Pete Carroll realizes Seahawks aren’t on the same page about play call


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll continues to own the play call that he didn’t make, which becomes even more admirable in light of the fact that he doesn’t call the plays on offense.

Most recently, Carroll opted to take his case to a national, mainstream stage by agreeing to an interview with Matt Lauer of NBC’s Today. During the interview, which aired Thursday morning, Carroll acknowledged that it will take time to work this out within his locker room.

“I don’t think at this point that everybody’s on the same page about that sequence necessarily, but that’s OK,” Carroll told Lauer.

Carroll said he explained the decision to his players during a weekly “Tell The Truth Monday” meeting.  “I wanted to make sure that they went through the whole process of what happened at the end — went through the whole thinking and everything and reminded them how we had prepared, and how we’ve done things,” Carroll said.  “So they realize that whether or not — even the players [who] want to agree — know that this is the way we have practiced and prepared ourselves to execute in this moment.”

Carroll said he’s not having any trouble getting to sleep in the days after the stunning loss to the Patriots, but that he’s having trouble staying asleep, for reasons unrelated to having a 63-year-old prostate.

“I’m sleeping some . . . but I wake up and can’t stop thinking about it,” Carroll said.  “The sleep part works because we’re so worn out after the six months of the season that you can’t help but fall asleep, but it’s the waking up — it’s getting back to sleep that’s the challenge.”

Pressed by Lauer on whether Carroll has shed tears over the way the game ended, Carroll admitted he has.

“That happened at that 4:05 [a.m.] mark on, you know, that hit,” Carroll said.  “There was a break where I allowed all of the rush of it to hit. . . . That was my opportunity to go ahead and visit it.”

But Carroll isn’t looking for closure, at least not within himself.  “These don’t go away,” Carroll said.  “These occurrences, they don’t leave.  These occurrences have stayed with me over the years in a manner that they fuel me.  The one at [USC], third national championship opportunity, 19 seconds left, fourth and seven, those don’t go away.  I don’t really even want to lose those.  I don’t want to wash them out and ignore them.  I just want them to be in a place where they’re gonna help me be right.”

So how will he be right with his players moving forward?  “By getting to the truth, by getting there, talking about it, facing it up,” Carroll said.  “Everybody’s cleared their minds.  When you finally gather and you’re ready to take that next step, we’re gonna go places that are extraordinary.”

Asked if there’s a story of redemption planned for the Seahawks, Carroll smiled and said, “It’s well underway.”

At this point, the biggest challenge remains getting those players who aren’t on the same page about the decision to adopt the same attitude about the outcome as their coach.

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  1. What’s also interesting is that one of the biggest defensively recognized coaches ever could not prevent a slightly above average offense from marching down the field in 5 plays and a minute-and-a-half, again, to otherwise have prevented these pieces from ever being written save for a miscue by Seattle.

  2. This was THE WORST CALL in Super Bowl history! It clearly supplants Jackie Smith’s dropped pass in XIII and Neil O’Donnell’s interception in XXX and Kurt Warner’s pick six in XLIII.

  3. Are they on the same page that if it weren’t for the luckier than lottery catch they wouldn’t even have been in scoring position?

    Malcolm Butler would have blow up lynch, caused a fumble and returned it for 6 the other way if they had run HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Pete Carroll is kicking himself over 1 play. Mike McCarthy is kicking himself over 5 plays.

  5. They’ll come around. The raw emotions will become secondary to the facts and reasons after awhile. They still might not agree with it but they’ll understand why at least.

  6. I didn’t like the call, hated the outcome more, but at the end of the day…. I’ve been standing by my team since ’77 so…. we’ve had it worse. Can’t wait for seahawks vs. Whoever in SB 50!!! GO HAWKS!

  7. I get the frustration over the play call. But while everyone is talking about the offensive play call, nobody is talking about the remarkable heads-up defensive effort at the goal line by the patriots!

    If that ball isn’t intercepted, Seattle scores the touchdown and likely wins the game. In which case Carroll is hailed as the genius and hero, and Belichick is ridiculed for not calling a timeout!

