It’s too early to know whether Marshawn Lynch will play in 2015


When it comes to talking publicly, Marshawn Lynch and Brett Favre occupy separate ends of the spectrum.  When it comes to having an annual late-career case of will-I-or-won’t-I play, Lynch and Favre may end up being identical.

It’s become a given that, if Lynch continues his career in 2015, he’ll make considerably more than the $7 million he’s due to earn from Seattle.  It’s far from a given that Lynch will continue his career in 2015.

On Thursday, I posed a simple question to a source with direct knowledge of Lynch’s mindset:  What is the percentage chance he plays next season?

“Not sure yet” was the response.

For some, it’s unfathomable that Lynch would turn his back on one more major payday.  Where else could he make the kind of money he makes playing football?

It’s possible that Lynch has opted to be coy because he knows that the Seahawks need him, more than ever.  As coach Pete Carroll desperately tries to get any players who disagreed with the failed play call at the end of the Super Bowl and as the front office tries to craft a contract that will make quarterback Russell Wilson happy without alienating the rest of the locker room, Lynch’s return for one more season becomes a necessity.

With Lynch still under contract for another year, his only leverage becomes not playing.  And if the Seahawks genuinely fear he won’t play, maybe he’ll get even more money to return.

Or maybe the unpredictable tailback will decide he’s had enough.  If so, the last images of Lynch in a football uniform will consist of his incredulous walk to the sideline after the coaching staff opted not to trust him with a second straight Super Bowl win.

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  1. Hope he comes back. Love watching him play. But, he needs to do what’s best for him. Pretty amazing call by Bevell to pzz away a Super Bowl win and divide a locker room all at once. Pure genius.

  2. A sequence of 4 still photos of Lynch walking off the field on the interception play, smiling and looking at Pete. It will be hard for Lynch and Seattle to go forward . Oakland? Hmmm.

  3. Seattle should do anything they can to bring him back. If he’s not there, the Seahawks are nowhere near as good of a team, and they’ll find out just how limited Wilson is. 8-8 best case scenario without him. He’s THAT important.



  5. Credible reports that the Seahawks locker room has fractured, and Pete Carroll is already giving sweaty sit-down interviews trying to explain what happened. I think Lynch will play, but where he plays is the big question mark. Giants or Ravens?

  6. He will play…he just wants to stay in the news while he keeps you thinking he might be stupid enough to quit.

  7. Lynch is the one who should be making $20M/yr. Without the threat of Beastmode, defenses would/will swarm Russell and severely limit his big plays.

    As a rival, the best thing that could happen for us is that the Seahawks part ways with Lynch. I doubt that would happen, Seattle is not that foolish.

    Just the threat of him running puts defenses on their heels, I think he is severely undervalued compared to RW. Let’s see their offense with Turbin or Michael as their starter.

  8. As much as he hates the media he craves the attention.

    Not to mention I can’t imagine this rocket scientist has been very smart with his money. He’s going to need those extra millions if he doesn’t want to be broke 2 or 3 years from now.

    And I think this is one player that we can be sure will not be offered a job in the media when he retires so he better save what he’s making.

  9. harrisonhits2 says:
    Feb 6, 2015 10:42 AM

    Not to mention I can’t imagine this rocket scientist has been very smart with his money. He’s going to need those extra millions if he doesn’t want to be broke 2 or 3 years from now.

    Pure unadulterated hate!!!

    Maybe ML could call James Harrison and ask for financial advice.. Oh wait…. Nevermind

  10. Desperately? Alienating the locker room? Lots of supposition embedded in that article without sources. Either cite sources ‘close to the situation’, or stop manufacturing controversy.

    Seahawks players were understandably devastated that they were 1 yard away from winning, and falling short. But that was on Sunday. We’re now at Friday. Cooler heads have possibly prevailed at this point, and it’s a pretty enormous leap on your part to imply that the locker room is still fractured like this.

  11. It’s got to be disappointing to lose that game, but come on, the Seahawks are still going to be the favorite in the NFC West with or without Lynch.

    I don’t know why Carroll has to go around taking desperation measures to keep the team together. Play call wasn’t that bad, it was a great play by the Pats and unfortunately at the worst time for Seattle.

  12. Disclaimer…I hate the Hawks and wish he’d retire. That said, guys that are bashing him about the smarts and how dumb he probably is with his money….you should read up a bit on some of the things he’s done to get where he is and stuff he does back in his hometown for other people.

  13. Or he just gave a purposely vague answer to the media to “not get fined” and naturally the media takes it and runs with it like he bought a condo at Leisure World.

    This becoming a story is probably a prime example of why he doesn’t talk.

  14. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who has thought through his life after football. Maybe he has for all I know. I hope that he does what he can do to ensure that he can still think and walk in his 40s.

  15. Amazes me that some of you continue to believe Lynch is “dumb”. You realize his Beastmode apparel company that HE started in 2008 now has a valuation near 30 million right? That is with only an online presence and a few Pop up stores.

  16. He is the Seahawks’ backbone. The team will do whatever it needs to get him to play again though I doubt he’ll quit. He’s probably just frustrated right now. That smile right after the interception is intriguing. It’s seemed a mixture of incredulity and contempt. He’ll get over it. Hawks better pay up; he’s worth every penny.

