dyer of Metrothe man who bought the domain name FireMikeMaccagnan.com wants to make sure there are no such protests this time.

Jim Brady of Great Falls, Virginia said he bought the domain name the night the Jets announced the hiring of their new G.M.

He said he “didn’t buy it to use it, I bought it more to keep it from being used.”

“I wasn’t so much a defender of Idzik as I felt like he got too much of the blame, and Rex [Ryan] not enough. I was fine with both being let go,” Brady said. “I guess I just felt like all the stuff about the billboard and flying banners over practice was a bit much. I mean, there are plenty of other URLs someone could buy instead, so this doesn’t amount to much. . . .

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If people want to start these movements and sites, why not? And if I can grab the domain to keep it from being used, why not? All part of the domain game, I guess.”

Someone has, however bought FireToddBowles.com, which seems kind of inevitable.