  8. Its incredibly difficult to get to the SB, much less win it. Hawks played great but that call wasn’t what lost the game, it was their defense giving up the two 4th quarter TDs that lost it.

    Great effort, they’ll be a tough team again next year.

  9. The more you understand the situation, the more reasonable that call becomes. I wish people would stop wallowing in the miasma of BLAME. This was much less about what Seattle did wrong, it was what the Pats did right.

    Malcolm Butler made a fantastic play. Half the time that play would have been a completion. The rest of the time it would have been an incompletion. The fact he was able to take the shock of the contact AND catch the ball was simply remarkable. JUST as it was remarkable that Kearse made that catch or Matthews made a couple of his.

    I just wish we would spend more time celebrating what was great about that game, rather than needing to assign blame on everything negative that happens.

    It seems to be a national pastime, especially by the media

  10. Carroll is an idiot.
    That being said, Wilson still needed to make the proper read and throw (or non-throw). He didn’t. Why not? Was he not capable of making the read and throw?
    Everyone is placing the blame on the coaches, but the player (QB) is who made the bad play. No one seems to want to point that out.

  11. Passing on 2nd down was absolutely the right call….especially against an 8 man front. Single man coverage…..Butler playing 10 ft off his man. It was the right play to call….and the execution was perfect. WR in right position, quick accurate pass. Give Butler credit for being a playmaker with will and determination to get to the ball, to initiate contact, and to retain balance thru the catch. Best defensive play we may EVER see.

  12. I am a Pats fan, and not really a Pete Carroll fan. But I do admire the fact that he has not run from this. He has also acknowledged that his players can disagree with the call and is trying to embrace the difference of opinion while not creating a rift in “the room”. It remains to be seen if it will work, but it doesn’t seem like a bad approach.

  13. Probably because it was the worst call ever. Couldn’t have happened to a better franchise. Classless from Pete to their 2012th man fans. Legion of bums.

  14. It was a spectacular defensive play by a player and a team that knew what was coming, had practiced it, and executed perfectly when the pressure was greatest.

  15. Even if Lockette catches that pass, he would’ve been short of the goal-line. That makes the play call ridiculous on two fronts.

  16. Bone-headed decision-making by coaches provided unnecessary drama in the NFC Championship game as well as the SuperBowl.

    I’m sure many Seattle fans are insisting that the better team lost. And I believe that is sometimes the case.

    Packer fans feel the same exact way about the NFC Championship game, so count your blessings while you can. The Packers had a very good season. You had a great season. But the Patriots had the best season.

  17. Not on the same page? How about not even reading the same book? Worst play call I have seen in quite some time. Still, no one is talking about Baldwin’s stupid celebration penalty, which gave the Pats a short field and started the comeback in the first place. An undisciplined team lost the Superbowl, not the Wilson pick.

  18. Bad call. He owned it with class. Get off Russell Wilson the pass was there for the receiver Butler made a play. If he doesn’t intercept he might get called for pass interference for the contact but the interception showed he was playing the ball. Great game. Seattle get over it!

  19. It was a poorly thrown pass, folks. A couple feet high and at least a foot too far out front, from 6 yards away. A better pass could have been caught. Pete claiming responsibility is sweet and all but not accurate. It’s on Wilson.

  20. It is what it is. You cannot change the the call or outcome now. Have to move on and try not to make the same mistake again. I wish you well Seahawks.

  21. If the play worked, nobody would be calling it the “worst call ever”. It’s only an issue because of the execution. If the play worked, nobody would have said a word or even called Carroll brilliant because “everyone” was expecting a run. When you watch the NFL Films version, I do believe Carroll was gamed by Belichick. You hear the Patriots coaches yell, “get in there Malcolm” as Butler runs from the bench to the field. Carroll originally saw the Patriots with goal line set, but it goal line 3. Belichick didn’t stop the clock because he liked his defensive set. If he called time out, maybe Carroll would have changed his mind.

  22. I was not rooting for a specific outcome….other than Marshawn Lynch as MVP! Which coulda happen if he scores. For all those who think they purposely didn’t give him the ball in that situation because of his reputation, note that he almost scored on first down.

    Yeah, Seattle blew it. But the fluke deflection that put them down there late was offset by Butler’s play.

