Eagles may have interest in Jake Locker

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After four mostly disappointing and injury-prone seasons in Tennessee, Jake Locker is a free agent who will have to find work elsewhere. Philadelphia could be the spot.

At least, it will be according to a player agent who told NJ.com that there will be interest from Eagles head coach Chip Kelly in acquiring Locker in free agency. According to the report, that agent is not Locker’s agent but does have another quarterback who’s a free agent this year, and so he’s already begun looking at the quarterback market.

Locker would be highly unlikely to challenge for a starting job in Philadelphia or anywhere else, but he could make sense as a backup to Nick Foles if Mark Sanchez, who is also a free agent, departs this offseason. Locker may be a better fit for the kind of offense Kelly runs than Sanchez is.

The NJ.com story notes that Kelly would have some familiarity with Locker from their days in the same college conference, although that wouldn’t necessarily be a positive: Washington and Oregon played four times when Locker was at Washington and Kelly was at Oregon, and Oregon won all four games, with Locker playing poorly in three of the games and missing the fourth with an injury. So Kelly’s first-hand experience with Locker probably isn’t enough to make Kelly think Locker is a good player.

Last season Locker started five games for the Titans and had a career-low passer rating of 70.9. He could use a fresh start with a coach who has a knack for getting the most out of quarterbacks, and Kelly could be that coach.

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  1. Unfortunately, Lockers injuries derailed his career. If he could have stayed healthy, I think he could be a decent QB. He showed flashes of good play and he has heart and puts in the work. He’s a hard guy to dislike even after him dragging my team down for the past 3 years.

    If nothing else, he’s an above average back up when healthy.

  2. Eagles fan here. If they get rid of foles this offseason they’d be one of the dumbest teams in the league. We all can I agree the eagles defense is garbage (mainly the secondary) and this guy has a winning record with no defensive support. Draft defense, add a WR and let the guy play. The guy is 14-5 under chip as a starter, and yes he looked uncomfortable and indecisive at times last year, he’s not a great athlete but he’s tough as nails and imo a good leader

  3. I’m a husky fan and had season tickets when Jake was here. A GREAT kid, but I was glad when he left. He is not accurate (he once went 4-14 or something like that against Nebraska) and a horrible decision maker. He ran a Wing-T in high school at Ferndale LOL (i.e., he mostly just ran around and over people). Our offense improved exponentially after Jake left (Keith Price, who replaced Jake and wasn’t even drafted, put up video game numbers and improved our passing game immensely).

    With that said, the Eagles would be a good spot. But no way he does anything in a traditional pro set offense. He just doesn’t have the skills for that.

  4. I cannot for the life of me understand the fascination with Jake Locker. He must do a heck of a job in practice.

    He’s just not that good. In an era where elite college QBs routinely complete 70% of their passes, he had a career percentage of 53.9%. Look at that again. Barely over half his passes completed.

    He is one of only six QBs to have a losing record as a college starter to be drafted in the first round since 2000. The other five? Patrick Ramsey, Kyle Boller, J.P. Losman, Jay Cutler and Josh Freeman. Yup. A virtual murderers row of future hall of famers.

    He has risen to his level of incompetence. There is absolutely nothing on his resume to suggest that he can be “reclaimed” or is in any way “above average”. What you see is what you get.

  5. Jake Locker would make a good mentor and solid backup for the NFL ROY 2016 and MYP/SB MVP 2017. The ROY is Marcus. Marcus who.. come on now…

    In Chip We Trust


  6. So, you will have a QB coming off an injury, backed up by a guy that can’t stay healthy. Good luck.

  7. Why would they bother to hire him? He’s a run first QB, you can see that in the games he manages to play. Tucks that ball in and barrels out of the backfield after his first read doesn’t pan out and it’s like “Here we go! All right!” Then he gets injured. Again.

  8. Locker possesses all of the physical tools a QB needs, his problem is he throws a football like a shortstop throws a baseball, and unfortunately throwing with Anticipation is not a skill he has every possessed

  9. As a Titans fan, my response is simply: “Yes, please.”

    I’ve seen more than flashes of Jake Locker’s potential when he’s been healthy, and I’m troubled by the notion that he might be signed as the answer to the Texans’ QB dilemma. The last thing we need is Locker’s freak injuries coming to an end while he’s playing for someone else IN our division.

  10. The guy can’t stay healthy. Why would someone with a football mind like Chip Kelly be interested in Locker? Yes,he has flashes of being a really good QB at times,and then he gets hurt. Always. I don’t believe this rumor.

  11. If this is true, then it pains me to say that Chip Kelly may be reading a little too many of his press clippings.

    This would be the second year in a row where he took someone else’s trash and tried to make it his treasure (see Sanchez, Mark). He would only do this if he felt he had the ability to get solid production from players that no other coach could.

    Thus, instead of searching far and wide for a true franchise QB, he gambles on retreads and no-talents believing he can make them winners.

    I call it Brian Billick Disease.

  12. Locker wouldn’t be a bad choice if they get him cheap. Einstein Kelly is suppose to b a genius so hopefully Locker if signed can stay healthy. I am still a big Matt Barkley fan and I have no idea why they wont give him a shot as a back up

  13. This bum should be a back up and a back up only. For me, I don’t think they should get this dude. If Nick Foles gets injured again do you really want to have your season come down to Jake Locker and his weak arm? Shoot he could get injured too cause he’s also not the one to stay healthy. I think you sign back Sachez for cheap (if he doesn’t find work elsewhere) or maybe a decent, proven back up. But like everyone knows, that’s easier said then done. Chip will figure it out. I have faith it him.

    P.S. Now fix that defense!! Some CBs and a linebacker would be great. And also don’t waste your 1st Rd pick this year lol

  14. titanssuck says:
    Feb 6, 2015 1:37 PM
    Unfortunately, Lockers injuries derailed his career. If he could have stayed healthy, I think he could be a decent QB. He showed flashes of good play and he has heart and puts in the work. He’s a hard guy to dislike even after him dragging my team down for the past 3 years.

    If nothing else, he’s an above average back up when healthy.


    For me, living in the great state of Washington, you also just described his college career.

  15. “Brian Westbrook wants Michael Vick back as Eagles QB”

    If that’s true, then Brian Westbrook should keep his mouth shut. The Michael Vick era in Philly is OVER…period! Even as a backup, the Eagles can do a lot better than Vick.

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