  17. If all it takes to fracture a locker room is to not win the SuperBowl then this team isnt built for the long haul.

    31 teams go through the same situation of not winning the SB

  18. Here we go again with these “credible” source stories about the Seahawks and their lockeroom. It was a bad call. They lost. Will players be mad? Yes. Should it divide a championship caliber team? No. Seattle will come back strong and angry from this (bad news for the NFC), Lynch will play, Russ will get paid, the Legion will heal up, and, they’ll make another run.

  19. Before “THE WORST PLAY CALL OF ALL TIME” I thought it was doubtful he was coming back based on the rift that obviously existed this season. Hawks tried to mend it with a big offer but knowing Lynch he was insulted by it. The last draw “THE WORST PLAY CALL OF ALL TIME” sealed it , no way he plays for us next year and I’m a die hard Hawk fan. By the way if your going to run that play one should know how to execute it properly!

  20. The offense runs through him.. For all the talk of how great Wilson is or will be, there would be no Super Bowls if not for Lynch. He carried that team. Pay him or let him retire if he wants, he has earned either option.

  21. I don’t believe he’ll walk away from 7-12mil(depending on ext bonus), but I do believe he’ll stay away till he gets a big $$ bonus.
    Not sure the Hawks repeat as NFC champs without him, as it looks like the secondary (FA & injury recovery) will decline a bit.

  22. Come home to the 510 Beast! Play out your final years in silver & black. Del Rio WILL give you the ball at the 1 YL

  23. Marshawn is THE BEST RB to ever wear a Seahawk uniform. If he leaves I support him, if he stays I support him. If anyone says they forgive the coaches at this point they are not TRUE HAWK FANS. Fire That nimrod Bevell and get on your knees and beg Mr. Lynch to play at least one more. I am sick about the pick today, tomorrow and until I am dead. A firing must happen or you will not see playoffs next season. Just watch, this league is so even anything can and does happen. All the players and coaches will be gone one day from this team and the 12’s will still be here. Think about that

  24. The San Francisco 49ers are in talks with Lynch…

    Cool – get ready for the tampering penalties…

  25. Seahawks have already said they’re going to offer him $10 million/yr to stay and end his career in Seattle.

    It was all over the news Sunday before the game.

  26. So many assumptions made about Lynch and how stupid he “probably” is with his money. Guy bought a “luxury” home in Richmond, CA…not exactly an expensive real estate market (google it). He’s not out there blowing millions on estates everywhere, driving Bentleys, making it rain in strip clubs…he may be quite happy with the multi-milllions he’s already earned and not willing to sell out any longer (as exhibited by his defiant attitude toward being told to repeat the rehearsed platitudes scripted by the NFL whenever a mic is shoved in his face). He may not be book smart, but I think he’s much more savvy than a lot of the blue collar “never earned more than $40k a year” bashers on this site.

    I respect the fact that finally there’s finally a current NFL player who doesn’t want to be a puppet. Where are all the people who decided that Barry Sanders was an idiot for retiring when he did, one year shy of breaking Jim Brown’s record, when he was still healthy enough to play? You know what? Barry also had VERY LITTLE to say to the media.

    Personally, I think Lynch has a hell of a lot more self respect and integrity by following what feels right to him than, for example, the ultimate phony of phonies Mr. Papajohns, who cares more about his records, legacy, and endorsement deals than being honest about who he is as a person. Just ask that wife who no one ever sees except at children’s hospital events and Kenny Chesney…

  27. I highly doubt the locker room was “Fractured” up until that last play. With that being said it will be an interesting off-season in Seattle to say the least. Will the players has as much confidence in the coaching staff? How will the defense be with a new coordinator and coming off of significant injuries in the secondary? How will the players react to Russell Wilsons fat new contract? All stuff to majorly ponder.

  28. “As coach Pete Carroll desperately tries to get any players who disagreed with the failed play call . . .”

    What does “tries to get” mean?

    In any case, this is an invalid comparison because Favre talked and vacillated and ego-sucked non-stop and generated an ongoing scenario that was facilitated and stoked with the media’s slavering, breathless assistance.

    In this case, Lynch hasn’t talked, so any conflict or uncertainty here is nothing but manipulation and speculation generated by the media.

    No story here (at least not yet) so why try to manufacture one? How about moving on to something with substance.

  29. Well, since everyone is always saying how smart Sherman is on account of going to Stanford, I’ll point out that Lynch went to Cal-Berkeley. Yes, they were on football scholarships, but those places won’t fudge the academics the way some schools will.

    But, of course, all the PFT commenters went to Harvard, so I don’t expect anyone to be mildly impressed.

  30. Yes Seattle’s locker room is fractured and they’re done just like when they traded Percy.

    Except that they were a yard away from 2 SB championships in two years despite the most IRs in the NFL.

    If this was a conspiracy to shut out Lymch, why give it to him on first down? Not like he couldn’t score from the five, and almost did.

    A pass at that point wasn’t the mistake; THAT pass play was. Throw to the corner or sideline.

    Keep hoping that Hawks are done.

  31. It’s going to come down to Beast Mode or Bevell. They’re not on the same page and never have been. If the bad call in the SB was Bevell’s first mistake, I might cut him some slack, but he’s been making questionable calls all season. Fire Bevell or Beast Mode walks.

  32. Silly. Why wouldn’t he come back.

    Regarding Wilson, he’s over rated. He’s a slightly above average QB on a super team, best defense, best running game. On an average team, he’s an 8-8 or 9-7, whereas Brady is 11-5 or 12-4 on the same average team.

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