    Funny, two guys I couldn’t name…Butler and Matthews were hero and almost hero.

  23. One Time out left.
    2nd Down – Low risk quick pass. Result either a TD or incompletion to stop the clock.
    3rd Down – Run Lynch. Result either a TD or he’s stuffed and you use your final timeout.
    4th down – Run Lynch. Result either you win or lose the game.

    So, pass on 2nd down you get three tries to get in. Run it on 2nd down you get two tries. The set-up at the line of scrimmage didn’t look bad for a low risk pass. Except for the fact that Butler made the play of the year and immediately sprinted to the spot he needed to be and wrestled it away.

    We’ll never know if it was the stupid play to make but we do know there was logic to it.

  24. Pete Carrol on his team”Darrell Bevel and I are being paid a lot of money to run this offense and the players are being paid a lot of money to do exactly what we tell them to do so it really dont matter what the players say or think,just run the plays we tell them to run and dont worry about it,its not their job to question our decisions.”some ignorant players compare themselves to soldiers in war but mistakes by a soldiers superior lead to their deaths,thankfully here it just resulted in a senseless loss of a game.

  25. Well the dynasty’s in trouble. Now they have to face the “lose the superbowl and nobody hears from you for 10 years” jinx.
    Those one year dynastys are rough.

  26. There are 30 other franchises that would like to lose a super bowl rather than not be in one.

    Awesome game. Awesome ending. No regrets.

  27. We will loose some players over this. The book “The Personality Tree” supports this as we are all a make up of 5 personality traits. One of which is simply letting go. 20% of us just carry the scars very deep and it will change a little of who you are if in a traumatic situation and this was for those guys. Some players simply will have to move on to another team in order to find some kind of closure. One could be Lynch and I would now be shocked if he stayed. This really was the worst call of all time. I love the Hawks and I am a die hard fan but this was simply THE WORST CALL OF ALL TIME.

  28. One thing can’t be disputed. The Patriots are a cheating organization. Ten SB victories will never erase that.

  29. pete is a horrible coach. taking a team to the superbowl 2 years in a row and only winning once. he should be fired immediately for his incompetence.

  30. The offensive play call didn’t lose the game for the Seahawks, neither did Russell Wilson. The hyped “Best defense of this generation did”! They coughed up a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter of a championship game to give New England the lead. Defense does indeed wins championships but sometimes it loses them too.

    The fact is that NE had the lead, putting pressure on Seattle to score to win. That didn’t happen…for whatever reason. SEATTLE’S DEFENSE LOST THE GAME, Russell Wilson and Bevell’s aggressive play calling almost won it back but the defeat is not on them.

  31. It is too convenient to assign all blame on one call when the fact is that any number of plays affected the outcome.

    Brady’s interception in the first quarter took a minimum of 3 points away from the Pats. Then you have the Seahawks having to score 7 just to tie.

    So enough already with the ifs ands or buts.

  32. Chicago 240 is exactly correct. Pass is fine if Wilson rolls right and throws high to corner or into the stands. Lynch makes one yard in two tries with poor blocking to boot. Bevell must be fired to save the lockeroom, it’s coming or my Hawks miss playoffs in 2015 season. Read this PETE!
    Go Hawks!

  33. The Patriots have recovered from numerous questionable calls, whacky plays and unexpected outcomes. They have experienced the ultimate jubilation and the deepest despair.

    The Seahawks will recover and continue to be a force in the NFL and a legitimate contender for years to come. And when they win it again, that disappointing finish will be forgotten.

    I know. I’m a Patriots fan and in the span of mere minutes, after the Kearse lap catch, I relived Tyree, 18 and Oh!, Manningham, 4 and 2, etc. But in the end it all worked out. It will for Seattle.

  34. It was a great season, no doubt. If the line backing crew was whole, I think the outcome would have been different.

    If my fellow 12’s really want to feel better, just look at some pictures of the Patriots parade. I read a headline that indicated that “thousands” turned out to celebrate the win. There were HUNDREDs of thousands at the Seattle parade last year and the two cities are approximately the same size. In fact, there were more people at the parade than the entire population of Seattle. At first I attributed it to the weather, but then I remembered it was 28 degrees in Seattle for last year’s parade.

