Signs pointing to Kris Richard as next defensive coordinator in Seattle


Last month, PFT reported that Seattle defensive backs coach Kris Richard will end up being the defensive coordinator in Atlanta or Seattle.

It won’t happen in Atlanta, where Richard Smith is the defensive coordinator and Raheem Morris will coordinate the efforts to defend against the passing game.  It hasn’t happened yet in Seattle, but it’s currently expected to occur.

Per a league source, new Falcons coach Dan Quinn tried to get Richard to come to Atlanta, and Richard chose to stay put, with a better deal and, at a minimum, strong consideration for the promotion to Quinn’s former position.

Richard has strong ties to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and to the Seahawks.  As a player, Richard arrived in Seattle as a third-round pick 13 years ago.  As a coach, he joined the franchise with Carroll in 2010, after two years of coaching with Carroll at USC.

Another source said Wednesday that the Seahawks are still working through the process of identifying a new defensive coordinator.  If not Richard and if the Seahawks remain in house, the other options are linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr., defensive line coach Travis Jones, and defensive passing game coordinator Rocky Seto.

18 responses to “Signs pointing to Kris Richard as next defensive coordinator in Seattle

  1. I get the feeling Norton likes being where he is and has no desire to move up the ladder.

  2. It would be aswesome to see Ken Norton JR as a DC. Hoepfully he will be more successful than Singletary.

  3. This is why it’s so hard to maintain a top team. Players and coaches are signed away … replacements may or may not be as good. The NFL is an engine of parity.

  4. I don’t know his personality, but going only based on personalities I would choose Ken Norton Jr. for this defense. I also acknowledge that going only based on personalities would be foolish, but there’s not much else for me to go on.

  5. I’m really disappointed that Quinn tried to gut the Seattle coaching staff. He was absolutely the best OC for Seattle, but that’s just a low blow. I hope they promote Kris Richard soon. I think it would really help the linebackers to begin the process of healing after so many end-of-the-season injuries.

  6. I think they need to stay in house in order to keep respect of the players… They want to make another superbowl next year they need to stick together… All in all it doesnt matter though Pete Carrol creates great D coaches he did it with Quinn after Guss left he will just do it with someone else next.

    If the seahawks shore up a couple of spots and get a real corner opposite of sherman now that Maxwell is gone they will be right back in the super bowl again next season.

  7. Ultimately, the real defensive coordinator is Pete Carroll himself. He is the one who crafted the defensive philosophy and schemes.

    Under Carroll, the coordinator is more focused on the scouting, game planning, and selecting the schemes to run each down. Make no mistake, the playbook and philosophy will not change much no matter who they pick so my expectation is that things will remain consistent (why change a good thing?).

    I’m partial to Ken Norton Jr myself just because he has more experience, but I wouldn’t mind if Kris Richards took over either. I like the in house options we have.

  8. I’m a Hawks fan…being into three straight superbowls is overly optimistic. There is a lot of parity in this game, let alone the NFC. We should cherish the two great runs we had and not get upset if we don’t go to a third.

  9. They SHOULD consider bringing in Jim Schwartz at least for an interview. That dude ALWAYS improves a defense.

  10. Richards is my pick for successor to Quinn, primarily because Norton seems that rare exception who knows who he is, what he loves, and doesn’t have a desire to be anything but the best LB coach in the NFL (which he is). Richards is a guy who the entire defense, not just the LOB, trust completely and would be a great internal promotion to help the Seahawks heal after a tough end to a great season.

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