Colts deal for Duron Carter included no signing bonus at all

Getty Images

Many, many, many words were written about the pursuit of Canadian Football League wide receiver, which ended with the Colts signing him.

That’s a function of his hitting the slow time of the year for NFL transactions, and the fact he’s the son of Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter.

But the investment the Colts made in him might show the true level of interest in his services.

According to Tom Pelissero of USA Today, Carter’s three-year deal with the Colts included no signing bonus, only a $25,000 base salary guarantee this year.

Contrast that with the $500,000 bonus Cam Wake got from the Dolphins in 2009, and it shows that the market for Carter wasn’t vigorous at all.

If he turns into a player capable of making the roster, the three-year, $1.575 million deal will be a bargain. But the fact there’s no up-front money in it makes it a low-risk proposition for the Colts.