    Then all of the classless jabs at the Seahawks, Gronk chugging beer, people burning pictures of the opponent. There was absolutely NO reference to the Broncos during the Seahawks parade last year. Not one.

    Patriots fans call the Seattle fanbase “classless”, but that parade took smarmy to a whole new level!

  35. A pass play in that situation wasn’t the problem. The problem was THAT pass play on 2nd down, and the results of the play prove it. When you went shot gun and flared Lynch to the left, the Pats could play for a pass or Wilson run. It was too risky to throw the ball in a congested area of the field. The D-line could lay back or, as we saw, a D-back could jump the route. A play action and Wilson rollout would have given him time to make a safer pass or optional run and, if unsuccessful, still have two more shots at it.

  36. No fan of Pete, think he’ll bent the rules if given the opportunity, but have to admit that the Seahawks strategy was to be aggressive, and they stayed with it.
    It worked on the fake punt against the Packers. It worked on the touchdown with 6 seconds before the half.
    You have to give them credit for sticking with “what got them there”.
    And when it didn’t work, they owned up to it. So kudos to Pete and Bevell.

  37. Excellent attitude, and it’s his approach to this that will allow him and those around him to be continue to be successful. If you play enough games, your going to lose some. If not for a great play, many may be talking about how 30 seconds were allowed to run off the clock with the Patriots not calling a timeout. If the Seahawks score a TD there, they only need a fieldgoal to tie. It worked out for them (The Patriots). Decisions sometimes are made in the moment, and the cornerback for the Patriots made an excellent one to jump that route.

  38. Of course this process would be much easier if from the outset you showed them who is boss and treated them like the entitled immature children they are instead of letting them “be who they are” and “express themselves”.

  39. So, Carroll doesn’t call the offense. Okay. But I imagine he does have the authority to overrule a terrible play call on the half yard line with under a minute and the Superbowl on the line.

    Ultimately, it’s his call. He should own it. Good for him.

  40. Russell Wilson has owned up his bad throw which spoke volume about his leadership skill. I like Wilson a lot. That being said, Wilson is no longer a rookie and it’s time he needs to think for himself if he wants to get to the elite level. That was a bad call !! Elite QBs like Rodgers, Manning, Brady or Brees probably would question the call and sent it back to his OC.

  41. The play call was good, if the Seahawks had an above average quarterback.

    I think the double standard is hilarious. Wilson tosses that pick and everyone either blames the play call or say that the defensive back made a great play. If any elite quarterback made that throw and had it intercepted, everyone would be talking about how the quarterback choked.

    So, either Russell Wilson is overhyped, or it is all on Russell Wilson. Not like the offensive play call was an impossible feat. Wilson blew it because Wilson was not and is not good enough to make that throw. If there is anything wrong with the play call, it is that it was a play that Wilson doesn’t have the skill to make. Maybe the Seahawks overestimated the skill level of their quarterback?

    I have nothing against Russell Wilson. My side of the argument is based more on how the media and stupid fans over rate so many players as great, then blame someone else when the player cannot play up to the hype.

  42. Your window of opportunity has closed, Pete. Bevell and Wilson destroyed your chances, and Butler put the final nail in that one. It was a great play by the young kid to fight for that ball and pick it off to seal the deal.

    Bevell should have realized to minimize the risks in that situation. Lynch would have likely punched it in given the fact that he is a beast in short yardage situations. It was a monumental mistake to put Wilson in that position, and the rest is history.

    Colts/Cowboys in the 2016 SB, and Seattle will lose in the first round of the playoffs. You heard it here first.

    Hey, Sherman – you mad, bro?

  43. The Seahawks defense is lucky this the story instead of how they folded up in the fourth quarter. A great game. One play better for the Pats.

  44. This was the worst last second loss in sports history, on the biggest stage possible. Russell Wilson threw another interception like the three or four in the N.F.C. Championship game two weeks before. This play will live on in infamy for decades to come.

