Gronk keeps saying Gronk things


When Gronk isn’t being Gronk, he’s saying Gronk things.  Earlier this week, for example, the Patriots tight end told Jimmy Kimmel that the last book he read was named A Mockingbird to Remember.

On Friday, Rob Gronkowski offered an explanation of the key play in Super Bowl XLIX on the Kelly Ripa/Michael Strahan morning show that comes close to the realm of Micheal Ray Richardson’s best work with words.

“When he made that interception, your heart just sunk, like with joy,” Gronkowski said.

Maybe Gronkowski was simply under the influence of having been in Arizona, the state next to New Mexico.  Home of Jesse Pinkman.  Who would say something like, “Your heart just sunk, like with joy.”

Either way, my own heart sunk, like with joy when I heard the words emerge from Gronk’s mouth.