  45. Pete had a WHOLE 15 minutes to protect a TEN point lead….. He had the momentum going, yet he allowed Tom Terrific to score twice. Excellent Defensive minded coach, that Pete. Being a Pats fan, that last drive made me sick when that miracle catch was made. Shades of the two past SB wins by the Giants. Thank the stars, Peter realizes his loyalty to the Patriots Franchise, oh wait, he is coaching the Seahawks!

  46. I’ll bet in the history of the NFL there hasn’t been a group of players always on “the same page” as their coach.

  47. People who call this the worst call ever, would in turn be questioning Belicheck’s decision to not call a timeout. Or, questioning Carroll had they not scored the TD w/ 6 seconds left in the 1st half. Carroll saw the defense the Pats had in (Goal line), they still had time left on the clock and they wanted to run it out.

    Browner jammed Kearse hard off the line, who, had it been executed properly, would’ve caused a pick forcing Butler to move around to cover his man. Browner, quite frankly, made that entire interception possible by taking Kearse out of the play.

    Butler, for obvious reason, relied on his instincts, which told him he was seeing the exact same play he got burned on in practice earlier that week by Jimmy G, as this is a play that’s worked well for the Hawks, as it did in practice. He recognized the play, jumped the route, and the rest is history.

    Don’t blame Pete, blame poor execution by the players, zero awareness of his surroundings by Lockette, and one hell of a defensive effort by Browner and Butler.

  48. Keep crying about the playcall, haters.

    Rational Hawks fans know that its only a device being used by Patriots haters to work out some of their many, many insecurities.


  49. As a Seahawks fan, the silver lining to all of this will be how pissed off everyone will be when the Seahawks make it back to the Super Bowl next year.

  50. I am not a fan of either team as i live in Pittsburgh but watching Seattle fake pooping in the 3rd quarter and Sherman mocking them coach laughing on the sideline. They acted like it was over and there was an entire quarter left. That was like the kiss of death. That kind of stuff seems to find a way to come back at ya.

  51. Throwing into an 8 man front is the right call, IF you are in the middle of the field or IF you are throwing to the outside.
    Throwing into the middle of an 8 man front in the endzone is just asking for an interception. You asked for it, you got it.

  52. Ok it’s day 4 after the SB and sorry Seahawk fans but I hate tell you nothing has changed. It was a horrible call on Sunday and it still is today. It was 2nd down and not 3rd or 4th. You run first on 2nd then either pass or run on your last 2 downs if you don’t make it on 2nd. Any other play than a pass in the middle would have been less risky.

  53. This is the kind of play that will scar a franchise for a very long time. Carroll will never live this down. It could potentially tear this team apart.

  54. Pete Carroll will be trying to spin this play for the rest of his career. If you were watching the game, trust your gut reaction when you saw what transpired. We all know what the right play call was whether it would have scored or not, the rest is just sound and fury.

  55. Bring on your ignorance and hate towards the Seahawks. As a lifelong fan I welcome it. Funny how once we start winning we are villains for it. Even with all of the inuries to our secondary (Thomas, Sherman, Chancelor, Lane) we were one yard away from repeating as champions against your beloved white bread Patriots. Not exactly a win to brag about, as say maybe a 43-8 win?

    Our young team has never really felt failure. This is the best thing that could happen to them.

    Learn to love it haters, Hawks are youger, faster, stronger, and will be in the title picture for years to come.

  56. I still haven’t heard Carroll admit that it was an incredibly stupid call, and that he was temporarily insane when he allowed it. He still acts like it wasn’t a bad call, it was just a play that didn’t work out. Give everyone a break and admit that the call was moronic.

  57. All these experts taking Carroll to task. The SeaHawks won the previous year and finished 2nd this year. While we might argue the call it sure says very little about the other 30 teams in the NFL. Give the guy his due as he seems to be able to bridge the gap in age and philosophy and connect with his players on the field.

  58. Great game, dramatic ending. I agree that Baldwins stupid “celebration” gave the Pats the field position they needed to come back. I think the LOB was not running at full speed due to injuries (now we learn that Bam Bam played the whole game with a torn MCL). Congrats to the Pats for a great win.

    I still wouldn’t want anyone else but Pete coaching my team. See you guys in the playoffs again next year…

  59. Please dismount Pete Carroll. You have ridden him long enough: He just wanted to do for the Patriots what he couldn’t do during his tenure as coach (1997-99). Jeez.

  60. I am not a Carroll fan, but admit he is a good coach. He took the Seahawks to a championship last year and one bad play call (from his OC) from another one this year. There are 30 other NFL teams and hundreds of other players that did not get that close. If his players cannot appreciate that fact and get on “the same page” with their coach, the players should take their whining elsewhere.

  61. The fact is, it’s really easy for all the armchair experts to look at the outcome of one play and decry the result. If Butler hadn’t made a great play, it would’ve been a TD and Carroll would be a gutsy genius. (although he doesn’t call the plays).

    But a great play was made and so it’s over-analyzed to death. Running Lynch sure seems like a foregone conclusion, but if you look at his stats from the 1 yardline this season, he’d been stuffed repeatedly.

    We’ll never know, of course. But calling it the worst call in SB history is more than a little bit of hyperbole.

  62. The Pats knew what play was coming … Hmmmmmm. A play that no football experienced coach would ever call.
    Sounds like someone was listening in on the play call.

  63. I don’t understand what game everyone was watching in regards to Baldwin’s admittingly stupid penalty. NE went 3 & out on the next series. While the penalty was stupid, it didn’t have anything to do with the comeback.

  64. I see people talking about the armchair experts but that’s not the point of this article: Carroll’s TEAM thinks it was a lousy call. He doesn’t have to motivate the fans next season, but he and Bevell do have to get the players to continue to buy in. Telling your players that you never even considered the play they thought would be correct is kind of insulting to them.

    It’s not so much that it was a pass but that it was a pass without any play action. And to dig in the heels and make it sound like they’d call the exact same play the next time because they’re so confident it was the right call is absurd.

  65. Firstly, I am a Seahawks fan, hence, congratulations on making it to your second consecutive Big Show, Pete Carroll!! It’s been one helluva ride, Pete, with a combination of brilliant play execution, team spirit and luck. The challenge going forward, Pete, is not retaining the abundance of talent you have in the locker-room and front office, rather, limiting the damage of distrust and resentment that can sabotage the Seahawks’ chances of returning to the Super Bowl in 2016 and beyond. Emotional infighting and poor morale is likened to cancer that has spread (metastasized) from a minute spot on the skin to the vital organs, the lung and brain.
    If you can re-build and learn from your mistakes, Pete, and hang in there another 5 to 7-years, there’s a good chance the Seahawks will win another NFC Championship and make it back to the Coliseum.

  66. Truth, is the only cure. Now, for the sake of Seahawks fans how’s about acquiring an OC that isn’t so predictable to run on every first and 2nd down?

    Bevell, who called that idiotic play, needed to go before he called that play. I’m shocked he’s still here!

  67. It boils down to this, Pete always calls the defense, along with his DC. He hasn’t ever and did not in the Super bowl call offensive plays. He’s trying to man up and protect his OC for making (yet another) crap call, and his receiver and QB both of whom did not execute well on that play. The throw (And I love Russel but lets be honest) was too far in front of the receiver, the receiver didn’t fight for the ball. Pete is doing his best to man up, but no one is buying it.

    Where I worked, if you screwed up over and over again like that OC has this year, you don’t get to keep your job.

    I think Pete and Bevell are friends and he doesn’t want his friend fired. This does not bode well for the future.

  68. “The fact is, it’s really easy for all the armchair experts to look at the outcome of one play and decry the result. If Butler hadn’t made a great play, it would’ve been a TD and Carroll would be a gutsy genius. (although he doesn’t call the plays).

    But a great play was made and so it’s over-analyzed to death. Running Lynch sure seems like a foregone conclusion, but if you look at his stats from the 1 yardline this season, he’d been stuffed repeatedly.

    We’ll never know, of course. But calling it the worst call in SB history is more than a little bit of hyperbole.’

    Spoken like someone clueless about being ramped up on adrelaline in a SB game running for a win.

    One merely has to look at the 1 yard and goal Lynch ran in last years NFC Championship game against the 49er’s last January to see Lynch barreling past the goal line…and against a much stouter defensive line than the Pat’s defensive line. But go ahead, why let reality get in the way of your story.

  69. Seachicken fans your ONE & DONE !!!
    Your locker room will not forget Bevell and Carroll decision to pass …….. yes Carroll he has the right to over ride Bevell’s decision which he didn’t .
    So you can watch you will not be in next year’s big show !
    And you will blow your cap space on two players Wilson and Lynch which will you will start to see many of your team going to play for D. Quinn in Atlanta especially your defensive players .
    So to you arrogant 12th man fans your ONE & DONE !!!

  70. Pete Carroll’s universal optimism is laudable….but, even though he didn’t make ‘the worst call in Super Bowl history’…..he must’ve heard it through his headset…or if he didn’t have a head set on etc….mea culpa…Carroll had a time out he could’ve used to change the play…I like Pete Carroll alot…but…although the play may’ve been called by the offensive coordinator etc…’the buck stops here.’ 3 downs to go 1 yard with Marshawn Lynch, the most potent running back in the NFL who just gained an impressive 4 yards from the 5 yard line, and your offensive line pumped up and flying off the snap to make it happen….Pete Carroll would/should have access to the call and could’ve changed it…there is no plausible explanation for a slant pass over the middle as the play call choice over hand the ball to Marshawn on more time…

  71. Throwing into an 8 man front is the right call, IF you are in the middle of the field or IF you are throwing to the outside.
    Throwing into the middle of an 8 man front in the endzone is just asking for an interception. You asked for it, you got it.
    It’s like some of you 12s just started watching football three years ago. What you are saying would make sense if any of the 8 men on the LOS actually made the play. They didn’t.

    An 8 -man front means man-to-man on the outsides. In this case, Butler was off. Against off man-to-man a slant is a great route especially if you need 1 damn yard. Wilson just lead his man too much and Butler beat the rxer to the spot.

  72. If Lane hadn’t broken his arm this would’ve been a completely different game
    Brady moved the ball fine against Lane, too. Did you forget that he intercepted the ball on the goal line?

  73. If Lane hadn’t broken his arm this would’ve been a completely different game …

    And if Rodgers didn’t have a torn calf, the Pack would have won 35-10 and the ‘hags wouldn’t have been in the game in the first place. What if’s are for losers.

  74. One merely has to look at the 1 yard and goal Lynch ran in last years NFC Championship game against the 49er’s last January to see Lynch barreling past the goal line…and against a much stouter defensive line than the Pat’s defensive line. But go ahead, why let reality get in the way of your story.
    8 man box vs 5OL and a TE. Tell me how that story ends.

  75. I am a diehard Hawks fan. But this is what angers me: The Hawks ran in what I think was the identical play against the Titans, with about ten seconds left before the half, in October 2013. I was at the game. The Titans intercepted and ran for a touchdown, putting the Hawks in a hole that brilliant catches by Sidney Rice managed to overcome. Okay, people make mistakes. BUT AREN’T GREAT COACHES SUPPOSED TO LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES?? Every time the Hawks have played since then and gotten near the goal line, I keep saying to myself, “Don’t throw the ball down the middle, don’t throw the ball down the middle.” I am not that knowledgeable about football, but I have been watching every Sunday for 51 years. I don’t know why they didn’t have Lynch fake a run up the middle and have Wilson bootleg, perhaps with Lockette blocking. If Lockette missed the block and Wilson would be about to be tackled, then Wilson could have lofted the ball over the defender’s hands, thrown it out of bounds, or, absolutely, the worst case scenario, taken a sack for perhaps a yard. A nice, safe play. Something similar so worked to perfection against the Pack that the ease with with Wilson scored was almost laughable.

  76. Before any Seattle fans start calling people classless, let us remember which team started a fight afterthe Butler INT and which player got ejected ? Wasn’t it the Pats ? Oh wait…
    You learn a lot about winners when they lose.

  77. There really is only one way this team will respond. This will become the next chip on their shoulder. The next doubt from others that they will prove wrong. The next rendition of “What’s Next”. They will be highly motivated. They will be back in the SB for a third straight year, and they will win SB 50.

  78. @ericbroe – I urge you to go look at the tape and then come back and tell us who threw the first punch. Seriously, talk about something that doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things….but if you must, at least get it right.

  79. It was definitely the wrong call because its too close to the goal line and it could be a tipped pass or a interception plus Wilson is only 5’10 which is too small to throw in the middle lane with over 6 foot lineman.Give it to Lynch 3 times and if not then you gave it your best and most reliable shot. He just ran for 4 yrds the last play , he could of made 1 yrd in 3 plays even with the Patriots goal line stance .They didnt believe in Lynch which cost them , now Brady and Belichek look like geniuses. ..smh

  80. Look man, If Pete Carroll and Bevell thought like the average, they would be average. It’s because of their unique vision as to how they see the game of football that they’re champions and a yard away from being repeat champions.

    Everybody’s talking about what they would have done. Coaches around the league and in football talking about what they would have done in that situation. Let’s see you get one yard away from the Lombardi with your average thought process and textbook play calling first.

    That was a championship football game, the best coaches, the best players, they all knew what they were doing…….and you dont run on 2nd and goal, with one timeout, and less than a minute to play. The AVERAGE coach would have done it, but the AVERAGE coach would not have been in that situation to do it, in the first place.

    The Superbowl was decided by elite coaches, elite play calls, countered by an elite defense and an elite play…..period. Great Superbowl.

  81. Wilson didn’t run any bootlegs or keep the ball on read-options because NE had good edge control all game with Nink and Jones. NE’s DE’s pretty much stayed home and forced Wilson to hand off every single time. His only rushes were on scrambles where the pocket containment broke down before the coverage did.

    A boot there isn’t any safer than a quick slant. You basically cut the field in half. Only the frontside receivers can really be involved. Throwing to a backside receiver coming across is dangerous – Dwight Clark excepted, of course. Plus, even if he chucks it out the back of the end zone, you still eat about eight seconds, more if he decides to hero it up and double back.

  82. I urge you to go look at the tape and then come back and tell us who threw the first punch. Seriously, talk about something that doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things….but if you must, at least get it right.
    Really it started because the middle of the line (Bennett and Williams) and Chancellor rushed the victory formation. There was some hands to the face by Bennett. The OL pushed back but what really got things going was Irving punching Gronk.

  83. Pretty sure Bevell made the call. However, Carroll could’ve changed it. I guess he believes in his staff and has faith in them as well as the players.

    Few things:

    1.) Talk to Green Bay fans. Bevell has a history of getting cute with his play calling. It’s interesting that Pete Carroll takes full blame like a man. Russ Wilson takes full blame like a man. And Darrell Bevell blames Ricardo Lockette…

    2.) In 2014, QBs threw 66 TDs from the one yard line. In 2014, Lynch was 1 for 5 on scoring from the one yard line.

    3.) You can’t praise Big Balls Pete for his gutsy successful calls and then knock him for his gutsy failed calls. That’s the way he coaches. Go big or go home. For the most part, the Seahawks have been successful with that methodology. On Sunday, it just happened to be a time when they went home.

    I feel worse for Chris Matthews who could’ve been the hero that game.

  84. That Patriots do have a dynasty in this era of salary caps and free agency. Undoubtedly due to outstanding management.

    The Seahawks also have a remarkable management team & no doubt will also be one of the new powers in the NFL for some time….based on management skills of salary caps and identifying low round & undrafted selections.

    The real challange is will the Hawks have the ability to recognize and develop team role players such as Edelman, Blount & Butler. That will take a little time to see and if so they will perhaps be the next dynasty. You don’t have to win them all to be a dynasty but being there for 14 consequetive years qualifies. Also helps if you can pick up some good free agents. Reves and Browner come to mind.

  85. jollyjoker2 says:
    Feb 5, 2015 7:43 PM
    its a good call if it becomes a touchdown.. oh well, the hawks are going to realize this only comes by once a decade.
    Seahawks’ 3rd SB in the last 9 years Pats & Steelers only other teams with as many in the same span) and the window is definitely still open.

    But I agree with your opening remark.

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